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Postby ShyViolet » May 19th, 2005, 12:22 pm

Very interesting post, George! :wink:

Personally I haven't seen the film but I don't think they're being that self-pitying since I know they stress over and over again how much they love Disney, and that they're greatful that they had a good run at the company even though it did come to an end. (So far as we know....) They deserve to be known and recognized.

The only thing that bothers me is that I'm pretty sure they barely mention Jeffrey Katzenberg; from reviews I've read of this film it seems like the only time they mention him is when they talk about how he left and formed DW, thus setting up the competition and all that....I could be wrong of course, since I haven't seen the movie. That's just the impression I got, especially after reading comments by the filmmakers on different sites. They don't mention him at all even though he was head of the studio and the de facto head of animation for the entire length of time that they label "the good years" (1984-1994). They don't have to say that he was COMPLETELY responsible for the renaissance, but IMHO they should at least mention that he had a little something to do with it. Because wasn't Lion King, the last big blockbuster film, the last one released when he was still there? Doesn't this at least bear mentioning?

I don't know, maybe praising an executive would make them seem like "traitors to the cause" or something, because all executives are supposed to be evil. (I don't necessarily believe this, even though I'm sure a lot of them are total jerks) I guess if an executive looks good, it might have undermined their whole thesis that: "When the artists were in control everything was great but then the execs took over and everything went to hell." But it's a pretty glaring omission. I mean, of course DVDs released by the Disney company censor him, as well as books and every other piece of publicity that's put on the market. But this was an independent documentary that was completely under their control. Why wouldn't they mention him? Wasn't the whole point of this film to remember those that Disney is trying to bury??

(Like I said, maybe they did mention him and give him credit; I haven't seen the movie. This is just what I've infered. :wink: )
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Postby impregnable » August 28th, 2005, 5:15 am