X-Men Movies Thread

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Re: X-Men Movies Thread

Postby Dacey » June 14th, 2017, 2:59 pm

I love how this was a reboot before it was a prequel before it was a reboot again.
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Re: X-Men Movies Thread

Postby ShyViolet » June 15th, 2017, 12:44 pm

A lot of the story is actually supposed to take place in outer space (plus the Pheonix is an otherworldly being not a split personality). Hopefully it will be done right this time. :)
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Re: X-Men Movies Thread

Postby Ben » Yesterday, 6:02 pm

After a mad week I needed to unwind so took the chance to catch a movie I hadn’t seen yet. I’m halfway through watching X-Men: Apocalypse and...my gawd, it’s bad.

Sorry to those who liked, but this is totally out of step with all the other X-films (yes, even Last Stand), especially tonally. It’s clear from this outing that the original movie X-verse has run its course, resorting to a routine, run of the mill sequel that doesn’t continue the themes and storylines set up in the original three and two previous prequels and just goes for a really dumb cartoon storyline, costumes and ridiculously badly made-up villain whose inflated grandiosity is often laughable!

I’ll admit that it races along at times, but the whole screwed up timeline that seems to take place too long after events it refers back to but at the same time too soon to what happens and how the characters will appear ostensibly ten years later in the original X-trilogy, results in a big, empty nothing that feels as lightweight and trite as First Class and DOFP managed to feel layered and smart.

Even Quicksilver's "reprise" doesn’t work as well, the natural result of seeing his act before, but also just not as clever and surprising. Some of the sillier things that don’t work admittedly ha e their flaws rooted in the comics, but the film does nothing to try and root them in either the "real" world or even the "real" world of the previous X-flms.

I knew it wasn’t going to be anything special, but this really is very poor, especially coming after the likes of X2 and DOFP, and although I’m obviously seeing this after the outstanding Logan, that’s still no excuse for the shockingly simplistic, bland and unintentionally laughable Apocalypse. In this case, as someone says as they come out of a movie theatre, the third one really is the weakest. And dumb!