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Show Me The Animation iOS App

Postby jake0606 » June 23rd, 2014, 7:01 am

Hey There,

Over the past few months I've been part of the Show Me The Animation who have been busy creating a specially curated iOS app that you guys might be interested in. The app aims to showcase the best animation from around the world, from both award-winning animators to up-and-coming animation talent.

The Show Me The Animation team are now are delighted to announce the App is now available to download via the Apple App Store for iOS devices. The App features a selection of 28 films hand selected by the Show Me The Animation for you to enjoy. The short films selected offer an eclectic mix of styles from across the globe and between them have been screened at hundreds of festivals and won bags full of awards.

Each film within the App provides a revenue stream that is shared top heavy with the filmmaker (85/15). Some films are ad-supported, running an interstitial advert before and after the film is played. Other films allow the user to Pay-What-You-Want from pre-defined options (£0.69/£2.49/£4.99) and "Fuel" the directors creativity. Finally some films are offered under a premium payment method and require a purchase before being viewed. With every option the intention is to help support the continued production of animated short films and see independent creativity thrive.

Users of the app have the flexibility of either streaming or downloading each film on their device, meaning films can be viewed with or without a Wifi connection, perfect for the morning commute. Each film can also be shared across social networks as well as offering links to connect with the filmmakers themselves. So if you find a favourite film you can help spread the word about it directly from within the app...

Alongside the initial set of 28 films the app also includes Show Me The Animation's Faces of Animation series featuring interviews with top industry talent, as well as all of the monthly Do It In Ten** animation entries. There are also set to be regular updates to the app with new films added periodically and Show Me The Animation already have a number of films they are really excited about adding in the future. They are also accepting applications for films to be considered in future updates and interested film makers can find out more at the following link: ... pplication

It would be great if you were to check the app out, its available for free on the iOS store: ... ?ls=1&mt=8