Hanna Barbera's most underrated cartoons

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Hanna Barbera's most underrated cartoons

Post by Konway » August 13th, 2008, 6:59 pm

Hi Everyone,
Its true that Batman Animated Series and Superman TAS are praised for their story and animation. But I am surprised that people barely remember Pirates of Dark Water and SWAT Kats.

Both Shows had great animation and great story. And there are 3 unfinished episodes of SWAT Kats at Warner Bros Studio. They own the rights now. Pirates of Dark Water was never finished, because of the sudden cancellation. I think they deserve to be more famous.

I hope Warner Bros will finish SWAT Kats unfinished episodes someday and dedicate those episodes to Linda Gary and Robert Ridgely. Linda Gary did a year after voicing Dr. Sinian SWAT Kats unfinished episode "The Curse of Kataluna." She voice acted in many shows especially in Batman TAS, The Smurfs, He-man, and many others.

If anyone is interested in watching themes of Pirates of Dark Water and SWAT Kats, then here they are.

Pirates of Dark water original opening


SWAT Kats opening (Second Season)


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