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Beat Bugs

Postby EricJ » January 12th, 2017, 4:03 pm

Okay, with most shows on Netflix/Amazon/Hulu US being imports, I take it we in the states are the last country on the uptake to be watching this, but:
Has anyone else been streaming this series on Netflix US?

I don't usually stream most of the foreign imported CGI (seems to be an Australian/Canadian production) that usually shows up for kiddie-streaming licenses, but it's oddly addictive...If you're making the same "Good lord, they're singing Beatles songs" jokes, you just haven't been watching it.

Reason I mentioned is, I HAVE to ask the resident Jim Henson expert on the board (he knows who he is) it just me, or do the stories and funny characters on this show feel like an absolute reincarnation of "Fraggle Rock" from the 80's, with the silly nonsense songs replaced by Lennon & McCartney?
Every time the stories have the Bugs funny-misinterpreting some human object left by the people in "the Big House" at the end of the backyard, and putting it to use, I feel like they're constantly on the verge of talking about "Postcards from Outer Space".
Somebody making this show had to have grown up watching it. (And as I was rather the embarrassing fan of it back then, too, consider any comparisons an official seal of approval.) :D