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Oscar Chat 2018

Postby James » February 10th, 2018, 1:53 pm

Join members of the Animated Views team and your fellow forum members for a live chat during the Oscar telecast! Not only will we talk shop, we'll also keep a running live update of who is leading in our Oscar prediction contest throughout the night!

We'll officially kick off the chat at 7:30pm ET on Sunday, March 4th. Registered forum members can click the "Chat" link at the top of any forum page to enter the chat room.

- Let's keep the chat room rated PG please. Violators may be kicked out!
- The Flash plugin is NOT needed to access the room! Should work on tablets too.

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Re: Oscar Chat 2018

Postby James » March 5th, 2018, 12:09 am

Thanks to all who participated! Here's an archive of the chat:

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Ben (7:10pm) — Boo!

James (10:48am) — Boo Who?

Daniel (12:01pm) — Dr. Boo Who! ;)

Otis8 (12:24pm) — :lol:

Otis8 (12:24pm) — hey guys

Daniel (12:26pm) — Hi Otis.

Otis8 (12:27pm) — catching up on some threads..

Daniel (12:28pm) — Catching up on some news. ;)

Otis8 (12:33pm) — just had to bring up piglet huh?

Otis8 (12:34pm) — :P

Daniel (12:34pm) — You know it. ;)

Otis8 (12:38pm) — I had seen that doc episode and was wondering if it was yet another new person. piglet did ound a little forced??

Otis8 (12:38pm) — s

Daniel (12:40pm) — More like flat and slow. Emote!

Daniel (12:43pm) — I can remember the gist of a scene where piglet says "something has happen to Pooh" and it was just cringy.

Daniel (12:46pm) — Did I bore you away?

Otis8 (12:46pm) — lol no. answering some text.

Otis8 (12:47pm) — gotta love how passionate you are about voices ;)

Otis8 (12:48pm) — I'm scared about rabbit. dr who?? :shock:

Daniel (12:50pm) — I'm not really familiar with any of the new people. I can kinda picture who but as Rabbit? Uh...

Otis8 (12:51pm) — cant be any worse than spongebob.

Daniel (12:52pm) — I've learned the hard way it can get worse. Just look at Poke. (Kazie/Sarah)

Otis8 (12:53pm) — touche

Otis8 (12:53pm) — haven't seen any of sun and moon?

Daniel (12:54pm) — Saw the intro episode and that's about it.

Otis8 (12:57pm) — cool shaun teaser you posted but that kid was so annoying. is this a teaser. :roll:

Daniel (12:59pm) — Tell me about it. Maybe that's why Youtube hasn't removed it. :lol:

Otis8 (1:10pm) — omg did you read the front page?

Daniel (1:11pm) — Yes, poor Emoji movie. I actually liked it! ;)

Daniel (1:12pm) — Nah, I know which one you mean. Very sad. Second one this week. :(

Daniel (1:14pm) — I saw on my home page that a Mash actor had passed, but not being a fan I didn't bother clicking.

Otis8 (1:15pm) — wait who was the first?

Daniel (1:16pm) — Bud Luckey, the Pixar guy and Eeyore in the 2011 movie.

Daniel (1:17pm) — Now Cogsworth and Lumier are reunited.

Otis8 (1:18pm) — hadn't even thought of that. aw. :(

Otis8 (1:19pm) — Oh so Bud was Eeroye in that? not to sound rude but I thought he wrong for that role.

Daniel (1:26pm) — Try and image Brad in that role. Eww. "I miss Ray... I mean Rabbit" ;)

Otis8 (1:28pm) — lol

Otis8 (1:28pm) — gonna be around for the Oscars?

Daniel (1:29pm) — No, have plans.

Otis8 (1:29pm) — me too. watching them!

Daniel (1:30pm) — "me too"! Let's see how subtle that subject will be tonight. You just know someones really going to push that.

Otis8 (1:31pm) — Or Trump.

Daniel (1:34pm) — Yep. *flashes back to last years Golden Globes* or the recent that involved Hillary.

Daniel (1:34pm) — Didn't vote?

Otis8 (1:35pm) — No but I never win. :(

Daniel (1:36pm) — Hopefully a regular wins.

Otis8 (1:36pm) — like you? ;)

Daniel (1:36pm) — Shh. ;)

Daniel (1:36pm) — Shh. ;)

Otis8 (1:39pm) — any word on exclusive previews or something? Once?

Daniel (1:39pm) — Premier trailer for the Roseanne revival! Exited for that. :)

Daniel (1:40pm) — Haven't heard about Once... shame its getting the boot.

Daniel (1:41pm) — Even though I stopped watching myself, it's still sad.

Otis8 (1:43pm) — I stopped too and now trying to catch up. ive tried reading updates but I'm getting so confused.

Daniel (1:48pm) — It's funny, when previews were popping up I kept saying now with a new, improved Cinderella. New yes, but in a way she was worse. The first one wasn't anything special but in comparison... Ashley was better.

Otis8 (1:49pm) — Totally. same for Alice.

Daniel (1:50pm) — Eh, I'm not fond of either. :oops:

Otis8 (1:51pm) — be back...

Otis8 (3:02pm) — im back but now alone. lol

Daniel (3:22pm) — I'm back for a little.

Daniel (3:23pm) — On and off, y'know.

Otis8 (3:25pm) — its so quite.

Daniel (3:26pm) — Well, it is still early and I don't feel like writing essays about voices. :p

Daniel (3:26pm) — :P

Otis8 (3:27pm) — have you seen black panther?

Daniel (3:29pm) — Nah.

Otis8 (3:31pm) — I want to see peter rabbit. you know, just to see if it really is THAT bad.

Daniel (3:44pm) — Not ignoring btw, just doing something else.

Otis8 (3:45pm) — No prob, busy having a snack! waiting for more people to show up.

Daniel (7:10pm) — Still around, huh? ;)

Otis8 (7:10pm) — yes, so bored. everone must be waiting until it actually starts?

Daniel (7:11pm) — Usually picks up 30 minutes prior.

Otis8 (7:13pm) — I wonder who voted for boss baby.

Daniel (7:14pm) — Wasn't me.

Otis8 (7:15pm) — BRB

Otis8 (7:15pm) — Alone again, naturally...

Daniel (7:16pm) — I really like the song by the same name, actually!

Daniel (7:17pm) — Heard it on the Simpsons.

Daniel (7:18pm) — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_P-v1BVQn8

Otis8 (7:18pm) — I can't place it. what episode?

Daniel (7:20pm) — It was one of those 3 story eppys that involved the sea.

Otis8 (7:22pm) — the one that was a paroy of poseidon?

Daniel (7:24pm) — That's the one! It's very briefly heard when Comic Book Guy plays it on his radio before diving in. :)

Otis8 (7:25pm) — Gotcha. sorta remember the scene but not the song.

Otis8 (7:32pm) — boy that song is a little depressing.

Daniel (7:33pm) — Hey James.

Daniel (7:33pm) — Finally someone new. ;)

Otis8 (7:34pm) — yay!

Dan (7:35pm) — Bidet

Otis8 (7:36pm) — Hi other Dan. ;)

Otis8 (7:36pm) — bidet?

James (7:36pm) — Hola! Cooking some soup real quick so may be ask for a bit.

James (7:36pm) — ask=afk

Dan (7:36pm) — @Otis8 From Critical Role XD

Otis8 (7:37pm) — Oh. :oops:

Daniel (7:38pm) — What kind of soup, James?

Dan (7:38pm) — Don't worry, it takes time for even some Critters (Critical Role fans) to get it. ;)

Otis8 (7:38pm) — Top Ramon?

Daniel (7:40pm) — Yo Dan, do you watch that Kevin show?

Daniel (7:41pm) — Since you have Jason as your av and all. ;)

Dan (7:42pm) — not really. I still have thousands of hours of other shows to watch. XD But I am a big Gravity Falls fan and that was just a great scene. XD

Ben (7:42pm) — Hola!

Daniel (7:43pm) — Too true.

Dan (7:43pm) — Bidet, Ben XD

Daniel (7:43pm) — I keep reading that as Bridget.

Ben (7:43pm) — Hey! Just gulping down popcorn and waiting for the show to start. E's red carpet is hilarious this year.

Ben (7:44pm) — so glad the girls have moved on from the black frock thing. I mean...point made...glad they've moved on!

Daniel (7:45pm) — I'll wait until its all over.

Otis8 (7:46pm) — to late. someone brought it up earlier.

Ben (7:46pm) — what the heck is Nicole wearing!? Fabulously bizarre!

Otis8 (7:47pm) — :lol:

Ben (7:49pm) — So, fave movies this year?

Dan (7:50pm) — As in 2018 or from 2017?

Otis8 (7:50pm) — CoCo!

Ben (7:50pm) — well, yeah, '17.

Ben (7:51pm) — althogu we should start the best of 18 now!

Dan (7:51pm) — Shape of Water is right up there, honestly.

ibrmacf (7:51pm) — Hello all! Back for the annual Oscars chat!

Ben (7:51pm) — Should I blind buy the 4K disc?

James (7:51pm) — Nothing major stands out this year.

ibrmacf (7:51pm) — I might not be able to stay/watch the whole time due to some guests in town, but I'll try my best.

James (7:52pm) — Hi Ibrmacf

Ben (7:52pm) — Not even B&TB James? :D

Dan (7:52pm) — @Ben If yer a del Toro fan, perhaps.

James (7:52pm) — Lots of fun but nothing great.

James (7:52pm) — Lots of fun but nothing great.

James (7:53pm) — Or as we now call it "the film who must not be named"

Ben (7:53pm) — B&TB was lots of fun!.

Ben (7:53pm) — Neauty

Ben (7:53pm) — Beauty IS The Beast!

ibrmacf (7:54pm) — Anyone have any online links where one can watch the Oscars?

Dan (7:54pm) — Was so not expecting BatB to disappointment me. It's was fine, but got weighted by the hype for sure.

Ben (7:55pm) — It was the full turd, Dan.

Dan (7:56pm) — While I wouldn't call it a turd, I can't say it's a film I'd be able to defend against being called a turd. ;)

James (7:56pm) — TFWMNBN was torture

Ben (7:56pm) — ;)

ibrmacf (7:56pm) — Evermore was the only thing I liked from the BATB remake

Ben (7:57pm) — You're going to have to give me a hint *efe

Ben (7:57pm) — there James

Ben (7:57pm) — i actually enjoyed Evermore too

Ben (7:57pm) — not in the film but as a song

James (7:58pm) — everyone here in the contest?

ibrmacf (7:58pm) — Yeah I felt Evermore should have gotten an Oscar nom

ibrmacf (7:59pm) — Yep, I'm in the Oscars contest!

Dan (7:59pm) — It was the one good song in the whole film. As I wrote in my review, I was bothered by how all the other songs just didn't click.

James (7:59pm) — Never Enough is the Best Song of the year

Ben (7:59pm) — TFWM...what was that James?

James (7:59pm) — unfortunately the producers didn't even submit it

James (7:59pm) — the film who must not be named

ibrmacf (8:00pm) — @Dan: I totally agree. People were praising the other songs and I couldn't understand how they loved the others so much.

James (8:00pm) — live!

Ben (8:00pm) — Here we go!

Ben (8:00pm) — ah

Dan (8:00pm) — Awww, I wanted to see Celebrity Street Fights with Mario Lopez! ;)

ibrmacf (8:00pm) — If anyone has any online streaming links to the Oscars, please let me know. I haven't found any yet.

James (8:00pm) — Hooters joke THIS year?

Ben (8:02pm) — All the kids don't get the scratchy black and white newsreel

Ben (8:02pm) — Hey! There's Harvey! ;)

Ben (8:02pm) — flat opening

Dan (8:02pm) — Agreed

James (8:03pm) — link to discussion on streams: https://www.reddit.com/r/Oscars/comment ... y_in_720p/

ibrmacf (8:05pm) — Looking through the thread, but can't find any that work yet

Ben (8:05pm) — is this strangely lifeless?

Dan (8:06pm) — I'm not sure how you can make good jokes out of the subjects he's tackling.

James (8:06pm) — they're making jokes about themselves, not the rest of us, so they're pulling their punches!

ibrmacf (8:06pm) — Ah yes found one: http://www.livenewschat.eu/the-oscars-live-stream/

Ben (8:08pm) — home truths instead of jokes

James (8:08pm) — first good joke - agents always a safe target

Ben (8:09pm) — yeah...only AFTER he got found out!

Ben (8:09pm) — i thought Get Out was so dumb

Ben (8:09pm) — badly constructed

Ben (8:09pm) — and a no sense twist ending

James (8:09pm) — agreed, but fun though

Dan (8:10pm) — Awww, he's missing Paw Patrol for this.

James (8:10pm) — third trump joke, in a year they promised to tone down the politics

Ben (8:11pm) — missed any trump jokes so far

Ben (8:11pm) — no Spacey jibe?

ibrmacf (8:11pm) — Not yet lol

Dan (8:11pm) — I only caught the Trump joke for Get Out. I caught a Mike Pence joke

James (8:12pm) — trump tweeting from toilet, trump loved first 3/4s of Get out, Pence hates gay people

James (8:12pm) — in first 8 minutes

James (8:13pm) — not surprised, just why even promote a less political show if you're not going to do it

ibrmacf (8:13pm) — Jetski for shortest speech, lol!

Dan (8:13pm) — Okay, the Jetski bit was pretty good with Helen Miren

James (8:13pm) — we could get a shorter show if we end this monologue

ibrmacf (8:13pm) — First category!

Ben (8:14pm) — Pretty much straight into the awards

James (8:14pm) — Supporting Actor: 86% of our players chose Same Rockwell

James (8:14pm) — Love Rockwell, but this was not an Oscar worthy role

Ben (8:14pm) — is that like the other Rockwell?

Ben (8:15pm) — think the 90th anniversary montages for each category will be cool

James (8:15pm) — Austin Powers music as a woman walks out? Thought this was going to be a pro woman show! ;)

Ben (8:15pm) — but she's a total fox, baby!

Ben (8:17pm) — woild love Jenkins to win

James (8:17pm) — I chose him, but again, not sure it was an Oscar role

Dan (8:17pm) — Jenkins was pretty good in Shape of Water.

Ben (8:17pm) — plummer was such an obvious Oscar grab role

Dan (8:17pm) — Yeah, I agree James.

James (8:17pm) — Dafoe should get it

James (8:18pm) — but wont

Ben (8:18pm) — Same got it

Ben (8:18pm) — ;)

ibrmacf (8:18pm) — Whoo, got Rockwell!

Dan (8:18pm) — Whenever I see Sam, I think Galaxy Quest XD

James (8:18pm) — Love Sam but this was not the role for an Oscar

Ben (8:19pm) — Oscar role, or Oscar performance...there's a difference!

James (8:19pm) — both

Dan (8:19pm) — Not sure I can think of a performance that would've been Oscar worthy this year, regardless of if it had been nominated or not.

James (8:20pm) — lots of unlikable characters this year

Ben (8:20pm) — Lots of shots of Iger

Dan (8:20pm) — Oh, are we gonna get the Mary Popping trailer tonight?

Dan (8:21pm) — Op, we do

ibrmacf (8:21pm) — I think so. Can't wait to see it.

ShyViolet (8:22pm) — Hi, guys. :)

Ben (8:22pm) — No, they can't show Mary Popping since this is a family show

Dan (8:22pm) — True XD

ibrmacf (8:22pm) — I remember how last year Bill Paxton died a day before the Oscars, so they couldn't include him in the In Memoriam section. I figure same thing will happen this year with David Ogden Stiers.

Ben (8:22pm) — Hey Vi!

James (8:22pm) — Hi Shy!

ibrmacf (8:22pm) — Hey Violet

Dan (8:22pm) — Hey, Vi

James (8:22pm) — Whew, went to the bathroom and missed the poppins ad

ibrmacf (8:23pm) — Are they showing the Mary Poppins Returns trailer? My stream didn't show it.

Dan (8:23pm) — It was a tease, telling us to watch the whole thing online

ShyViolet (8:23pm) — Good to 'see' everyone. :)

Ben (8:23pm) — did they show a Popping as there? Bummer,

Ben (8:23pm) — make up and costume coming up

James (8:25pm) — MUH - 88% chose Darkest Hour

Ben (8:25pm) — direct from the 70s, it's armies hammer!

James (8:26pm) — apparently only montages for the actors

Dan (8:26pm) — Nice close up of Gal's chest...

ibrmacf (8:27pm) — @Dan: Yeah, threw me off for a second

ibrmacf (8:27pm) — Got Darkest Hour!

Ben (8:27pm) — great makeup job but all I could hear was Oldman!

James (8:27pm) — It was Oldman

James (8:27pm) — ;)

James (8:27pm) — 56 people still perfect in the contest!

Dan (8:28pm) — I didn't join the contest, but in my pool I'm 2/2 XD

ibrmacf (8:29pm) — Nice seeing Eva Marie Saint here!

James (8:29pm) — Costume Design - 83% chose Phantom Thread

Ben (8:30pm) — yeah but I mean that he didn't try and do any kind of voice that matched the makeup. Despite all that work it fell apart because he sounded nothing like him.

James (8:30pm) — Look at the size of the text on those envelopes!

Ben (8:30pm) — think I went for phantom

Dan (8:30pm) — I would imagine the size of the text might be even BIGGER inside for the winner. ;)


Dan (8:31pm) — 3/3

Ben (8:31pm) — yep

ibrmacf (8:32pm) — Darn, I went with BATB for that one.

Ben (8:32pm) — Paul Thomas Anderson, aka Luke Skywalker

James (8:33pm) — 1 down 1 to go for TFWMNBN.

James (8:33pm) — Hoping they don't win anything so Disney can't call that version an Academy Award winner

ibrmacf (8:33pm) — Oh...I now know what TFWMNBM means, lol!

James (8:33pm) — Randall!

Randall (8:35pm) — Hey, guys and gals. Just popped in to say hi. But I've been sick all

Randall (8:35pm) — Day.

ibrmacf (8:35pm) — Hello Monsieur Randall!

ShyViolet (8:35pm) — Sorry, hope you feel better Rand.

Randall (8:37pm) — Thanks. I may not stick around, but enjoy the show.

James (8:37pm) — Sorry to hear buddy

James (8:37pm) — Maybe the Oscars can lull you to sleep! ;)

Ben (8:37pm) — Hey Rand!

Ben (8:38pm) — Was off during the commercials

James (8:39pm) — Doc Feature - 59% of players chose Faces Places

EricJ (8:39pm) — Is anyone watching it on live-streaming, and where?

ibrmacf (8:40pm) — @Eric: http://www.livenewschat.eu/the-oscars-live-stream/

Ben (8:40pm) — i was a toss for that and Icarus

Ben (8:40pm) — Very close this year

Ben (8:40pm) — wow...Icarus

ibrmacf (8:41pm) — Whoo, got Icarus!

James (8:41pm) — Only 25% of the contest players got that one

Ben (8:41pm) — think I'm five for five so far

James (8:42pm) — We're down to 7 people still perfect, Ben included

ShyViolet (8:42pm) — Cool Ben! :)

Ben (8:42pm) — that won't last!

ShyViolet (8:42pm) — Lol you never know. :)

James (8:42pm) — They need a podium there. The winners keep putting their oscars on the floor while talking

Ben (8:42pm) — i know a couple that I voted as hopes rather than what I thought would really win

James (8:43pm) — Song time?

Ben (8:43pm) — mudbound

Ben (8:43pm) — keeo wanting to say mudblood!

Ben (8:44pm) — i didn't know they were related

James (8:44pm) — Sister from a different mister ;)

Ben (8:45pm) — ;)

Ben (8:45pm) — weird so g

Dan (8:45pm) — It's like Snoop Dogg callin' everyone his cousin or newphew/niece. XD

James (8:45pm) — totally g

James (8:45pm) — ;)

Ben (8:46pm) — I'm all for g ospel, but this is poor

James (8:47pm) — That was best song quality?

EricJ (8:47pm) — Okay, I repeat the question: The .EU feed can't play the Flash, and ABC.com is "blocked in your area".

EricJ (8:47pm) — (And just wait till you get to the Coco song...)

ibrmacf (8:47pm) — Oh I'm sorry Eric

James (8:48pm) — Coco's song is heavenly compared to that

Ben (8:48pm) — James...no, no it wasn't.

ibrmacf (8:48pm) — Good time for a bathroom break now for me, lol!

Ben (8:48pm) — Isnt this jusy on regular ABC in the states?

Ben (8:48pm) — Cant you guys not just watch on TV?

Dan (8:49pm) — Was there an "Oscar worthy" original song in 2017?

EricJ (8:49pm) — Assuming you haven't cut your cable cord, yes...

James (8:49pm) — https://goodgame.ru/channel/Macilvoy/

James (8:49pm) — Never Enough from Greatest Showman was incredible

Ben (8:49pm) — is that the one that's playing everywhere?

Ben (8:49pm) — i need to see that

EricJ (8:50pm) — I'd have picked "My Corazon" from Coco.

Ben (8:50pm) — But all the clips I saw have looked lacking

Ben (8:51pm) — sound coming up

ibrmacf (8:51pm) — I still stand by that Evermore was Oscar worthy

James (8:51pm) — Spoiler-y video of the song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQWZK5U233s

James (8:51pm) — Better to see it in context though

James (8:52pm) — VFX?

Ben (8:52pm) — which song, from coco? I'll wait for the disc to snow

Ben (8:52pm) — show!

Ben (8:52pm) — This is sound coming up

ibrmacf (8:52pm) — ABBOTT AND COSTELLO!!

James (8:53pm) — ah!

Dan (8:53pm) — My name is Iningo Montoya!

James (8:54pm) — Video was not the Coco song, but the one I mentioned

James (8:54pm) — What is this?

James (8:55pm) — Feels like abetter opening of the show than we got

James (8:55pm) — Ah, 90 Years

Ben (8:55pm) — yeah

Dan (8:55pm) — Yeah, really

ibrmacf (8:56pm) — Loved the animated film segments in that segment!

ibrmacf (8:56pm) — Ok that was a funny joke about giving two movies the Oscar

James (8:56pm) — great joke about two winners in 1929

James (8:57pm) — Sound Editing - 84% chose Dunkirk

Ben (8:58pm) — sound editing is fun

Ben (8:58pm) — one of my fave Jobs when j

Ben (8:58pm) — ...I can get on one

ibrmacf (8:58pm) — Great, Dunkirk!

James (8:58pm) — Sound Mixing - 80% chose Dunkirk

Ben (8:59pm) — that clinches it...Oscars this year will be spread around all over the place

James (9:00pm) — Ben still perfect!

Ben (9:00pm) — dunkirk again I guess

Ben (9:00pm) — no one ever knows the difference between editing and mixing so they pick the same!

James (9:00pm) — Seems to always go in pairs. Maybe because voters don't know the differencr

James (9:00pm) — Yikes! Great minds!

Ben (9:00pm) — yah

ibrmacf (9:01pm) — Yeah that's probably sadly true.

Ben (9:01pm) — well they are largely linked but then such different jobs!

ibrmacf (9:01pm) — Exactly!

EricJ (9:01pm) — Mixing is for use of sound, Editing is for creating new effects, and only those that do them for a living know the difference

James (9:02pm) — Yep. Maybe shouldn't have changed the names of the categories

EricJ (9:02pm) — (And I've now found my 25th site that says "Looking for the Oscars? Try ABC.com!"

ShyViolet (9:02pm) — Well actually need to go now...sorry I didn't contribute too much. Just wanted to say hi. :) Good luck everyone!

ibrmacf (9:02pm) — Is it incorrect to say Sound Editing is recording of sound and Sound Mixing is playing with the volumes of all the sounds put together?

James (9:02pm) — Heads up Randall - you and Tami are tied a quarter the way through

ibrmacf (9:02pm) — Bye Violet

James (9:02pm) — Bye Shy!

ShyViolet (9:03pm) — Bye! :)

ibrmacf (9:03pm) — And aw Eric, that sucks! I hope you find a good site soon!

ibrmacf (9:03pm) — Coco performance coming up!

James (9:03pm) — Ugh

Dan (9:03pm) — Bye Shy!

James (9:03pm) — Might be better live, though

Ben (9:03pm) — Editing is the placement of sounds, not just the creation

EricJ (9:03pm) — IB - A movie punch isn't a punch, it's actually five sound effects edited together

EricJ (9:04pm) — When you have explosions or sci-fi sounds, that's even more work

Dan (9:04pm) — We had the benefit of a full blown mariachi band and performance at D23, so I dunno if that be replicated at the Oscars.

Ben (9:04pm) — mixing is the taking them out again so you have space to add in dialogue and music!

Ben (9:05pm) — a movie punch usually is just one effect

ibrmacf (9:05pm) — Ah ok, thanks Eric and Ben!

Ben (9:05pm) — more and more sounds are the same thesedays

Ben (9:06pm) — ive lost count how many times I've heard the same alarm sound in various films

EricJ (9:06pm) — Ben - No, it can be a punch, a crash, AND a gunshot, soundboard-mixed together

ibrmacf (9:07pm) — Hope they haven't forgotten to include Bill Paxton in the In Memoriam this time since they didn't have time last year.

Ben (9:08pm) — okay Eric.

James (9:08pm) — Production Design - 84% say The Shape Of Water

Ben (9:09pm) — As someone who has sound edited quite a few times...um...it's uaually just one spot effect

James (9:09pm) — Great joke about Pakisan and Iowa

EricJ (9:09pm) — Well, I'm out--The would be "Streaming TV Industry" just got too greedy this year. :(

Ben (9:09pm) — this one was a guess...think I went for Shape

EricJ (9:10pm) — (Have they given Best Animated Short yet? Even though Revolting Rhymes doesn't have a chance...)

James (9:10pm) — Anything but TFWMNBN

Ben (9:10pm) — yep!

James (9:10pm) — not yet Eric

Dan (9:10pm) — 4/4 in my pool :)

Dan (9:10pm) — del Toro films tend to be beautifully designed, this one was no exception

ibrmacf (9:11pm) — Eric, no they haven't.

Ben (9:11pm) — think I'm on a hot streak!

James (9:11pm) — Just had a crash on the scoreboard! Have to re-enter winners!

Ben (9:12pm) — Crazy outfit!

EricJ (9:12pm) — Oops, wait, I'm in--The slow Russian pirate site came through! :)

ibrmacf (9:12pm) — Yeah I noticed the website crash

James (9:12pm) — back up if I didn't make a mistake1

EricJ (9:12pm) — So, is Shape of Water really that good? Looked like Del Toro just throwing YET MORE Creatures of the Black Lagoon at us.

EricJ (9:13pm) — (Which, if you count Monsters v. Aliens...look, we get it, already Guillermo, film something else!)

ibrmacf (9:13pm) — @James: Yes, I see it up. Thanks!

Ben (9:13pm) — so interested to hear this song, both in and out of context from the movie

James (9:13pm) — Pretty good. A few too many trivialities. Could have been cut 15 minutes and been perfect

James (9:13pm) — (That was about Shape)

James (9:13pm) — Wall joke fell flat

Ben (9:14pm) — im hoping the film performance is better than this

ibrmacf (9:14pm) — I honestly don't think Remember Me is that good.

Dan (9:14pm) — @Eric del Toro didn't work on Monsters vs Aliens...

Ben (9:14pm) — nice melody

Ben (9:15pm) — if Eric says then Eric is right, Dan, you know that.

EricJ (9:15pm) — Dan - Thought it was one of his "developments" before Rise of the Guardians

EricJ (9:16pm) — And yeah, the movie performance is better, but...not by much.

Ben (9:16pm) — this performance is terrible!

EricJ (9:16pm) — It's meant to be "sentimental", not droning.

Ben (9:16pm) — what a mild song

James (9:16pm) — Hard to keep track of all the movies he has fingers in!

Ben (9:17pm) — that was no "How Far I'll Go"...!

James (9:17pm) — Not just the performance. Both these songs have been fairly simple

EricJ (9:18pm) — Think I'm a minute behind the jokes, on Russian delay. Please excuse any delayed punchlines

Ben (9:18pm) — it had a sweet, fragile little melody

Ben (9:18pm) — loo break!

James (9:21pm) — One of my favorite two musicalS!

ibrmacf (9:22pm) — What's the 2nd one, James?

James (9:23pm) — Foreign Language Film - 67% chose "A Fantastic Woman", Chile

EricJ (9:23pm) — I miss game shows with prizes and announcers. :(

Ben (9:23pm) — West Side and Poppins, I'm guessing

Dan (9:24pm) — Wizard of Oz is mine

ibrmacf (9:24pm) — Ah got that wrong. I guessed The Square.

James (9:24pm) — West Side Story and Evita

ibrmacf (9:24pm) — Ah cool!

Ben (9:24pm) — i just read about this this morning and had a feeling this might win

James (9:25pm) — Poppins musical was as bad as TFWMNBN!

ibrmacf (9:25pm) — My fave non Disney musicals are Les Miserables and Little SHop of Horrors

Ben (9:25pm) — evita, really? The movie or the actual musical?

Ben (9:25pm) — ueah, I hated the Poppins stage version

James (9:25pm) — Musical. But I was actually mostly happy with the film

Dan (9:25pm) — Supporting Actress now

EricJ (9:25pm) — What is TFWMNBN, already??

James (9:25pm) — Only 3 people still perect

James (9:26pm) — The film who must not be named

Ben (9:26pm) — B&TB

Ben (9:26pm) — AliJan for the win

EricJ (9:26pm) — Oh, thought he meant Fr*z*n.

James (9:26pm) — Sup Actress - 83% chose Allison Janney, "I, Tonya"

EricJ (9:27pm) — No, they're crazy for Laurie Metcalfe

Ben (9:28pm) — you just know they'll do a Fro2en thing with that title! :(

James (9:28pm) — Eric - live action version, just to be clear! Adore the original!

EricJ (9:28pm) — I know, I know...

Ben (9:29pm) — no contest

Dan (9:29pm) — 5/5 in my pool

Dan (9:30pm) — I think the acting awards became the easiest to pick as the guilds rolled through

ibrmacf (9:30pm) — Sorry, seems to have been cut off

ibrmacf (9:30pm) — I got that wrong: I thought Metcalf would win

Ben (9:31pm) — the oscars can always throw a curveball tho

James (9:31pm) — quick break!

Dan (9:31pm) — true

Ben (9:31pm) — and it's all political and to do with timing

Dan (9:31pm) — was hoping Mark would show up in his PJs like he considered on Twitter XD

Ben (9:32pm) — Janney is a long term actress who has paid her dues. Metcalfe is still viewed as a TV name.

Ben (9:32pm) — And Lady Bird didn't get the Tonya exposure unfortunately.

ibrmacf (9:33pm) — That's true.

EricJ (9:33pm) — Not for lack of TRYING, though...

Ben (9:33pm) — BAF coming up

Ben (9:35pm) — Coco for the win

Ben (9:35pm) — natch

EricJ (9:36pm) — Boss Baby is this year's Suicide Squad--Anytime anyone wants to joke about "Why wasn't [...] nominated?", guess which joke we get.

James (9:37pm) — Animated Short - 68% say Dear Basketball

Ben (9:37pm) — random gag

Ben (9:37pm) — hoping for Glen

Ben (9:38pm) — yay!

Dan (9:38pm) — Yay!

James (9:38pm) — Yay Glen! Though Kobe will get the attention

Ben (9:38pm) — cool!

Dan (9:38pm) — I really liked the short

Ben (9:38pm) — Best oscar of the night!

ibrmacf (9:38pm) — "DOn't say La La Land", lol!

Ben (9:39pm) — e

EricJ (9:40pm) — Revolting Rhymes is on Netflix atm, if you're curious

Ben (9:40pm) — excellent win

James (9:40pm) — Animated Feature - 98% choose Coco

Ben (9:40pm) — no Captain Underpants?

Ben (9:41pm) — must say I was humming Remember Me in the loo!

James (9:41pm) — Lego Batman was robbed!

EricJ (9:41pm) — Good place for it.

ibrmacf (9:42pm) — Captain Underpants was snubbed a nom!

James (9:42pm) — Datum Ching!

James (9:42pm) — ???

James (9:42pm) — Ba-dum ching!

Ben (9:42pm) — no name mention for Lasseter...

EricJ (9:43pm) — We COULD have had a Pixar Best Picture in '15...

ibrmacf (9:43pm) — I didn't know both Darla K. Anderson and Adrian Molina were lesbian/gay.

James (9:43pm) — umm

Ben (9:44pm) — this intro is longer than the song!

James (9:44pm) — :D

ibrmacf (9:44pm) — Lol!

Dan (9:46pm) — That's quite the jacket he's wearing

Ben (9:46pm) — well that was nothing

James (9:46pm) — Not a great group of songs so far

Ben (9:46pm) — has anything memorable happened yet?

ibrmacf (9:47pm) — Eva Marie Saint telling old stories was memorable probably.

James (9:47pm) — bo. maybe the point after last year1

Ben (9:47pm) — Id forgotten it already, so that's not a good sign!

James (9:47pm) — eating and typing don't mix!

Ben (9:48pm) — where'd that keyboard go!?

Ben (9:48pm) — VFX coming up

Ben (9:49pm) — really hoping for Apes. Awesome.

James (9:49pm) — VFX - 49% say War for the Planet of the Apes

James (9:49pm) — Hasn't won yet so they gotta award it this year

Ben (9:50pm) — I was blown away by that film this year. Just really awesome on many levels. Would have loved to have seen Giacchino up for score as well.

Dan (9:51pm) — Heh heh, Honey Lemon and Spider-man

Ben (9:52pm) — that dress screams TRYING TOO HARD!!

Ben (9:53pm) — this was one hope vote, though it might not win

Ben (9:53pm) — yep, knew it would be 2049

James (9:53pm) — woah

Ben (9:53pm) — itll also get cinematography

ibrmacf (9:53pm) — Yep, also got 2049!

Dan (9:54pm) — Ooo, I guessed wrong on this one. Was a toss up between Blade Runner and Planet of the Apes and went with Apes because of the guild.

Ben (9:54pm) — didnt think the fx were that cool in this

Dan (9:54pm) — 5/6 so far in my pool

ibrmacf (9:55pm) — @Dan: How many categories does your pool consist of?

Dan (9:55pm) — I liked the VFX in Blade Runner 2049. Don't know if it was the best of the year, but I really liked it.

Ben (9:55pm) — Apes was so much better. Rachel at the end was very wobbly and the virtual girlfriend idea wasn't played out very well.

Dan (9:56pm) — @ib 14

Ben (9:56pm) — editing is interesting this year. I think Dunkirk will get it for jumbling the timelines, but that's not actual editing.

James (9:56pm) — Editing - 73% say Dunkirk

Ben (9:56pm) — Baby Driver was likewise not really clever cutting...one of the easiest jobs is to cut to music

Ben (9:56pm) — yeah, dunkirk

ibrmacf (9:57pm) — Huh went with Driver here.

James (9:57pm) — I Tanya has some good editing too

Dan (9:57pm) — 6/7

Ben (9:57pm) — Not a great edit job

James (9:57pm) — Only two still perfect

Dan (9:58pm) — Sam Riegel was rooting for his sis on Twitter, she's the editor on I, Tonya

Ben (9:59pm) — it just jumbled the timelines in an albeit smart if confusing way, it's a showy, flashy effort that, within it, didn't actuaily have great *cutting*.

Ben (10:00pm) — This is kind of a reversal of last year's bit

ibrmacf (10:01pm) — Yeah I don't like this shtick

Ben (10:01pm) — i do t really see the point

Dan (10:01pm) — Just posted the Mary Poppins teaser trailer on the site, Ben

EricJ (10:02pm) — Wrinkle in Time and it's a full theater?

James (10:02pm) — why not give the film editing guy and the other non actors another minute to speak rather than do this?

James (10:02pm) — Eric: he did say they "lured them in"! ;)

EricJ (10:03pm) — Oscar rule: All those stars' seats will be filled by the time they get back. :)

Dan (10:03pm) — Well, getting Advanced Screening tickets for Winkle in Time has been hard to get a hold of from what I've seen. And I've tried XD

Ben (10:03pm) — I'll watch Poppins during the next song performance!

James (10:04pm) — Im hoping for This Is Me for song

Ben (10:07pm) — Are they going to get mobbed!?

Ben (10:08pm) — Amd what are they doing not watching the Oscars!?

EricJ (10:08pm) — Does Mark Hamill REALLY want to thank audiences for seeing Last Jedi?--Even he doesn't like it. (But Disney won't let him say so.)

James (10:09pm) — Going a little long here...

Ben (10:09pm) — And now the shooting starts...

EricJ (10:09pm) — Yeah, think some idiots ARE going to try and watch Wrinkle while stoned, because they never read the book.

Ben (10:12pm) — i went for 405

James (10:12pm) — Doc Short 52% say Edith+Eddie

Ben (10:12pm) — got it,

James (10:12pm) — Probably going to be 405 tho

Dan (10:12pm) — Dammit, Ben! :D

Ben (10:13pm) — i think some voted for this simply because they've heard or been on the 405 freeway!

ibrmacf (10:13pm) — I didn't expect 405 to win, lol!

James (10:13pm) — Live Action Short - 70% say DeKalb Elementary

Ben (10:14pm) — Cant remember what I went for here

Ben (10:15pm) — oh, I set for 11

James (10:16pm) — Only 12% said The Silent Child

Ben (10:16pm) — totally didn't see this one

ibrmacf (10:16pm) — I got this one fortunately!

Ben (10:16pm) — it didn't seem to have too much steam behind it

ibrmacf (10:17pm) — I picked it mostly on the story as it seems that shorts with those kind of storylines have won in the past.

James (10:18pm) — She was stunning

Ben (10:21pm) — Just watched Poppins...was hoping for a bit of classic music but I liked Blunt more than I have in the pics so far

James (10:22pm) — Hmm. Line about Trump being racist in this song. There's your winner! ;)

Ben (10:23pm) — fun fact: the bridge that's shown in a few shots in the second half is the same Pinewood Studios backlot bridge as seen in countless films, not least Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, so there's a kind of nice old school connection there.

Dan (10:24pm) — Yep. Rob Marshall talked about how they wanted to bring over as many of the original pieces as they could.

Dan (10:24pm) — He said at D23, that is.

Ben (10:24pm) — Still waiting for this show to have some of its own classic moments! I usually archive these ceremonies on disc but not sure I'll bother with this one!

ibrmacf (10:25pm) — Does hot dog gun shooting count as classic, lol?

Ben (10:25pm) — The Harvey Girls!

James (10:31pm) — Adapted screenplay - 86% say Call Me By Your Name

James (10:32pm) — Would love to see Logan win this

EricJ (10:32pm) — Do people REALLY think Wrinkle, Black Panther and Get Out are the same movie?

ibrmacf (10:33pm) — My stream is buffering. Which won Adapted Screenplay?

Dan (10:33pm) — Call Me By Your Name

James (10:33pm) — Call me by your name

James (10:33pm) — Only two people Perfect

ibrmacf (10:33pm) — Thank you!

EricJ (10:34pm) — It's the "James Ivory is Still Alive"

EricJ (10:34pm) — award

Ben (10:35pm) — Got this one.

EricJ (10:35pm) — (Seriously, I'd wondered why we hadn't had any Merchant-Ivorys after Miramax started getting obnoxious in the 90's)

Ben (10:35pm) — not really much about this being the 90th year

Ben (10:35pm) — kind of a hodgepodge

James (10:35pm) — Original Screenplay - 57% say Get Out

EricJ (10:36pm) — It'll be the only award Get Out gets tonight

Ben (10:36pm) — Billboards for the win...!

Ben (10:36pm) — ugh

Dan (10:36pm) — 7/8

Ben (10:37pm) — idiotic film

James (10:37pm) — Then there was one!

ibrmacf (10:37pm) — AH got that wrong. Thought Billboards would win

James (10:37pm) — Glad to see this one. Would have been happy with any of them other than Three Billboards

Ben (10:37pm) — so now shape of water isn't a dead cert for picture, which could go to billboards

EricJ (10:38pm) — Well, we KNOW it's going to Billboards...

James (10:39pm) — Please no!

James (10:39pm) — How many of the Best Pic nominees has everyone seen

Dan (10:39pm) — Only saw Shape of Water

Ben (10:39pm) — get Out was such crap tho. Totally blew its twist in the opening scene!

Ben (10:39pm) — Obits coming up I think.

ibrmacf (10:40pm) — ANyone else thinks Lady Bird has a shot?

ibrmacf (10:40pm) — The In Memoriam segment is always my fave. Just so nice to pay tribute to those who have gone!

James (10:40pm) — I picked it

James (10:40pm) — Lady Bird

Dan (10:40pm) — The favorites are Billboards and Shape of Water. Get Out is apparently the top dark horse

ibrmacf (10:41pm) — Cool, glad I'm not alone.

James (10:41pm) — I saw six of the nine. Didn't see Post, Name, or Thread.

Ben (10:41pm) — you can't call Get Out a dark horse, Dan!

Ben (10:41pm) — cinematograhy coming uo

Dan (10:41pm) — I didn't call it a dark horse. ;)

Ben (10:42pm) — think it will be 2049 because Deakins deserves it AND because it got VFX

James (10:42pm) — Cinematography - 70% say DEAKINS! Blade Runner 2049

Ben (10:43pm) — random!

James (10:43pm) — Nice dig there

Dan (10:43pm) — Dude! It's Sagat! XD

Ben (10:43pm) — ah, now we get to the point...

EricJ (10:44pm) — What happened to Iron Fist? He retired, and became Studi.

ibrmacf (10:44pm) — What is this? A military tribute? Sorry, still buffering stream

EricJ (10:45pm) — Yep, looks like tribute.

EricJ (10:45pm) — (Buffering too--I'm getting the winners as the hosts are introduced.)

EricJ (10:46pm) — Think someone expected Dunkirk to win.

James (10:47pm) — Sandy B

James (10:48pm) — Nice

Ben (10:48pm) — ha, they just expanded the wrong picture!

Ben (10:49pm) — Roger!

Ben (10:49pm) — Finally!

Dan (10:49pm) — 8/9

James (10:50pm) — My pick for song, though not even the best from the show

EricJ (10:51pm) — Totally buffed, who got it?

Ben (10:51pm) — Uh, yeah, this is the one I've heard all over. Probably the best song of this bunch.

ibrmacf (10:51pm) — Blade Runner 2049 won Cinematography

ibrmacf (10:51pm) — @Eric: Blade Runner 2049 won Cinematography

Ben (10:51pm) — And another awful performance!

ibrmacf (10:52pm) — I'm not a fan of any Greatest Showman songs, tbh.

James (10:52pm) — Love the film. Not groundbreaking, but a lot of fun

EricJ (10:52pm) — "How to make a gay Baz Luhrmann musical without Baz Luhrmann"

EricJ (10:53pm) — (Step 1: Be Australian.)

Ben (10:53pm) — The director is no Baz tho.

James (10:53pm) — Not sure what is "gay" about it, unless you're implying musicals in general are "gay"

EricJ (10:54pm) — No, but PT did a lot more than just "empower" sideshow freaks.

Ben (10:54pm) — They are, though, James. Mel Brooks taught us that. ;)

Dan (10:55pm) — XD

EricJ (10:55pm) — Once they had the "Normal people hate us!" aspect in the script, they threw Barnum's real life out the ol' windowroo.

Ben (10:56pm) — yes, Eric...he ripped them off, manipulated them and made great profits from those he never properly rewarded!

Ben (10:56pm) — Score coming up

Ben (10:57pm) — Walken!

Dan (10:58pm) — Walken!

James (10:58pm) — Score 86% say The Shape Of Water

ibrmacf (10:58pm) — I didn't know Walken won an Oscar?

Ben (10:58pm) — on air!

EricJ (10:58pm) — Deer Hunter?

Ben (10:59pm) — yeah, for the jungle book.

ibrmacf (10:59pm) — @Ben: XD

Ben (10:59pm) — woild be nice for Williams to get it but it'll go to...

Ben (10:59pm) — Shape Of Water

ibrmacf (10:59pm) — What won Original Score?

Ben (10:59pm) — Shaoe

Dan (10:59pm) — Nice score, well used in the film

Ben (11:00pm) — Sape

Ben (11:00pm) — Shape!

ibrmacf (11:00pm) — Ah cool thanks!

Dan (11:00pm) — XD

James (11:00pm) — Shape of Water was good but could have used more cowbell

James (11:01pm) — Song - 70% say Remember Me, Coco

EricJ (11:01pm) — Coco or the gay-pride circus one...EIther way, we lose.

Ben (11:02pm) — all these sound better in their film versions

Ben (11:02pm) — coco wins

Dan (11:02pm) — 9/10

ibrmacf (11:03pm) — Whoo, got that one! Was scared for a bit!

Ben (11:03pm) — he looks so much like thr ticket guy down our local theater

James (11:03pm) — There wasn't even a gay character in Greatest Showman! Odd for an Oscar film, so not sure what you're going on about.

Ben (11:04pm) — ha...they cut off the cut off music when he mentioned his mom

Dan (11:04pm) — heh heh, I like how the play out music just straight up stopped when Robert mentioned his mum passed

Ben (11:04pm) — and now a well timed memorial bit

ibrmacf (11:04pm) — In Memoriam time looks like

James (11:05pm) — "woods baker" is our leader with 18 out of 18! But several people are right at their heels with 17

James (11:05pm) — woodsbaker

ibrmacf (11:06pm) — I'm gonna havta watch this tomorrow when someone uploads it as it's too buffery for me right now

EricJ (11:08pm) — Every year, we say, "SHOW THE CLIPS with the obits!"

Ben (11:09pm) — Well that was...light?

James (11:09pm) — ywah

James (11:09pm) — yeah

ibrmacf (11:09pm) — I'm actually really touched they showed the Bollywood actors, Sridevi and Shashi Kapoor, in this! I didn't think they would be included in an American film tribute.

Ben (11:09pm) — no John Hurt? Did he get in last year?

ibrmacf (11:10pm) — @Ben: Yeah, he did since he died in January 2017.

ibrmacf (11:10pm) — MTM also got in last year.

ibrmacf (11:10pm) — Could anyone tell me if they put in Bill Paxton and Don Rickles this year?

Dan (11:10pm) — Rickles, yes. Paxton, no

Ben (11:11pm) — No, they did Don, but Bill got caught in limbo

EricJ (11:11pm) — Rickles got in (no clip)

ibrmacf (11:11pm) — That's odd. I thought they'd put Paxton in now since he died right before last year's Oscars. That's sad.

Ben (11:11pm) — looks like director is coming up

Ben (11:12pm) — just starting to get tired here...at just gone 4am!

EricJ (11:12pm) — Trivia point for anyone who knows who Haruo Nakajima was

James (11:12pm) — Only 4 left, so about an hour I guess. ;)

ibrmacf (11:12pm) — Was he a Nintendo guy?

James (11:13pm) — Director - 87% say Guillermo del Toro, "The Shape of Water"

woodsbaker (11:13pm) — getting nervous...i'm in first place with four to go!

EricJ (11:13pm) — make it 88

James (11:13pm) — Hey, you joined us!

Dan (11:13pm) — Welcome, woodsbaker!

woodsbaker (11:14pm) — hi. thanks.

Ben (11:14pm) — going by the cheers it's Del Toro

Ben (11:14pm) — and it is!

woodsbaker (11:14pm) — yes!

Dan (11:14pm) — 10/11 in my Oscar pool

ibrmacf (11:15pm) — Congrats woodsbaker!

woodsbaker (11:15pm) — shape of water over three billboards is the only thing that can mess me up

Ben (11:15pm) — let him make Hellboy 3 already!!

Ben (11:15pm) — think Shape Of Water just won... ;)

EricJ (11:15pm) — "These men, and Greta Gerwig who lost..."

James (11:15pm) — Really hoping you miss that last one then! ;)

Dan (11:15pm) — If only. Too bad it's getting rebooted, Ben.

woodsbaker (11:16pm) — mean! ;-)

Dan (11:16pm) — XD

James (11:16pm) — Not a fan of Three Billboards, sorry!

Ben (11:17pm) — Lovely Yankee Doodle Dandy quote, Del Toro!

woodsbaker (11:17pm) — I haven't seen it yet

woodsbaker (11:17pm) — i love movies but hate going to the theater

woodsbaker (11:18pm) — people ruin the experience

EricJ (11:18pm) — Why?

EricJ (11:18pm) — Ever go to a theater that's not a cineplex?

Ben (11:18pm) — Actor next

Ben (11:19pm) — we have given up going to the cinema and just built our own! ;)

woodsbaker (11:19pm) — people talking...on their phones...chomping popcorn and ice...

James (11:19pm) — Actor - 87% say Gary Oldman, "Darkest Hour"

woodsbaker (11:19pm) — ugh

woodsbaker (11:19pm) — no way it isn't gary oldman

James (11:19pm) — People are terrible, but that huge screen is glorious!

EricJ (11:20pm) — A generation thinks going to the movie is about "Getting your movie"

woodsbaker (11:20pm) — doesn't make up for it

EricJ (11:20pm) — (All those people INTERRUPT it!)

Ben (11:20pm) — but pointless when people talk all the way through a film

James (11:20pm) — Casey replaced

James (11:21pm) — (oops next one!)

woodsbaker (11:22pm) — casey Affleck was fantastic last year

woodsbaker (11:22pm) — in that movie

Ben (11:23pm) — Worst was Mission 4 where I got a running foreign translation from the row behind me.

James (11:23pm) — Had people next to us threaten my 15 year old daughter for shushing them!

EricJ (11:23pm) — I grew up with an annual 24-hour movie marathon at our local college-town theater..It's ABOUT the audience. :)

Ben (11:24pm) — i can only hear Gary Oldman in that role

Ben (11:24pm) — yes, he got it

woodsbaker (11:24pm) — yes!

woodsbaker (11:24pm) — yes!

Dan (11:24pm) — 11/12

Ben (11:24pm) — ive been scowled at for shushing people

woodsbaker (11:24pm) — two more

James (11:24pm) — About time

James (11:24pm) — about time

ibrmacf (11:25pm) — Yep Gary Oldman!

ibrmacf (11:25pm) — Yeah he doesn't sound like Churchill at all, lol

Dan (11:25pm) — XD

James (11:25pm) — 5 people nipping at your heels though Woodsbaker!

James (11:26pm) — Actually looks like you have the tie-breaker advantage over all of them though

woodsbaker (11:26pm) — unless we all chose the same two final winners!

Ben (11:27pm) — Gonna be Frances and Shape, me thinks.

woodsbaker (11:28pm) — i need frances and three

James (11:28pm) — Hopefully not Francis. Not for that movie

James (11:29pm) — Actress - 86% say Frances McDormand, "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri"

Ben (11:29pm) — gonna be, James.

Ben (11:29pm) — JLaw!

James (11:30pm) — JFos

Ben (11:30pm) — she looks huge! How weird is this look!

woodsbaker (11:30pm) — glamazon

woodsbaker (11:30pm) — versus the midget

James (11:31pm) — Sally, Satires, and Margo were all great. My hope is Saoirse

James (11:31pm) — Saoirse spellchecked up there

Ben (11:32pm) — lol

Ben (11:33pm) — do t know why Streep was nommed

Ben (11:33pm) — it anything we Havant seen from her before

Ben (11:33pm) — and Francis gets it James

woodsbaker (11:33pm) — yes!

Dan (11:34pm) — 12 for 13 in my pool.

James (11:34pm) — Agreed. And Love Francis, but she was not that great here

James (11:35pm) — Don't want to ruin the suspense, but I think woodsbaker will win now no matter what.

woodsbaker (11:35pm) — i think all of the people behind me have shape of water :-/

woodsbaker (11:36pm) — at least four of them do

James (11:36pm) — Even if you miss it looks like you'll win on the tiebreaker.

EricJ (11:36pm) — If Frances got it, now there IS suspense about whether it'll be the Abe Sapien movie

Ben (11:36pm) — its not always about the film, it's the timing

James (11:36pm) — Are we going to end before midnight?

Ben (11:37pm) — Marty shouldn't have won For Departed, but it was his time

woodsbaker (11:37pm) — yes

woodsbaker (11:37pm) — maybe 7 more minutes

Ben (11:37pm) — Haha...big close up of Best Picture envelope

James (11:37pm) — Guess that jets was a great incentive!

EricJ (11:37pm) — Randy Newman shouldn't have won for Monsters Inc., but it was his time

James (11:37pm) — jetski

woodsbaker (11:38pm) — i do think i am ahead in the second tie-breaker though

James (11:38pm) — Spirited Away shouldn't have won but the voters got it wrong. (Is that how this works?)

James (11:38pm) — ;)

Dan (11:38pm) — Maybe the inclusion of the Lake Havasu trip helped. XD

EricJ (11:38pm) — "It's womens' moment in film!"....And then Brenda Chapman will direct something else. ;)

Ben (11:38pm) — And get fired off it.

ibrmacf (11:39pm) — Sorry got logged off again

EricJ (11:39pm) — Because the producers ruined "her" film with a more coherent story.

James (11:39pm) — You're back just in time

Ben (11:39pm) — Shape?

woodsbaker (11:40pm) — cmon...three billboards

Ben (11:40pm) — Fade Runaway can screw it up again.

woodsbaker (11:40pm) — it was really his fault

woodsbaker (11:40pm) — he set her up

James (11:40pm) — Picture - 41% say Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

woodsbaker (11:41pm) — you shouldn't have 80 year olds doing this

James (11:41pm) — 38% say The Shape Of Water

Ben (11:41pm) — Yes, Woods...he threw her under the bus

woodsbaker (11:42pm) — he hemmed and hawed and then just flashed it in front of her

woodsbaker (11:42pm) — for the love of god, old man, if it reads "emma stone" then check the envelope!

Ben (11:42pm) — yep...but she did blurt it out...both as bad as each itjrf

woodsbaker (11:43pm) — but the card did also read "La La Land" because it was emma stone

Ben (11:43pm) — amd to think he's trying to get a Dick Tracy 2 off the ground!

woodsbaker (11:44pm) — yeah, because dick tracy is so relevent

Ben (11:44pm) — please not get out or dunkirk

woodsbaker (11:44pm) — agreed

James (11:44pm) — Sooner or later he always gets his sequel

woodsbaker (11:44pm) — Dunkirk was overrated

woodsbaker (11:45pm) — buh dump bump

Ben (11:45pm) — yep

EricJ (11:45pm) — One voter said Darkest Hour was "Like being shouted at for two hours"

James (11:45pm) — Of these choices I'd pick - Lady Bird, Shape, Get Out in that order (of the six I've seen)

woodsbaker (11:45pm) — darkest hour was better than dunkirk

Ben (11:45pm) — and get out was so poorly constructed

Ben (11:45pm) — Shape!

woodsbaker (11:45pm) — damn

woodsbaker (11:46pm) — boo

ibrmacf (11:46pm) — What won Best Picture?

James (11:46pm) — Shape

Dan (11:46pm) — Though it's at the expense of my potential pool victory, I'm happy Shape won.

woodsbaker (11:46pm) — guess i'm having to depend on the tie breaker

ibrmacf (11:46pm) — Ah thanks

Ben (11:46pm) — i just announced it!

ibrmacf (11:47pm) — Well I'm tied for my best score ever: 17/24

James (11:47pm) — oops

James (11:47pm) — We have a winner - woodsbaker & jwvaughn007

James (11:47pm) — with 21 out of 22. That ties our all time record for most right.

woodsbaker (11:47pm) — :-)

EricJ (11:48pm) — Does this mean Del Toro will finally finish making his twelve other movies?

Ben (11:49pm) — weird ending there

ibrmacf (11:49pm) — Well that was fun! Heading to bed now. Sleep well, everyone!

Ben (11:49pm) — kind of all fell aparr

woodsbaker (11:49pm) — did helen Mirren really need to change dresses to get on the jet ski??

James (11:49pm) — yep. Not even midnight, no reason to cut off best pic speeches

Ben (11:49pm) — yep...5am here...off to snooze.

Dan (11:49pm) — It's like they wanted to screw things up even when they don't. XD

EricJ (11:50pm) — Well, I can give up these bad buffing streams now--Next year, there'll probably be less of a TV streaming industry to be greedy about it

James (11:50pm) — RESULTS of those here...

Dan (11:50pm) — Almost 9pm here, so gonna grab a late dinner. Night, y'all!

James (11:50pm) — WOODSBAKER - 1st place 21/22

Ben (11:50pm) — yeah...strange cut off and then Kimmel didn't save it, and then they made the jetski a bigger deal? Big foul up in the final seconds!

Dan (11:50pm) — Congratulations to woodsbaker!!!

Ben (11:51pm) — cool, dude!

woodsbaker (11:51pm) — thanks! :-)

James (11:51pm) — BEN - 12th place 19/22

James (11:51pm) — ibrmacf - 45th place 16/22

James (11:52pm) — JAMES - 60th place 11/22

Ben (11:52pm) — 19 out of 22 is prob my best score ever.

James (11:52pm) — i think so. Just two off our record

James (11:53pm) — My problem is when I create the contest I do the first ballot so I'm not accused of cheating by seeing everyone else's picks. No I'm picking a month before the show while everyone else waits until the last second!

James (11:53pm) — :)

Ben (11:53pm) — pretty impressed with myself, especially since I knew two of those were "hope votes" that I knew would go to what did win, so it'd have been 21 too. Very cool!

woodsbaker (11:54pm) — that does make it trickier

Ben (11:54pm) — See ya later guys!

woodsbaker (11:54pm) — bye

Dan (11:54pm) — NIGHT!!!

Ben (11:55pm) — Morning! Wifey'll be getting UP in a few minutes!

woodsbaker (11:55pm) — only 11 here :-)

James (11:56pm) — got disconnected!

James (11:56pm) — see ya!

Ben (11:57pm) — :)

James (11:59pm) — I'll be sending you details on the prize after I double check things wood!

woodsbaker (12:03am) — thanks, james

woodsbaker (12:05am) — okay, taking off

woodsbaker (12:05am) — thanks for the chat, all

James (12:06am) — See ya again hopefully!