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by scamp
June 25th, 2010, 6:20 pm
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Topic: Futurama
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I agree: Futurama is definitely back, baby! While I fairly enjoyed the first direct to dvd film: "Bender's Big Score," things seemed to go downhill from there. But these two new eps were a return to form for the show, and I very much look forward to seeing what else the new season has in store for us.
by scamp
June 25th, 2010, 6:12 pm
Forum: On Television
Topic: Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated
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Re: Matthew Lillard as Shaggy Voice?

Personally, I would have preferred to see either Billy West or Scott Innes take over the voice of Shaggy as I think they did a fine job in the earlier direct to dvd films voicing the character. While I agree with Ben that Lillard did a fine job portraying the character in the two live action films, ...