Only one entertainment paper in LA a year from now???

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Only one entertainment paper in LA a year from now???

Post by GeorgeC » January 31st, 2009, 12:03 pm ... 22&sp=true

One entertainment paper in Hollyweird/LA a year from now...

That's the prediction some are making.

Circulation is down for both Variety and The Hollywood Reporter and current advertising income just isn't paying the bills and the ability to retain staff.

Just another sign that traditional media/hard copy news is on its way out for news reporting and that companies have to adapt to new technological avenues, too.

Now, if they could just REPORT THE FACTS and stop being so blatantly biased, too!

Reporting = financial figures, numbers, dates, and names; cold, objective data

Editorializing = injecting your opinion where it's not wanted or needed, gushing over someone or tarring and feathering them, saying something is good or bad without presenting any accepted/credible/non-biased/documented evidence to support your view; emotionalism

Even online sites won't be able to save the news if they can't learn to distinguish between reporting and editorializing... Too many people believe their opinion is fact and can't distinguish between a statement and evidence.

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Post by Ben » February 1st, 2009, 6:18 pm

The Variety Reporter?

The Hollywood Variety?

The Hollywood Variety Reporter?

Variety's Hollywood Reporter?


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