Most underrated animated movie

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Re: Most underrated animated movie

Post by EricJ » November 20th, 2014, 5:58 pm

Ben wrote:Love El Dorado and the soundtrack is a fixture here too. The only one of DWA's tradigital flicks I wasn't too keen on was Sinbad, though I'd be up for watching it again in a Blu came along. I must say Spirit was a grand attempt at something different and it looks gorgeous in HD.
Although all three were back during the days when we were inspecting DWA 2-D movies very carefully for filed off ex-Disney serial numbers:
Particularly, the "Animal western" and "Aztec drama" that Disney had eventually abandoned/restructured in mid-production, which got some fans wondering how many leaks of "Treasure Planet" had found their way into Sinbad.

Not to mention, following on the heels of the "Lion King/Hamlet" alibi, El Dorado's strange reluctance to admit it was a version of Rudyard Kipling (but he's public-domain, isn't he?), and Katzenberg's insistence it was a "tribute to Hope & Crosby...That's why 'Road' is in the title!"
That was so darn weird, it HAD to be suspicious. :?

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