Near Humanity - Motion Comics - Official launch + Featurette

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Near Humanity - Motion Comics - Official launch + Featurette

Post by XavHumanity » April 21st, 2013, 9:42 am

Hi to all on the forum,

I'm Xavier Bottet, a French Art Director and motion artist living in Québec. I'm proud to share with you our press release for the launch of our Indie Motion comics serie. We're launching a crowfunding campaign to raise funds to produce our original serie. We are impatient to know your comments and hope you'll be able to support us, like contributing to the project. I let you read the communique and enjoy the video.

"Joy, pride and excitement. This is what we feel today with the official launch of the crowdfunding campaign for our motion comic "Near Humanity" on the international platform Indiegogo.

Joy because we can now talk about real departure for this project that we've been developing for several months. Also, we are pleased to finally present "Near Humanity" to the public.

Pride for the work achieved so far by this very small team, indie in its roots, independently and braving the distances of the Atlantic Ocean that separates us.

Excitement to receive feedback from fans of comics and horror as "Near Humanity" has been created for them.

Near Humanity is a horror motion comic with historical events as background.
Each season is set in a specific historical time period. The first season is set during World War II in Poland; season two is set in 1948 in Ukraine; season three is set in the state of Nevada during the Cold War (1955). Each season is linked by an overarching investigation spanning through these different time periods taking place in modern day New-York.
The common thread is the year 2000, the story will be told through multiple flashback, giving us step by step the truth.

If you want to help or share our campaign, you will find all the information on the Indiegogo page:
NEAR HUMANITY The Motion Comic

For more information to follow the project's progress:
Like our page on ... 4926010111
Youtube Channel

If you want to know anything more, please don't hesitate to contact us:
xavier @ (take off spaces)

We will be happy to answer to your questions."

Thanks to all,
Xavier Bottet

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