Live-Action DreamWorks to end Disney deal, jump to Universal

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Re: Live-Action DreamWorks to end Disney deal, jump to Universal

Post by Bill1978 » December 19th, 2015, 7:11 pm

Actually, Third was supposed to introduce Prince Artie as a new running character, but when the sneak audience preview for #3 was a train-wreck disaster and most hated him, the studio quickly retooled their plans, took it back to the shop, and cut to the ending:
According to the studio's own pre-3 hype, #4 would have "father-figure" Shrek helping Artie in search of a bride (and the Little Mermaid parody), and coming home to get the big news about his own ogrelings in the climax. #5 would presumably have the New-Dad Calamities of an ogre and three babies, and #6 would be the big wrap-up we got.
(Which is why they went back after the preview and crammed the babies into Third at the last minute while they could, to save time on two films.)
Now this I would have probably more than happy to have sat through. But it seems that I am in the minority of liking the Prince Arthur character and plot. At least now I know why the plot was rushed through and why the damn pregnancy and baby storyline was jammed into the plot.

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Re: Live-Action DreamWorks to end Disney deal, jump to Universal

Post by EricJ » December 19th, 2015, 8:44 pm

Lord Akiyama wrote:At the showing I went to, the audience cheering kept building with each trailer that came out. KFP3 was second to show (after Laika's Kubo and the Two Strings), Civil War showed after BvS and Jungle Book was the last. What's funny was that the audience was at first getting impatient that it wasn't Star Wars yet with each trailer, but the then the trailers played and they got pumped.

The theater also had some fun little wall stickers with the various reactions the Furious Five have with little pandas.
Our SW screening didn't show BvS or Marvel :( --
We only got Hunger Games: Falling Skies, The Trek & the Furious, Kung Fu Panda The Third: What's Gnu?, the new Secret Life of Pets cut (that's na ordinary rabbit!), and Iron Mowgli last, but due to the high number of afternoon kids in the audience, Pets still got the most short-term laughs for its self-contained short-subject style.
KFP3 got chuckles, but in DWA style, seem to run its own jokes far into the ground after it already got them.

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