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Movie collection cataloging

Post by James » May 25th, 2019, 2:35 pm

This is mainly aimed at Ben and Randall, but I thought it might make an interesting public discussion so am posting it here.

Do you guys have any sort of movie cataloging software for your collections? I used to have one when my collection was much bigger but that program is no longer supported. Everything else I've tried is too basic, too ugly, or wants a monthly subscription for the good features!

Libib is the latest one I've tried and it was very close to what I wanted, but I guess I'm just too picky!

At this point I've decided just to write my own web based database so it will have exactly what I want. But when I mentioned going that route the wife asked if I had consulted you guys -- which I thought was a very good idea!

My collection is much smaller now. So this isn't really as necessary. What I mainly want it for is to keep track of things like which version of movies I have so I can see what I have when I'm out shopping so I don't accidentally buy them again! Yes I have Snow White but is it the Signature edition or the Platinum version? Do I have Wreck it Ralph with the lenticular case? BD, 3D, or 4K?

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Re: Movie collection cataloging

Post by Randall » May 25th, 2019, 7:41 pm

I don't keep a database, only a text listing using Word. I once tried to start a software-based disc database, but it would take ages now to select my over 3000 titles. (Though the extra database features would be convenient and fun.) I'm blessed with a good memory, so I have a good idea of what I already own in my head anyway, though I do make specific comments on my text list to clarify, mostly for insurance reasons. I rarely if ever have to consult my list to see what I have.

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Re: Movie collection cataloging

Post by Ben » May 25th, 2019, 8:07 pm

This is exactly what "The Disc List" was originally going to be, back in the day.

Firstly, I’d just had a printed list of titles I had, with a few additional details about the edition, but then computers and databasing came along and I thought it would be cool to cross reference so that I could keep track of what I had, but then also select all the films from one studio, animated, by actor or director, etc, for when we wanted to pick a movie or see what we had without going through the discs.

So I asked a pal of mine to write me an XL type program that I could update and add to, with custom fields as well as the basics. The name of this, going back to what I titled my original LaserDisc compilation, was The Disc List. never happened. The closest I got was a blank CD one year for my birthday with "The Disc List...coming soon!" written on it as an indication that he was writing the software/app, which was possibly going to be net-based so I could clock in anywhere and see it/edit it as I went (and also for other people to keep track of what I had and what they may like to see).

Needless to say it never happened, and over time various other database and cataloging apps have come along...but I’ve never found anything that is really exactly what that original Disc List would have been. Back in the day I made up concept pages for how it would be presented, how it could be printed out as a physical catalog, etc, but there's not been anything like it to come along!

Some have been close, but they don’t check all the boxes or allow for any custom changes or additions (for instance, for when I add an insert or booklet to a disc, or a ticket stub from when I saw the film in the theatre), and my List now has grown to include CDs, LPs, and other items other than just actual discs, so like associated books and VHS tapes, etc.

Also, my collection has grown rather, um, huge! So going back and cataloging everything again would be a bit of an awesome task (and potential chore!). At the moment, I have 15 differently titled Lists that are basic Pages documents that have the titles of all the discs I own and basic edition info, or if it’s a DVD or BD where there’s basically only one widely available edition.

So my various collections, mirroring how they are mostly stored, include Disney Animation, Feature Animation, Features 1890-1989 (Before Computers), Features 1990-20XX (After Digital) - !! - Music/TV/Documentary, and so on. I keep my 3D and 4K discs in with the regular BDs, but do keep a supplementary list so I know what I have in those formats separately.

It's funny you mention Snow White, since it’s one of those films that has multiple entries across the lists: 8mm print extract, VHS, Masterpiece LD, Platinum DVD, a deluxe Platinum DVD, Diamond BD, deliuxe limited edition Diamond BD set, and the Signature BD, plus a potential bootleg of an unrestored print. If a 4K came along, I’d probably add that, too, not to mention various books and soundtracks on CD and vinyl!

It's cray-cray, but that's not even a patch on the likes of Superman and a handful of other all-format, all-edition releases! So my current Pages version of The Disc List may be basic right now, but it does me for when I’m out and wondering if I need a title again, but like you I’ve never really found the *perfect*, picky and precise kind of thing that would really allow me to tailor my collection and its unique aspects - and look and feel neat and classy scrolling through the titles on an iPad...!

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