Team America: World Police

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TEAM AMERICA: World Police on DVD

Post by Ben » May 8th, 2005, 5:07 pm

As a fan of South Park, I was intrigued by this one ever since I saw the "terrorise this!" teaser last summer. The full trailer only made me more excited to see it.

Team America is a crazy, out of control movie - and my favorite film of the year so far (in the UK, up there with Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galxay and Valiant), and I've just posted my DVD Toons review, which I will post on the main page tomorrow (it's late and I'm pooped):

I'll explain my scoring, since I was torn over a number of the points:

The MOVIE gets a 10 - true, it is flawed, but what went into it, the result and that fact that there is a movie out there like this just about outweighs any cons.

The VIDEO gets a 9 - a digital transfer would have gotten the full ten, and don't think that there's anything wrong here, but a few scratches for such a recent film just knocks down the marks.

The AUDIO gets a 10 - I'm not going to say that it should be DTS and am happy to settle for Dolby 5.1, of which this is simply fantastic and full of choice moments.

The EXTRAS get a 9. A commentary, something on the post-production and music (songs and score) plus any ROM material would have easily made this a ten, and I was close to going for an 8, but the inclusion of the tests, storyboards and trailers are more than welcome and could have easily not made the final disc.

OVERALL is a 9 - okay, essentially this is a 10, but mixing in all the pros and cons, (the movie isn't perfect, and the disc could have a little more, plus the simple, no insert packaging) so this is a score for the overall DISC, and as such it's not quite a bullseye, but explodes in the right ballpark.

Out Tuesday 17, the DVD is a packed affair, with tons of info on the shoot that reveals the heart and soul underneath all the hysterical crudity.

Not everyone's cup of tea, granted, but for those who it appeals to, it's a very fun ride. Who's in the Team? :)
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Post by Macaluso » May 8th, 2005, 6:01 pm

Yeah. Once the "America F**k yeah!" song started up, that movie just won everything.

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Post by PatrickvD » May 9th, 2005, 4:33 pm

Matt & Trey won me over the moment the puppets started singing "everyone has AIDS!" This movie is freaking brilliant from start to finish. I am SO getting the extended edition. Team America is also my favourite film of the year so far.

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