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Re: Coco

Post by EricJ » December 5th, 2017, 4:36 pm

Randall wrote:Of course, the article you cited clearly states that the Olaf film was always planned as a limited engagement, and was scheduled to end in two weeks anyway. What you stated doesn't contradict that, but your post leaves the wrong impression. Olaf may have been unpopular, but he wasn't "pulled" because of it.
Audiences who DIDN'T know that complained anyway--'Nuff said. And if they're joking about coming to the theaters late, or skipping it for a week, theaters are starting to complain.

And having just seen Coco last night--figured, I probably wouldn't get to see Olaf on ABC either, so might as well get them both over with--think the Frozen short ultimately worked against it, although the rest of Pixar's movie was good enough: I'll agree with "So-so". (Basically the best rehashed parts of Ratatouille, Lasseter's fondness for "Spirited Away", and the Charles Muntz plot from Up, but even a so-so original new-universe Brain-trust story was better than Finding Dory, Cars 3 and Good Dinosaur.)
First, twenty minutes of Olaf going to pieces is probably not the best opening act to show before a ninety-minute movie where most of the gags are about skeletons going to pieces-- :lol:
And second, I had to look up IMDB to see whether Miguel's singing voice in Coco was that 9-yo. Mariachi kid who'd won on "America's Got Talent"--He's good when the movie is singing actual Mariachi style, like at the end, but when the entire plot revolves around the Nth chorus of "Remember Me", I just sat there thinking "Why are they singing Frozen songs in Mexico?"

Which, for me, was the problem with Disney/Pixar now wanting Kristen Anderson-Lopez to be the new "House songwriter" to fill the shoes of the Sherman Bros. and Alan Menken--It's starting to resemble the mid-90's, when Disney was so Beauty&Beast-happy, they let Menken write EVERYTHING for them, including "Newsies" and "Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue".
But Menken's songs in the 90's movies had a little versatility, imaginatively stuck to the story and didn't sound like each other, Lopez's songs all sound like "For the First Time in Forever".
That may be one silver lining to WDFA having to lose "Gigantic" because they couldn't turn it into a Lopez musical, where if the studio is going ram the Let It Go Girl down audience's throats, it would have been strike two in Killing the Golden Snowman. And you can guess what strike three would be.

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