A Quiet Place

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A Quiet Place

Post by ShyViolet » May 8th, 2018, 7:09 pm

Just saw this horror film/thriller today...wow!!!!!! That was one 95% RT scary movie! (Although I sort of have mixed feelings towards M. Knight Shyamalan now, I can’t help but feel this was sort of like one of his films, but without the bad dialogue, hystrionics, and that oft-used logic-free twist ending.)

Warning: Spoilers!!!!!!!
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On top of the open-ended “conclusion” in addition to a major character death, this film actually has the audacity to contain an extremely small amount of spoken dialogue.
(Most of it is in subtitled sign language.). The premise is basically a post-apocalyptic world where ten-foot alien beings who look like lizards, the creature from Alien, and preying mantises have invaded earth and killed millions around the globe. The protagonists are a close-knit family hiding out in their house/barn among cornfields. Yeah, there’s a “Signs” vibe alright, but instead of learning right off that water is deadly for the invadors,the plot simply tells us at the start of the film that any kind of sound at all will lead these creatures straight to you. :shock: Hence no spoken words until at least an hour into the film. As I said before, extremely brave choice that only makes the film more terrifying.

Well, that’s all I’m going to say for now! :). Oh, one more thing: the CGI is absolutely spectacular. I’m totally serious. With the exception of when I saw the original Jurassic Park when it first came out, (and maybe during a few minutes of War of the Worlds) CGI has never scared me in the least. And that includes King Kong 2005 and all of the Lord of The Rings films, much as I adore them.
It mostly just looks like extremely well done animation to me, which I guess is what it is. But wow—I actually started reconsidering this opinion while watching this film today...these things look real. :shock:

Well, I’ll stop rambling now. Go see for yourself! :)
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Re: A Quiet Place

Post by EricJ » May 8th, 2018, 8:35 pm

ShyViolet wrote:Although I sort of have mixed feelings towards M. Knight Shyamalan now, I can’t help but feel this was sort of like one of his films, but without the bad dialogue, hystrionics, and that oft-used logic-free twist ending.
And his need to build screenplays like blueprints, saying "This scene explains the character's past...THIS running flashback-subplot explains why the hero is so concerned...THIS off-topic character is in the story to explain the director's central theme in long speeches, and tease hints about what the twist ending means, in case you can't figure it out..." Since a writer/director/producer has no one to slap him upside the head and Kill His Darlings for him, and he leaves every single idea in the screenplay.
(Sorry for the off-topic vent, just sat through "Split" on disk. :x )

We're getting a lot of hysterical geek-love for out-of-nowhere indies lately that's a bit misplaced, since it's not really the story or the director we love, but the old-fashioned idea that someone would write a story we DON'T know going in--
An idea major studios are literally terrified of, and want to make sure we know exactly what movie to expect for the next three years. In the old days, they never used to know what screenplay they'd get until they bought it.

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Re: A Quiet Place

Post by Ben » May 9th, 2018, 7:39 am

I’ve heard great things about A Quiet Place...and also heard it’s dumb...so reserving judgment for now...but seeing that 99% of stuff I see these days is disappointing (just like Split) or just plan bad (ahem, Get Out), I’m hedging my bets and waiting for it to turn up for "free" down the line, be it borrowing a friend's disC, Netflix or TV.

I’ve kind of given up on blind buys, since more than half of them I end up feeling that I never would need to see them again. As with lots of stuff, though, I’m looking forward to catching it when I can!

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