TV Violence/Videos circa 1994

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TV Violence/Videos circa 1994

Post by ShyViolet » May 14th, 2007, 2:30 am

Bob Iger, um, Jeffrey Katzenberg, and a couple of other people on a panel in 1994 talking about movies/media etc... :shock:

JK was still very much at Disney. (this was January)

Bob Iger....wasn't.

Yet. :wink: Would not be for a year and a half.

I doubt either man knew anything about how their fortunes would change.

Apparently it was on C-Span at the time. But from the STRANGENESS of this clip--JK and Bob Iger look and act like VERY different people--it feels more like The Twilight Zone.


JK just couldn't wait to talk, could he? :wink:
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