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Post by Ben » August 25th, 2007, 8:52 am

Fair I said, fans will flock to it. My main concern, having now seen two more episodes of the TV show on Adult Swim, it that it still isn't funny.

Yes, as I said, the Plutonians were the best thing in biggest point was that a film version should make the show bigger for fans and draw in new ones...there's no point making a theatrical movie for a niche audience. A TV special, yeah sure, but this was pushed as a major movie albeit in limited release.

Thanks for clarification on the fake endings...but they still needed some context on the DVD...ironically enough, like I think I mentioned, this was among the funniest content in the set.

Yep, Josh... Lowest. Score. Ever. ;)

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Post by Code Horror » August 25th, 2007, 4:09 pm

But you know, funny enough; mainstream critics and I think including Roger Ebert actually liked ATHF: The Movie but overall can't wait to see it; the film wasn't playing at my theater.
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