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Re: 2010 Live Oscar Chat

Post by Josh » March 9th, 2010, 12:57 am

As always, I had a lot of fun with the Oscar chat. Thanks again for having it. :)

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Post by Jafar » March 9th, 2010, 3:17 am

I would've so loved to be a part of it if I wasn't travelling that day. Must've been fun. Like Zach, I was also thinking if we'll get to see the chat script here again.

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Post by Otis8 » March 9th, 2010, 4:51 pm

Jafar wrote:Like Zach, I was also thinking if we'll get to see the chat script here again.
ditto. So did anyone copy the chat? Thinking not after seeing Daniel's post... Good to hear you have access to the chat again tho!
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Post by Ben » March 9th, 2010, 6:21 pm

Unfortunately, both James and I left or crashed before being able to copy the chat in full. I had been saving chunks as we went along, but when the ceremony really kicked in I lost the chance to do so. When I attempted to capture it all at the end, I crashed out of the chat before being able to save it!

What I did have left was mostly just pre-show warm-up, so not much worth preserving. Sorry! :(

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2011 Live Oscar Chat

Post by James » February 13th, 2011, 7:46 pm

Join members of the Animated Views team and your fellow forum members for a live chat during the Oscar telecast! Not only will we talk shop, we'll also keep a running live update of who is leading in our Oscar prediction contest throughout the night!

We'll officially kick off the chat at 7:30pm ET on Sunday, February 27th. Registered forum members can click the "Chat Room" link at the top of any forum page to enter the chat room.

- Let's keep the chat room rated PG please. Violators may be kicked out!
- The Flash plugin is needed to access the room.

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Post by askmike1 » February 21st, 2011, 2:56 pm

Sadly I will not be able to join this year... I am having my own Oscar party at home. But if everyone bails, then I'll be sure to join. :)

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Post by Ben » February 21st, 2011, 3:11 pm

:( Always fun to catch up at our annual chat, Mike!

Maybe have us on in the corner and weigh in once in a while!? ;)

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Post by EricJ » February 21st, 2011, 3:34 pm

Like the past three years, I'll have to run back and forth, as my TV and computer are in different rooms. :D
(Maybe this year, I'll remember to tune in on time.)

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Post by askmike1 » February 21st, 2011, 4:20 pm

Ben wrote::( Always fun to catch up at our annual chat, Mike!

Maybe have us on in the corner and weigh in once in a while!? ;)
I'll definitely try.

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Post by carlminez » February 26th, 2011, 6:18 pm

This sounds awesome. I'll be there!

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Post by James » February 27th, 2011, 4:21 pm

Just a reminder about our live chat tonight!

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Post by Ben » February 27th, 2011, 11:59 pm

For those unable to join us, or those wishing to relive the magic, here is our Oscar chat transcript in full.

Welcome! You have entered [The Toon Saloon] at 12:14 am
[Meg] 12:14 am: Hi Ben!
[askmike1] 12:14 am: Hi
[Meg] 12:15 am: How are you?
[Ben] 12:15 am: good, thanks, Meg! You?
[askmike1] 12:15 am: Not long
[Meg] 12:15 am: I've been logged on for a little, me and Askmike just started chatting a few minutes ago.
[Meg] 12:16 am: Good! College and work has been keeping me really busy.
[Meg] 12:16 am: I've finally started on my animation classes this year, which is cool/
[Ben] 12:16 am: I checked in around 45 minutes ago and all was quiet.
[Ben] 12:16 am: Too quiet.
[Ben] 12:16 am: Hey, that's great!
[Ben] 12:17 am: How do they approach that?
[Meg] 12:17 am: Oh, depends on the class I suppose!
[Ben] 12:17 am: right. any particularly interesting angles?
[Meg] 12:18 am: My Intro to 2D class last semester was taught by an ex-Disney animator
[Meg] 12:18 am: He worked on a lot of their 90's/00's films
[Ben] 12:18 am: cool
[Ben] 12:18 am: so they teach all aspects? not just 3D for example
[Ben] 12:19 am: that's good to know
[Meg] 12:19 am: Oh yeah, 2d, stop-motion, flash, 3d...
[Meg] 12:19 am: Anything you want to learn pretty much.
[Ben] 12:19 am: and then you can follow up with a specific medium? Or is it all generally based?
[Meg] 12:20 am: You can pretty much study the specific medium you want to do, like, if you want to go into 2D your studies are mostly 2D based, and vice-versa for 3D
[Meg] 12:20 am: I'm going to take a few classes in all the mediums to see which one I'm most comfortable with.
[Ben] 12:21 am: sure...sounds like a plan
[Ben] 12:21 am: i wonder if one medium is more "popular" than others? interesting to see.
[Meg] 12:21 am: Ooh, you know, I'm not sure
[Ben] 12:22 am: For example, traditional might have the "nostalgic" edge, but CG the more modern "current" feel
[Meg] 12:22 am: Right
[Ben] 12:22 am: i think you're doing the right thing
[Ben] 12:22 am: to find what you're most comfortable with
[Ben] 12:22 am: too easy to say "yay, hand drawn, I love it"
[Ben] 12:22 am: or "I could probably get an easier job with CG"
[Ben] 12:23 am: but a good grounding in all is the way to go
[askmike1] 12:23 am: That's what I would imagine, people might want to go more towards traditional, but feel they need to go more towards CG
[Ben] 12:23 am: it's fundamental to understand all approaches with authority
[Ben] 12:24 am: only then can you really make the right choice for the right project
[Ben] 12:24 am: too many films these days are one or the other without proper reasoning
[Meg] 12:24 am: Yeah
[Meg] 12:24 am: I mean I love pretty much all the mediums
[Ben] 12:25 am: absolutely
[Meg] 12:25 am: So it's really a matter of finding the medium I excel in, for me.
[Ben] 12:25 am: right. good to hear
[Meg] 12:25 am: Definitely want to learn a good bit about 3D though, since that IS where most of the jobs are now
[Ben] 12:26 am: yep. but it all starts with drawings anyway
[Meg] 12:26 am: And then I've got some comic classes I'm taking too
[Meg] 12:26 am: Right!
[Ben] 12:26 am: fantastic
[Ben] 12:26 am: sounds like you're exploring outlets for creativity in the right areas!
[The Toon Saloon]: James has entered at 12:27 am
[Ben] 12:27 am: howdy pardner!
[James] 12:27 am: Olo!
[Ben] 12:27 am: reminded me of a (bad) joke:
[James] 12:27 am: (a little megamind there for ya!)
[Ben] 12:28 am: a texan goes into a car salesroom and says "audi"
[Ben] 12:28 am:
[James] 12:28 am:
[Ben] 12:28 am: megamind on the way to me: I'll probably get the "olo" reference in about six days time!
[James] 12:29 am: Just watched it again last night. Still pretty good!
[Ben] 12:29 am: i#m looking forward to it
[Ben] 12:29 am: I'm
[Meg] 12:29 am: Still gotta see it myself
[Meg] 12:29 am: Also how ya doing James?
[James] 12:30 am: You havent seen it? That is without fathom!
[James] 12:30 am: Not too shabby
[Ben] 12:30 am: well i didn't get time to go see it
[Ben] 12:30 am: and i'm just not mad on seeing everything in 3D
[Ben] 12:30 am: although I was blown away by Tangled
[James] 12:30 am: No 3D TV yet?
[Meg] 12:30 am: Yeah, I didn't really have the time either.
[Ben] 12:31 am: 3D TV is a bust before it begins!
[James] 12:31 am: Pretty good year for animated movies
[Meg] 12:31 am: Yep
[Ben] 12:31 am: very good year for animation
[Meg] 12:31 am: Not as excited about this year though
[James] 12:31 am: 2011 you mean
[Ben] 12:31 am: i think TS3 has it swen up, and for me it just wasn't the best film
[James] 12:32 am: Thankfully youre the odd man out on that!
[Ben] 12:32 am: such a shame Tangled wasn't in the top 3
[Meg] 12:32 am: Really was, too bad there wasn't 5 noms again.
[Ben] 12:32 am: there are a lot of other odd men, though
[Ben] 12:32 am: i would put tangled over the Illusionist, lovely as that film was
[James] 12:32 am: Tangled was screwed there
[Ben] 12:33 am: more than anything, Tangled was Disney finally back on top
[Meg] 12:33 am: The Illusionist is another one I have to see
[Ben] 12:33 am: and it still felt fresher than TS3, which recycled too much
[Meg] 12:33 am: Tangled was beautiful, but the story was a little too safe, I think
[James] 12:33 am: its a sequel to a seguel!
[Meg] 12:33 am: Still really enjoyable though.
[Ben] 12:33 am: Illusionist is an acquired taste me thinks. I don't think James is going to jump for it
[Meg] 12:34 am: True, I thought it borrowed a lot from TS2
[askmike1] 12:34 am: The second half of TS3 was in my opinion the best of the bunch... but overall I thought 2 was better
[Meg] 12:34 am: Hee
[James] 12:34 am: meant to see it last week but didnt get to the theatre
[Ben] 12:34 am: Chomet's film is actually quite depressing
[Ben] 12:34 am: "depressing", I should have said
[James] 12:34 am: Wasnt a fan of triplets either so not expecting much
[Ben] 12:35 am: it charts the sad decline in live entertainment
[Ben] 12:35 am: oh, then you'll hate it, haha
[Ben] 12:35 am: it's animation Art with a capital A
[Meg] 12:36 am: Hee
[Ben] 12:36 am: combined with a downbeat story about what are basically two loser characters
[James] 12:36 am: i can appreciate art for arts sake, doesnt mean I'll enjoy it though!
[Ben] 12:37 am: but...the observations in characters and the leisurely approach is mesmerizing
[Ben] 12:37 am: I loved Triplets, but the Illusionist even left a sour taste in my mouth
[askmike1] 12:37 am: Anyone else hoping there is an Inception parody tonight?
[Meg] 12:37 am: I've heard mixed things about it.
[Ben] 12:37 am: not an unpleasant sour taste, but it's not a rosy feeling you have by the end
[Ben] 12:38 am: it's really about "life"
[Meg] 12:38 am: Inception parody? I have the internet for that!
[Meg] 12:38 am: (;
[Meg] 12:38 am: Really though, might be fun.
[askmike1] 12:38 am: I'm thinking some type of Ben Stiller or Will Ferrell bit
[Ben] 12:38 am: i've been liking the tv spot parodies
[Meg] 12:38 am: Who's seen True Grit?
[Ben] 12:38 am: seeing TG tomorrow night, I think
[Ben] 12:39 am: If I'm still awake
[Ben] 12:39 am: shhh...don't mention that they all die then...
[James] 12:39 am: LALALALA CANT HEAR YOU
[Meg] 12:39 am: It was all a dream!
[Ben] 12:39 am: i thought it was baloney
[Ben] 12:40 am: i wish it was, meg. I truly wish it was.
[Ben] 12:40 am: back in a bit: give me a sec while I have a quick email check
[Meg] 12:40 am: Yup
[Ben] 12:43 am: darn it: the Danny Elfman/Tim Burton box set has now been pushed back to April (after being pushed back from December)
[askmike1] 12:44 am: you probably know as much as we do about Inception then
[James] 12:45 am: Not sure about the hosts this year
[askmike1] 12:45 am: they seemed an odd choice, but I think they'll do a good job
[James] 12:45 am: cool funny people, but Oscar hosts...?
[Ben] 12:45 am: don't start knocking the lovely Anne!
[Meg] 12:45 am: I'm not too happy about having two Oscar hosts again, I didn't like when they did that last year
[Ben] 12:46 am: talking of tangled, did anyone see this: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Tangled-Up-NOT- ... 692&sr=8-4
[Meg] 12:46 am: Not that those hosts were bad or anything, but I felt like they were talking to each other instead of the audience.
[Ben] 12:46 am: i have some red carpet stuff on at the moment
[Ben] 12:46 am: not sure where they are getting their feed
[Meg] 12:46 am: Haha, that movie.
[askmike1] 12:47 am: that is just cheap
[Meg] 12:47 am: We're watching old Ren and Stimpy episodes.
[James] 12:47 am: SO that's why it wasnt nominated
[Ben] 12:47 am: lol
[Meg] 12:47 am: Heh
[James] 12:48 am: saw Mandy moore on the red carpet earlier. i guess she's singing
[The Toon Saloon]: Jafar has entered at 12:49 am
[Ben] 12:49 am: i guess it's the ABC feed that they're showing here. i'm flipping between that and the E! show
[carlminez] 12:49 am: oh look
[Ben] 12:49 am: hey Jafar!
[James] 12:49 am: olo jafar!
[Meg] 12:49 am: Hi Jafar!
[Jafar] 12:49 am: Good morning from India everyone!
[Jafar] 12:49 am:
[carlminez] 12:50 am: india?
[carlminez] 12:50 am: wow
[Jafar] 12:50 am: yaya..great to see you all
[Ben] 12:50 am: what time is it there?
[The Toon Saloon]: Whitney has entered at 12:50 am
[Jafar] 12:50 am: It's 6:30 AM
[Ben] 12:50 am: hey whitney!
[Jafar] 12:50 am: Monday morning
[Whitney] 12:50 am: Hi
[Meg] 12:50 am: Eya Whitney!
[James] 12:50 am: audi Whitney
[Ben] 12:50 am: lol james
[Ben] 12:51 am: jafar's up early...i'm up late
[Whitney] 12:51 am: 6:30 where you are Jafar?
[Whitney] 12:51 am: Wow!
[Jafar] 12:51 am: I'm in India of course
[Whitney] 12:51 am: What's the future like?
[Jafar] 12:51 am:
[Meg] 12:51 am: What time is it by you Ben?
[Ben] 12:51 am: 00:51
[Jafar] 12:51 am: Must be late in UK
[Meg] 12:51 am: It's almost 8 pm here in Georgia.
[Whitney] 12:51 am: More time traveling
[Ben] 12:52 am: that is fun, isn't it...that Jafar is techinically in the future
[Whitney] 12:52 am: I want lottery numbers
[Meg] 12:52 am: Yeah - I'm glad it isn't Monday morning here, I'd have class!
[Jafar] 12:52 am: Haha
[Ben] 12:52 am: lol
[Jafar] 12:52 am: true
[James] 12:52 am: 4 8 15 16 23 42
[Ben] 12:53 am: bingo!
[Jafar] 12:53 am: lol@Meg
[Whitney] 12:53 am: I was actually just thinking those
[Ben] 12:53 am: ooh, james...big news
[James] 12:53 am: k
[Ben] 12:53 am: just got an iMac!
[Whitney] 12:54 am: When Lost was still very popular a bunch of people played those numbers
[James] 12:54 am: whoa
[Whitney] 12:54 am: IMAC!
[Whitney] 12:54 am: What`'s an imac?
[James] 12:54 am: thats heavy doc
[Ben] 12:54 am: pretty darn cool
[Ben] 12:54 am: Apple computer, Whit
[Whitney] 12:54 am: I know that
[Whitney] 12:54 am: but is it different from a regular mac
[Whitney] 12:54 am: ?*
[Ben] 12:55 am: was hoping to have that set up for tonight's chat (closer to the TV) but haven't managed it
[James] 12:55 am: congrats. nice move dude
[Ben] 12:55 am: its the whole thing in one, hidden in the "screen"
[Whitney] 12:55 am: nice
[James] 12:55 am: we just got my wife a new MacBook Pro this week. I'm using it for the chat tonight! Nice and speedy!
[Ben] 12:55 am: we'll I'm cutting this new show and it's HD, so my old suite wasn't up to it
[Whitney] 12:56 am: You will be saving yourself dozens of headaches
[Ben] 12:56 am: it's the first step before I go nuts and go the whole hog on a bigger set up
[The Toon Saloon]: Bill1978 has entered at 12:56 am
[Ben] 12:56 am: headaches?
[Ben] 12:56 am: hey bill!
[Bill1978] 12:56 am: hey ben
[James] 12:56 am: howdy bill
[carlminez] 12:56 am: Look. Its the mighty Ben!
[Whitney] 12:56 am: tech support
[Bill1978] 12:56 am: and everybody else
[Whitney] 12:56 am: hello!
[Whitney] 12:57 am: My only problem with my MAc is that it is physically falling part
[Ben] 12:57 am: !!
[Whitney] 12:57 am: They keyboard plastic is chipping away
[James] 12:57 am: they last so long that can happen!
[James] 12:57 am:
[Ben] 12:57 am: i've used Final Cut before, so that's not too new to learn again
[Whitney] 12:57 am: Something to do with the pressure of the screen aganist the keyboard
[Ben] 12:57 am: just getting used to the Mac feel again, and the shortcuts
[James] 12:58 am: shortcuts can take some time to "get"
[Ben] 12:58 am: before we move, it'll probably just be used for editing at the moment
[Whitney] 12:58 am: Other than Final Cut what else do you have downloaded on it?
[Ben] 12:58 am: yeah...going to be concentrating on FCP right now
[Whitney] 12:58 am: It will get the job done faster
[Ben] 12:58 am: well we have the full Final Cut Studio suite on there
[Ben] 12:59 am: so it has Color, Soundtrack, DVD Studio, etc
[Ben] 12:59 am: not net connected yet
[James] 12:59 am: Logic?
[Whitney] 12:59 am: Cool
[Ben] 1:00 am: we have logic on another machine, but when I get the full set-up after we move (to propely grade material I need the digital cinema monitor) I'll go for shake and logic then
[The Toon Saloon]: Whippet Angel has entered at 1:01 am
[James] 1:01 am: I dont have it, was just curious what you thought of it
[Ben] 1:01 am: whippet, hello!
[Ben] 1:01 am: logic's cool
[James] 1:01 am: Hello Angel!
[Whippet Angel] 1:01 am: Hey there!
[Bill1978] 1:01 am: hi whippet
[Ben] 1:01 am: we've been using it since the Atari ST days!
[The Toon Saloon]: Whitney has left at 1:02 am
[Ben] 1:03 am: i'm intrigued by Soundtrack Pro...that looks heavy
[Bill1978] 1:03 am: just checking i'm still here as I just moved to the lunge room
[James] 1:03 am: I'm going to go AWOL for about 10-15 minutes
[The Toon Saloon]: Whitney has entered at 1:03 am
[The Toon Saloon]: Whitney has left at 1:03 am
[The Toon Saloon]: Whitney has entered at 1:03 am
[Ben] 1:03 am: okie dokie
[The Toon Saloon]: Whitney has left at 1:03 am
[The Toon Saloon]: Whitney has entered at 1:03 am
[James] 1:03 am: see ya real soon!
[Ben] 1:04 am: because we LIKE you!
[James] 1:04 am: m
[The Toon Saloon]: Whitney has left at 1:04 am
[The Toon Saloon]: Whitney has entered at 1:04 am
[James] 1:04 am: o
[James] 1:04 am: u
[James] 1:04 am: s
[Whitney] 1:04 am: Darn connection
[James] 1:04 am: eeeeeeeeeeeeeee
[Ben] 1:04 am: what's with the revolving door, Whitney?
[The Toon Saloon]: James has left at 1:04 am
[Whitney] 1:04 am: sorry I need a new router
[Ben] 1:04 am: whoa...you've gone dark!
[Whitney] 1:04 am: It times out every five hours
[Whitney] 1:05 am: too dark?
[Ben] 1:05 am: it's messing with my brain!
[Whitney] 1:05 am: Sorry
[Whitney] 1:05 am: Now that's too light
[Ben] 1:05 am: no probs...i just can't read you from the other side of the room!
[Whitney] 1:06 am: all right
[Ben] 1:06 am: arrrgrhhhh!!
[Ben] 1:06 am: i have the defult blue background and that clashes daaahlink!
[Bill1978] 1:06 am: currently sitting here getting a run through of the best dressed.
[Ben] 1:06 am: but...seriously...you go for what you want
[Ben] 1:07 am: i'm flipping between what I think is ABC's feed and E!
[The Toon Saloon]: EricJ has entered at 1:07 am
[Ben] 1:07 am: evening Eric
[Whippet Angel] 1:07 am: Lot of women wearing red...
[EricJ] 1:07 am: Aha! Found it...
[Whitney] 1:07 am: Julia Roberts looks sickly
[Meg] 1:07 am: Woo, sorry about the short absence
[Whitney] 1:07 am: or is that Bullock
[Whitney] 1:07 am: HI Eric
[Whitney] 1:07 am: Welcome back Meg
[Jafar] 1:08 am: Hey, I have to do a bit of a run around since the TV and PC are in different rooms
[Jafar] 1:08 am: but will be around
[Jafar] 1:08 am:
[EricJ] 1:08 am: Forgot, now that I'd gotten that wi-fi, I CAN watch and post...
[Meg] 1:08 am: No probs man
[Whippet Angel] 1:08 am: Who is that dude?
[Ben] 1:08 am: julia roberts hasn't looked like julia roberts since the second Ocean's film!
[Whitney] 1:08 am: I've never understood why talkshow hosts always feel the need to hug their female guests
[carlminez] 1:08 am: does anyone know when the actual oscars starts?
[Whitney] 1:08 am: Men they just handshake, women get hugs
[Whitney] 1:08 am: 8:30
[Ben] 1:08 am: which dude? which channel are we on?
[Bill1978] 1:08 am: should start in around 22 mins
[Whitney] 1:08 am: 21:15 minutes
[Meg] 1:08 am: Yep
[EricJ] 1:08 am: Countdown at top of the screen
[Whippet Angel] 1:08 am: Go FIRTH!!!
[Bill1978] 1:08 am: or 12.30pm for aussies like me lol
[Whitney] 1:09 am: He has a beard now
[Whitney] 1:09 am: Another person from the future
[Whippet Angel] 1:09 am: I'm a fangirl, if you can't tell.
[Whitney] 1:09 am: 20 min
[Ben] 1:09 am: i have natalie portman on one channel, melissa leo on the other
[EricJ] 1:09 am: Bale vs. Rush - That one has me worried
[Whippet Angel] 1:09 am: Me too...
[EricJ] 1:10 am: Only category that wasn't obvious
[Ben] 1:10 am: rush all the way
[Whippet Angel] 1:10 am: I voted Rush
[Bill1978] 1:10 am: i'm more concerned about Best Song
[Ben] 1:10 am: bale all the way
[Ben] 1:10 am: lol
[Whitney] 1:10 am: I just saw Tom Cruise's ex in a white dress
[Whitney] 1:10 am: Forgot her name
[Whippet Angel] 1:10 am: I think King's Speech will sweep.... But I'm usually wrong anyway...
[EricJ] 1:10 am: If the performance is the reason for a Picture nom...the performance wins
[Ben] 1:10 am: nicole?
[Ben] 1:10 am: or Mimi?
[Whippet Angel] 1:10 am: Uh.. Kidman?
[EricJ] 1:10 am: Same for Kings Speech
[Jafar] 1:11 am: I think King's willt ake the best picture
[Ben] 1:11 am: but fincher for director
[Whitney] 1:11 am: Thats it
[Jafar] 1:11 am: while Fincher will walk away with the best director
[Jafar] 1:11 am: snap!
[The Toon Saloon]: eddievalient has entered at 1:11 am
[Whippet Angel] 1:11 am: hi eddie!
[Ben] 1:11 am: hey eddie!
[Whitney] 1:11 am: Hello
[Meg] 1:11 am: Hi Eddie!
[Whitney] 1:11 am: Toy Story 3 will probably win
[EricJ] 1:11 am: Anyone else getting the same Jetsons sound with new guests?
[eddievalient] 1:12 am: Hey guys!
[Whitney] 1:12 am: I am in favor of How to Train Your Dragon though
[Whitney] 1:12 am: yes Jetsons
[Ben] 1:12 am: yes, it's the forum default
[The Toon Saloon]: Plightyear has entered at 1:12 am
[Ben] 1:12 am: hey plight
[Whitney] 1:12 am: Kidman's on
[eddievalient] 1:12 am: I'd be in favor of Despicable me. It's a crime it wasn't nominated.
[Ben] 1:12 am: anne hathaway looks gorgeous (sorry, girls!)
[Meg] 1:12 am: Yeah I think TS3 will get Best Animated but HTTYD was great too.
[Ben] 1:12 am: a crime that tangled wasn't there
[EricJ] 1:12 am: So, who's going to be the Flop Animated Character who wasn't nominated,
[Plightyear] 1:13 am: Hello
[Ben] 1:13 am: TS3 has it swen
[Whitney] 1:13 am: I have yet to see that
[Whippet Angel] 1:13 am: It was cute, but I would've picked Tangled for the third film
[EricJ] 1:13 am: Who shows up to present Best Anmated category, and pretends we all liked the movie?
[Jafar] 1:13 am: I so want Hailee Steinfeld to win best supporting actress over Melissa leo
[Meg] 1:13 am:
[Whitney] 1:13 am: I want Kidman
[Whitney] 1:13 am: She has a pretty dress
[Meg] 1:13 am: She does
[Whitney] 1:13 am: That beadwork is so simple and pretty
[eddievalient] 1:13 am: It would be great if The Minions presented the animation award.
[Whippet Angel] 1:14 am: What film was she in??? I don't remember.
[Ben] 1:14 am: rabbit something
[Whitney] 1:14 am: Remember that one year they had a CGI Mickey come out and present the award
[Jafar] 1:14 am: Rabbit Hole
[Whippet Angel] 1:14 am: ah..
[Meg] 1:14 am: I dunno, I've never really liked it when they do gimmicky stuff the the animation award
[Ben] 1:14 am: that was scary (CG Mickey)
[Meg] 1:14 am: Kind dumbs down the movies themselves
[Bill1978] 1:14 am: check out cinemasight.com they have the run down of order and who is presenting what
[EricJ] 1:14 am: Bee Movie was scarier
[Meg] 1:14 am: CGI Mickey? What year was that?
[Whitney] 1:14 am: Spirited Away won that year, I think
[Meg] 1:14 am: Haha
[Ben] 1:14 am: best animation line ever was ribin williams awarding Toy Story
[Whitney] 1:14 am: 2002?
[Whippet Angel] 1:14 am: I agree Meg. I always found it kinda cheesy.
[Meg] 1:15 am: Ribin?
[Meg] 1:15 am:
[Ben] 1:15 am: "just shows what young men with a hard drive can achieve" - really nice use of the words
[Whitney] 1:15 am: What happened with Robin Williams?
[Whitney] 1:15 am: Ribbit
[Whitney] 1:15 am: haha
[Whitney] 1:15 am: puns!
[Meg] 1:15 am: Bearded Christian Bale!
[Whippet Angel] 1:15 am: Ew...
[Whitney] 1:15 am: Stiller last year as a Navi was funny
[EricJ] 1:15 am: I remember Marty Feldman: "I'M the Best Animated Short Subject! "
[Meg] 1:15 am: Everyone in my dorm room just yelled when he showed up.
[Whippet Angel] 1:15 am: Do not want
[Whitney] 1:16 am: Halle Berry is wearing too much tulle
[Meg] 1:16 am: That guy is hilarious.
[Ben] 1:16 am: which guy? what darn channel are you guys on?
[Meg] 1:16 am: Christian Bale
[Whitney] 1:16 am: I don't get dresses
[carlminez] 1:16 am: Christian Bale is scary!
[Ben] 1:16 am: a lot of red this year
[Whippet Angel] 1:16 am: ABC in the US
[Bill1978] 1:17 am: animated film is fouth award, one preenter has been in animation, the other not sure
[Whitney] 1:17 am: It's like they stick women in yards of fabric, use a staple gun, and call it fashion
[The Toon Saloon]: James has entered at 1:17 am
[Ben] 1:17 am: lol
[carlminez] 1:17 am: I do hope that Toy Story 3 doesnt win the award
[Ben] 1:17 am: ol' james is back!
[eddievalient] 1:17 am: it willo
[Whitney] 1:17 am: I remember one year I missed the animated movie award, but didn;t know that
[Whitney] 1:17 am: Hi James
[Ben] 1:17 am: you will be disappointed carl
[Whitney] 1:17 am: It was a very long night
[carlminez] 1:17 am: indeed i will
[James] 1:17 am: mercedes!
[Whitney] 1:17 am: Toy Story has to win
[James] 1:18 am: i mean audi!
[Meg] 1:18 am: I can't see it not winning
[carlminez] 1:18 am: Well, Toy Story 3 is not the best movie of the last year
[Ben] 1:18 am: lol
[Whippet Angel] 1:18 am: SO MANY red dresses!
[Ben] 1:18 am: nope
[Whitney] 1:18 am: It has a moral and made people cry
[eddievalient] 1:18 am: it doesn't have to win but it will. they might as well call it the pixar award.
[carlminez] 1:18 am: well i can only state my humble opinon
[Ben] 1:18 am: i'm a commercial now
[Whitney] 1:18 am: The Pixar gods made it
[Bill1978] 1:18 am: it should be a speedy night - no montages but for the dead and apart from acting/directing and picture. Every presenter presentes 2 awards cutting down on the silly crap that goes on after introduction
[Meg] 1:18 am: Pixar doesn't always win though.
[eddievalient] 1:19 am: sorry. I loved TS3 but I loved Despicable Me more.
[carlminez] 1:19 am: John Lasseter worked with Bolt but it didnt won the award because of that
[carlminez] 1:19 am: How to train your dragon was my favorite
[Whitney] 1:19 am: Bow in his shadow and praise him like Lord Disney
[carlminez] 1:19 am: didnt win*
[Whitney] 1:19 am: I didn't know Lasseter worked on Bolt
[Jafar] 1:19 am: I loved The Illusionist too
[Meg] 1:19 am: Despicable Me was fun but had a lot of story issues, I thought
[EricJ] 1:19 am: Yep - He kicked out Chris Sanders
[EricJ] 1:20 am: All hail Lasster!
[Whitney] 1:20 am: How To Train Your Dragon actually had the most creative plot overall
[Bill1978] 1:20 am: out of the 3 nommed I prefer Dragon, but I'm not crying when TS3 wins. I'm more gutted Tangled didn't get a nom in that category
[James] 1:20 am: Pixar only won 2 of the first 6 awards
[EricJ] 1:20 am: (Uh, Dragon was based on a book?)
[Whitney] 1:20 am: YEs
[carlminez] 1:20 am: I've actually had contact to Chris Sanders. He seems like a nice guy
[Whippet Angel] 1:20 am: Loosely based
[Meg] 1:20 am: It was but the story is much different in the movie.
[Whitney] 1:20 am: But they drastically changed it with the author's permission
[carlminez] 1:20 am: couldnt quite take Bolt where it had to be though
[Ben] 1:20 am: so that they could then make six movies
[Whitney] 1:20 am: It was a cute filler movie
[Meg] 1:20 am: Bolt was solid but too safe to stand out.
[Bill1978] 1:20 am: i think what dragon has going for it was that for a dreamworks movie it wasn't filled with pp culture gags
[Whitney] 1:21 am: Katzenberg loves the pop references
[Meg] 1:21 am: Well, it was also a really good movie.
[Whitney] 1:21 am: Dragon was just good!
[carlminez] 1:21 am: Meg, thats terribly true. Bolt dared to be something special in taht it didnt try to be anything else than justa sweet, family movie
[EricJ] 1:21 am: IOW, how to make a DW movie we like: Don't get DW people to make it.
[Bill1978] 1:21 am: indeed it was meg, but when I went in I was wary cause it was Dreamworks and walked away blown away
[Whitney] 1:21 am: I'm trying to find a Nightfury at a local animal shelter
[carlminez] 1:22 am: In a time when Dreamworks and Pixar are both fighting over the adults' wallets, Disney’s attempt to make a cute movie for the kids in the audience (and me) should be considered and endeavor!
[Meg] 1:22 am: Speaking of which, just went to a panel with the head of story on King Fu Panda 2 yesterdat
[James] 1:22 am: that's true Eric - DW has done a phenominal job at bringingin new talent and it is paying off
[Meg] 1:22 am: -yesterday
[Whitney] 1:22 am: Yes?
[Whitney] 1:22 am: How the story with Kung Fu Panda 2?
[The Toon Saloon]: deyung has entered at 1:22 am
[eddievalient] 1:22 am: isn't there some kind of lawsuit going on over KFP?
[James] 1:22 am: Was that at SCAD Meg?
[Meg] 1:23 am: Yepp
[James] 1:23 am: hey dey!
[Whitney] 1:23 am: http://www.collegehumor.com/video:1939169
[Whitney] 1:23 am: Was that brought in the panel?
[Meg] 1:23 am: Unfortunately he didn't talk much about it at the panel - he had a workshop earlier that day where he was actually showing students storyboards from the new movie though
[Meg] 1:23 am: I didn't get in to that though.
[EricJ] 1:23 am: They picked the two good speeches
[Whitney] 1:23 am: Are you an animation student?
[Meg] 1:23 am: I am!
[Whitney] 1:23 am: Too much tulle!
[James] 1:23 am: 7 minutes!
[Whitney] 1:24 am: Awesome!
[Meg] 1:24 am: Woo
[Whitney] 1:24 am: Berry could be used as a fishing net
[Whippet Angel] 1:24 am: lol
[Bill1978] 1:24 am: i cannot wait for Best Documentary short - it will tell us who will win Best Picture ;-P
[Meg] 1:24 am: I'm learning a lot about CG right now. My teacher has worked on a lot of interesting projects
[Meg] 1:24 am: He did some 3D animation in the Iron Giant and told stories about it to us
[EricJ] 1:24 am: And how will the suicide-bomber short tell us that?
[Whitney] 1:24 am: Interesting tidbits?
[Whitney] 1:25 am: And her fashion sense is marine
[Meg] 1:25 am: 'Bout Iron Giant you mean?
[Whitney] 1:25 am: Yes'm
[Bill1978] 1:25 am: it doesn't but, but someone needs to care about that award
[The Toon Saloon]: Randall has entered at 1:25 am
[James] 1:26 am: Randall!
[Whitney] 1:26 am: Hi Randall!
[Whitney] 1:26 am: Tom Hanks
[Ben] 1:26 am: hey rand
[Whitney] 1:26 am: Hollywood's nice guy
[Meg] 1:26 am: Well, he talked about how Brad Bird took over the film when it was really struggling with story stuff
[Whippet Angel] 1:26 am:
[Randall] 1:26 am: Hi, guys!
[Meg] 1:26 am: Hi Randall!
[eddievalient] 1:26 am: I wish someone would release a dvd of oscar nominated shorts every year. I'd love to see them but there's no way to do that.
[Whitney] 1:27 am: I thought Bird wrote the script from scratch
[EricJ] 1:27 am: Our local arthouse has started showing festivals for both categories
[Whitney] 1:27 am: I was able to attend the world premiere of The Cow Who Wanted to be a Hamburger
[Ben] 1:27 am: they do release oscar shorts dvds every now and then
[EricJ] 1:27 am: But they're all on iTunes anyway.
[Whitney] 1:27 am: Otherwise I would have never heard of it
[Whippet Angel] 1:27 am: Many of the theaters in my area do that too.
[Whitney] 1:27 am: Itunes, huh?
[Meg] 1:27 am: One thing that was interesting he talked about was that during the dailies, the animation director would focus a lot on techical stuff, but Brad would say to ignore the technical stuff and focus on the acting.
[Whitney] 1:28 am: You mean, like capturing the actor's expressions for animation references?
[Ben] 1:28 am: i've found a net feed that is probably more in time with you guys
[Meg] 1:28 am: Well the movie was based on a book, the author of which was helping out a lot and stuff. Brad was the one who decided to make it a homage to old American sci-fi stuff.
[James] 1:28 am: cool
[Ben] 1:28 am: i'm about a minute behind on the sky TV showing
[Whitney] 1:28 am: wow!
[EricJ] 1:28 am: They always give it to the Artsy one - Think it's goign to be the Madagascar painting thingy
[Meg] 1:28 am: Oh, like, how the aninmated characters would express themselves and whatnot
[Meg] 1:29 am: Unless you're Robert Zemeckis (who my teacher also worked for) most animators use live-action reference pretty lightly.
[Whitney] 1:29 am: Really? Everything I've seen says the opposite
[Whippet Angel] 1:30 am: An animator is basically an actor with a pencil.
[Whippet Angel] 1:30 am: Or mouse...
[James] 1:30 am: makes for "good" specila features
[Whippet Angel] 1:30 am: Or tablet...
[Whitney] 1:30 am: I keep hearing how animators have mirrors at hand and capture the voice actors' expression by watching tapes of the actor
[James] 1:30 am: we're on
[Meg] 1:30 am: Like - you want to use reference for stuff, but you shouldn't focus on make your animation look EXACTLY like it
[Whitney] 1:30 am: They can always use stop motion now though
[Whitney] 1:30 am: no
[Whitney] 1:30 am: otherwise it looks too real
[Ben] 1:31 am: about to start, guys
[Whitney] 1:31 am: When kids grow up they watch cartoons
[Whitney] 1:31 am: OPENING ACT!
[Meg] 1:31 am: Woo
[EricJ] 1:32 am: Was that Mountain King from a soundtrack?
[Meg] 1:32 am: And here if the Inception parody.
[Meg] 1:32 am: That was fast!
[Whitney] 1:32 am: Fantasia
[Whippet Angel] 1:32 am: Arg, they do this EVERY year...
[Whitney] 1:32 am: Sorcerer's Apprentice
[Whippet Angel] 1:32 am: Boring...
[Ben] 1:32 am: i'm about 30 seconds behind
[The Toon Saloon]: deyung has left at 1:33 am
[Whitney] 1:33 am: Oh!
[Whitney] 1:33 am: Now I'm in the future
[EricJ] 1:33 am: Lemme guess - Stiller does an Inception joke, too.
[EricJ] 1:33 am: Any side bets on Stiller routine?
[Meg] 1:33 am: Sure!
[Whitney] 1:33 am: He won't dress like a Navi
[Meg] 1:33 am: Two bucks!
[Whitney] 1:34 am: Maybe he'll dress like a minion
[Whitney] 1:34 am: or Megamind
[carlminez] 1:34 am: how on earth do you disable the sounds?
[Whitney] 1:34 am: or Tron
[Meg] 1:34 am: Awesome, they showed my favorite True Grit line
[Whippet Angel] 1:34 am: Hehe... Tron joke..
[Ben] 1:34 am: okay, alec balwin was funny
[Whippet Angel] 1:35 am: Oh Lord... This is painfully unfunny...
[Whitney] 1:35 am: brown duck
[EricJ] 1:35 am: Think we have our Stller answer...
[Whitney] 1:36 am: Black swan?
[Ben] 1:36 am: microphones get smaller
[Meg] 1:36 am: Ouch.
[Ben] 1:36 am: oops: forgot our usual warning:
[Ben] 1:36 am: ANNOUNCEMENT: This is a family forum that strives to maintain a PG rating level.
...Please refrain from inappropriate use of language or subject topics. KEEP IT CLEAN.
...Anyone not abiding by these requests will be automatically banned from the discussion.
[Ben] 1:36 am: there, housekeeping done
[Meg] 1:36 am: Oh man!
[Meg] 1:36 am: Back to the Future!
[Whitney] 1:36 am: Back to the future!!!!!
[eddievalient] 1:37 am: cool
[Ben] 1:37 am: BTTF!
[Whitney] 1:37 am: Wow she changed ressses quickly
[The Toon Saloon]: Josh has entered at 1:37 am
[Whitney] 1:37 am: Another pretty dress
[Meg] 1:37 am: Don't know why it's in there but I'm glad it is!
[James] 1:38 am: josh!
[Whippet Angel] 1:38 am: What's he holding?
[Whitney] 1:38 am: Because it is awesome
[Meg] 1:38 am: Anyone played the new games?
[Josh] 1:38 am: Hey, James.
[Whitney] 1:38 am: I want to
[Meg] 1:38 am: Hi Josh!
[Whitney] 1:38 am: It's computer right?
[Whitney] 1:38 am: HI Josh
[Meg] 1:38 am: Yep
[Josh] 1:38 am: Hi, Meg.
[Randall] 1:38 am: Yo, Josh!
[Josh] 1:38 am: And Whitney, lol
[Ben] 1:38 am: crummy entrance! they could have smashed through the screen in the deLorean!
[Whippet Angel] 1:38 am: agreed.
[Meg] 1:38 am: I'm a fan of Telltale and BTTF so I've been really excited about them.
[Ben] 1:38 am: hey josh!
[James] 1:38 am: nice first joke
[Josh] 1:38 am: And Randall.
[Meg] 1:38 am: Yeah!
[Josh] 1:38 am: Hey, Ben.
[Whitney] 1:39 am: And here comes the scripted dialogue
[Plightyear] 1:39 am: bye
[Whitney] 1:39 am: Blah blah
[Meg] 1:39 am: James looks like he's holding in a fart.
[Whitney] 1:39 am: byw
[Whitney] 1:39 am: bye*
[Josh] 1:39 am: I think what Meg just wrote is funnier than what they're saying.
[Whippet Angel] 1:40 am: agreed! lol
[Whitney] 1:40 am: Slink
[EricJ] 1:40 am: Don't worry, Mom..
[Meg] 1:40 am: Pfft, they should have me write the Oscars!
[Whitney] 1:40 am: Hi NANA!
[Ben] 1:40 am: this is DIRE
[EricJ] 1:40 am: Last guess: Stiller as Spiderman
[Whitney] 1:41 am: I'm going with tutus
[Meg] 1:41 am: You're on!
[Whitney] 1:41 am: Wait!
[EricJ] 1:41 am: Or Black Swan
[Meg] 1:41 am: Or a Tron outfit
[Whitney] 1:41 am: Broadway Spider-Man or new revamp
[Whitney] 1:41 am: Hey, where is Andy's dad?
[Whitney] 1:41 am: Dead, divorce, deadbeat?
[Bill1978] 1:42 am: animation families are only allowed one parent, it's law
[Whitney] 1:42 am: Scarlet, I don't give a ****
[Whitney] 1:42 am: Ant Bully had two
[Whitney] 1:42 am: Incredibles
[Meg] 1:42 am: Yeah, that's why it bombed!
[Ben] 1:42 am: wow...that was one FLAT opening
[Meg] 1:42 am: Dang
[Whitney] 1:42 am: Polar Express
[Josh] 1:42 am: I agree, Ben.
[Meg] 1:42 am: Ugh
[Josh] 1:42 am: One of the weakest I've ever seen.
[Whitney] 1:43 am: Lady and the Tramp
[Ben] 1:43 am: i'm quite liking the set though
[Whitney] 1:43 am: Lion King
[Meg] 1:43 am: I feel like they get worse every year.
[Whitney] 1:43 am: Meet the Robinsons
[Whitney] 1:43 am: Oh no Titanic!
[Whitney] 1:43 am: RUN!
[Whitney] 1:43 am: The Twilight of the 1990s
[Whippet Angel] 1:43 am: lol
[eddievalient] 1:43 am: i agree
[EricJ] 1:44 am: I'm for Film Literacy, so I encourage Old Movie referencing at the Oscars
[Meg] 1:44 am: Anyone seen/remember the Oscar bit where Pee Wee Herman is attacked by Robocop?
[EricJ] 1:44 am: I don't mind the Old Clips
[Whippet Angel] 1:44 am: no, but that sound epic!
[James] 1:44 am: 45% of contest entries say ALICE IN WONDERLAND
[Whitney] 1:44 am: Just not Titanic
[Ben] 1:44 am: titanic isn't an "old movi"! yet!
[Meg] 1:44 am: NOO
[Whitney] 1:44 am: according to children today it is
[Meg] 1:44 am: Such an ugly film
[Ben] 1:44 am: interesting james
[Whippet Angel] 1:44 am: Yes! Score one for me!
[Randall] 1:45 am: Huh. They went for the flashy choice.
[Bill1978] 1:45 am: i like the reference of past movies to win it, and the use of titanic was good since it was the last movie to win all the awards tom is about to hand out
[Meg] 1:45 am: They did.
[Ben] 1:45 am: yay
[EricJ] 1:45 am: Who got it?
[Meg] 1:45 am: Alice in Wonderland
[James] 1:45 am: so after all that build up about best picture winners needing freat art direction... Wonderland gets it!
[Ben] 1:45 am: it's the only one that had any true designing though
[eddievalient] 1:45 am: yay! Alice!
[Meg] 1:45 am: That movie has such messy design.
[Ben] 1:45 am: yes, but it HAD design
[EricJ] 1:46 am: But that was all it HAD...
[Ben] 1:46 am: the others found great locations and used them
[Ben] 1:46 am: alice at least went from scratch
[Whitney] 1:46 am: It was also 3D
[Randall] 1:46 am: It was kinda a beautiful mess.
[Meg] 1:46 am: Eeeuuugh
[Ben] 1:46 am: i am alone in liking Burton's alice
[Meg] 1:46 am: Come on True Grit!
[Meg] 1:46 am: Yes.
[Whippet Angel] 1:46 am: I like aspects of it.
[Josh] 1:46 am: No, you're not, Ben. I think it was a good movie.
[eddievalient] 1:46 am: no youre not. I loved Alice.
[Meg] 1:46 am:
[James] 1:46 am: 69% say TRUE GRIT
[Randall] 1:46 am: Nah, I like it too. I always love Burton.
[Whitney] 1:46 am: I liked it to
[Whippet Angel] 1:46 am: But it could've been better overall
[Whitney] 1:47 am: too*
[Meg] 1:47 am: Guess I'm the only on e who hated it, eh?
[Whitney] 1:47 am: Story ran thin
[Meg] 1:47 am: Aww
[Ben] 1:47 am: over $1bn in box office isn't made by a film that no-one liked!
[Whitney] 1:47 am: Ahem
[Whitney] 1:47 am: Twilight
[EricJ] 1:47 am: Inception's going to sweep Techs 'cause it can't get film
[Meg] 1:47 am: Haha
[Josh] 1:47 am: Roger Deakins is never going to win.
[Whitney] 1:47 am: Teen screamng girls don't count
[Ben] 1:48 am: okay, i can see inception;s win there
[Whitney] 1:48 am: Their opinion doesn't count until they grow out of the mob mentality
[James] 1:48 am: Only 7% of contest entries got this one right
[Ben] 1:48 am: though i felt it was too clinical and cold
[EricJ] 1:48 am: No, Ben, $1B is made by zombiecult fans during spring break.
[Meg] 1:48 am: True Grit was gorgeous, shame it didn't win.
[Whitney] 1:48 am: I haven't seen 75% of these
[Whitney] 1:48 am: Am I the only one who waits for the DVDs?
[Ben] 1:49 am: i actually saw most of the nominees this year, by accident mostly!
[Meg] 1:49 am: I like the theater experience, what can I say?
[Meg] 1:49 am: Although for $15 a ticket, I can wait.
[Whitney] 1:49 am: I like it, but it's expensive
[Josh] 1:49 am: Of the Best Picture nominees, I've probably seen half. My favorite was The King's Speech.
[Randall] 1:49 am: I love theatres, but not the expense.
[Whitney] 1:49 am: Ditto
[EricJ] 1:49 am: I wait for streaming Netflix - Still haven't gotten around to Shutter Island
[Jafar] 1:49 am: I'm back
[Meg] 1:49 am: Shutter Island was alright.
[Whitney] 1:49 am: I will see Cars 2 in theaters though
[Ben] 1:50 am: Black Swan was my fave for this year
[Whippet Angel] 1:50 am: Meh, Shutter Island was just ok
[Whitney] 1:50 am: Looking forward to that one
[Meg] 1:50 am: Still have to see that one
[eddievalient] 1:50 am: mine was inception
[Ben] 1:50 am: loved Shutter
[Ben] 1:50 am: much better than inception
[Randall] 1:50 am: I love Netflix streaming. Just have to wait a bit, though.
[EricJ] 1:50 am: Saw Tron and Disney in theaters, though.
[Whippet Angel] 1:50 am: I liked it more that Inception.
[Ben] 1:50 am: Disney?
[Whippet Angel] 1:50 am: *than
[Whitney] 1:50 am: Almost saw Tron
[EricJ] 1:50 am: (But they'd have to be 3-D, which is why I can't afford too many)
[The Toon Saloon]: Vernadyn has entered at 1:50 am
[Meg] 1:50 am: Really? I thought it was awful.
[Ben] 1:50 am: Tangled?
[James] 1:50 am: No one in the room got both the first two awards right!
[Meg] 1:50 am: Great looking movie though.
[James] 1:50 am: Hey V!
[Whippet Angel] 1:51 am: hi vernadyn!
[Whitney] 1:51 am: hello
[Jafar] 1:51 am: Hello V
[Whitney] 1:51 am: is animation coming up soon?
[Vernadyn] 1:51 am: Hey everyone
[Meg] 1:51 am: Oh, sorry, not Tangled, Tron
[Meg] 1:51 am: Tangled was really cute.
[Whitney] 1:51 am: Douglas
[Meg] 1:51 am: I think so
[Whitney] 1:51 am: is not Spartacus tonight
[Vernadyn] 1:52 am: Just in time to see Deakins lose again
[Ben] 1:52 am: I'm spartacus
[Whitney] 1:52 am: No
[Whitney] 1:52 am: I AM
[eddievalient] 1:52 am: i am!
[Whitney] 1:52 am: Actually my dog is
[Whitney] 1:52 am: I AM!
[Josh] 1:52 am: Did Pixar model Charles Muntz after Kirk Douglas?
[Ben] 1:52 am: way for the academy to appeal to the younger set
[Meg] 1:52 am: Haha
[James] 1:52 am: Only 3 people out of 102 entries are still perfect!
[Whitney] 1:52 am: haha
[Ben] 1:52 am: how much older than kirk can you go!?
[Josh] 1:53 am: Lol, Ben
[Whitney] 1:53 am: He still has that dimple
[Ben] 1:53 am: probably, josh
[Randall] 1:53 am: Kirk has an eye for younger ladies, like Michael.
[Whippet Angel] 1:53 am: this is gonna take forever...
[Bill1978] 1:53 am: i like to think i'm still on 50% rather than not in the lead lol
[Ben] 1:53 am: that dimple will be the last thing to go!
[Whitney] 1:53 am: At least Michael is understandable
[EricJ] 1:53 am: Oh, right, they couldn't get last year's winner...
[eddievalient] 1:53 am: indeed
[Whitney] 1:53 am: He could keep his spare change in it
[Josh] 1:53 am: I don't understand why Douglas is presenting this award.
[Whitney] 1:53 am: He's old
[James] 1:53 am: 51% of contest entries picked MELISSA LEO
[Whitney] 1:53 am: And Catherine and Michael wanted him out of the hoyse
[Ben] 1:54 am: interesting that they're breaking from previous year's winners to present this year's award
[Whitney] 1:54 am: house*
[EricJ] 1:54 am: Uh, who won last year?
[Whitney] 1:54 am: ?
[Ben] 1:54 am: not kirk douglas
[EricJ] 1:54 am: (Heath Ledger for SupActor?)
[Whitney] 1:54 am: Besides the former Sparatcus may feel over soon
[James] 1:54 am: usually the supporting actor frm the previous year presented the new supporting actress
[Whitney] 1:54 am: Get him while he's still alive
[Ben] 1:54 am: that was two years ago
[Bill1978] 1:54 am: chris wietz won
[eddievalient] 1:55 am: he deserved it too
[Whitney] 1:55 am: The kid won't win
[EricJ] 1:55 am: It's Leo and I didn't pick.
[Meg] 1:55 am: Nope
[Whitney] 1:56 am: He's still sharp
[Ben] 1:56 am: i seem to be ahead of ABC now!
[Vernadyn] 1:56 am: Stienfeld was ok
[Vernadyn] 1:56 am: stienfeld was ok
[Vernadyn] 1:56 am: oops
[Josh] 1:56 am: And everyone politely laughs.
[Whippet Angel] 1:56 am: lol
[Whitney] 1:56 am: Old people have that grace
[Ben] 1:56 am: winner is...get on with it krk
[Whitney] 1:57 am: They're old they can get away with everything
[Whippet Angel] 1:57 am: he's doing that on purpose...
[Whitney] 1:57 am: yes
[Whitney] 1:57 am: here are the tears
[Ben] 1:57 am: of course
[Whitney] 1:57 am: the hugs
[Whitney] 1:57 am: I like the dress
[Whippet Angel] 1:57 am: I fail again...
[Ben] 1:57 am: Melissa Leo
[Bill1978] 1:57 am: wooo up to 66%
[Meg] 1:57 am: It's different looking
[Whitney] 1:57 am: Was Douglas knighted?
[Ben] 1:57 am: no surproise there
[Whitney] 1:58 am: It looks like lace
[Ben] 1:58 am: he can't be knighted
[Whitney] 1:58 am: with sequins behind it
[Bill1978] 1:58 am: nice to see genuine shock on someone's face for winning - unless she is going for the same award atthe emmys
[Josh] 1:58 am: Will someone pull him from the stage?
[Whitney] 1:58 am: He likes the limelight
[Whippet Angel] 1:58 am: someone did! lol
[Meg] 1:58 am: Haha
[Ben] 1:58 am: think she things HBC was going to nab it
[Whitney] 1:59 am: I have no idea who this lady is
[Ben] 1:59 am: okay...don't over egg it, leo
[Meg] 1:59 am: "Golly sakes"
[Ben] 1:59 am: The Fighter
[Whitney] 1:59 am: nope
[Meg] 1:59 am: Whoaa!
[Whippet Angel] 1:59 am: get on with it, lady...
[Whitney] 1:59 am: not heard of it
[Bill1978] 1:59 am: HBC was good, but she din't really have a scene that pushed her into that wow factor
[Meg] 1:59 am: She needs to caaalm down
[Whitney] 1:59 am: She's taking stalling lessons from Kirk
[James] 1:59 am: Only one entry is still perfect...
[Meg] 1:59 am: Haha!
[Bill1978] 1:59 am: even if she did remind me of the queen's mother with the posture
[James] 2:00 am: EVILTOAST - 3 for 3
[Vernadyn] 2:00 am: Gonna be a long show...
[Whitney] 2:00 am:
[Bill1978] 2:00 am: i like when they don't cut off the speeches, i find it rude
[Whippet Angel] 2:00 am: Why don't they just cue the music?
[James] 2:00 am:
[Meg] 2:00 am: EvilToast? Haha
[EricJ] 2:00 am: I've already lost
[Josh] 2:01 am: I see your point, Bill. But I think it's rude for winners to go on too long.
[Ben] 2:01 am: oh gosh, go away
[Whitney] 2:01 am:
[Meg] 2:01 am: Man James is looking so uncomfortable tonight
[Bill1978] 2:01 am: animated awards coming up now
[Whitney] 2:01 am: YES!
[EricJ] 2:01 am: Third flop-sweat joke from Anne...
[James] 2:01 am: sorry
[Whitney] 2:01 am: SLINK!
[James] 2:01 am: banksy joke!
[EricJ] 2:01 am: Quoth Whoopi: "I'm not doing too good, am I?"
[Whippet Angel] 2:01 am: huh? I don't get it...
[Whitney] 2:02 am: it was only ten years?
[Whippet Angel] 2:02 am: don't remind us, Jusitn...
[Ben] 2:02 am: what a stange dress
[Meg] 2:02 am: Uugh
[Whitney] 2:02 am: Tha was nominated?
[Whitney] 2:02 am: bad movie!
[Meg] 2:02 am:
[Whitney] 2:02 am: Not entirely
[Whitney] 2:03 am: but there were so many others
[Josh] 2:03 am: Good to see Day & Night nominated.
[Josh] 2:03 am: I wonder if the Walt Disney Animation Studios folks wonder why their shorts are only released at film festivals.
[Whitney] 2:03 am: The Gruffalo was 45 minutes long
[Vernadyn] 2:03 am: Newton's great
[James] 2:03 am: 54% chose DAY AND NIGHT
[Ben] 2:03 am: what is this all about? this is just all so bad
[Whippet Angel] 2:03 am: noo. bad Justin...
[Meg] 2:03 am: The Lost Thing? Really?
[Bill1978] 2:03 am: is justin's jokes related to the social network - cause i'm not getting any of it
[EricJ] 2:03 am: Knew it wasn't going to be The One We Saw
[Meg] 2:04 am: I wasn't crazy for that. There were waaay better shorts this year.
[Whitney] 2:04 am: where did they come from?
[Josh] 2:04 am: No one saw that coming.
[James] 2:04 am: Only 8% of contest entries correctly chose this one
[Whitney] 2:04 am: He created an animated short and he is short
[Bill1978] 2:04 am: are they aussies?
[Ben] 2:04 am: okay...so TS3 could lose now?
[Meg] 2:04 am: Yeah
[Whitney] 2:04 am: they sound likeit
[Meg] 2:04 am: Who knows!
[James] 2:04 am: 91% of contest entries chose TOY STORY 3
[Bill1978] 2:04 am: wooo, we get at least one oscar for the news to talk about
[Whitney] 2:04 am: Sad slink
[James] 2:05 am: eviltoast is no longer perfect
[Whitney] 2:05 am: Gruffalo was fully grown
[Whitney] 2:05 am: DRAGON!!!
[Josh] 2:05 am: The Illusionist's greatest trick? Taking the third nomination from Despicable Me and Tangled.
[Whitney] 2:05 am: The illusionist looks like Triplets of Belleville
[Whitney] 2:06 am: TS#
[Whitney] 2:06 am: TS3
[Ben] 2:06 am: but gruffalo was a TV special! don't know how the heck that was even nom'd
[Bill1978] 2:06 am: .
[Whitney] 2:06 am: Happy Slink
[Ben] 2:06 am: surprise
[Meg] 2:06 am: TS3 gets it
[Whitney] 2:07 am: Sad dragon
[Bill1978] 2:07 am: i'm trying to work out if I'm behind ahead even with you guys
[EricJ] 2:07 am: This is why they keep nagging for Picture
[The Toon Saloon]: Plightyear has left at 2:07 am
[Whippet Angel] 2:07 am: I can believe it..
[EricJ] 2:07 am: Longest sweep since the Disney Original Scores...
[Bill1978] 2:07 am: Is this the franchises first competitive Oscar?
[Ben] 2:07 am: rehearsed speech or what
[Whitney] 2:07 am: It would be nice to work at Pixar
[eddievalient] 2:07 am: yes
[Whitney] 2:08 am: They have a cereal bar
[Vernadyn] 2:08 am: same director
[James] 2:08 am: with the time limit I'd rehearse too!
[Whitney] 2:08 am: And that ends the good part
[Josh] 2:08 am: Now that was a good speech. Quick and to the point.
[Meg] 2:08 am: I hear DW is actually supposed to be a great studio to work for
[Whitney] 2:08 am: Whose up for some Scrabble?
[Whippet Angel] 2:09 am: i can't spell
[James] 2:09 am: BEN-2/5
[Josh] 2:09 am: Considering its source material and directors, I wouldn't be surprised if Winnie the Pooh is a tear-jearker and maybe even the frontrunner for Best Animated Feature next year. I don't know, I just have a feeling.
[James] 2:09 am: BILL 3/5
[Whitney] 2:09 am: $10 for anyone who gets that movie reference
[James] 2:09 am: ERIC 2/5
[EricJ] 2:09 am:
[James] 2:09 am: JAFAR 3/5
[Whitney] 2:09 am: virtual dollars
[James] 2:09 am: JAMES 1/5
[James] 2:09 am: JOSH 2/5
[eddievalient] 2:09 am: labyrinth?
[Josh] 2:09 am: It's be funny if it's Cars 2 vs. Happy Feet 2.
[Whitney] 2:09 am: yes
[James] 2:10 am: RANDALL 2/5
[Whitney] 2:10 am: Did you do a websearch for that?
[James] 2:10 am: WHIPPET 2/5
[eddievalient] 2:10 am: nope. i just like that movie
[James] 2:10 am: MIKE 2/5
[Bill1978] 2:10 am: i'll be happy if Winnie wins just so the studio that started animated features can win that categry finally
[Whitney] 2:10 am:
[Whitney] 2:10 am: Well
[EricJ] 2:11 am: Fleischer??>
[Whitney] 2:11 am: technically a woman from Germany started them
[Whitney] 2:11 am: and even then Argentina still has that title
[Bill1978] 2:11 am: let's stop the awards, since I'm in leading out of the chat room
[Whitney] 2:11 am: Those films are lost though
[Whippet Angel] 2:11 am: cute cat commercial...
[Bill1978] 2:11 am: i mean in the US, since these awards are really the US Movie Awards
[EricJ] 2:12 am: Seen Prince Ahmed on Netflix, though...
[Meg] 2:12 am: What about meeee
[Whitney] 2:12 am: What did you think of it?
[Whippet Angel] 2:12 am: Shouldn't she have changed dresses by now??
[James] 2:12 am: Do i have a ballot from you Meg?
[Whitney] 2:13 am: We were allowed to cast ballots?
[Whitney] 2:13 am: White tie
[Ben] 2:13 am: thought she would have been in her catwoman suit by now ppppuurrrrrrrrrrrrr........
[Whippet Angel] 2:13 am: Yick, not a fan of white tie
[Meg] 2:13 am: I might have completed it too late
[Whitney] 2:13 am: How is TS3 adapted?
[James] 2:14 am: 89% say THE KINGS SPEECH
[Whitney] 2:14 am: og
[Whitney] 2:14 am: oh*
[James] 2:14 am: oops
[Bill1978] 2:14 am: sequels are adapted apparently
[Vernadyn] 2:14 am: yeah, academy rules can be weird
[Whitney] 2:14 am: how creative
[Meg] 2:14 am: Social Network
[Whitney] 2:14 am:
[Vernadyn] 2:14 am: wierd
[EricJ] 2:14 am: Inception, based on a screenplay by Satoshi Kon...
[Bill1978] 2:14 am: another win for me
[James] 2:14 am: 89% say THE SOCIAL NETWORK
[Whippet Angel] 2:14 am: Did I vote for that?
[Whitney] 2:14 am: Really?
[Ben] 2:14 am: glad about that
[Josh] 2:14 am: I don't really see how Toy Story 3 had an adapted screenplay.
[Whitney] 2:15 am: Satoshi Kon wrote Inception?
[Whippet Angel] 2:15 am: It's called Paprika.. lol
[EricJ] 2:15 am: Yes, he called it Paprika
[Ben] 2:15 am: because it used previously created characters and situations
[EricJ] 2:15 am: (Nolan even admitted it)
[James] 2:15 am: Unkrich said sequels are automatically considdered adapeted
[Meg] 2:15 am: It's based on the previous films apparently? That's a weird rule.
[Whitney] 2:15 am: Huh
[Whitney] 2:15 am: I didn't know that
[Bill1978] 2:15 am: i don't either Josh, but rules are rules. just research how a song gets nominated or how the score category works. Your brain may explode
[Whitney] 2:15 am: Now I must watch both
[Whitney] 2:15 am: and compare
[James] 2:15 am: 74% of contest entries said THE KINGS SPEECH
[Meg] 2:15 am: Hey, why wasn't Tron nominated for effects?
[Ben] 2:16 am: well, it's not original original, is it?
[Ben] 2:16 am: because of CLU, Meg
[Whitney] 2:16 am: They didn't like Daft Punk
[Whitney] 2:16 am: CLU?
[Meg] 2:16 am: Hee
[Whitney] 2:16 am: of
[EricJ] 2:16 am: WAtch those strings get louder...
[Whippet Angel] 2:16 am: When I first saw Inception, I kept thinking... This reminds me of something else...
[Whitney] 2:16 am: What's wrong with CLU?
[Ben] 2:17 am: CLU looked awful
[Whitney] 2:17 am: oh
[Whippet Angel] 2:17 am: CLU looked like a video game character towards the very end.
[Ben] 2:17 am: straight from the uncanny valley
[Whitney] 2:17 am: Did the Byte make an cameo?
[Ben] 2:17 am: nope
[The Toon Saloon]: ELIOLI has entered at 2:17 am
[Vernadyn] 2:17 am: They don't nominate Daft Punk, yet they nominate Trent Reznor
[Whitney] 2:17 am:
[eddievalient] 2:17 am: yes, it was on flynn's mantle
[Whitney] 2:17 am: Randy Newman
[James] 2:17 am: just double checked meg and i couldn't find any entry from you
[Ben] 2:18 am: oh, as a prop, yeah, but not as the Byte as in the first film
[Meg] 2:18 am: Might have been too late, I did it right before the show.
[Whitney] 2:18 am: Sparkly stairs
[Meg] 2:18 am: Also, my animation teacher mentioned that CLU might have looked so creepy on purpose
[Whitney] 2:18 am: They look like waiters
[ELIOLI] 2:18 am: What's everyones guess for best score?
[Meg] 2:18 am: So that you would feel uncomfortable while looking at him and all
[EricJ] 2:19 am: Score and Editing are servants of Picture...
[Meg] 2:19 am: King's Speech but I would looove to see John Powell get it.
[Bill1978] 2:19 am: anything but social network is my mantra for that category
[Ben] 2:19 am: CLU: yes, BUT young Flynn shoudn't have looked creepy on purpose
[Jafar] 2:19 am: The Social Network
[EricJ] 2:19 am: Yep
[Whippet Angel] 2:19 am: I voted King's Speech... I think..
[ELIOLI] 2:19 am: I want John Powell to get it as well.
[Meg] 2:19 am: True
[Ben] 2:19 am: the problem was young flynn didn't look any more real than CLU
[ELIOLI] 2:19 am: but..we know how that goes..
[Meg] 2:19 am: I love HTTYD's soundtrack so much.
[Meg] 2:19 am: That's true.
[ELIOLI] 2:20 am: It is truly beautiful Gave me chills
[Josh] 2:20 am: Are you guys already seeing the musical score?
[ELIOLI] 2:20 am: nah
[Meg] 2:20 am: (Not yet.
[Whippet Angel] 2:20 am: They're telling him to wrap it up, yet they let Kirk rattle on for an hour...
[Ben] 2:20 am: so you can't give it the whole "well he's a perfect young flynn" clone argument (which i was willing to concede)
[EricJ] 2:20 am: Brits embarrasse d bout F-word? They use it six times as much as we do!
[Meg] 2:20 am: Commercials.
[Whitney] 2:20 am: They should have an award for best animal actor
[Meg] 2:20 am: Haha
[Whitney] 2:20 am: Animated ones get a special award
[Ben] 2:20 am: ironic that they open it up to ten films to make it more generalised and appealing and then give all the awards to the same worthy films
[Whitney] 2:21 am: At least that part wiuld be interesting and without speeches
[Ben] 2:21 am: this is the most boring ceremony for years
[Whitney] 2:21 am: would*
[Whitney] 2:21 am: Where's the music?
[EricJ] 2:21 am: It was supposed to open up to "normal" Films (like Pixar)
[Whitney] 2:21 am: Small shows?
[Ben] 2:21 am: at least comedy hosts provide a laugh spike here and there
[Bill1978] 2:21 am: based upon opening credits of movies, i also feel for the casting director. they are good enough to be at the start pf the film but not good enough for an Oscar - not that I know how you really judge a categpry like that

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Post by Ben » February 28th, 2011, 12:03 am

[Whippet Angel] 2:22 am: Commercial for Mars needs Moms. Talk about Uncanney Valley....
[Ben] 2:22 am: urgh
[Josh] 2:22 am: How do you guys think Mars Needs Moms will do at the box office?
[Whitney] 2:22 am:
[James] 2:22 am: The consensus has been right 5 out of 7 times so far.
[Ben] 2:22 am: okay, i should imagine
[ELIOLI] 2:22 am: hmm
[Ben] 2:22 am: there's nothing else out there
[EricJ] 2:22 am: When they showed newest poster, we joked, "It's Zemeckis, and she's STILL got the Dreamworks Expression!"
[Ben] 2:22 am: Rango, but that might be too weird for the soccer moms
[Whitney] 2:22 am: And Disney doesn't have anything till Cars 2 right?
[EricJ] 2:22 am: 0_o
[Whitney] 2:23 am: When is Cars out?
[James] 2:23 am: june i think
[Ben] 2:23 am: june?
[ELIOLI] 2:23 am: Going to see Rango this weekend. Looking very forward to it
[Whippet Angel] 2:23 am: What about Rio?
[Whitney] 2:23 am: she changed
[ELIOLI] 2:23 am: and Rio
[Ben] 2:23 am: loving what we're seeing on Rio
[Whippet Angel] 2:23 am: into a....... Tux???
[Josh] 2:23 am: I still want to see Gnomeo and Juliet. And yeah, Rio and Rango look very good.
[Ben] 2:24 am: ahh, finally a costume change
[Whitney] 2:24 am: I haven't seen a thing on Rio
[Josh] 2:24 am: She accidentally put on Franco's outfit.
[Whippet Angel] 2:24 am: but.... a tux???|
[Whitney] 2:24 am: Judt Garland did it
[James] 2:24 am: more australian jokes
[Whippet Angel] 2:24 am: I'd love to see him come out in a dress
[Whitney] 2:24 am: Judy*
[Whitney] 2:24 am: Must we do Evita though
[Whitney] 2:24 am: That is Evita, right?
[EricJ] 2:25 am: Les Mis
[James] 2:25 am: les miz
[Whitney] 2:25 am: oops
[EricJ] 2:25 am: Less Miseraable
[Whitney] 2:25 am: Now we know where the dress went
[Josh] 2:25 am: Jackman's expression show how we all feel.
[Ben] 2:25 am: fake retractable claws (to be CG'd in later)
[Whitney] 2:25 am: They sound similar
[Whippet Angel] 2:25 am: Ask, and ye shall recieve!!!
[James] 2:25 am: oh my
[Ben] 2:25 am: what the bloody heck was all that about?
[EricJ] 2:25 am: Wouldn't be Bruce without the gay jokes
[Ben] 2:25 am: and.....we have the dress
[Whitney] 2:25 am: more entertainment
[Ben] 2:25 am: just for you whippet
[Whitney] 2:26 am: That guy scares me
[ELIOLI] 2:26 am: ...
[ELIOLI] 2:26 am: about to say
[EricJ] 2:26 am: (In addition to the Les TS3 joke)
[ELIOLI] 2:26 am: haha
[Whitney] 2:26 am: He looks like he belongs in a Tim Burton film
[Ben] 2:26 am: he's very over exposed here in the UK
[EricJ] 2:26 am: Over there? We're STILL trying to kick him out of films!
[ELIOLI] 2:26 am: to katy perry..yeah
[James] 2:27 am: 37% of contest entries chose BIUTIFUL
[ELIOLI] 2:27 am: dogtooth sounded very interesting
[Whitney] 2:27 am: burning buses and prisoner camp
[Ben] 2:27 am: they can't spell can they?
[EricJ] 2:27 am: Ebert says Incendies
[Whitney] 2:27 am: What did the do to the chihuahua
[Bill1978] 2:27 am: yes i got this one as well
[ELIOLI] 2:27 am: heh
[Whitney] 2:27 am: pretty dress
[Whippet Angel] 2:28 am: I faiiilllll.....
[Randall] 2:28 am: I knew that title was a winner.
[EricJ] 2:28 am:
[ELIOLI] 2:28 am: ...ok
[Ben] 2:28 am: whitney found a dress she liked!
[Whitney] 2:28 am:
[The Toon Saloon]: pat_coombs has entered at 2:28 am
[Ben] 2:28 am: who won? I missed it
[Ben] 2:28 am: pat coombs!
[EricJ] 2:28 am: ?
[Whitney] 2:28 am: The movie from Denmark
[ELIOLI] 2:28 am: A better world
[James] 2:28 am: in a better world
[Ben] 2:28 am: black rhino?
[ELIOLI] 2:29 am: *in
[carlminez] 2:29 am: did i miss the animation award?
[ELIOLI] 2:29 am: yupp
[pat_coombs] 2:29 am: in a better world........ they wouldn't have remade arthur..... with him.....
[Whippet Angel] 2:29 am: TS3
[Ben] 2:29 am: yep, carl: TS3 took it
[carlminez] 2:29 am: alright, give it me straight
[carlminez] 2:29 am: you just did
[Ben] 2:29 am: i am dreading the arthur remake
[Meg] 2:29 am: What's Dogtooth about?
[Whitney] 2:29 am: Witherspoon hasn't been in anything lately
[eddievalient] 2:30 am: good
[EricJ] 2:30 am: Russell as Arthur looks like character from Anne Rice
[James] 2:30 am: 78% of contest entries chose CHRISTIAN BALE
[Whitney] 2:30 am: Arthur?
[Whitney] 2:30 am: Is that a movie?
[Meg] 2:30 am: I chose Christian Bale's beard
[Ben] 2:30 am: i thought she had something out before Christmas?
[Whitney] 2:30 am: Maybe she did
[pat_coombs] 2:30 am: im going to skip the love and lurve and go straight to the loathe on that one ben
[Whitney] 2:30 am: I forget
[Ben] 2:30 am: yep, whitney...remake of a funny cuddly Dudley Moore movie
[Whitney] 2:30 am: oh
[James] 2:30 am: lol meg
[Ben] 2:31 am: i expect we will, pat!
[Whippet Angel] 2:31 am: Is that the Hurt Locker guy?
[Josh] 2:31 am: Yeah, Whippet.
[The Toon Saloon]: ibrmacf has entered at 2:31 am
[Whitney] 2:32 am: Makes it official then
[Ben] 2:32 am: i'm hoping for rush
[Whitney] 2:32 am: british wit
[Ben] 2:32 am: but bale probably has it
[Whippet Angel] 2:32 am: Where's his hair go?
[Josh] 2:32 am: I'm rooting for Rush, but I predicted Bale.
[ibrmacf] 2:32 am: HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NURSE....ehhh..ROOM!
[EricJ] 2:32 am: Rush always wins
[Whitney] 2:32 am: Hello
[ibrmacf] 2:32 am: Rush for Rush!!!
[Whippet Angel] 2:32 am: Aw... not this time...
[Ben] 2:32 am: oooh
[eddievalient] 2:32 am: not this year eric
[James] 2:32 am: howdy ib
[Ben] 2:32 am: bale
[EricJ] 2:32 am: I know, picked Bale
[Bill1978] 2:32 am: it's been ages since i've heard his real accent
[Ben] 2:32 am: will he be american, will he be cockney?
[ELIOLI] 2:32 am: the beard...
[Whitney] 2:32 am: His beard will go to Heath Ledger's daughter
[Ben] 2:33 am: ahh, cockney
[Whippet Angel] 2:33 am: His beard and hair don't match...
[Whitney] 2:33 am: as a donation
[Ben] 2:33 am: what don't you ******* understand!
[Whitney] 2:33 am: that was not in good taste
[ELIOLI] 2:33 am: He looks like the Buger King..King
[Whitney] 2:33 am: I apologize to all Heath Ledger fans
[Bill1978] 2:33 am: ericJ rush had a 50% strike rate now it is 33%
[Ben] 2:33 am: beard = real color
[Ben] 2:33 am: hair = black for batman 3
[Whitney] 2:33 am: Or he could train with Rocky
[Whitney] 2:34 am: I'm batman
[ibrmacf] 2:34 am: have they shown the in memoriam section yet?
[Whitney] 2:34 am: no
[eddievalient] 2:34 am: nope
[Whippet Angel] 2:34 am: He should've died the beard too. It just looks strange...
[Whippet Angel] 2:34 am: *dyed
[EricJ] 2:34 am: Bale is British, don't forget--He was the kid in Empire of the Sun
[Whitney] 2:34 am: He forget his wife's name
[Whitney] 2:34 am: Not a good sign
[eddievalient] 2:34 am: he was in newsies too
[Bill1978] 2:34 am: advance warning about in memoriam the singer could sink an ocean liner
[Whippet Angel] 2:35 am: noooooooooo!!!
[eddievalient] 2:35 am: nooooooooooo!!!!!
[Bill1978] 2:35 am: and thomas in pocahontas
[Whitney] 2:35 am: Streisand?
[EricJ] 2:35 am: SINGER for Memoriam???
[Josh] 2:35 am: Celine
[Whitney] 2:35 am: Dion?
[EricJ] 2:35 am: It HAS to be inspiring orchestral
[Ben] 2:35 am: celine, obviously
[Whitney] 2:35 am: oh no
[Whippet Angel] 2:35 am: Gag me with a friggin' spoon.....
[EricJ] 2:35 am: "Going on", I;mm guessing
[Ben] 2:35 am: it's appropriate: she died ages ago
[The Toon Saloon]: pat_coombs has left at 2:35 am
[Whitney] 2:35 am: Titanic here we go again
[Bill1978] 2:36 am: nope smile (chaplin) I am led to believe
[Josh] 2:36 am: Super 8!
[Whitney] 2:36 am:
[ibrmacf] 2:36 am: whos winning the oscars contest so far
[Josh] 2:36 am: I hope that movie doesn't disappointe.
[EricJ] 2:36 am: Okay, how many thought Super 8 was going to be Cloverfield 2, and not Amazing Stories?
[Whippet Angel] 2:36 am: Dunno what that's about but it looks interesting.
[Bill1978] 2:36 am: i wa coming 2nd at the last update
[Josh] 2:36 am: *disappoint
[ELIOLI] 2:37 am: ummowmowmowpapa
[Bill1978] 2:39 am: ooh it's the pointless talkers that serve no purpose than to extend the viewers toilet/coffee break
[EricJ] 2:39 am: In LA, they're excited about deals
[Josh] 2:39 am: Iger looked like, "What are they talking about?"
[Whitney] 2:39 am: Unless the world has ended by then
[Whitney] 2:39 am: According to all predictions
[Whippet Angel] 2:40 am: 'nother dress change!
[Whitney] 2:40 am: What is she wearing?
[The Toon Saloon]: Daniel has entered at 2:40 am
[EricJ] 2:40 am: Thought it was Black Swan
[ibrmacf] 2:40 am: hey daniel
[Daniel] 2:40 am: Hiya.
[Whippet Angel] 2:40 am: Nicole's shoes don't match her dress...
[Whitney] 2:40 am: A corduroy corset?
[Josh] 2:40 am: I wish Alan Menken could have been nominated for his Tangled score.
[Josh] 2:40 am: Too bad a composer can't be nominated for a score that incorporates the film's songs.
[James] 2:40 am: sorry - left for a sec - back now!
[The Toon Saloon]: carlminez has left at 2:40 am
[ELIOLI] 2:40 am: wait a sec...
[Josh] 2:41 am: It's somewhere next to the rule that states Randy Newman must be nominated for something each year.
[Ben] 2:41 am: the menken rule is nuts
[Whitney] 2:41 am: He's actually really boring in concert
[James] 2:41 am: but never win
[Whippet Angel] 2:41 am: what score was that before ET?
[EricJ] 2:41 am: No the Susan Lucci clause says he already won for something.
[Ben] 2:41 am: when Best Score came into being, it was BECAUSE a score incorporated songs!
[James] 2:42 am: lawrence of arabia?
[Whippet Angel] 2:42 am: Thanks James! That's what I thought.
[Whitney] 2:42 am: Dragon won't win
[Ben] 2:42 am: who's boring in concert?
[ELIOLI] 2:42 am: ...
[James] 2:42 am: 41% chose THE SOCIAL NETWORK -- 39% chose THE KINGS SPEECH
[Whitney] 2:42 am: Newman
[Whippet Angel] 2:42 am: but it did have a very good score
[ibrmacf] 2:42 am: inception
[Whitney] 2:42 am: it did
[Josh] 2:42 am: For Dragon, they should have played "Romantic Flight"
[ELIOLI] 2:43 am: is it the NIN fan base?
[Ben] 2:43 am: Dragon was the bog standard MediaVentures sound...not anything majorly new
[ELIOLI] 2:43 am: what?
[ELIOLI] 2:43 am: that's odd.
[Ben] 2:43 am: same as with inception
[Whippet Angel] 2:43 am: INception's score was just dull and repetitive...
[Josh] 2:43 am: I love the Inception score. But I predicted Social Network.
[ELIOLI] 2:43 am: of course
[Vernadyn] 2:43 am: curses
[Bill1978] 2:43 am: continues the decline of socre receipents
[Whippet Angel] 2:44 am: Wha....??
[Josh] 2:44 am: Poor Daft Punk.
[Ben] 2:44 am: zimmer and his followers
[EricJ] 2:44 am: Score and Editing...
[ELIOLI] 2:44 am: oh come on now..
[EricJ] 2:44 am: Learned that years ago...
[Whippet Angel] 2:44 am: I loved Daft Punk's score.
[Ben] 2:44 am: hmmmmmmm
[eddievalient] 2:44 am: so did i
[Bill1978] 2:44 am: it was the mst boring out of the clips they showed as well. could this mean a win for Best Picture for Network now
[Whitney] 2:44 am: Dances With Wolves had a good score too
[Ben] 2:44 am: same old, same old, repeat for two hours
[Vernadyn] 2:45 am: honestly, i dont think zimmer could have done dragon
[Josh] 2:45 am: Who were you rooting for, Ben?
[Ben] 2:45 am: well, it would have sounded the same as powell anyway
[Bill1978] 2:45 am: i imagine the film score site I visit has just imploded through shock
[ELIOLI] 2:45 am: Dragon was great. :/
[Whitney] 2:45 am: I wonder what happens when they win the award?
[Whitney] 2:45 am: Do they take it back to their seat with them?
[Ben] 2:46 am: i think i'd probably rooted for Dragon just to give it recognition, but i didn't think any score was worthy this year (and very few are nowadays).
[Bill1978] 2:46 am: it goes out the back to be engraved first Whitney
[EricJ] 2:46 am: They go backstage, have interviews
[EricJ] 2:46 am: And then stand, because their seats have been taken
[James] 2:46 am: 80% chose INCEPTION
[Whitney] 2:46 am: By whi?
[Josh] 2:46 am: Who is writing these jokes?
[Whitney] 2:46 am: who*
[Meg] 2:46 am: Inception will win this one, I think
[Whitney] 2:46 am: seat fillers?
[Ben] 2:46 am: what jokes?
[EricJ] 2:46 am: BRUCE. Kill him.
[Josh] 2:46 am: I mean, the ones the presenters do? They're so awkward!
[Meg] 2:46 am: Also sorry for the absence, was cuddling my guinea pig
[Whitney] 2:46 am: name?
[EricJ] 2:47 am: He's the reason we got WHoopi.
[Ben] 2:47 am: inception will prob get this
[ibrmacf] 2:47 am: anyone else mad that hilary swank wasnt nominated for conviction?
[Ben] 2:47 am: yep, iception
[ELIOLI] 2:47 am: Test Drive was an absolutly epic peice. idk, I might hear things differently :/
[Bill1978] 2:47 am: yes another right prediction
[ELIOLI] 2:47 am: wait..spelling..whatever
[Meg] 2:47 am: Lola
[Whitney] 2:47 am: Has anyone ever dropped their Oscar on stage
[Whitney] 2:47 am: ?
[Josh] 2:47 am: All these clips make me want to see Inception again.
[eddievalient] 2:47 am: me too
[James] 2:48 am: dont remember that one ib..
[Meg] 2:48 am: Me too.
[EricJ] 2:48 am: Marty Feldman dropped one, and it smashed.
[ELIOLI] 2:48 am: and if it broke
[ELIOLI] 2:48 am: haha
[Ben] 2:48 am: not me
[Whitney] 2:48 am: Lola the Guinea Pig
[Whitney] 2:48 am: it actually broke?
[Meg] 2:48 am: "The Mighty Christopher Nolan"
[Whitney] 2:48 am: haha
[ELIOLI] 2:48 am: well, I'm out.
[EricJ] 2:48 am: (They're METAL, idiots...)
[The Toon Saloon]: ELIOLI has left at 2:48 am
[Vernadyn] 2:48 am: music was mixed way too loud in inception
[EricJ] 2:48 am:
[James] 2:48 am: 73% chose INCEPTION
[Whippet Angel] 2:48 am: My Mom's parrot is named Lola!
[Josh] 2:48 am: Just curious, Ben. I know you didn't like Nolan's Batman films as well. Not a fan of his style?
[Whitney] 2:49 am: TRON!
[Ben] 2:49 am: i'm hoping for Tron here
[Meg] 2:49 am: Me too
[Whitney] 2:49 am: blech
[Ben] 2:49 am: no, josh...i like his style, just not all his films!
[EricJ] 2:49 am: Unstoppable's going to clean that little bitty's spot
[Whitney] 2:49 am: Inception
[Whitney] 2:49 am: It's like the new Titanic
[Bill1978] 2:50 am: i don't like the new batman films, they are way too serious for my liking
[Whitney] 2:50 am: Too bad Celion Dion didn't sinf the theme
[Whippet Angel] 2:50 am: Ben, did you like Memento?
[Ben] 2:50 am: well, it was perhaps a given than inception would win the technicals
[Whitney] 2:50 am: sing*
[Ben] 2:50 am: yep, loved memento
[Meg] 2:50 am: Memento was pretty cool
[eddievalient] 2:50 am: yup
[Bill1978] 2:50 am: backtracing apparently the movie played before et's music was Doctor Zhivago
[Josh] 2:50 am: I think Memento is his masterpiece.
[Ben] 2:50 am: and the prestige was great
[Bill1978] 2:50 am: Memento is bloody brilliant
[James] 2:50 am: BEN - 3/12
[Whippet Angel] 2:51 am: I thought it was okay, but I seem to be the only person who doesn't think it was his best film.
[James] 2:51 am: BILL - 9/12
[Meg] 2:51 am: I loved the Prestige. That's my favorite Nolan flick.
[James] 2:51 am: ERIC 7/12
[Meg] 2:51 am: I feel like everyone forgets that.
[James] 2:51 am: JAFAR 8/12
[Bill1978] 2:51 am: 9/12 looks better than how I thought I was doing
[EricJ] 2:51 am: Fine--I DON'T need an Amazon gift card :mad:
[Ben] 2:51 am: probably mine too
[James] 2:51 am: JAMES 5/12
[James] 2:51 am: JOSH 9/12
[Vernadyn] 2:51 am: I like Nolan, but still think he can't direct action as well as others. Especially in Batman Begins
[Jafar] 2:51 am: Mine too
[James] 2:52 am: RANDALL 6/12
[Ben] 2:52 am: the problem is he over cuts it
[Bill1978] 2:52 am: prestige impressed me the one time i watched it. It started off slow but by the end i ws caught up in the intrigue and how it would end
[James] 2:52 am: WHIPPET 6/12
[Whitney] 2:52 am: plus it had David Bowie
[James] 2:52 am: ASKMIKE 8/12
[Meg] 2:52 am: Yeah!
[Jafar] 2:52 am: I feel his movies get better over repeated viewings
[Ben] 2:52 am: loved the prestige's atmosphere
[James] 2:52 am: IBRMACF 4/12
[EricJ] 2:52 am: Do not attempt champion rodeo riding
[Whitney] 2:53 am: There was a cat in that one
[Ben] 2:53 am: i must admit that i have grown to like Begins more and more
[ibrmacf] 2:53 am: better than last yr when i predicted 3 right overall
[EricJ] 2:53 am: But attempt unspotted trampolines in teh middle of nowhere
[Ben] 2:53 am: costume design coming up
[Whitney] 2:53 am: I like that Batman doesn't reveal is identity to every love interest
[Ben] 2:53 am: i wonder if alice has it again?
[Whitney] 2:53 am: corduroy corset
[Josh] 2:54 am: Why is Franco always squinting?
[EricJ] 2:54 am: Nope--Brtish WWII always takes it'
[ibrmacf] 2:54 am: who here is the farthest away from california
[Whippet Angel] 2:54 am: How to they go to the bathroom in those dresses?
[Ben] 2:54 am: jafar
[Ben] 2:54 am: he's in the future
[EricJ] 2:54 am: Depends which way you go
[ibrmacf] 2:54 am: ah i see; he's beyond place and time
[Whitney] 2:55 am: They take someone with them
[ibrmacf] 2:55 am: well going west to east
[ibrmacf] 2:55 am: w/california as the westernmost
[Meg] 2:55 am: Hahaha
[EricJ] 2:55 am: OMG, they're TELLING us the technicals again!...They haven't done that for years!
[The Toon Saloon]: Meg has left at 2:55 am
[Whippet Angel] 2:55 am: Ew.... someone holds their dress while they go???
[Whippet Angel] 2:56 am: Bizarre dress on Blanchett.
[Whitney] 2:56 am: If the train is long enough, someone holds it off the floor
[EricJ] 2:56 am: OH, I see, they're reminding us of old Oscar film that deserved the award!
[James] 2:56 am: 79% chose THE WOLFMAN
[Whitney] 2:56 am: With the door closed
[Ben] 2:56 am: it's a RING, geddit?
[Whitney] 2:56 am: She's wearing a dinner plate
[The Toon Saloon]: Meg has entered at 2:56 am
[ibrmacf] 2:56 am: the wolfman has gotta win
[EricJ] 2:56 am: Gross inw
[Meg] 2:56 am: Yup
[EricJ] 2:56 am: wins
[Ben] 2:56 am: Meg's back
[eddievalient] 2:56 am: Wolfman!!
[Vernadyn] 2:56 am: Baker is pretty good
[Whippet Angel] 2:57 am: score again!
[Meg] 2:57 am: Sorry, my chat was lagging so I refreshed the page
[Ben] 2:57 am: wow..."Oscar-winning The Wolfman"?
[EricJ] 2:57 am: And third for werewolves
[Ben] 2:57 am: words I never thought I'd hear
[ibrmacf] 2:57 am: lol; lon chaney will be happy
[Meg] 2:57 am: It's Lucious Malfoy!
[Ben] 2:57 am: with it's King Kong score
[Josh] 2:58 am: I'm still getting over the "Oscar nominated Norbit".
[Whitney] 2:58 am: Dinner plate dress
[Ben] 2:58 am: ironic that baker was kong in the '76 movie
[James] 2:58 am: 58% of contest entries chose ALICE IN WONDERLAND
[Vernadyn] 2:58 am: Elfman's score does have a KIng Kong-like theme
[Whitney] 2:58 am: 1alice
[Ben] 2:58 am: gotta be alice
[Whitney] 2:59 am: Maybe she can design a better dress for that woman
[eddievalient] 2:59 am: ALICE!!!
[Ben] 2:59 am: goodie
[eddievalient] 2:59 am: Alice shouldve been nominated for best score
[Bill1978] 2:59 am: forgot the big dresses in alice otherwise i would have picked that. big dresses always win
[Ben] 2:59 am: loved the score
[The Toon Saloon]: Daniel has left at 2:59 am
[Vernadyn] 2:59 am: Yeah, ALice was a great score
[Josh] 2:59 am: Anyone else think Elfman's Alice score is epic?
[ibrmacf] 2:59 am: i picked the tempest; cant imagine why i did lol
[Josh] 2:59 am: Oh, just saw Ben's message.
[Meg] 2:59 am: I actually haven't listened to it
[Jafar] 3:00 am: I'm yet to see Alice
[Ben] 3:00 am: have alice score on repeat in my car
[eddievalient] 3:00 am: youre in for a treat
[Whippet Angel] 3:00 am: She's reading directly from her script! Who does that?
[Meg] 3:00 am: No, you aren't.
[EricJ] 3:00 am: And then Linda and Tim THREW OUT THE WHOLE DARN THING
[Ben] 3:00 am: ahh, bless her
[ibrmacf] 3:00 am: its kinda confusing if ur not familiar with alice in wonderland's characters and books
[James] 3:00 am: and you thpught unkrich rehearsing was bad, ben!
[Vernadyn] 3:00 am: I know Elfman claims not to be interested in Oscars, but he still deserves one
[EricJ] 3:00 am: Snowflake White Queen?...Read the book!
[Whippet Angel] 3:00 am: Hehe ignoring the music cue..
[EricJ] 3:01 am: (She's Betty White from Golden Girls!9
[Josh] 3:01 am: Katzenberg looks bored.
[Ben] 3:01 am: no, unkrich was too slick, here she's nervous and has pre-written on the offchance, which I think is sweet
[Ben] 3:01 am: alice is basically a sequel to the 1974 version
[Bill1978] 3:01 am: finally menken music
[James] 3:01 am: shes been nominated 9 times! lose the nervousness!
[Whitney] 3:01 am: the animated?
[Meg] 3:02 am: Obama!
[Whippet Angel] 3:02 am: Ugh, I still can't believe they gave the 8 mile song an Oscar... and I like Eminem...
[Vernadyn] 3:02 am: Spacey rules
[The Toon Saloon]: lindahl has entered at 3:02 am
[ibrmacf] 3:02 am: hey lindahl
[Whippet Angel] 3:02 am: yes, yes he does.
[Josh] 3:02 am: Whippet, I still can't believe "It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp" won.
[lindahl] 3:02 am: Hi, newbie here
[Ben] 3:03 am: spacey is an arogant *****
[Whitney] 3:03 am: Newman said that they made him speed this song up fir ths show
[Whitney] 3:03 am: for*
[EricJ] 3:03 am: Ever see him in See No Evil Hear No Evil?
[Whippet Angel] 3:03 am: It sounds faster.
[EricJ] 3:03 am: (With silly looking mustache?)
[Bill1978] 3:03 am: they better not do a dance remix of I See The Light then
[Ben] 3:03 am: doesn't sound too much faster
[Whitney] 3:03 am: YOu can barely hear him
[Josh] 3:03 am: I love this song.
[Ben] 3:03 am: and why does Newman ALWAYS have a problem with live sound at the Oscars!!!!???
[EricJ] 3:04 am: Newman should've won for Babe2
[Whippet Angel] 3:04 am: Sounds like he's having trouble keeping up.
[Bill1978] 3:04 am: should have won for TS2 wso Enya could have won her year. Monsters was a crappy choice
[Whitney] 3:04 am: He's concentrating
[Ben] 3:04 am: The Natural. No question.
[EricJ] 3:05 am: (It didn't?)
[Whitney] 3:05 am: I wonder if they wipe the keyboard down between performances
[Meg] 3:05 am: I like her dress. It looks like a bird!
[Ben] 3:05 am: The Natural?
[Whitney] 3:05 am: What is this from?
[James] 3:05 am: newman shouldve won for TS3
[Josh] 3:05 am: "I See the Light" gives me chills every time. It's so beautiful.
[Whippet Angel] 3:05 am: wierd dress
[James] 3:05 am: Tangled
[Ben] 3:05 am: nope, the song from Monsters Inc was Newman's first win
[Ben] 3:05 am: LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this song
[ibrmacf] 3:05 am: see the light is like a disney rejuvenation
[Jafar] 3:06 am: I'm all for Menken for best song
[Whippet Angel] 3:06 am: same here.
[James] 3:06 am: 19 nominations for newman... one win
[Ben] 3:06 am: loved the whole tangled score and songs
[Ben] 3:06 am: very Sondheim
[ibrmacf] 3:06 am: tangled is the 2nd highest grossing disney animated film
[Whitney] 3:06 am: what's the first?
[ibrmacf] 3:06 am: excluding pixar of course
[ibrmacf] 3:06 am: the lion king
[Ben] 3:06 am: loved Mother Gothel's song...in music and animation that was SCARY how good that was
[Whippet Angel] 3:07 am: that one was my favorite.
[Ben] 3:07 am: no glenn?
[Josh] 3:07 am: I kind of think "You Haven't Seen the Last of Me" from Burlesque should have been nominated.
[Meg] 3:07 am: The first song was terrible though
[Josh] 3:07 am: Would have been cool to see Mother Gothel - I mean, Cher - performing it live.
[Ben] 3:07 am: did you guys just go to commercial?
[Whippet Angel] 3:07 am: yup
[Bill1978] 3:07 am: wow that performance of I See The Light got me a tad misty eyed - whcih means it won't win now. So beautiful
[Ben] 3:07 am: so they just showed two songs?
[Bill1978] 3:08 am: there is a pause between the songs Ben. Ithink some more awards to be preseented. Tham the next 2 then JHud to present the award
[Ben] 3:08 am: kinda weird...and then to have Menken stepping out on stage there at the end? just odd.
[Whippet Angel] 3:08 am: They weren't just singing, they appeared to be in character. It was cute.
[Ben] 3:09 am: reminded me of lansbury and beauty back in 1993
[Jafar] 3:09 am: what?? we have commercials going on!!!
[Whippet Angel] 3:09 am: Adrian Brody commercial!
[Ben] 3:09 am: we all have commercials jafar
[James] 3:09 am: menken was on piano and just stood up
[Whippet Angel] 3:09 am: I wanna marry him...
[Jafar] 3:09 am: oh, ok
[Ben] 3:09 am: ahh...missed that
[Jafar] 3:09 am: i missed it i guess
[EricJ] 3:10 am: Even on Sky?
[Ben] 3:10 am: whippet and body sitting in a tree...
[Whippet Angel] 3:10 am: Pft, I wish...
[Whitney] 3:10 am: Now that song should win
[Ben] 3:10 am: Yep...but in the ads they have saddo UK film critics pondering over the awards
[Meg] 3:10 am: I really hope it does
[Jafar] 3:10 am: totally
[Whitney] 3:10 am: It's a schoolyard classic
[Bill1978] 3:10 am: even though I've gone for Tangled part of me thinks the Gwyneth song will win cause it's performed by an actress not known for singing - even though she did Duets and Glee
[James] 3:10 am: CONTEST LEADER: 6 tied with 12/14
[Whitney] 3:11 am: who?
[Bill1978] 3:11 am: can't be me
[Ben] 3:11 am: and she has that song out right now with that other guy
[James] 3:11 am: 4 tied with 11
[Bill1978] 3:11 am: tim mcgraw?
[James] 3:12 am: JOSH leads the room wiith 11
[Bill1978] 3:12 am: i just want to hear a menken acceptance speech - never had a chance to
[Ben] 3:12 am: i've no idea...sounds a bit 1970s Elton John inspired
[ibrmacf] 3:12 am: im probably the least
[Ben] 3:12 am: hurry up and make Enchanted 2
[James] 3:13 am: 42% chose STRANGERS NO MORE
[Bill1978] 3:13 am: i saw that it charted in the UK last week so it might be Tim McGraw which is from the movie that her song tonight is nominated from - apparently
[Whippet Angel] 3:13 am: Those all look interesting. Too bad I didn't see any of 'em...
[Ben] 3:13 am: 100% had NO IDEA which film to go for
[Meg] 3:13 am: Haha
[Jafar] 3:13 am: Guess I got that one right
[EricJ] 3:13 am: It's ALWAYS the cute schoolkids
[Bill1978] 3:13 am: i really should read up on the docu categories before picking
[ibrmacf] 3:14 am: anyway gotta go fellow animation lovers
[Ben] 3:14 am: actually this really was the best documentary
[ibrmacf] 3:14 am: ttyl; bye
[Ben] 3:14 am: TTFN!
[James] 3:15 am: 34% chose WISH 143
[James] 3:15 am: see ya ib
[Whitney] 3:15 am: bye
[Ben] 3:15 am: 100% had NO IDEA which short film had any chance of winning
[Bill1978] 3:15 am: wooo!! a random pick paid off
[Whitney] 3:15 am: Remember the Cove?
[Whippet Angel] 3:15 am: I voted for whichever title sounded most oscar-esque.
[Ben] 3:16 am: lol
[James] 3:16 am: 23% of entries got this one right
[The Toon Saloon]: ibrmacf has left at 3:16 am
[Meg] 3:16 am: This guy's hair!
[Josh] 3:16 am: Lol at the winner's haircut comment.
[Ben] 3:16 am: best line of the night
[Whitney] 3:16 am: His kids will be making fun of him for this when they're older
[James] 3:16 am: This category had the smallest consensus of any.
[The Toon Saloon]: lindahl has left at 3:17 am
[Whippet Angel] 3:17 am: 'nother dress change.
[Ben] 3:17 am: best speech so far
[Whitney] 3:17 am: haha
[Whippet Angel] 3:17 am: seriously??
[Ben] 3:17 am: oooh, hathaway!
[Meg] 3:18 am: Waagh!
[Whitney] 3:18 am: On the synthesizer
[James] 3:18 am: AUTO TUNE THE NEWS!!!!
[Josh] 3:18 am: Okay, this autotune joke is actually making me laugh.
[eddievalient] 3:18 am: Musicals! lol
[Ben] 3:18 am: okay, this is funny
[James] 3:18 am: THE GREGORY BROTHERS!!!
[Whitney] 3:18 am: it's funny
[Whippet Angel] 3:18 am: the potter clip actually made me lol
[Meg] 3:18 am: The Toy Stotry thing was a little...
[Meg] 3:18 am: I unno
[Meg] 3:18 am: -Story
[Whitney] 3:18 am: oh no
[Whitney] 3:18 am: Twilight
[Ben] 3:18 am: this picks up after that autotune "home boy" thing, I take it
[Bill1978] 3:19 am: i liked that montage - more movies like that
[Whitney] 3:19 am: Twilight The Musical
[Whitney] 3:19 am: Next year on Broadway
[Whippet Angel] 3:19 am: Yup, he's climbin' in yo window...
[James] 3:19 am: One of my favorite bands - got all their songs on my ipod!
[Whitney] 3:19 am: to replace Spiderman Turn off the Dark
[Ben] 3:19 am: don't say that - it'll happen!
[Whitney] 3:19 am: it's only a matter of time
[Josh] 3:19 am: Oprah comes out, and the audience bows.
[Meg] 3:20 am: Did you hear about the independent Spiderman musical someone is making?
[James] 3:20 am: hide yo kids, hide yo wife, and hide yo husband too
[Whitney] 3:20 am: she's really put on weight
[Ben] 3:20 am: why does she have this effect?
[Meg] 3:20 am: They are taking a month to make it, it has a budget of $0, and they will open in a day before the other Spiderman musical.
[Ben] 3:20 am: that home boy thing was really classic
[Whitney] 3:20 am: because she's Oprah
[Whippet Angel] 3:20 am: that guy looked really bored
[James] 3:20 am: 48% of entries chose INSIDE JOB
[Bill1978] 3:20 am: it really shows how anyone can be a singer these days
[Ben] 3:21 am: but why is she "oprah"? what is "oprah"?
[James] 3:21 am: Uma....
[James] 3:21 am: Oprah
[Bill1978] 3:21 am: another random pick based on title
[Ben] 3:21 am: nooooooo
[Ben] 3:21 am: interesting if banksy wins
[Whitney] 3:21 am: I think it comes from the Bible
[Vernadyn] 3:21 am: wanted to see Banksy, eh?
[Ben] 3:21 am: phew for him
[EricJ] 3:22 am: Oprah is Harpo bckwards. Yes.
[Ben] 3:22 am: i guess he would have sent someone else
[Jafar] 3:22 am: I think the academy played safe by not awarding Bansky
[Meg] 3:22 am: Hee hee
[Ben] 3:22 am: good for you, eric
[Ben] 3:22 am: what about Nando's?
[Jafar] 3:22 am: Banksy...oops
[EricJ] 3:22 am: Think she said that was the reason
[Whitney] 3:22 am: This is the part of the show where people actually have something relevant to our world to say
[Josh] 3:23 am: What did that guy say that got him those applause?
[Whitney] 3:23 am: The one time they can reach billions of people
[Whitney] 3:23 am: Send fraudsters to jail
[James] 3:23 am: political statement, blah blah blah
[Josh] 3:23 am: I mean, at the beginning of his speech.
[Whitney] 3:23 am: And then fade into existence
[Josh] 3:23 am: Oh, okay
[James] 3:23 am: BEN 4/15
[Ben] 3:23 am: said that three years after the massive banking fraud, that no banking execs have gone to jail, "which is wrong"
[James] 3:23 am: BILL 11/15
[James] 3:24 am: ERIC 8/15
[Whitney] 3:24 am: Money talks
[James] 3:24 am: JAFAR 11/15
[Ben] 3:24 am: and something else walks...
[James] 3:24 am: JAMES 6/15
[Jafar] 3:24 am: yay
[James] 3:24 am: JOSH 12/15
[Meg] 3:24 am: Nice job Josh!
[James] 3:24 am: RANDALL 7/15
[Jafar] 3:24 am: great going Josh!
[James] 3:24 am: WHIPPET 8/15
[Josh] 3:24 am: Thanks, Meg and Jafar.
[James] 3:25 am: ASKMIKE 8/15
[Bill1978] 3:25 am: oooh 11 i cracked double digits. that's always my aim
[James] 3:25 am: remember in the AV contest Doc Short and Live Action Short aren't included in the results and are only used as a tiebreaker if needed
[Ben] 3:26 am: VFX and editing coming up
[James] 3:26 am: wow crystal is here!
[EricJ] 3:27 am: Well, we didn't think it was going to be Johnny Carson or Bob Hope..
[Josh] 3:27 am: Crystal should have been there from the beginning.
[Bill1978] 3:27 am: he is best host of the current era
[James] 3:27 am: standing ovation becasue they all miss him right about now
[Ben] 3:27 am: has he come to save the show???
[Whitney] 3:27 am: If he did it every year we would get bored of him
[Josh] 3:27 am: He never ages.
[Ben] 3:28 am: this is all of them asking him to host next year
[Josh] 3:28 am: Odd.
[EricJ] 3:28 am: When Anne said "It's the Young Hip Oscars!", that was the official onscreen We Goofed.
[Josh] 3:28 am: And I agree, Ben.
[Ben] 3:28 am: lol
[EricJ] 3:28 am: THere's one onscreen every Wrong Year.
[Whitney] 3:28 am: His jowls are more pronounced
[Whitney] 3:28 am: Kirk Douglas disagrees
[Meg] 3:28 am: He looks like an old lady.
[Whitney] 3:29 am: Bob Hope
[Ben] 3:30 am: this is what annoys me
[Whitney] 3:30 am: what?
[Ben] 3:30 am: time for a bob hope tribute, but no respect for those who passed away...
[Whitney] 3:30 am: Oh
[Josh] 3:30 am: They really shouldn't be reminding us of all these great hosts. It'll just make this year's ceremony seem even worse.
[Bill1978] 3:30 am: ita ben, the only thing that should put the show on pause are the songs
[Whitney] 3:30 am: It is cool, though
[eddievalient] 3:31 am: im sure the memorium is coming
[Josh] 3:31 am: And once again, I agree, Ben.
[James] 3:31 am: 93% of contest entries chose INCEPTION
[Ben] 3:31 am: okay, that end was clever
[Whitney] 3:32 am: These two are funny
[Vernadyn] 3:32 am: so that's why he plays a Marvel character...
[Ben] 3:32 am: ooohhh, risque
[Bill1978] 3:33 am: go for the non computer effects
[Josh] 3:33 am: And the winner is... Tron: Legacy! Oh wait...
[Whitney] 3:33 am: Poor Byte
[Ben] 3:33 am: Tron doesn't deserv it
[Whippet Angel] 3:33 am: lemme guess...
[Ben] 3:33 am: CLU was just too bad
[Whippet Angel] 3:33 am: CLU!
[eddievalient] 3:33 am: alice shouldve won
[James] 3:33 am: This category and Leading Actress were the most certain our entrants were, with 95 out of 102 choosing them.
[Ben] 3:33 am: iception
[Meg] 3:33 am: Nice that they used a non-CG clip for Inception, the spinning room is awesome
[Ben] 3:33 am: inception to win?
[Meg] 3:33 am: Alice had really ugly effects.
[Meg] 3:34 am: The CGI horses were the worst...
[Josh] 3:34 am: I love when Inception and Alice win, just so I can hear those musical scores.
[Meg] 3:34 am: Heh!
[Ben] 3:34 am: inception had a score?
[Josh] 3:34 am: Yes, Ben. It was the one from The Dark Knight.
[James] 3:34 am: an Adacemy award nominated score
[Vernadyn] 3:34 am: actually, the inception music they're playing sounds better the way its orchestrated here than in the film
[Bill1978] 3:34 am: the category that helps predict best picture - editing
[James] 3:35 am: 64% chose SOCIAL NETWORK
[Whitney] 3:35 am: How much longer is this thing?
[Bill1978] 3:35 am: social netowrk has just become the front runner for best picture
[EricJ] 3:35 am: Told ya. :cool:
[Ben] 3:35 am: black swan actually had very tight and clever editing
[Whitney] 3:35 am: she turned into a swan?
[Whitney] 3:36 am: Where is Ben Stiller?
[Whitney] 3:36 am: Bring back Hope
[James] 3:36 am: 5 categories left i think
[Ben] 3:37 am: no stiller this year, looks like
[Ben] 3:37 am: maybe for the best
[eddievalient] 3:37 am: too bad
[eddievalient] 3:38 am: ben still er is the funniest man in hollywood
[Ben] 3:38 am: um...
[Meg] 3:38 am: ...
[The Toon Saloon]: pat_coombs has entered at 3:38 am
[Bill1978] 3:38 am: what's left 2 acting, director, picture and song. what else
[eddievalient] 3:38 am: dont you dare say will ferrell
[EricJ] 3:38 am: It would've beenTrue Grit braids, anyway
[Whitney] 3:38 am:
[Ben] 3:38 am: funny how much Game Of Thrones looks like Beowulf
[James] 3:38 am: howdy pat
[Ben] 3:38 am: hey pat!
[Whitney] 3:39 am: We are Sparta
[Ben] 3:39 am: what??
[pat_coombs] 3:39 am: black rhino to you benji
[Ben] 3:39 am: supertang, pat. super. tang.
[pat_coombs] 3:40 am: my streams been cut off again..... i think someone crossed them
[Whitney] 3:40 am: okay
[Ben] 3:40 am: arrrgh: don't cross the streams!
[Bill1978] 3:40 am: so far Inception is 4, social netowrk 3
[Whitney] 3:40 am: Beowulf is directly inspired by 300
[Ben] 3:40 am: have you got one?
[EricJ] 3:40 am: It would be bad
[Whitney] 3:40 am: There's a line
[Whitney] 3:41 am: I am Beowulf, much like We are Sparta!

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Post by Ben » February 28th, 2011, 12:03 am

Part 3:
[Whippet Angel] 3:41 am: best dress on her so far...
[EricJ] 3:41 am: Bruce joke
[Bill1978] 3:41 am: come on tangled win win win, but you won't
[pat_coombs] 3:41 am: just on the hunt again! trouble is, i can't remember if it's duck season..... or rabbit season.... hmmm
[Ben] 3:41 am: both the same year whitney
[Whitney] 3:41 am: yes
[Meg] 3:41 am: She's pretty
[Whitney] 3:41 am: oh
[Ben] 3:41 am: wabbit!
[Whitney] 3:42 am: DUCK!
[Ben] 3:42 am: wow...that's some weight loss
[Bill1978] 3:42 am: if i rise will win cause its the song I find the most boring
[Josh] 3:42 am: I think A.R. Rahman is overrated.
[Vernadyn] 3:42 am: so i'm not the only one
[Whitney] 3:42 am: At least it's not Bjork
[Ben] 3:42 am: nope
[Josh] 3:43 am: When you translate these lyrics, they're pretty simplistic - not in a good way.
[Whippet Angel] 3:43 am: This song is cheesy...
[Meg] 3:43 am: I don't think I could ever watch 127 Hours.
[Bill1978] 3:43 am: isn't it in english?
[Ben] 3:43 am: you're not missing anything at the moment pat
[Whitney] 3:43 am: Just add Native Americans and something spiritual and you have a song
[Whitney] 3:43 am: winner
[Ben] 3:43 am: it's a very long film
[Josh] 3:43 am: This song was nominated just because it sounds mystic and the line "if I rise" sounds epic.
[Ben] 3:43 am:
[Whitney] 3:43 am: is it good?
[Bill1978] 3:43 am: thank god they clapped to wake me up
[EricJ] 3:43 am: CAn't they just let Enya do her OWN songs in a movie, for once?
[Josh] 3:43 am: Lol, Bill.
[eddievalient] 3:43 am: so ther title referred to the runtime then?
[pat_coombs] 3:44 am: i have found a stream, but it is a p in p with a 15 year old commentating!
[Whitney] 3:44 am: haha
[Whitney] 3:44 am: a white mic
[Whippet Angel] 3:44 am: 4 letter word??
[Meg] 3:44 am: Tee hee!
[Whitney] 3:44 am: what movie is this from?
[Ben] 3:44 am: nope, this isn't the song she has out here at the moment
[Jafar] 3:44 am:
[Bill1978] 3:44 am: tthe last two songs have themes the academy loves - overcoming adversity and sounding like an Idol coronation song
[Josh] 3:44 am: Gwyneth Paltrow singing? Surprised Cee-Lo Green isn't up there with her.
[James] 3:44 am: country strong
[Ben] 3:44 am: that is nuts, pat
[eddievalient] 3:45 am: well this song sucks
[Bill1978] 3:45 am: time to be disappointed more than social network getting best score
[Ben] 3:45 am: probably better with a 15 year old commentating over this one
[Whitney] 3:45 am: It would be boring to be in the audience
[Ben] 3:45 am: bet this wins for the "stat wattage" it has
[James] 3:45 am: 57% chose TOY STORY 3
[Whitney] 3:46 am: newman
[Whippet Angel] 3:46 am: eh...
[Bill1978] 3:46 am: bugger bugger, but it wa my 2nd choice
[Meg] 3:46 am: Poor Tangled.
[Josh] 3:46 am: I guess this means A.R. Rahman won't be releasing a remix of "If I Rise" featuring The Pussycat Dolls.
[EricJ] 3:46 am: Why does he keep winning for the WRONG ONES?
[Ben] 3:46 am: lol
[Jafar] 3:46 am:
[Bill1978] 3:46 am: i agree Eric
[Ben] 3:47 am: newman keeps winning for bad Pixar songs
[James] 3:47 am: i was about to say that eric!
[Whitney] 3:47 am: I like those songs
[Whippet Angel] 3:47 am: I'm not really a fan of Newman's stuff overall, but I do like that song.
[James] 3:47 am: not bad, just not his best!
[Ben] 3:47 am: maybe trying to make it up after dropping the ball with him for so many years
[Bill1978] 3:47 am: Maybe if Disney did a pop version of I See The Light it could have won
[Whippet Angel] 3:47 am: Didn't they do that with the Monsters Inc song?
[eddievalient] 3:47 am: an apology for not winning for Almost There
[Ben] 3:47 am: yes
[Josh] 3:47 am: If you want to hear an Oscar-worthy Randy Newman song from 2010, listen to "When I'm Gone" from the TV series Monk.
[James] 3:47 am: When She Loved Me was ROBBED!
[Whitney] 3:48 am: I liked that song too
[Jafar] 3:48 am: I agree
[Whitney] 3:48 am: He is winning because of Pixar
[EricJ] 3:48 am: It was the REASON everyone wanted TS2 for Picture, and every Pixar film after that..
[Bill1978] 3:48 am: His two wins are for songs that really don't enhance the movie's experience
[Meg] 3:48 am: Yeah
[Whitney] 3:48 am: there's the memorium
[Meg] 3:48 am: I wish he won last year
[EricJ] 3:48 am: But Parenthood was also robbed
[Whitney] 3:48 am: Tulle attack!
[Whippet Angel] 3:48 am: This song wasn't even in the movie.
[Ben] 3:48 am: there was a LOT more than When She Loved Me that was worthy before his win
[EricJ] 3:48 am: Elwood Blues!
[Whitney] 3:48 am: the credits
[Whitney] 3:49 am: He composed Princess and the Frog right?
[Ben] 3:49 am: are you the memorium?
[Ben] 3:49 am: *on*
[Josh] 3:49 am: Bill, I've wondered myself why Disney didn't release a pop version of "I See the Light" to adult contemporary radio. Used to work great back in the Disney Renaissance days.
[Whippet Angel] 3:49 am: nope commercial.
[Ben] 3:49 am: we have commercials
[Whitney] 3:50 am: me on the memorium?
[Ben] 3:50 am: about an hour to go
[Whitney] 3:50 am: Must be writing from beyond the grace
[Ben] 3:50 am: you said "there's the memorium"
[Whitney] 3:50 am: grave*
[Whitney] 3:50 am: Oh, no
[Whitney] 3:50 am: I meant it's coming up
[Ben] 3:50 am: ahh
[Whitney] 3:50 am:
[Ben] 3:51 am: at least they didn't cut it
[Bill1978] 3:51 am: Disney really seem scared now to release pop versions of their movie songs. Instead trying to appeal to god knows what crowd with Ever Ever After, Never Knew I Needed and Something That I Want
[Meg] 3:51 am: Yep
[Josh] 3:51 am: I kind of wonder if Newman's win tonight is the Academy saying, "Sorry you didn't win for 'You've Got a Friend in Me' and 'When She Loved Me'."
[Whitney] 3:51 am: Maybe
[Meg] 3:51 am: Might be, might be.
[Ben] 3:51 am: nope, josh...more for his whole career
[EricJ] 3:51 am: No,that was Monstesr
[EricJ] 3:52 am: This was...."We thought it would be the Country song, and Disney had to be nominated".
[Whitney] 3:52 am: NO!
[Bill1978] 3:52 am: Monsters was definitely the career award. this one was actually for the song LOL
[Whitney] 3:52 am: NO!
[Ben] 3:52 am: Monsters was for everything before it, and now they're just giving him more to make up
[Whippet Angel] 3:52 am: whyyyy???
[Whitney] 3:52 am: DIon!
[Ben] 3:52 am: oh gawd
[Vernadyn] 3:52 am: barry!
[Whitney] 3:52 am: Wait, it's not Titanic
[pat_coombs] 3:52 am: indeed
[Whitney] 3:52 am: Tony Curtis
[Ben] 3:52 am: of course not
[Ben] 3:53 am: mancervitz
[Ben] 3:53 am: bill fraker
[Ben] 3:53 am: lionel jeffries
[Vernadyn] 3:53 am: i forgot about menke
[Whitney] 3:53 am: It sounds kind of like When you Wish Upon a Star in some places
[Ben] 3:53 am: ahhh
[EricJ] 3:53 am: Lionel Jeffries...True posh.
[Ben] 3:53 am: leslie neilsen
[Ben] 3:53 am: pete
[Bill1978] 3:53 am: glad there is no applause for indivudals
[Whitney] 3:54 am: Lynn Redgrave
[Ben] 3:54 am: she looks like she's trying to push one out!
[EricJ] 3:54 am: If Workman was doing the tribute, we'd see mvoie titles
[Vernadyn] 3:55 am: hope they weren't showing anyone when they showed Dion singing
[pat_coombs] 3:55 am: i was hoping for a subtitle under celine.....
[Ben] 3:55 am: Lara-El!
[Whitney] 3:55 am: Hopper
[Josh] 3:55 am: LOL at Ben's 'push' comment.
[Vernadyn] 3:55 am: kersh
[Whitney] 3:55 am: Lena Horne?
[Bill1978] 3:55 am: ok so who did they missed that's gonna upset the online masses
[Whitney] 3:55 am: Stormy Weather
[Josh] 3:55 am: I'd enjoy her music more if she didn't overact with her facial expressions.
[Ben] 3:55 am: ronald neame, wolper, alan hume, kersh, blake edwards, kevin mccarthy...you forget these people passed away so recently
[Whitney] 3:56 am: The guy who wrote the score for Dances With Wolves
[EricJ] 3:56 am: Paid the price?--She destroyed Hattie McDaniel!
[Bill1978] 3:56 am: he was at the start whitney
[Ben] 3:56 am: subtitle under celine?
[Whitney] 3:56 am: Beautiful woman
[Whitney] 3:56 am: beautiful voice
[pat_coombs] 3:56 am: wishful thinking ben, maybe next year.....
[Whitney] 3:57 am: oh
[Josh] 3:57 am: I was talking about, Celine, by the way.
[Ben] 3:57 am: she dreams about her magic helmet
[Josh] 3:57 am: *about Celine
[Ben] 3:57 am: but really it's just a bike helmet
[Whitney] 3:57 am: I wasn't
[Ben] 3:57 am: more ads
[James] 3:57 am: Irvin Kershner was on there
[Ben] 3:57 am: yep
[Bill1978] 3:58 am: i guess an ad is the only way to finish off the memoriam, had to go to the next thing with a casual thanks for that
[Whippet Angel] 3:58 am: Who was the animator? I didn't recognize him.
[Whitney] 3:58 am: Pete Littlejohn
[Bill1978] 3:58 am: http://www.cinemasight.com/ has them all listed
[pat_coombs] 3:58 am: ah dustin.....
[Whitney] 3:58 am: Maybe he worked with Robin Hood
[Ben] 3:59 am: Bill Littlejohn
[EricJ] 3:59 am: Worked on Peanuts
[Ben] 3:59 am: did lots of peanuts stuff
[Ben] 4:00 am: not much disney, though that clip of him was from "Man Behind The Myth"
[Whitney] 4:01 am: easiest footage to locate
[Whitney] 4:01 am: oh my
[Whitney] 4:01 am: she's wrapped in plastic
[Whippet Angel] 4:01 am: Is her dress made form vinyl?
[Ben] 4:01 am: but she makes it look GOOD!
[Whitney] 4:01 am: and someone killed an ostrich to make that dress
[Ben] 4:01 am: hillary slank did she just call her?
[James] 4:02 am: who is this dude
[James] 4:02 am:
[Whitney] 4:02 am: Anyone else bored after they announced animated feature?
[James] 4:02 am: 60% chose TRHE SOCIAL NETWORK
[Ben] 4:02 am: finsher has this
[Ben] 4:02 am: fincher
[pat_coombs] 4:03 am: yes
[Bill1978] 4:03 am: The King's Speech is back in the Best Picture race phew. Now it's back to being exciting for me
[Ben] 4:03 am: i was bored after the opening titles!
[pat_coombs] 4:03 am: oh
[Ben] 4:03 am: oooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
[EricJ] 4:03 am: Hate to say it, but think it is
[Whitney] 4:03 am: what if they win an award and they're backstafe?
[Ben] 4:03 am: that's a shocker
[Whitney] 4:03 am: backstage*
[Jafar] 4:03 am: wow
[Whitney] 4:03 am: Do they have an engraver in the back?
[EricJ] 4:03 am: I am sitting here participating in my own shame
[Bill1978] 4:03 am: the DGA gave it to him
[Ben] 4:03 am: i wa sure King's for pictire but fincher for director
[James] 4:03 am: 28% got this one right
[pat_coombs] 4:03 am: its good but like in a bbc4 way....
[Bill1978] 4:03 am: yes Whitney
[Ben] 4:03 am: no, they get their award in a couple of weeks
[Whitney] 4:04 am: oh
[Ben] 4:04 am: a bit better than bbc4, though.
[Ben] 4:04 am: but yes
[Josh] 4:04 am: Hmmm... A lot of folks thought the Best Director and Best Picture films would be different. So does that mean...
[Ben] 4:04 am: like The Queen, its just a very good TV movie
[pat_coombs] 4:04 am: like the queen. tv.
[pat_coombs] 4:04 am: lol
[Ben] 4:04 am: lol
[Whitney] 4:04 am: do we have another half hour?
[Whippet Angel] 4:05 am: For 3 awards?
[Ben] 4:05 am: could Social take picture now?
[Bill1978] 4:05 am: we have 2 acting and 1 picture to go. SO that's one every 10minutes
[Bill1978] 4:05 am: AND they needed to truncate the songs?
[pat_coombs] 4:05 am: i hope so
[Whitney] 4:05 am:
[Vernadyn] 4:05 am: hopefully, fincher will eventually get it
[Ben] 4:05 am: yeah, but these final few have longer acceptance times
[Bill1978] 4:05 am: if King wins Actor and PIcture it gets 4 awards equal with Social
[Whitney] 4:05 am: they didn't have one with a emoticon hitting their head aganist a wall
[Whitney] 4:05 am: she's wearing a spider's web
[Meg] 4:06 am: Man, I need to go to bed soon, hope this doesn't last too long.
[Bill1978] 4:06 am: the advantage to being down under, it's only 3pm
[Ben] 4:06 am: think of me and pat coombs here at 5am here!
[James] 4:06 am: Ha!
[Whitney] 4:06 am: me too
[Whitney] 4:06 am: oh
[Ben] 4:06 am: okay, i jumped...just 4am
[pat_coombs] 4:06 am: lol
[Whitney] 4:06 am: Do you have to work in the morning?
[Josh] 4:06 am: Looks like Tim Burton designed Benning's dress.
[Whitney] 4:06 am: ha
[Bill1978] 4:07 am: i'm meant to be working right now, but I woke up terribly sick
[Ben] 4:07 am: nope, i'm staying in bed!
[Whitney] 4:07 am: lucky
[Ben] 4:07 am: cracked a rib or something in my chest the other day, so trying to rest anyway at the moment
[Whitney] 4:07 am: I wonder what is the point of giving someone an award when they've passed on?
[Whitney] 4:07 am: youch!
[Bill1978] 4:08 am: what exactly is the point of the governor's ball - to recognise people they overlooked at there prime
[pat_coombs] 4:08 am: are you alright? pat is concerned...
[EricJ] 4:08 am: To keep lifetime awards out of the ceremony.
[Ben] 4:08 am: yeah, i'm okay pat, but bloddy hurts. will probably go for an x-ray if still hurting in a day or two
[pat_coombs] 4:09 am:
[Whippet Angel] 4:09 am: eek, that doesn't sound fun.
[Whitney] 4:09 am: not one bit
[pat_coombs] 4:09 am: how did it happen... house business?
[Whitney] 4:10 am: lifting the imac?
[James] 4:10 am: looks like the oscars have taken down twitter
[Ben] 4:10 am: was lifting heavy concrete the other day and felt something "crush". was okay for a week and a half and then bent over to pick up a camera yesterday and it just "snapped" and I've been in agony since! Wasn't going to A&E today and end up there overnight when this was on...but on reflection, maybe that would have been more interesting...!?
[pat_coombs] 4:10 am: maybe
[Whitney] 4:11 am: Hopefully you won't have to go to hospital
[Whitney] 4:11 am: Hathaway could have worn that in Tron
[James] 4:11 am: what is franco keep looking at
[Whitney] 4:11 am: the cue card
[Ben] 4:11 am: i'm just hoping it's a torn muscle/ligament and I'll be ookay in a few days
[Whitney] 4:11 am: CLU
[James] 4:11 am: he's looking kind of up and to the left
[Ben] 4:12 am: jeff!
[Ben] 4:12 am: the dude
[pat_coombs] 4:12 am: the dude
[Whitney] 4:12 am: Flynn
[eddievalient] 4:12 am: flynn!
[pat_coombs] 4:12 am: stop it
[Vernadyn] 4:12 am: tucker
[Ben] 4:12 am: uh-oh, they're going to speak about each nom
[Whippet Angel] 4:12 am: Big Z!
[Ben] 4:12 am: lol @ pat
[EricJ] 4:12 am: Well, we're getting there--We've still got testimonials, but ONE presenter and clips
[Bill1978] 4:12 am: was julianne moore nominated based on that clip she must have been
[James] 4:13 am: 93% of contest entries chose NATALIE PORTMAN
[EricJ] 4:13 am: They'll be cured by n;ext yera
[Whitney] 4:13 am: after this
[Ben] 4:13 am: Beatty doesn't look like he can move his face
[Whitney] 4:13 am: it's bed for me
[Ben] 4:13 am: nicole looks her most natural in years
[Whitney] 4:13 am: Kidman has a good American accent
[Ben] 4:13 am: gotta be portman
[Bill1978] 4:13 am: this might provide an upset with Annette getting a careere award
[eddievalient] 4:14 am: we don't have an accent, you do lol
[Ben] 4:14 am: she apparently trained for months in order to be able to grow those features on cue
[Ben] 4:14 am: *feathers*
[Whitney] 4:14 am: Hmm
[Whippet Angel] 4:14 am: lol
[Whitney] 4:14 am: When she molts she can stuff pillows
[Ben] 4:15 am: must see True Grit
[pat_coombs] 4:15 am: ahhh the final stage of natalies redemption.......
[EricJ] 4:15 am: She presumes too much
[Ben] 4:15 am: tomorrow night maybe
[pat_coombs] 4:15 am: can she be finally forgiven?
[Whitney] 4:15 am: ack~
[Bill1978] 4:15 am: for what??
[Ben] 4:15 am: redemption...from the prequels?
[Whitney] 4:15 am: how many more?
[pat_coombs] 4:15 am: indeed
[Ben] 4:15 am: amadaladingdong?
[pat_coombs] 4:15 am: lol
[eddievalient] 4:15 am: come on, she was the best part of those!
[Whippet Angel] 4:16 am: Still gotta see Blue Valentine... Looks like a gritty version of 500 days of Summer.
[Whitney] 4:16 am: she looks like Mary Martin with that haircut
[Whitney] 4:16 am: there we go
[Bill1978] 4:16 am: will she give birth live on stage??
[Meg] 4:16 am: I've really gotta see Black Swan
[Ben] 4:16 am: done deal
[pat_coombs] 4:16 am: nice
[EricJ] 4:16 am: What'd the other 7% pick?
[Bill1978] 4:16 am: and more importatnly, will she break up with her partner now that she has a best actress Oscar
[Ben] 4:16 am: haha bill
[Whitney] 4:17 am: I like her dress
[Whitney] 4:17 am: tasteful
[Ben] 4:17 am: never better than in mars attacks
[James] 4:17 am: 4% chose Bening, 2% chose Kidman, 1% chose Williams
[Whippet Angel] 4:17 am: not over the top either
[Vernadyn] 4:17 am: i guess it wasn't the dove
[Whitney] 4:18 am: yawn
[Josh] 4:18 am: Too bad for her baby. Up there on the Oscar stage, and he or she won't remember a bit of it.
[Ben] 4:18 am: good speech...not over the top. maybe she'll now stab herself?
[Bill1978] 4:18 am: no one chose Jennifer? Guess no one saw it lol
[Whitney] 4:19 am: The baby can always say she was on stage though
[Ben] 4:19 am: hopefully the baby won't run around shouting "yippeeeeee"...
[Bill1978] 4:19 am: I can forgive these speeches cause she ain't ever getting up there again (most likely) as opposed to say Merryl Streep
[Whippet Angel] 4:19 am: eh... you never know...
[Ben] 4:19 am: she'll be up there again...in about twenty to thirty years
[Whitney] 4:19 am: you'll be used to cover a kitchen floor
[Whitney] 4:19 am: hathaway
[eddievalient] 4:19 am: for a lifetime achievement award
[Whitney] 4:19 am: in that dress
[Whippet Angel] 4:19 am: that dress looks so ridiculous...
[Whitney] 4:20 am: wow
[Ben] 4:20 am: ahh, the bullocks
[Whitney] 4:20 am: Bullock is vey pointy
[eddievalient] 4:20 am: bollocks you mean
[Whitney] 4:20 am: very*
[James] 4:20 am: 91% chose COLIN FIRTH
[EricJ] 4:20 am: Never mind the Bullocks.
[Ben] 4:20 am: done deal
[Bill1978] 4:20 am: colin was great
[Whippet Angel] 4:21 am: agreed.
[Ben] 4:21 am: ANNOUNCEMENT: This is a family forum that strives to maintain a PG rating level.
...Please refrain from inappropriate use of language or subject topics. KEEP IT CLEAN.
...Anyone not abiding by these requests will be automatically banned from the discussion.
[eddievalient] 4:21 am: sorry
[Whitney] 4:21 am: all kids are probably in bed or asleep, though
[Ben] 4:21 am: i'm not sure colin was that great
[The Toon Saloon]: gloucester1 has entered at 4:22 am
[Ben] 4:22 am: but he was good
[eddievalient] 4:22 am: i hope jeff is 2 for 2
[Meg] 4:22 am: Lame Facebook jokes, Jessie must get so many of them.
[Bill1978] 4:22 am: what's left to fill in the time. Or is it meant to finish in under 10mins
[Ben] 4:22 am: again///not sure if any of the noms are truly outstanding or classic noms
[Meg] 4:22 am: I'd love to see Jeff win this one, he won't get it though
[James] 4:23 am: We have at least one winner who can not be beaten, but one other person could tie them...
[Whitney] 4:23 am: it's firth
[Whippet Angel] 4:23 am: I still don't think it tops Colin's performance in A Single Man.
[Bill1978] 4:23 am: i would say his win this year is to make up for the loss last year
[Ben] 4:23 am: possibly, yes
[James] 4:23 am: just a little tease. prelim results after the picture award
[Whitney] 4:23 am: Firth played the current Queen's father right?
[Bill1978] 4:23 am: if he wins, but he still made me sympathise with a royal
[Ben] 4:24 am: yep
[Bill1978] 4:24 am: correct whitney
[Ben] 4:24 am: he's helen mirren's dad
[Whitney] 4:24 am: okay
[Josh] 4:24 am: I think it's a shame Andrew Garfield wasn't nominated for Best Supporting Actor.
[Whippet Angel] 4:24 am: I guess they switched Colin's year with Jeff's by mistake.
[Whitney] 4:24 am: The real 127 was not like that
[eddievalient] 4:24 am: isnt he playing spiderman?
[Ben] 4:25 am: haha
[Josh] 4:25 am: Yeah
[Whitney] 4:25 am: HAha
[Bill1978] 4:25 am: well done Colin
[Ben] 4:25 am: i think tonight is the closest franco will get to an oscar
[eddievalient] 4:25 am: probably
[Whippet Angel] 4:25 am: i hope not Colin!
[Ben] 4:25 am: nice for colin
[Bill1978] 4:27 am: one of the few english actors not in arry po'er
[Whitney] 4:27 am: haha
[eddievalient] 4:27 am: not yet, theres still one more to go
[Whitney] 4:27 am: He'll play an older Harry
[Whitney] 4:27 am: with the kids
[Ben] 4:27 am: he's not in it though eddie
[Bill1978] 4:27 am: they've finished filming it though
[Ben] 4:28 am: apart from one bit
[Whitney] 4:28 am: Ricky Gervais
[Whitney] 4:28 am: he's not in them
[Ben] 4:28 am: he's not really an actor, though
[Whitney] 4:28 am: He's very classy
[Whitney] 4:28 am: no gervais
[Whippet Angel] 4:28 am: love that man.
[Whitney] 4:28 am: firth
[James] 4:28 am: Carl Pilkington
[Whitney] 4:29 am: Oh great a public school
[Ben] 4:29 am: one to go
[Ben] 4:29 am: who is it?
[Josh] 4:29 am: King's Speech
[Bill1978] 4:29 am: winter's bone for sure
[Whitney] 4:29 am: I need to get to bed
[Whitney] 4:29 am: I'll see you guys on the forums
[James] 4:29 am: 82% chose THE KINGS SPEECH
[Bill1978] 4:30 am: bye whit
[James] 4:30 am: 9% chose THE SOCIAL NETWORK
[Jafar] 4:30 am: I need to rush to work
[Josh] 4:30 am: Bye, Whitney
[Ben] 4:30 am: i thought it was vaguely amusing how much winter's bone's marketing looked like The Lovely Bones, especially after that film flopped so bad
[James] 4:30 am: 4% chose BLACK SWAN
[EricJ] 4:30 am: What documentary was PS 122 in?
[The Toon Saloon]: Whitney has left at 4:30 am
[Ben] 4:30 am: bye whitney...thanks for joining us
[James] 4:30 am: 3% chose TOY STORY 3
[James] 4:30 am: 1% chose THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT
[James] 4:31 am: 1% chose TRUE GRIT
[eddievalient] 4:31 am: id love to see inception win, but itll go to the kings speech
[eddievalient] 4:31 am: inception is too popular and popular films never win the big prize
[Jafar] 4:31 am: catch you all later, good night
[Bill1978] 4:31 am: ah jurassic park music
[Josh] 4:31 am: Good night, Jafar.
[Whippet Angel] 4:32 am: 'nother dress change
[Ben] 4:32 am: another dress
[Ben] 4:32 am: g'nite jafar!
[Ben] 4:32 am: steve!
[The Toon Saloon]: Jafar has left at 4:32 am
[James] 4:32 am: nice
[Ben] 4:32 am: yes
[Josh] 4:32 am: Agreed, James. Very nice line.
[Whippet Angel] 4:32 am: I love the fact that we still call them "Motion pictures".
[Ben] 4:33 am: well, they are
[James] 4:33 am: what, you'd prefer Best Talkie?
[Ben] 4:33 am: whatever format, it's still a series of images in rapid motion
[Ben] 4:34 am: this is nicely done
[eddievalient] 4:34 am: indeed
[Whippet Angel] 4:34 am: It seems antiquated, but that's not a bad thing.
[Ben] 4:34 am: but clear what the winner is
[Ben] 4:34 am: unless it's going to be a shock Shakespeare surprise...
[EricJ] 4:35 am: Okay, they're using King's Speech to symbolize all the nominees, I GET IT!
[Bill1978] 4:35 am: wouldn't surprise me
[Whippet Angel] 4:35 am: drumroll
[eddievalient] 4:36 am: no surprise there
[Bill1978] 4:36 am: 2 years in a row I'm happy with the outcome
[Whippet Angel] 4:36 am: nope
[Meg] 4:36 am: Yep
[Meg] 4:36 am: I should watch this at some point
[eddievalient] 4:36 am: avatar totally shouldve won last year james cameron was robbed
[Ben] 4:36 am: well, at least that stupid anti-semetism play didn't work against it
[Josh] 4:36 am: I'm happy with this. I loved The Social Network. But The King's Speech really moved me.
[Ben] 4:37 am: no, he wasn't eddie
[Meg] 4:37 am: No, Avatar was horrid
[James] 4:37 am: AV OSCAR CONTEST WINNER...
[Meg] 4:37 am: :o
[Ben] 4:37 am: drumroll...
[James] 4:37 am: WITH 20 out of 22 right...
[Randall] 4:37 am: da dada da....
[Ben] 4:37 am: tease
[Meg] 4:37 am: Wow, good score!
[Bill1978] 4:37 am: as othrs have said avatar was just pocahontas in space and without the 3D aspects very very average
[James] 4:37 am: but first...
[James] 4:37 am:
[James] 4:37 am: RMH!
[Meg] 4:38 am: Haha
[Ben] 4:38 am: c'mon krik
[Whippet Angel] 4:38 am: i see what you did there
[James] 4:38 am: 4 others had 19/22
[Ben] 4:38 am: wow, we're done early...this was listed as 6am finish here
[Randall] 4:38 am: Wow.
[EricJ] 4:38 am: Oh, well. Time to move the computer back into the office, and me into the bedroom.
[James] 4:38 am: Results for those in the room...
[Bill1978] 4:38 am: we had a 4pm finish and that's 20mins away
[eddievalient] 4:38 am: avatar's not the most popular movie in history for nothing you know.
[Ben] 4:38 am: g'nite eric
[James] 4:39 am: BEN 8/22
[Josh] 4:39 am: Bye, Eric.
[Meg] 4:39 am: Bye!
[James] 4:39 am: BILL 15/22
[Bill1978] 4:39 am: high prices for the 3D helped it. It sold less tickets than Titanic
[Ben] 4:39 am: oh my, what's this?
[Whippet Angel] 4:39 am: Twilight is immensely popular too, y'know...
[James] 4:39 am: ERIC 12/22
[eddievalient] 4:39 am: i'm out. g'nite.
[The Toon Saloon]: eddievalient has left at 4:39 am
[Meg] 4:39 am: So is Transformers
[Bill1978] 4:39 am: no idea what this is about am I meant to care about these kids?
[James] 4:39 am: JAFAR 16/22
[Ben] 4:39 am: a lot of rubbish makea a lot of money
[James] 4:39 am: JAMES 10/22
[James] 4:40 am: JOSH 18/22
[Meg] 4:40 am: Yeah
[EricJ] 4:40 am: Think they won some ABC chorus show
[Ben] 4:40 am: they're all dying, bill. they have months to live so this is their dream coming true
[James] 4:40 am: RANDALL 10/22
[Meg] 4:40 am: Like Alice in Wonderland
[Bill1978] 4:40 am: lovely vocals, horrible stagework
[Whippet Angel] 4:40 am: Shame on you, ben... lol
[Meg] 4:40 am: Haha
[James] 4:41 am: WHIPPET 14/22
[pat_coombs] 4:41 am: it's turned into a pukefest
[Josh] 4:41 am: I think this is a pretty nice finish to the show.
[James] 4:41 am: ASKMIKE 13/22
[Ben] 4:41 am: just what is this supposed to be about!!???
[James] 4:41 am: GLOUCESTER1 16/22
[The Toon Saloon]: EricJ has left at 4:41 am
[The Toon Saloon]: gloucester1 has left at 4:41 am
[Bill1978] 4:41 am: america likes cheese apparently
[Ben] 4:41 am: somewhere over the village of the damned
[Whippet Angel] 4:41 am: Do we ever.
[Meg] 4:42 am: I know I do!
[Whippet Angel] 4:42 am: Smoked gouda is the best!
[James] 4:42 am: The contest consensus pick was correct 18/22 times (including both tiebreaker categories)
[James] 4:42 am: (NOT including that should read)
[The Toon Saloon]: Randall has left at 4:43 am
[Vernadyn] 4:43 am: the credits are doing take my breath away
[Ben] 4:43 am: ultimately i thought that was a boring mess
[James] 4:44 am: yep. Hathaway was better than i expected though. Franco might as well not have been there
[pat_coombs] 4:44 am: i'm going to comoobarb off. a short burst of vedome and getoff love before sleepy. twas boring indeed mister ben.
[Whippet Angel] 4:44 am: He really seemen like he'd rather have been somewhere else..
[Ben] 4:45 am: see you soon pat! we really must catch up soon
[Whippet Angel] 4:45 am: *seemed
[Ben] 4:45 am: when are you around?
[Vernadyn] 4:45 am: maybe he had to study
[Ben] 4:45 am: seemen, whippet!?
[Whippet Angel] 4:45 am: eek! bad typo.
[Meg] 4:46 am: Haha
[pat_coombs] 4:46 am: i'll check what im up to. i am recording one thing and mixing another this week but i'll textamaphone you.
[Meg] 4:46 am: Well I gotta go to bed
[Ben] 4:46 am: okie doke pat
[James] 4:46 am: I'm heading out to compile the results for the website. Talk to you guys later!
[Meg] 4:46 am: Great talking to everyone again!
[Ben] 4:46 am: i'm around most of the time
[James] 4:46 am: night meg
[Meg] 4:46 am:
[Meg] 4:46 am: Night!
[Ben] 4:46 am: bye James
[Ben] 4:46 am: TTFN
[James] 4:46 am: get better ben
[pat_coombs] 4:46 am: taran- ta ra
[Josh] 4:47 am: Well, guys, I've had fun. Thanks for having the chat again this year.
[Ben] 4:47 am: worst moment: kirk douglas
[Whippet Angel] 4:47 am: agreed
[Ben] 4:47 am: best moment: "I should have got a haircut"
[Bill1978] 4:48 am: thanks for the chat goes, it's been a blast. see ya on the site
[Josh] 4:48 am: Bye, everyone.
[Ben] 4:48 am: yep...thanks to you guys for coming along and making it so fun
[The Toon Saloon]: Bill1978 has left at 4:48 am
[The Toon Saloon]: Josh has left at 4:48 am
[Whippet Angel] 4:49 am: I'm out too. 'Night everyone! 'Twas fun.
[The Toon Saloon]: Whippet Angel has left at 4:50 am
[Ben] 4:50 am: right...time to go!
[Vernadyn] 4:50 am: Good night

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Post by Daniel » February 28th, 2011, 11:59 pm

Good (lengthy!) read, sounds like you guys had a blast. I see my last messages didn't show, though... figured as much. Internet was being a pain.