DC comics streaming service to start September 15

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Re: DC comics streaming service to start September 15

Post by Randall » August 23rd, 2020, 9:43 am

I did say that it would put the runtime to shame, not the film.

And even if it ends up being bloated, at least we will have a much fuller story, and one that should put BvS in a better context by staying true to the vision.

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Re: DC comics streaming service to start September 15

Post by Ben » August 23rd, 2020, 10:07 am

I did say "yes, of course it will in terms of content". ;)

I’ve just never heard or thought about landing on a movie, or comparing it to another one, merely based on length! :)

And needless to say that our guests have *just* gone, fifteen minutes after the Snyder-Man panel ended...grrrrrr! For the past half hour I’ve been thinking "okay, yes, great to see you, please leave now! Oh, you’re going? Nice? Wait, why are you taking so long to go! Yes, okay, bye! Lovely to see you...oh, your’re still here saying goodbyes, okay then! Great! Take care! Yes, please do come again sometime...oh, the panel is finishing...aaaaanndd...it's just finished". ;)

I did already see the trailer this morning though, so at least I saw that. I’m hoping, as you say, that this does indeed give it the wider context, and make everything gel, even if BvS remains the saggy, soggy, dumb middle of an often not quite there trilogy. But...hey...if JL:SC can tie it up and make it "better", then at least there’s a reason to watch, and I certainly will go through MOS and BvS on my way to watching the JL:SC when it hopefully comes to disc in its four-hour movie version!

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