New Disney animated series release on the way...

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New Disney animated series release on the way...

Post by GeorgeC » February 2nd, 2009, 7:59 pm

From The Digital, Monday 2 February 2009 --

"Also newly announced by Buena Vista for DVD only release are Disney Animation Collection: Volume 1 - Mickey and the Beanstalk, Disney Animation Collection: Volume 2 - The Three Little Pigs and Disney Animation Collection: Volume 3 - The Prince and the Pauper on 4/7 (SRP $19.99 each), and Enchanted April and October Road: The Complete Second Season on 5/5. The Disney Animation Collection series seems to be about putting a release spotlight on some of the studio's more interesting animated short film material. "

I'll bite.

This actually seems like a good general release for this animation!

Hopefully, they get better presentation that the last few releases on single-DVD.

They might be following the pattern set by the old Disney shorts releases on laserdisc which included the infamous Three Little Pigs volume. I had that disc until it rotted! :cry:

This stuff won't get a Blu-Ray release until it becomes economical. Way too early for that.

P.S. -- Release date announced for The Spirit feature on home video, but who cares? The comics and Archives are much better than that film!

(Rand -- I got six of the Spirit Archives in the last month because of an inventory clearance sale at my local comic shop! I'm a quarter through the DC run! Yippee! Great stuff!)

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Post by Ben » February 2nd, 2009, 8:46 pm

Yo George...been debating these over in the Witch Mountain thread: ... 6076#56076

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