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Post by Meg » February 4th, 2008, 7:12 am

I'm looking forward to it! :)

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2009 Oscar Chat

Post by James » February 9th, 2009, 10:48 pm

Join members of the Animated News & Views team and your fellow forum members for a live chat during the Oscar telecast! Not only will we talk shop, we'll also keep a running live update of who is leading in our Oscar prediction contest throughout the night!

We'll officially kick off the chat at 7:30pm ET on Sunday, February 22nd. Registered forum members can click the "Chat Lounge" link at the top of any forum page to enter the chat room.

- Let's keep the chat room rated PG please. Violators may be kicked out of the room!
- The Macromedia Flash plugin is needed to access the room.
- While in the chat room, click the OPTIONS button to change the look of your chat page.
- Click the X button in the top right corner of the chat page to log out. Closing your chat window any other way will not log you out. If you close the window without logging out first, you will have to wait five minutes before logging in again.

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Post by Daniel » February 9th, 2009, 11:59 pm

I don't think I'll be able to attend, but we'll see.

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Post by Ben » February 10th, 2009, 3:11 pm

I'm there, TV in place and popcorn on my chair. :)

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Post by Rodney » February 10th, 2009, 4:06 pm

I have a big Oscar party that day at home so I may check in during the commercials.

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Post by Zach » February 10th, 2009, 9:24 pm

I did it last year. And I'm planning on it this year.

It's pretty fun. :D

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Post by EricJ » February 10th, 2009, 10:42 pm

It'll probably be the same as last year, where there isn't a clear sweep, and they throw us a curveball on every single "locked" category except for...(duh!)...Best Animated.

But I'll go through with the futility anyway. :)

(I mean, we accused them last year of just cribbing Golden Globes nominations, now that the voting period has been cut too short for them to think of their own...Which is about the only explanation I can think of for Robert Downey Jr. actually getting a Sup.Actor nomination for "Tropic Thunder".)

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Post by Ben » February 11th, 2009, 8:49 am

The other is that there's almost a tradition of providing at least one nomination for either Best Supporting Actor or Supporting Actress for a very broad performance, usually in a commercial release.

From several crowd-pleasers in the 1960s to Marissa Tomei in the 1990s and Johnny Depp's Jack Sparrow, the Academy has seen fit to feature such a role - usually the year's water cooler talking point - in the Supporting categories.

This year we have two: Downey Jr, and Heath Ledger. Ledger's win is almost a formality now, but I don't think Downey Jr would have gotten it anyway...it's very rare that these performances do...it's just a way for "audience favorites" to be justly recognised.

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Post by Sunday » February 20th, 2009, 6:02 pm

Will there be any option to access chat via an IRC client?

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Post by James » February 20th, 2009, 11:15 pm

Nope, sorry. We use this chat system because it allows us to limit it to people who have registered on this forum.

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Post by Josh » February 23rd, 2009, 12:12 am

I had a wonderful time, during this year's Oscar chat. Thanks to James and Ben, as well as the other great staff members of AN&V, for having the event. :)

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Post by Ben » February 23rd, 2009, 12:27 am

We're very glad to have continued tradition Josh!

A full transcript will be posted here later today. :)

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Post by Rodney » February 23rd, 2009, 2:24 am

I'm sorry I couldn't make it to the chat. I had guests at home tonight for the Oscars. It was a lot of fun though. I'm looking forward to hearing your comments from the chat!

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Post by Ben » February 23rd, 2009, 9:31 am

With Oscar chats seemingly a dying breed on the web, we had a pretty packed house and a continuous stream of comments during the 81st Academy Awards broadcast last night, with people from all over the world joining us to talk through the ceremony.

Below is a full transcript of the evening, slightly edited for some comments to remain on our PG-rated boards. Please be advised that, as a UK dweller, the time stamp refers to my local time in London...yep, I really was up until past 5am this morning!

Anyway, for those that couldn't join us, here's the highs and lows of what was said:
ANIMATED NEWS & VIEWS 2009 ACADEMY AWARDS CHAT (Part 1) wrote:Welcome! You have entered [The Chat Lounge] at 11:09 pm
[Ben] 11:10 pm: E's live on the red carpet!
[Ben] 11:10 pm: and Ben's live in this chat room...just about! ;)
[Ben] 11:10 pm: Why am I speaking to myself?
[The Chat Lounge]: Zach has entered at 11:10 pm
[Ben] 11:10 pm: hola!
[Zach] 11:11 pm: You're early, Ben!
[Zach] 11:11 pm: :D
[Ben] 11:11 pm: well the red carptet stuff just started on E so i figured some people might start turning up
[Zach] 11:19 pm: I honestly think WALL-E will win the Best Animated Film hands down!
[Ben] 11:19 pm: it's a close run but i agree that WALL-E has it
[Ben] 11:19 pm: best short is harder
[Zach] 11:19 pm: yeah
[Zach] 11:19 pm: i've only seen presto for the short
[Ben] 11:19 pm: presto is probably favorite but This Way Up has been getting good notices
[Zach] 11:20 pm: yeah, i know
[Zach] 11:20 pm: i think i picked this way up for the contest
[The Chat Lounge]: James has entered at 11:23 pm
[Zach] 11:23 pm: Hola James!
[James] 11:23 pm: Hola! Just wanted to let you know I'm going to have ome dinner and then be joining in!
[Zach] 11:24 pm: cool
[James] 11:24 pm: Be back soon!
[Ben] 11:24 pm: ome dinner?
[The Chat Lounge]: James has left at 11:24 pm
[Zach] 11:24 pm: see ya later
[Ben] 11:24 pm: nice!
[Zach] 11:25 pm: yeah
[Zach] 11:28 pm: Oh, I see you have changed the banner on the front page to a message.
[Zach] 11:29 pm: for the oscar chat
[Zach] 11:34 pm: one hour 'til the chat
[Ben] 11:46 pm: trying out some color
[Zach] 11:46 pm: oh, okay
[Zach] 11:47 pm: same color as James
[Ben] 11:47 pm: yeah...i'm traditionally yellow, so he's aping me! ;)
[Zach] 11:47 pm: ha ha :)
[Zach] 11:51 pm: testing out some color for me too
[Zach] 11:52 pm: testing
[Zach] 11:52 pm: yes, that is pretty good
[Zach] 11:52 pm: ah, im back to classic white
[Ben] 11:53 pm: classic white probably works best!
[Ben] 11:54 pm: i'll stick to yellow so the mods match! :)
[Zach] 11:57 pm: yes
[Zach] 12:01 am: I'll be back at 7:30!
[The Chat Lounge]: Zach has left at 12:02 am
[Ben] 12:03 am: sigh...all arone
[Ben] 12:04 am: i'm so ronewy
[Ben] 12:21 am: i got the red carpet blues
[The Chat Lounge]: James has entered at 12:26 am
[James] 12:26 am: hello?
[Ben] 12:27 am: hello?
[Ben] 12:27 am: ;)
[Ben] 12:27 am: it's red carpet fever here
[James] 12:27 am: hey - just wanted to let you know I'll be online sometime in the next 10 minutes
[Ben] 12:28 am: k j
[Ben] 12:28 am: lol
[James] 12:42 am: we still it?
[James] 12:47 am: OK - I'm back!
[Ben] 12:48 am: view-hallooo!
[Ben] 12:49 am: are you on the red carpet with E?
[Ben] 12:49 am: i'm splitting between that and some coverage they have running here before the main show
[James] 12:49 am: no - I hate the red carpet stuff
[James] 12:49 am: I'm just setting up some last minute stuff
[Ben] 12:50 am: what!? you don't like the frocks and fashions!?
[Ben] 12:50 am: ;)
[Ben] 12:50 am: andrew stanton and john lasseter just turned up
[The Chat Lounge]: askmike1 has entered at 12:50 am
[James] 12:51 am: hola!
[The Chat Lounge]: Zach has entered at 12:52 am
[The Chat Lounge]: askmike1 has left at 12:52 am
[Zach] 12:52 am: whoa
[Ben] 12:52 am: zach's back
[James] 12:52 am: hola!
[The Chat Lounge]: askmike1 has entered at 12:52 am
[Ben] 12:52 am: askmike not wanna stay?
[Ben] 12:52 am: ahh, he's back!
[Ben] 12:53 am: hey mike...you join us for our annual chat...the only time we ever see you! :)
[James] 12:53 am: Mike!
[askmike1] 12:55 am: Hows everything going with Animated-News lately?
[Ben] 12:56 am: things are pretty good
[Ben] 12:56 am: the Views side is really growing now
[Ben] 12:56 am: but we could do with News getting an injection of enthusiastic news posters
[Ben] 1:00 am: jessica biel is looking very very nice tonight
[Ben] 1:02 am: the show is starting here
[Ben] 1:02 am: E's red carpet stuff is just looping again!
[Ben] 1:02 am: they're playing the same footage over and over
[James] 1:02 am: ABC has live red carpet stuff i think
[James] 1:03 am: Amy Adams!
[Ben] 1:03 am: we have the show on the Sky Movies channel
[Ben] 1:03 am: so they ran their own two hour buildup
[Ben] 1:03 am: i was switching between that and the E stuff
[Ben] 1:04 am: now I'm just on Sky
[James] 1:06 am: I think Im all set up!
[James] 1:06 am: 65 ballots!
[Ben] 1:06 am: a record?
[James] 1:06 am: For the first time -- one category went 100% for a nominee
[Ben] 1:06 am: i'm liking anne hathaway (but don't i always?)
[Ben] 1:07 am: all 65 for the same choice?
[James] 1:07 am: YES!
[Ben] 1:07 am: i'm guessing BAF?
[James] 1:07 am: No
[Ben] 1:08 am: Mickey?
[James] 1:08 am: No.......
[Ben] 1:08 am: i think kate winslett looks awful
[James] 1:08 am: You'll do a face palm slap when you get it
[Ben] 1:08 am: that dress!
[Ben] 1:09 am: which one could be so obvious?
[James] 1:09 am: Heath!
[Zach] 1:09 am: I would think it would have been BAF!
[Zach] 1:09 am: oh yes!
[Ben] 1:09 am: of course
[Ben] 1:10 am: the dead guy
[James] 1:10 am: All 65 ballots chose him
[Ben] 1:10 am: anyone else seen the curiously crap of benjamin boring?
[Ben] 1:11 am: or Forrest Gump II without the magic or emotion?
[The Chat Lounge]: Thomas Anselmi has entered at 1:11 am
[James] 1:11 am: 65 ballots is actually the 2nd worst turnout in the past 5 years.
[Ben] 1:11 am: welcome thomas!
[Thomas Anselmi] 1:11 am: thank you!
[Ben] 1:11 am: awee james....
[Zach] 1:12 am: yeah, 5 people on here now!
[James] 1:12 am: Better odds for our biggest prize though!
[Thomas Anselmi] 1:12 am: great!
[Ben] 1:12 am: and with the prize we're offering!
[Zach] 1:12 am: yeah
[Ben] 1:12 am: i vote right now that staff should be entered!
[Ben] 1:12 am: ;)
[Ben] 1:13 am: y'know...just to even the odds
[Thomas Anselmi] 1:13 am: I'm watching the Oscars from Italy. Here it's 2:13 in the morning!
[James] 1:13 am: Yikes!
[Ben] 1:13 am: wow...an hour a head of me...I'm in London, so 1:13 for me
[James] 1:14 am: HSM stars on red carpet
[Thomas Anselmi] 1:14 am: it's a small world tonight
[Ben] 1:14 am: vanessa's looking sweet
[Ben] 1:14 am: it certainly is thomas! the magic of the net! :)
[Ben] 1:15 am: everyone here is celebrating miley cyrus' look, but i think she looked over dressed
[Thomas Anselmi] 1:15 am: yeah! it's great!
[Thomas Anselmi] 1:15 am: why miley cyrus is there for?
[James] 1:15 am: Bolt
[Ben] 1:16 am: supporting Bolt as best animated film (BAF)
[James] 1:16 am: Probably should have got a nom for song
[Zach] 1:16 am: boo!
[James] 1:16 am: (not her specifically)
[Thomas Anselmi] 1:16 am: but Bolt has no chance to win after all
[Thomas Anselmi] 1:17 am: It'll be Wall-E night!
[askmike1] 1:17 am: not when the almighty pixar is in the loop
[James] 1:17 am: 95% of ballots choose WALL-E for BAF
[Zach] 1:17 am: WALL-E!
[Zach] 1:17 am: I chose WALL-E!
[Thomas Anselmi] 1:18 am: Wall-E should be in the main category!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[askmike1] 1:18 am: wish I remembered to fill out the contest form :)
[Ben] 1:18 am: what was choice #2?
[Thomas Anselmi] 1:18 am: Bolt
[James] 1:18 am: Panda got 5% Bolt got 0
[Zach] 1:18 am: lol
[Thomas Anselmi] 1:19 am: I liked Bolt more than Kung Fu Panda
[Ben] 1:20 am: just checking around the web for other live oscar chats...seems to be a dying thing, so we're not doing too bad here
[Ben] 1:20 am: awe c'mon...start already! just more interviews here
[Thomas Anselmi] 1:21 am: Meryl streep
[askmike1] 1:21 am: Wall-E was the most adorable movie ever.... but I think Bolt was a really good movie too and should win
[Thomas Anselmi] 1:21 am: both of them should win according to me
[Ben] 1:21 am: i'm bummed out that i didn't see bolt yet
[Ben] 1:22 am: first time for ages that i haven't seen all the nominated films
[The Chat Lounge]: Kaszubas has entered at 1:22 am
[Thomas Anselmi] 1:22 am: I saw Bolt on Christmas Day with two friends of mine
[Ben] 1:22 am: kaszubas, welcome!
[Thomas Anselmi] 1:22 am: we really had fun!
[Kaszubas] 1:22 am: Hello Guys (and Gals?) ;)
[Ben] 1:23 am: no gals here yet unless there's something someone isn't telling us! ;)
[Thomas Anselmi] 1:23 am: Hi Kaszubas!
[askmike1] 1:23 am: hello
[Kaszubas] 1:23 am: yeah... You never know ;)
[Ben] 1:24 am: sigh...now we have a "brits at the oscars" thing
[Zach] 1:24 am: lol
[Zach] 1:24 am: I'm a guy for that matter!
[Ben] 1:24 am: gonna take the opportunity to grab a drink
[James] 1:25 am: just got mine!
[The Chat Lounge]: Josh has entered at 1:26 am
[Thomas Anselmi] 1:26 am: micheal giacchino is in here for the music!
[Ben] 1:26 am: josh! welcome!
[James] 1:26 am: GGiacchino doing the music - forgot about that!
[Ben] 1:26 am: almost time, they're sying here
[Josh] 1:26 am: Thanks, Ben! Great to be here! :)
[Thomas Anselmi] 1:26 am: me too, til I saw the special
[Thomas Anselmi] 1:26 am: Hi Josh!
[Ben] 1:26 am: how are things?
[Josh] 1:27 am: Very well, thank you. How are things with you?
[Josh] 1:27 am: Hey, Thomas!
[James] 1:27 am: Almost time!
[Ben] 1:27 am: pretty good
[Thomas Anselmi] 1:28 am: I hope everything is fine!
[Thomas Anselmi] 1:28 am: two minutes
[Ben] 1:29 am: can't believe 5:30 LA time works out at 1:30 for me and 2:30 for thomas...nearly half a day's "delay"
[Ben] 1:29 am: i'm betting we have the usual European delay
[Ben] 1:29 am: it's not so bad usually
[James] 1:29 am: Ben - have you heard of the spinning wheel?
[Ben] 1:29 am: not in the way you're going to tell me about, i bet
[Thomas Anselmi] 1:30 am: we are coming
[James] 1:30 am: Just a joke!
[Ben] 1:30 am: right...so oscars talk... ;)
[Ben] 1:30 am: a pretty close run year in 2009
[Ben] 1:31 am: lots of surprises in the noms, lots missing out
[James] 1:31 am: Pretty bad year methinks
[Ben] 1:31 am: bad as in some obscure releases, yes, but quite good in that it's not a predicable race
[Thomas Anselmi] 1:31 am: first is revolutionary road
[Ben] 1:31 am: apart from Slumdog
[Ben] 1:31 am: we haven't started yet
[Thomas Anselmi] 1:32 am: we are on air
[Josh] 1:32 am: That is one stylish stage.
[Ben] 1:32 am: wow
[Ben] 1:32 am: they're still talking here...blah
[Thomas Anselmi] 1:32 am: yeah its great
[Ben] 1:32 am: okay../we started
[James] 1:33 am: you're not on the monolouge Ben?
[Ben] 1:33 am: awe, no opening montage?
[Thomas Anselmi] 1:33 am: why not?!?
[Ben] 1:33 am: not yet...he's just coming on...now
[Ben] 1:33 am: "good evening"
[James] 1:34 am: You're 3-4 minutes behind
[Ben] 1:34 am: bah!
[Kaszubas] 1:34 am: not that bad ;)
[Ben] 1:34 am: excuse me remarking on old jokes then
[Ben] 1:34 am: this all seems very low key
[Josh] 1:35 am: I wonder if Marc Shaiman wrote this song. He often writes the Oscars' original songs.
[Ben] 1:35 am: he's singing now
[Ben] 1:35 am: shaiman's a good guess, but this isn’t clever enough for him
[Zach] 1:36 am: i didnt even notice that josh was on here until now
[Josh] 1:36 am: Thanks, Zach.
[Josh] 1:36 am: :)
[Zach] 1:36 am: he he
[askmike1] 1:36 am: this is funnier than most of the comedian's bits
[Ben] 1:36 am: wolverine is dancin'!
[Kaszubas] 1:37 am: would be funnier with his blade-like-claws ;)
[Thomas Anselmi] 1:37 am: pretty funny indeed
[Josh] 1:37 am: The Reader part of the song is hilarious, in my opinion.
[Thomas Anselmi] 1:38 am: it's fantastic
[Kaszubas] 1:38 am: wrestler part now here
[Ben] 1:38 am: anne hathaway was obviously in on that
[James] 1:38 am: ya think
[Ben] 1:38 am: lol
[Ben] 1:39 am: it's lacking a bit of polish or sparkle though...not as off the cuff as Billy Crystal's song openings
[Ben] 1:39 am: feels very over rehearsed
[Kaszubas] 1:39 am: wasn't she improvising ?hmmm ;) they foold me completley :D
[Josh] 1:39 am: I wish Crystal would host again.
[Josh] 1:40 am: By the way, I read that Ricky Gervais wrote some of Jackman's jokes for tonight.
[Ben] 1:40 am: poor hugh's exhausted!
[The Chat Lounge]: coolbran52 has entered at 1:40 am
[Ben] 1:40 am: yeah, josh...and he hasn't been backward in coming forward about that
[Josh] 1:40 am: Hi, coolbran52.
[Ben] 1:41 am: hey coolbran
[coolbran52] 1:41 am: hi
[Kaszubas] 1:41 am: hi coolbran52
[coolbran52] 1:41 am: :)
[Zach] 1:41 am: she is my sister
[Zach] 1:41 am: she just signed up
[Ben] 1:42 am: coolbran is zach's sister?
[The Chat Lounge]: Sunday has entered at 1:42 am
[coolbran52] 1:42 am: zach are you there?
[Zach] 1:42 am: indeed
[Ben] 1:42 am: sunday! welcome!
[Zach] 1:42 am: hey sunday
[Sunday] 1:42 am: Is this the first time I've been visible in chat?
[Ben] 1:42 am: okay...so we have one girl in here then
[Sunday] 1:42 am: And hey
[Ben] 1:42 am: fas as i can tell, yep sunday
[Kaszubas] 1:42 am: I've told You ;)
[Zach] 1:43 am: 9 members now
[Sunday] 1:43 am: Couldn't get this working in Linux for the past twenty minutes
[Ben] 1:43 am: it all seems a bit little and intimate, like it's happening in jackman's living room
[Sunday] 1:43 am: Oh, that's right... the Oscars are on
[Josh] 1:43 am: LOL at Bens' 'living room' comment.
[James] 1:43 am: 66% of our ballots chose Penelope Cruz for Supporting Actress
[Zach] 1:43 am: lol
[Kaszubas] 1:43 am: yep, I have the same ipression Ben
[Kaszubas] 1:44 am: but more like in some pub or something
[Ben] 1:44 am: well, it does josh!
[Ben] 1:44 am: nice clips package
[Ben] 1:44 am: i hope i catch up in between the ad breaks
[Josh] 1:45 am: Oh, I'm not disagreeing, Ben. :)
[Ben] 1:45 am: rotten if i'm 3-4 mins behind all night
[Zach] 1:45 am: lol, that's not that bad
[The Chat Lounge]: coolbran52 has left at 1:45 am
[Ben] 1:45 am: look how close they all are to the stage, they may as well be sitting on it! ;)
[Zach] 1:45 am: Ha ha ha!
[James] 1:46 am: All this time they are spending on Supporting Actress and Peter Gabriel couldn't sing his full song?
[Ben] 1:46 am: what's all this wheeling out the old actresses?
[Josh] 1:46 am: I hope every award doesn't take this long to present.
[Ben] 1:46 am: all the time they spent on hugh's opening and they couldn't give gabriel a chance?
[James] 1:47 am: Wait until you see how long THIS drags ben
[Kaszubas] 1:47 am: but it has to be quite rewarding moment for all the nomineese to get this much time and attention
[Ben] 1:47 am: oh, man, this is a disaster...and that comes from someone who has always defended the cheese and sentiments of the oscars
[Sunday] 1:47 am: Is this streaming online anywhere?
[Kaszubas] 1:47 am: it shows that all the nomineese are the best of the best
[James] 1:47 am: As I was saying 66% of our ballots chose Penelope Cruz for Supporting Actress
[Ben] 1:48 am: i don't think so...if anywhere they might have coverage on the AMPAS site
[Ben] 1:48 am: whoopi made the nun joke
[Ben] 1:48 am: I went for Cruz
[Sunday] 1:48 am: Cruz'in
[Ben] 1:48 am: but they won't spend this long on the craft awards...and its the craft people that REALLY deserve this kind of recognition
[Ben] 1:49 am: they don't get the magazine covers on top of this
[Kaszubas] 1:49 am: yep, You're right Ben...
[Josh] 1:49 am: Good point, Ben.
[The Chat Lounge]: coolbran52 has entered at 1:49 am
[The Chat Lounge]: Viscountesstiara has entered at 1:49 am
[Kaszubas] 1:49 am: they do not usually get much attention either...
[James] 1:49 am: Hello again!
[Ben] 1:49 am: these actresses should get an award just for these intros! ;)
[Zach] 1:49 am: wow! 10 people here now!
[coolbran52] 1:49 am: hey
[Kaszubas] 1:49 am: :D
[Zach] 1:49 am: it started with only 4
[Viscountesstiara] 1:49 am: hi all
[Sunday] 1:50 am: Hey hey
[Zach] 1:50 am: hey
[Ben] 1:50 am: penelope!
[Kaszubas] 1:50 am: hello
[coolbran52] 1:50 am: sry i had 2 restart the computer
[coolbran52] 1:50 am: hi
[Ben] 1:50 am: how long behind was that?
[James] 1:50 am: 3 minutes or so
[Zach] 1:50 am: lol
[James] 1:50 am: BAF next?
[Zach] 1:50 am: YES!
[Kaszubas] 1:50 am: what broadcast are You watching Ben ?
[Zach] 1:50 am: WALL-E!
[Ben] 1:51 am: so they have five minute intros and the winner still only gets 45 seconds!?
[Zach] 1:51 am: LOL!
[James] 1:51 am: 42 out of 65 people are pefect so far! ;)
[Ben] 1:51 am: we have Sky Movies here
[The Chat Lounge]: EricJ has entered at 1:51 am
[Zach] 1:51 am: did i get it right?
[Ben] 1:51 am: i know i'm perfect but what about my score!? ;)
[EricJ] 1:51 am: I didn't.
[James] 1:51 am: yes
[Ben] 1:51 am: eric, welcome
[EricJ] 1:52 am: Oh, and note to ourselves next year, Ceremony people:
[Zach] 1:52 am: welcome eric!
[Ben] 1:52 am: we're over 10!
[James] 1:52 am: Zach yes
[Zach] 1:52 am: yeah!
[EricJ] 1:52 am: When an actor is nominated...TRY SHOWING SOME DANGED CLIPS FROM WHAT HE WON IT FOR!!
[EricJ] 1:52 am: You're not the only people who haven't seen "The Reader!" ;)
[James] 1:52 am: If anyone wants to know how they stand let me know
[Kaszubas] 1:52 am: I'm on pro7 (german TV) - no Polish TV is broadcasting it this year...
[Ben] 1:52 am: commercials here
[Ben] 1:53 am: did BAF come up yet?
[EricJ] 1:53 am: When they announce they're going to "experiment" with the ceremony...that's when to dig the bomb shelter.
[Ben] 1:53 am: yeah, comments have already been flying here eric
[The Chat Lounge]: Otis8 has entered at 1:53 am
[James] 1:54 am: hello otis
[Viscountesstiara] 1:54 am: way too many corny jokes just get on it with it
[Zach] 1:54 am: wow. people are getting on now!
[Ben] 1:54 am: otis, welcom
[Otis8] 1:54 am: Hi James.
[The Chat Lounge]: coolbran52 has left at 1:54 am
[Kaszubas] 1:54 am: hi otis
[Otis8] 1:54 am: Hey.
[Ben] 1:54 am: sounds like they've caught up
[Kaszubas] 1:54 am: best original screenplay
[Ben] 1:55 am: screenplay montage just started. how's that?
[James] 1:55 am: 61% of our ballots chose Milk
[The Chat Lounge]: Sunday has left at 1:55 am
[Zach] 1:55 am: i don't remember what I chose
[Kaszubas] 1:55 am: "In Bruges" was cool :)
[Ben] 1:56 am: awee steve can still be funny
[Ben] 1:56 am: scientology joke
[Kaszubas] 1:56 am: and the winner is... Milk
[Ben] 1:57 am: still getting the noms here
[Josh] 1:57 am: Your'e right.
[Viscountesstiara] 1:57 am: cant remember what i chose either
[EricJ] 1:57 am: Steve STILL rules the Oscars. :)
[Kaszubas] 1:57 am: sorry for spoiler Ben ;)
[Thomas Anselmi] 1:58 am: beautiful words from Dustin
[Ben] 1:58 am: Milk just announced...sounds like i am still minutes behind :(
[Zach] 1:58 am: what are my standings?
[Kaszubas] 1:59 am: switch to Pro Sieben ;)
[Zach] 1:59 am: i think i got both right so far
[James] 1:59 am: CONTEST: 72% chose Slumdog Millionaire
[Ben] 1:59 am: i can't remember what i went for
[Kaszubas] 1:59 am: adapted screenpley
[Josh] 1:59 am: I'm beginning to think Steve Martin and TIna Fey should have hosted the Oscars.
[Ben] 2:00 am: steve martin should always host the oscars
[Viscountesstiara] 2:00 am: anyone but hugh
[Ben] 2:00 am: he and billy should alternate until they die
[Ben] 2:00 am: ;)
[Ben] 2:00 am: dare i say it, but this is...boring?
[Ben] 2:01 am: adapted screenplay noms here
[James] 2:01 am: We already have the winner
[Kaszubas] 2:02 am: yep
[Ben] 2:02 am: you go for it...don't let my single delay hold you back
[Zach] 2:02 am: yep
[EricJ] 2:02 am: Steve, yes, but let's stop pretending Tina Fey actually has a career, just because Lorne Michaels wants us to THINK she does...
[Josh] 2:02 am: Not a 30 Rock fan?
[Kaszubas] 2:03 am: Slumdog!
[The Chat Lounge]: Sunday has entered at 2:03 am
[Zach] 2:03 am: Slumdog!
[James] 2:03 am: CONTEST: 28 of 65 still perfect
[James] 2:03 am: BAF
[Sunday] 2:03 am: Alright, finally with the laptop in front of the telly
[Ben] 2:03 am: fey is one of those people who works well in projects like SNL or 30 Rock but isn't a "defined personality" that works outside anything
[Kaszubas] 2:03 am: BAF!!!
[Sunday] 2:03 am: what just happened
[Ben] 2:03 am: slumdog?
[Ben] 2:03 am: just won adapeted
[James] 2:03 am: Ha!
[Zach] 2:03 am: yes
[Sunday] 2:03 am: k
[Sunday] 2:03 am: Nice
[Ben] 2:04 am: James: "Ha!"...???
[Sunday] 2:04 am: Very nice, I jumped in right at the best time it would seem
[James] 2:04 am: You'll know when you hear it
[Sunday] 2:04 am: animation...
[Ben] 2:04 am: WALL-E
[Kaszubas] 2:05 am: "wall-e finding some oscar in the garbage pile" montage
[Ben] 2:06 am: nice jack black joke
[Ben] 2:06 am: good of JK to laught at it
[James] 2:06 am: nice little montage
[Josh] 2:06 am: Yeah, I loved Black's Pixar joke.
[James] 2:06 am: CONTEST: 95% chose WALL-E
[EricJ] 2:06 am: L&G...the ONLY time you will ever see "Space Chimps" or "Desperaux" used in the same sentence with "Oscars". :)
[Kaszubas] 2:06 am: nominations
[Kaszubas] 2:06 am: oscar goes to...
[Kaszubas] 2:06 am: Wall-e
[Kaszubas] 2:06 am: !!!!!!
[Kaszubas] 2:06 am: :)
[Sunday] 2:07 am: :)
[Zach] 2:07 am: yes!
[Kaszubas] 2:07 am: andrew speech
[Zach] 2:07 am: WALL-E!
[Ben] 2:07 am: or clone wars eric
[James] 2:07 am: Take that Annies! ;)
[Kaszubas] 2:07 am: haha ;)
[EricJ] 2:07 am: Loved Black's Pixar joke too...Geez, he must be getting tired of DW hoping he'll "make another SharkTale".
[Sunday] 2:07 am: "Cinematic safe haven"... I like that
[Ben] 2:08 am: how long before black's in a pixar movie! ;)
[Kaszubas] 2:08 am: best animated short
[James] 2:08 am: CONTEST: 69% chose Presto
[Zach] 2:09 am: eep. i didn't.
[Ben] 2:09 am: liked the way jen said "WAAAL-E" like he does in the film
[Kaszubas] 2:09 am: that's obvious .. not much people had a chance to watch any other
[Josh] 2:09 am: You know, I think Black would also do a good job as host of the Oscars.
[Kaszubas] 2:09 am: oscar goes to: la maison... ;)
[Kaszubas] 2:09 am: beautiful short movie
[James] 2:10 am: My first miss! (Warned you Ben!)
[Ben] 2:10 am: no special animation this year
[Kaszubas] 2:10 am: Kunio Kato's speech
[Zach] 2:10 am: NO!!!
[Josh] 2:10 am: Good call, Kaszubas.
[Zach] 2:10 am: what are my standings?
[Ben] 2:10 am: brave jen
[Ben] 2:10 am: i think she did well there
[James] 2:11 am: ZACH: 3 correct - 60%
[Ben] 2:11 am: to get up and do that with brad and ange sitting right in front
[Zach] 2:11 am: 3 out of 5?
[Ben] 2:11 am: at least is wasn't this way up! right james!? ;)
[James] 2:11 am: CONTEST - only 7 people chose animated short correctly
[Viscountesstiara] 2:11 am: how am i doing?
[The Chat Lounge]: Otis8 has left at 2:11 am
[Kaszubas] 2:12 am: commercial break... Can't wait for Monsters Inc. Bd by the way
[James] 2:12 am: Viscountesstiara - 2 correct - 40%
[Thomas Anselmi] 2:12 am: me too!!!!!!!!!
[Kaszubas] 2:12 am: :)
[Ben] 2:12 am: looking forward to Bolt
[EricJ] 2:13 am: Two weeks till Pinocchio BD, though.
[Ben] 2:13 am: and all those missing features ;)
[Ben] 2:13 am: honestly the Platinums are not the best editions
[Thomas Anselmi] 2:13 am: I am looking for both of them!!!!!!!!
[Kaszubas] 2:13 am: too bad tose are mostly region 1 releases only
[Ben] 2:13 am: i used to feel i was getting more out of the disney laserdiscs than what they're doing on DVD and BD
[EricJ] 2:14 am: We're getting the Jiminy Treasures tin, and you know it. I know it. Leonard knows it. He just won't say so. :)
[James] 2:14 am: CONTEST: 4 people are 5 for 5
[Kaszubas] 2:14 am: animated movies on BD are just so much pleasure to watch :) digital transfer is flawless
[Thomas Anselmi] 2:14 am: I think you are right!
[Ben] 2:14 am: lol @ eric
[EricJ] 2:14 am: Most are 0 for 0. :(
[Zach] 2:15 am: im 3 for 5
[James] 2:15 am: CONTEST: Consensus picks are 4 for 5
[Ben] 2:15 am: i'm finding the dreamworks BD a little soft
[Kaszubas] 2:15 am: Jackman back on stage
[Ben] 2:15 am: jackman back now
[Kaszubas] 2:15 am: just like DW dvds
[Ben] 2:15 am: maybe i caught up?
[James] 2:16 am: Art and Se Direction
[Ben] 2:16 am: it's probably their rendering process
[James] 2:16 am: Set
[Ben] 2:16 am: i think i'm with you guys now
[Kaszubas] 2:16 am: I'm still wondering why there is so much difference between Pixar and DW dvds
[Ben] 2:16 am: sjp and james bond
[James] 2:16 am: yep!
[Ben] 2:16 am: phew
[James] 2:17 am: CONTEST: 66% chose Benjamin Nutton
[Ben] 2:17 am: that would have been frustrating!
[James] 2:17 am: Buton!
[Zach] 2:17 am: Button!
[Kaszubas] 2:17 am: The Incredibles DVD for example is razor sharp even enlarged to 85" screen looks quite good, and KFP looks almost like divx on the comparison
[Ben] 2:18 am: art direction winner: Button
[Kaszubas] 2:18 am: ...in...
[Ben] 2:18 am: Benjamin Boring
[EricJ] 2:18 am: Like I said: Button gets the Artsy awards...Slumdog gets the "real" awards.
[Ben] 2:18 am: lol, it's the baftas all over again
[Zach] 2:18 am: lol
[Sunday] 2:18 am: Gotta' make up for 13 nominations somehow
[James] 2:18 am: CONTEST: 3 people are 6 for 6
[EricJ] 2:18 am: That's what happens when a Picture favorite doesn't Look good.
[Ben] 2:19 am: and when NOTHING actually happens in your movie
[EricJ] 2:19 am: Columns predicted Button would be zero'ed out. (Even for Best Makeup??)
[Zach] 2:19 am: then someone got knocked out for first place
[Ben] 2:19 am: a an is born old. he gets younger. the end.
[James] 2:19 am: ERICJ: 2/6 - 33%
[James] 2:19 am: JOSH: 5/6 - 83%
[EricJ] 2:19 am: Seen the "Benjamin Gump" trailer on YouTube?
[Kaszubas] 2:19 am: James Bond about costumes
[Sunday] 2:19 am: That whole "Benjamin Gump" deal was fun, though
[Ben] 2:20 am: i'm liking the model lady who runs the winners off the stage! ;)
[James] 2:20 am: CONTEST: 72% chose The Duchess
[Ben] 2:20 am: Benjamin Gump...nope...need to check that out
[Sunday] 2:20 am: Ben: what's the delay for you?
[EricJ] 2:21 am: http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/35b016 ... rrest-gump
[Ben] 2:21 am: duches won
[James] 2:21 am: At commercial break I'll update standing for those here
[Zach] 2:21 am: i lost on that one
[Ben] 2:21 am: thanks eric, a search for benjamin gump didn't bring anything up on YT.
[Zach] 2:21 am: ok, that's cool james
[James] 2:22 am: CONTEST: 3 people are 7 for 7
[Sunday] 2:22 am: Guy looks so sad
[Ben] 2:22 am: that is excellent
[Ben] 2:22 am: those comparisons are JUST what kept running through my mind
[Kaszubas] 2:23 am: make up
[James] 2:23 am: CONTEST: 75% chose Button
[Kaszubas] 2:23 am: and the winner is: ccobb
[Ben] 2:24 am: what the heck is with this freeform jazz in the background?
[Ben] 2:24 am: winner is...
[Ben] 2:24 am: button
[James] 2:24 am: Giacchino is doing the music this year
[Ben] 2:24 am: i hope benjamin boring doesn't win SFX
[Ben] 2:24 am: i thought they were awful
[Josh] 2:24 am: Is he reading out of the phone book?
[Ben] 2:24 am: Giacchion is talented but he doesn't always get it right
[Kaszubas] 2:25 am: visual fx
[James] 2:25 am: CONTEST: 2 people are 8/8
[Ben] 2:25 am: the tom and jerry short he scored was b-a-d
[Josh] 2:25 am: A lot of names, in his speech.
[Ben] 2:25 am: at least indy wasn't up for FX either
[Kaszubas] 2:25 am: VFX is what You meant Ben ?
[Ben] 2:26 am: yep
[Ben] 2:26 am: romance montage
[EricJ] 2:26 am: More classic clips...Eat it, Jon Stewart! :)
[EricJ] 2:26 am: And bring back Chuck Workman next year!
[James] 2:26 am: WALL-E in the Romance montage!
[Ben] 2:27 am: what is it with these long intros and clips...and no time for speeches or peter gabriel?
[Zach] 2:27 am: lol
[Ben] 2:27 am: deservedly so, james
[James] 2:27 am: BEN: 4/8 - 50%
[Ben] 2:27 am: ha...australia...the film that wanted its cake and to eat it too
[EricJ] 2:27 am: Gabriel didn't play with the "Montage" thing
[Zach] 2:27 am: i bet i got the same as ben does
[James] 2:27 am: ERICJ: 3/8 - 38%
[EricJ] 2:28 am: Reason to bring back Chuck Workman: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_fCRE5Xtnc
[Ben] 2:28 am: who's 8/8
[James] 2:28 am: JOSH: 7/8 - 88%
[James] 2:28 am: SUNDAY: 7/8 - 88%
[James] 2:29 am: viscountesstiara - 2/8 - 25%
[Kaszubas] 2:29 am: commercial break...
[James] 2:29 am: ZACH: 5/8 - 63%
[James] 2:29 am: JAMES: 6/8 - 75%
[Zach] 2:29 am: ahh... not too bad
[EricJ] 2:29 am: L&G...the only time you will hear "Judd Apatow" in the same sentence with "Oscars".
[Ben] 2:30 am: L&G?
[Ben] 2:30 am: we're on a commercial here
[James] 2:30 am: LEADER: BobbleheadBuddha & MileHighCinephile 8/8 - 100%
[EricJ] 2:30 am: (And Wall-E seems to be getting more mention tonight than any film that WAS nominated for BP) :)
[Zach] 2:30 am: WOW!
[Josh] 2:30 am: What is 'L&G', Eric?
[Ben] 2:31 am: i like those names...shame they're not regulars
[EricJ] 2:31 am: Welll, I didn't want free stuff anyway. :(
[EricJ] 2:31 am: Ladies and gentlemen... (fast typing)
[Kaszubas] 2:31 am: jackman back on stage
[Ben] 2:31 am: right
[Ben] 2:31 am: no jackman yet here
[James] 2:31 am: WALL-E has record for most nominated categories for an animated film
[Ben] 2:31 am: jackman...now
[James] 2:31 am: Natalie!
[Kaszubas] 2:31 am: Ben Stiller
[Kaszubas] 2:31 am: and Portman
[Ben] 2:32 am: cinematography
[Josh] 2:32 am: Stiller is impersonating Joaquin Phoenix.
[EricJ] 2:32 am: At least WE'RE getting it..
[Ben] 2:32 am: i hate to say this but I watched her in Mr Magorium this week
[James] 2:32 am: CONTEST: 55% chose Slumdog
[Ben] 2:33 am: that's a bit of a dig at someone else
[Ben] 2:34 am: i think that's a bit harsh to be honest
[EricJ] 2:34 am: Especially since we think Joaquin was faking it, but backfired...
[James] 2:34 am: It's actually pretty dead on!
[Ben] 2:34 am: and the cameras are missing stiller's schtick
[Kaszubas] 2:34 am: oscar goes to: umdog
[Kaszubas] 2:35 am: slumdog
[Kaszubas] 2:35 am: ;)
[Ben] 2:35 am: if he was faking, that's one thing, but if not that's not right to spoof someone with those problems
[Ben] 2:35 am: on letterman?
[Sunday] 2:35 am: Makes you wonder if Bale's audio rampage will make it on in some fashion
[Ben] 2:35 am: did you guys hear that Meet The Parents/Fockers 3 is a go?
[James] 2:35 am: It would have been best on this award
[EricJ] 2:36 am: Learned an old rule: If Cinematography, Editing and Score are the same win, you can already collect your winnings on Picture. :grin:
[Ben] 2:36 am: loved that bale rampage...he was perfectly right to fly off the handle like that
[EricJ] 2:36 am: And if it's Best Screenplay (which it was), sit back and rake it in.
[James] 2:36 am: CONTEST: 2 still are 9/9
[Ben] 2:36 am: nice speech
[Ben] 2:37 am: yep, stiller, de niro, hoffman, streisand are all signed up
[Josh] 2:37 am: WIll Ferrell should spoof the Bale rampage.
[Ben] 2:38 am: i don't thin the bale thing will get a look in, they would have done it there
[Kaszubas] 2:38 am: :)
[Ben] 2:38 am: also, it was last summer, so both long ago and too recent a hot potato
[Ben] 2:39 am: back on stage now
[Ben] 2:39 am: JESSICA BIEL! :) :) :)
[James] 2:39 am: Ed Catmull!
[Kaszubas] 2:39 am: YEP!
[Kaszubas] 2:40 am: Ed got mentioned
[EricJ] 2:40 am: Telling us what the Techs won for!...They haven't done that in years!
[Ben] 2:40 am: you can go for who you like james, but jessica looks nicer though ;)
[Kaszubas] 2:40 am: Who is Ed Catmul she asked ;)
[Zach] 2:40 am: lol
[Ben] 2:40 am: they just cut away here
[Sunday] 2:41 am: Holy cow, America now knows your name, Ed!
[Josh] 2:41 am: I think they should have let Catmull make a speech there.
[Ben] 2:41 am: are you guys still on?
[Kaszubas] 2:41 am: WOW!
[Ben] 2:41 am: they cut away too?
[Ben] 2:41 am: what's THAT about?
[James] 2:41 am: out about 30 seconds before you
[Kaszubas] 2:41 am: commercial

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Post by Ben » February 23rd, 2009, 9:36 am

ANIMATED NEWS & VIEWS 2009 ACADEMY AWARDS CHAT (Part 2) wrote:[Ben] 2:42 am: back now
[Ben] 2:43 am: piracy spoof
[Zach] 2:43 am: :D
[Ben] 2:44 am: this is not funny
[Ben] 2:44 am: i don't see the whole seth thing
[Kaszubas] 2:45 am: definitelly...
[Viscountesstiara] 2:45 am: its boring and tasteless
[Kaszubas] 2:46 am: Janusz Kaminski... only Polish accent today ... ;)
[Kaszubas] 2:47 am: congrats
[Sunday] 2:48 am: That pronounciation bit was the funniest thing to come out of those two in the past ten minutes
[Ben] 2:48 am: 42% obviously knew something ;)
[Ben] 2:48 am: ...yeah and how rude that they couldn't pronounce it
[Kaszubas] 2:49 am: maybe 42% are form Germany ?
[Ben] 2:49 am: "bald head" :)
[Ben] 2:49 am: is it me or are there more commercials as it goes on?
[Kaszubas] 2:49 am: money money money
[Ben] 2:49 am: right...good time for a loo break
[Zach] 2:50 am: what do I got james?
[James] 2:51 am: Zach you got 5/9 - 56%
[Zach] 2:51 am: oh... no!
[Kaszubas] 2:51 am: german dubbed dark knight commercial now on Pro7
[Kaszubas] 2:52 am: quite unusual exprience - german speaking Joker
[Kaszubas] 2:52 am: :)
[James] 2:52 am: cool!
[James] 2:53 am: musical number?
[EricJ] 2:53 am: Apparently, Hugh did so well hosting the Tonys, they'd turn THIS year's ceremony into the Tonys.
[Ben] 2:53 am: is this not all a little "embarrasing"?
[Viscountesstiara] 2:53 am: and pointless
[Ben] 2:53 am: and still no time for gabriel!
[James] 2:53 am: Maybe Downing Jr will dance with Snow White!
[Kaszubas] 2:54 am: vodevil
[Ben] 2:54 am: they may as well throw helloy dolly in there too
[Viscountesstiara] 2:54 am: gabriel should have replaced beyonce
[Josh] 2:54 am: I am confused. Why do they have these musical numbers, but no time for the Best Song nominees?
[Ben] 2:55 am: exactly
[Ben] 2:55 am: they're not even oscar winning songs
[James] 2:55 am: Might have been a nice idea if ANY MUSICALS WERE NOMINATED IN ANY CATEGORY!
[askmike1] 2:55 am: there trying to change things up
[Ben] 2:55 am: or if these were OSCAR NOMINATED SONGS
[EricJ] 2:55 am: Exactly....Point, please? Even just past winners??
[Kaszubas] 2:55 am: Gabriel knew what he ws doing
[Ben] 2:56 am: it's all a bit amateur
[Ben] 2:56 am: well this wouldn't have been gabriel's spot
[askmike1] 2:56 am: I think this is a nice alternative to nomination after nomination
[Ben] 2:56 am: that's still to come
[EricJ] 2:56 am: If we can't have past winners, could we at least have non-cliche' songs??
[Josh] 2:56 am: Did anyone catch a clip from High School Musical 2, in the montage? A TV movie?
[EricJ] 2:56 am: HSM3.
[Viscountesstiara] 2:56 am: im just saying they could alloted the time gabriel instead of this
[Ben] 2:57 am: so they snub Moulin Rogue but then rip off the multi-song format?
[EricJ] 2:57 am: Rob Lowe and Snow White will be entering shortly... :)
[Ben] 2:57 am: *then*
[Sunday] 2:57 am: Cannabalization of Hollywood history right here
[Ben] 2:57 am: beyonce does look pretty lovely though
[Ben] 2:57 am: "the musical is back"
[Ben] 2:58 am: and we have HOW many musicals set for release this year?
[Ben] 2:58 am: um...
[Ben] 2:58 am: anybody?
[Sunday] 2:58 am: Certainly better than Gabriel, I'll grant it that :)
[Ben] 2:58 am: anybody?
[Ben] 2:58 am: ;)
[Kaszubas] 2:58 am: Milk would disagree
[Ben] 2:58 am: ahh, baz luhrmann WAS behind that
[Ben] 2:58 am: figures
[James] 2:59 am: The last award was 12 minutes ago - and it was Live Action Short!
[EricJ] 2:59 am: No wonder it was overbearingly gay and lame...
[askmike1] 2:59 am: i like all the announcements before the commercials. It seems like there saying "scew best picture... we're building up to Heath Ledger tonight" this year
[Ben] 2:59 am: careful eric
[Ben] 2:59 am: oh yeah, the dead guy
[EricJ] 2:59 am: Any musicals?: Nine.
[EricJ] 2:59 am: (The musical, not the number.) :)
[Zach] 3:00 am: LOL! Ben always refers to him as "the dead guy."
[Ben] 3:00 am: well that's the ONLY reason he's been nominated and will win
[Ben] 3:00 am: he still has another film to come
[James] 3:01 am: CONTEST: The consensus picks have been correct 8/9 - the only miss was Animated Short, which is kinda sad since this contest is for animation fans!
[askmike1] 3:01 am: I don't know why he was nominated (or if he would have been were he alive), but his performance of the Joker in my opinion was legendary
[James] 3:01 am: Supporting Actor?
[Kaszubas] 3:02 am: not true... Joker was really fine creation
[Ben] 3:02 am: it was a very deep performance, but to suggest, as it was, that it was that role that consumed him, was rediculous
[James] 3:02 am: NO!!!! Not this again!
[Zach] 3:02 am: ha ha! hide!
[Ben] 3:03 am: he had moved on from filming that by a good few months and was well into his next project
[Ben] 3:03 am: The Five Actors
[Kaszubas] 3:03 am: best supporting actors
[Ben] 3:03 am: Joel Grey? must have trouble getting gigs
[Ben] 3:03 am: i love arkin
[askmike1] 3:03 am: who is talking about him dieing, i'm referring to his ROLE as the joker
[Ben] 3:04 am: seymour phillip hoffman?
[EricJ] 3:04 am: Doubt.
[Kaszubas] 3:04 am: did You catch up Ben ?
[Ben] 3:04 am: how about phillp seymour hoffman
[James] 3:04 am: CONTEST: 100% of our ballots chose Heath Ledger
[Zach] 3:04 am: yeah
[Kaszubas] 3:04 am: looks like your deley shortened
[EricJ] 3:05 am: Well, yeah...Like Wall-E for BAF, that's the "Ashamed we got it" win
[Ben] 3:05 am: i caught up in the second commercials
[EricJ] 3:05 am: (Or "Didn't get anything else")
[The Chat Lounge]: ibrmacf has entered at 3:05 am
[Ben] 3:05 am: hi mac! welcom
[ibrmacf] 3:05 am: hello all animation and movie fans
[Zach] 3:05 am: hey
[Ben] 3:05 am: ha..cuba talking about downey jr
[Kaszubas] 3:06 am: quite funny
[Viscountesstiara] 3:06 am: hi
[ibrmacf] 3:06 am: hey have they shown the "in memoriam" section yet where they pay tribute to all the actors etc. who died in the past year?
[Kaszubas] 3:06 am: no
[Kaszubas] 3:06 am: not ye
[Kaszubas] 3:06 am: not yet
[askmike1] 3:06 am: not yet... though i think we know at least one person :)
[EricJ] 3:06 am: And Queen Latifah sings over it? Not yet...
[Ben] 3:06 am: oscar winner Heath Ledger? ;)
[Ben] 3:07 am: i love walken
[Zach] 3:07 am: yep
[ibrmacf] 3:07 am: no they did heath ledger last year since he died b4 the oscars was shown
[Ben] 3:07 am: whatever happened to kevin kline?
[EricJ] 3:07 am: (And is it just me, or could Cuba Gooding Jr. have been in "Tropic Thunder", playing a black actor who won one Oscar, has done goofy comedy since, and has been trying to get his reputation back?)
[Ben] 3:07 am: he died that week
[Kaszubas] 3:07 am: and the oscar goes to.... Heath!!!
[EricJ] 3:08 am: What about Kline?
[Josh] 3:08 am: YES!
[Ben] 3:08 am: winner: HEATH
[Josh] 3:08 am: Ledger won!
[askmike1] 3:08 am: thats right, my bad
[Ben] 3:08 am: i know Josh...gawd, keep up! ;)
[Kaszubas] 3:08 am: no surprise here ;)
[Sunday] 3:08 am: heh, younger brother asked whether they were gonna' stick the statue in his grave...
[Ben] 3:08 am: no surprise there
[askmike1] 3:08 am: but YAY about ledger winning
[The Chat Lounge]: ibrmacf has left at 3:09 am
[Ben] 3:09 am: nice lifetime achievement award, right?
[James] 3:09 am: CONTEST: 2 people still are perfect 10/10
[EricJ] 3:09 am: Actually, under Oscar rules, Heath's 3-yo. has to accept award. (Sign contract, and everything.)
[James] 3:10 am: Isn't this more than 45 seconds?
[Ben] 3:11 am: yes, but he won't win again james
[Ben] 3:11 am: YAY! documentary!
[James] 3:12 am: CONTEST: DocFeature - 75% chose Man on Wire
[Ben] 3:12 am: for the record, i agree on Heath's win, just in case i sounded bitter on it
[EricJ] 3:12 am: Playing "Thin Blue Line" music for Documentary salute
[Ben] 3:12 am: i know the stunt guy who doubled him on DK and he really was investing in the role
[Ben] 3:13 am: when they broke for lunch he came out of it and was the nicest guy
[Ben] 3:14 am: who is this guy?
[James] 3:14 am: Liberal talk show host in USA
[Ben] 3:15 am: hey, we're past half way
[Sunday] 3:15 am: truth, eh?
[Ben] 3:15 am: truth?
[Ben] 3:15 am: Man On Wire!
[Sunday] 3:15 am: Oh, the documentarian and Truth as an ideal, small comment he made
[Ben] 3:16 am: brilliant documentary
[EricJ] 3:16 am: Trying to pretend his own doc didn't belly-flop.
[EricJ] 3:16 am: (And yes, he HAS gotten that overbearing...) ;)
[Kaszubas] 3:16 am: nice trick :)
[Kaszubas] 3:16 am: with coin
[Kaszubas] 3:16 am: well executed
[Kaszubas] 3:16 am: and timed
[Kaszubas] 3:16 am: :)
[Ben] 3:17 am: he sounded desperate (the liberal presnter guy)
[Ben] 3:17 am: great speech!
[Kaszubas] 3:17 am: yep
[James] 3:17 am: CONTEST: 41% chose The Witness
[Ben] 3:17 am: "they didn't deserve to win for that"?
[Ben] 3:17 am: how rude, what a jerk
[Josh] 3:17 am: That quote was what I thought. Very rude, indeed.
[Kaszubas] 3:17 am: smil pinky
[James] 3:18 am: He is a very big jerk ouside the Oscar as well
[Kaszubas] 3:18 am: smile pinky
[Ben] 3:18 am: ooh...nice!
[James] 3:18 am: Only 11% chose this correctly
[EricJ] 3:18 am: "They didn't deserve to win for coin trick", Ben.
[EricJ] 3:18 am: Joke.
[Kaszubas] 3:19 am: coin trick stole the show ;)
[Ben] 3:19 am: has there been anything else memorable this year?
[James] 3:19 am: nice lady!
[Ben] 3:19 am: apart from the amount of commercials
[Josh] 3:19 am: About my previous comment, I meant that I was thinking about Maher's comment being rude, not that I agreed with it.
[Josh] 3:20 am: I thought Man on Wire was an excellent documentary.
[Ben] 3:20 am: yes josh it was
[Ben] 3:20 am: (it being the only one i saw this year!)
[askmike1] 3:20 am: I thought the Oscars' opening was very well done and hugh jackman in general has far exceeded my expectations
[James] 3:20 am: Twitter comment from John Hodgeman earlier: "Are all the stars deciding if whoopi gets sent to the phantom zone"
[Ben] 3:21 am: lol
[Ben] 3:21 am: i think jackman was too out of breath during the opening for it to feel comfortable
[James] 3:21 am: Another one from him: "KNEEL BEFORE HAWN"
[Ben] 3:22 am: who us john hodgeman?
[Kaszubas] 3:22 am: to those form US: was UP trailer aired yet ?
[Kaszubas] 3:22 am: and was it the same we've seen already ?
[Viscountesstiara] 3:23 am: dont think so
[Ben] 3:23 am: more hugh
[Sunday] 3:23 am: Haven't seen it, though ive' been in and out of the room
[James] 3:23 am: Speed Racer gets some love1
[Kaszubas] 3:23 am: nice action packed montage
[Ben] 3:24 am: lots of bond
[Kaszubas] 3:24 am: VFX time ?
[EricJ] 3:24 am: Speed Racer needs it :)
[Ben] 3:24 am: very little indy
[EricJ] 3:24 am: That's three movies I've been defending, now
[James] 3:24 am: Sound i think
[James] 3:24 am: more indy is coming
[Ben] 3:24 am: VFX?
[Kaszubas] 3:25 am: and no wall-e clip ?
[Ben] 3:25 am: this is overlong
[Kaszubas] 3:25 am: strange
[Sunday] 3:25 am: Only caught one snap of Narnia in there
[James] 3:25 am: ha!
[Kaszubas] 3:26 am: VFX!
[The Chat Lounge]: Viscountesstiara has left at 3:26 am
[James] 3:26 am: CONTEST: 69% chose Button
[Ben] 3:26 am: best presenter by far
[Ben] 3:26 am: light, fun and high energy
[Kaszubas] 3:26 am: and the oscar goes to: CCoBB
[Ben] 3:27 am: three odd choices this year
[Kaszubas] 3:27 am: yep - Will Smith seems very natural
[Ben] 3:27 am: button wins :(
[Ben] 3:27 am: brad pitt with his too-big head
[askmike1] 3:27 am: i'm sorry but ben button shouldn't have won this category
[Kaszubas] 3:27 am: haha
[Zach] 3:27 am: what's my standings now?
[Ben] 3:28 am: as i said earlier i thought the VFX in that show were awful
[Ben] 3:28 am: his head was ay too big when he was an old guy
[Kaszubas] 3:28 am: yeah - they had to make such a big head to hide heads beneath it
[Ben] 3:28 am: and the crease removal later on was just odd looking
[James] 3:28 am: CONTEST: 55% chose Dark Knight
[Ben] 3:29 am: future oscar host in will i think
[Kaszubas] 3:29 am: Sound?
[Kaszubas] 3:29 am: DK
[Ben] 3:29 am: wall-e should win
[Sunday] 3:29 am: Wish Wall-E would've picked up both of these
[Ben] 3:29 am: DK will probably
[Ben] 3:29 am: yep
[Sunday] 3:29 am: heh, yeah ben, sumul-lag there :)
[Sunday] 3:30 am: simul*
[Ben] 3:30 am: another "Hollywood seemed so far away" comment
[askmike1] 3:30 am: liked will smith's flub though
[Kaszubas] 3:30 am: sound mix
[Ben] 3:30 am: double wins for DK then
[askmike1] 3:31 am: will should host the oscars one year
[James] 3:31 am: CONTEST: 55% chose Dark Knight
[The Chat Lounge]: Thomas Anselmi has left at 3:31 am
[Kaszubas] 3:31 am: and the oscar goes to: SlumDog
[Ben] 3:31 am: what's the loudest movie?
[Sunday] 3:31 am: whoa
[James] 3:32 am: wow
[Josh] 3:32 am: How?
[askmike1] 3:32 am: nope, slmdog
[Ben] 3:32 am: whao indeed
[Ben] 3:32 am: okay i can see that
[Josh] 3:32 am: Either WALL-E or Dark Knight should have won.
[James] 3:32 am: Only 19% got that one correct
[Ben] 3:32 am: a lot of that sound was re-recorded
[Ben] 3:32 am: and created from scratch
[Sunday] 3:33 am: ah, the ol' Das Boot treatment? :)
[Ben] 3:33 am: it also had to create a very real, belivable world without the big explosions
[Kaszubas] 3:33 am: now I really have to watch this movie... so much appreciation...
[EricJ] 3:33 am: Loudest movie besides "Roger Rabbit"? ;)
[Zach] 3:33 am: did I get that one right?
[Ben] 3:33 am: the first of slumdog's big wins then for tonight
[James] 3:33 am: Film Editing
[Ben] 3:34 am: that is where ben button dies and slumdog just starts sweeping
[Ben] 3:34 am: nice hugh quip from will
[Ben] 3:34 am: he'd be a very natural host
[James] 3:34 am: CONTEST: 63% chose Slumdog
[EricJ] 3:34 am: Ornament rule says Slumdog for Editing
[EricJ] 3:34 am: It already got Screenplay.
[EricJ] 3:35 am: :)
[Kaszubas] 3:35 am: Slumdog
[Ben] 3:35 am: i'm telling you that slumdog's sweep starts here
[Ben] 3:35 am: yep, chris dickens
[EricJ] 3:35 am: Yep, the Button techs seem to be over...
[James] 3:36 am: This is why it seems like there are so many commercials -- this segment has been huge
[James] 3:36 am: 7 awards left
[Ben] 3:36 am: yeah, we'll get a big commercials block next
[James] 3:36 am: BEN: 10/15 - 68%
[James] 3:37 am: ERICJ: 8/15 - 53%
[James] 3:37 am: JAMES: 8/15 - 53%
[James] 3:37 am: JOSH: 13/15 - 87%
[James] 3:38 am: SUNDAY: 13/15 - 87%
[Ben] 3:38 am: josh has an insider info ;)
[James] 3:38 am: ZACH: 11/15 - 73%
[Zach] 3:39 am: WHOA! I didn't know I was doing that good
[Josh] 3:39 am: I wish, Ben, lol. :)
[EricJ] 3:39 am: So, how are our earlier 7 for 7 people doing?
[Zach] 3:40 am: yeah
[James] 3:40 am: LEADERS: BobbleheadBuddha & MileHighCinephile 14/15 - 93%
[Zach] 3:40 am: They are pyschic!
[Josh] 3:40 am: Yeah, that's impressive!
[Ben] 3:40 am: and such great names!
[EricJ] 3:41 am: :cry:
[Ben] 3:41 am: still on commercial here
[James] 3:41 am: BobbleheadBuddha missed Sound Mixing
[Sunday] 3:41 am: Just curious, did they both miss the same one?
[Sunday] 3:41 am: lag, nevermind
[Ben] 3:41 am: animated short?
[James] 3:41 am: MileHighCinephile missed Sound Editing
[askmike1] 3:41 am: eddie murphie
[Ben] 3:41 am: back on now
[Kaszubas] 3:42 am: eddie
[Ben] 3:42 am: donkey!
[Kaszubas] 3:42 am: ;)
[James] 3:42 am: I can't believe he hasn't won this award earlier
[Ben] 3:42 am: jerry! jerry! jerry! jerry!
[EricJ] 3:42 am: So, what did Jerry invent again?...Missed it.
[askmike1] 3:42 am: oh gosh... coldplay
[Ben] 3:42 am: well, this WAS the year of Nutty Professor 2 james ;)
[Ben] 3:43 am: jerry developed video assist
[Kaszubas] 3:43 am: so now we're waiting for Mike Love Guru Mayers Shrek ?
[Ben] 3:43 am: but that's not what he's getting this for
[James] 3:43 am: 2 BILLION!
[Kaszubas] 3:43 am: and some fart jokes
[Ben] 3:44 am: the king of comedy
[James] 3:44 am: PRETTY LADY!
[The Chat Lounge]: GeorgeC has entered at 3:45 am
[Ben] 3:45 am: who the heck is jean hershfelt?
[James] 3:45 am: Hey George
[Ben] 3:45 am: george, welcome!
[Sunday] 3:45 am: Hey
[GeorgeC] 3:45 am: Jetsons Theme? Can't you guys update it to something a bit cooler like "Chopin's Funeral March"?
[Sunday] 3:46 am: Or "Shapoopie"
[askmike1] 3:46 am: odd question... but have they had to "play" anyone out during the speeches yet?
[GeorgeC] 3:46 am: SO..... You're still watching the Oscars??? <SNNOOOOOZZZEEEE>
[James] 3:46 am: Text Jerry lewis impression there
[Ben] 3:46 am: that's the point george!
[GeorgeC] 3:46 am: The blogs I've read are more interesting than the show has been for 20 years!
[EricJ] 3:47 am: (GeorgeC sticks his head in to pretend to be Controversial again...Say goodnight, George.) :)
[Ben] 3:47 am: say goodnight eric
[GeorgeC] 3:47 am: The last thing I saw on the Oscars that was entertaining was Rob Lowe singing a duet with "Snow White"
[James] 3:47 am: Say goodnight Hugh
[Ben] 3:47 am: nope mike, i don't think anyone's been played off
[James] 3:47 am: I made that joje earlier - you missed out! ;)
[Ben] 3:48 am: "goodnight hugh"
[EricJ] 3:48 am: (Uh, we've DONE the Snow White joke, George, check the log.)
[EricJ] 3:48 am: (Any other new breathtaking fresh material?)
[GeorgeC] 3:48 am: I don't read that far back...
[EricJ] 3:48 am: :)
[James] 3:48 am: (i james want to know why eric is puting everything he says in parenthesis)
[EricJ] 3:48 am: How about a really original Stomp joke?
[GeorgeC] 3:48 am: (I don't know)
[EricJ] 3:48 am: Lord of the Dance, perhaps?
[Ben] 3:49 am: oh no...i was hoping this wouldn't slide into vocal barrages
[EricJ] 3:49 am: Well, boot him, and we can get back to the betting...
[Ben] 3:49 am: i can't boot my pal george
[EricJ] 3:49 am: Does he tell you about the rabbits? ;)
[GeorgeC] 3:50 am: Honest, I'm not watching the Oscars now.
[Ben] 3:50 am: score coming up next
[Sunday] 3:50 am: Jetson's theme just clicked
[Kaszubas] 3:50 am: hugh back on stage
[GeorgeC] 3:50 am: NO!!!! Not the theme again!
[Ben] 3:50 am: not yet here
[James] 3:50 am: Music
[Ben] 3:50 am: back now
[Kaszubas] 3:50 am: score
[Ben] 3:50 am: yep james...said that!
[Kaszubas] 3:50 am: Giacchino on stage
[James] 3:51 am: (yeah - got any other comments)
[James] 3:51 am: ;)
[Ben] 3:51 am: i ben was not overwhelmed by any of the scores this year
[Ben] 3:51 am: lots of good stuff, but nothing that screamed classic
[Josh] 3:52 am: Who is singing "Down to Earth" at the Oscars?
[James] 3:52 am: No idea
[Ben] 3:52 am: and a lot of it retreading older tones
[Kaszubas] 3:52 am: nothing trully memorable
[Ben] 3:52 am: beyonce
[Ben] 3:52 am: or hugh
[James] 3:52 am: jackman
[Sunday] 3:52 am: Gotta' say this is my favorite segment of the show so far
[James] 3:53 am: CONTEST: 70% chose Slumdog to win Best Score
[Ben] 3:53 am: it's the most resonant and appropriate
[EricJ] 3:53 am: It's been years since we had a Score medley... :up:
[Ben] 3:53 am: i did like will smith and the visuals though
[James] 3:53 am: Huh?
[askmike1] 3:53 am: maybe it was just me , but did all the scores seem to sound alike (except for slumdog)?
[EricJ] 3:53 am: Ornament rule says Slumdog
[Ben] 3:53 am: slumdog will win for everything it's up for now
[Sunday] 3:53 am: I'd think they'd want to do that for ..... flow
[Sunday] 3:54 am: the funky flow
[EricJ] 3:54 am: :yeah:
[Ben] 3:54 am: woof! who's that?
[James] 3:54 am: Rah-man
[Kaszubas] 3:54 am: Slumdog unstopable ;)
[Ben] 3:54 am: told ya
[Ben] 3:55 am: director and pic in the bag
[Kaszubas] 3:55 am: true true...
[Ben] 3:55 am: who was the girl presented there?
[James] 3:55 am: Alicia Keyes?
[Kaszubas] 3:55 am: looks good :)
[Ben] 3:55 am: was that her? she looked very different
[Kaszubas] 3:56 am: song
[James] 3:56 am: CONTEST: 50% chose WALL-E
[James] 3:56 am: 47% chose Jai Ho
[Ben] 3:56 am: he's flyin', he's soarin'...
[Ben] 3:57 am: i'm thinking that the split vote on slumdog will give WALL-E the edge
[EricJ] 3:57 am: Best Song's been getting more global...Had to be Slumdog ornament
[Josh] 3:57 am: I wouldn't mind if "Jai Ho" won this Oscar.
[Kaszubas] 3:57 am: Walle
[James] 3:57 am: Wouldv'e been fun to see Travolta singing at the Oscars with Cyrus
[Ben] 3:57 am: best song has been a bonkers category for the past few years
[James] 3:57 am: Who is this
[Josh] 3:57 am: I agree, James.
[Josh] 3:58 am: John Legend.
[Ben] 3:58 am: remember those rappers?
[James] 3:58 am: And why are the slumdog dancers still there?
[Ben] 3:58 am: what would they sing james?
[Ben] 3:58 am: cause they've got the other song to sing!
[Kaszubas] 3:58 am: gabriel got some serious pastic surgery or overdose botox and tanning ;)
[askmike1] 3:58 am: that was what I was thinking. I'm just happy there are no songs like Hard out there for a Pimp
[Josh] 3:58 am: I figured Disney would have asked Phil Collins to perform the song. Collins probably did too.
[James] 3:58 am: I Thought I Lost You
[The Chat Lounge]: Whippet Angel has entered at 3:58 am
[Ben] 3:59 am: what a terrible version
[Ben] 3:59 am: was that from Bolt?
[James] 3:59 am: Hey Whippet
[James] 3:59 am: yes
[Ben] 3:59 am: hey whippet
[Ben] 3:59 am: then why would they sing it...wasn't nominated
[Whippet Angel] 3:59 am: hiya ^___^
[Ben] 3:59 am: or was that the point?
[Kaszubas] 3:59 am: hi
[Josh] 3:59 am: To me, this category could have easily had five nominees. I think Bruce Springteen's "The Wrestler" should have also been nominated.
[Ben] 3:59 am: how come only three songs? didn't they used to have five?
[askmike1] 3:59 am: i think the first slumdog song was best
[James] 4:00 am: I said it WOULD'VE been cool to see it
[Ben] 4:00 am: this is pretty fun
[James] 4:00 am: I think they both sucked!
[Ben] 4:00 am: right, gotcha james
[Kaszubas] 4:00 am: quite chaotic presentation
[Sunday] 4:00 am: Ug
[GeorgeC] 4:00 am: So... Any interesting psychotic breakdowns today? I thought aaron's was almost half enjoyable a few days ago...
[Ben] 4:00 am: all three songs are not classic oscar winners
[Whippet Angel] 4:01 am: I'm a bit miffed... I was hoping Thomas Newman would get the award for best score....
[Josh] 4:01 am: I completely agree with James that "I Though I Lost You" should have been nominated.
[Ben] 4:01 am: not realy george...we're all pretty focused on the bald man awards!
[Ben] 4:01 am: he's flyin', he's soarin'...
[GeorgeC] 4:01 am: Seriously, no breakdowns on the Oscars? Man, what a letdown!
[Ben] 4:01 am: "lyric by Goulzar"
[EricJ] 4:02 am: We GET it,George...
[Ben] 4:02 am: i am the gatekeeper
[James] 4:02 am: We've got a new Aaron that just registered too i think!
[EricJ] 4:02 am: THANK you.
[Sunday] 4:02 am: Mahr probably counts to that end
[Ben] 4:02 am: i am goulzar, where is zhul?
[James] 4:02 am: Eric, calm down!
[Whippet Angel] 4:02 am: i noticed that...
[Josh] 4:02 am: Randy Newman will probably be nominated for Song and Score next year.
[Ben] 4:02 am: well, i did say that slumdog would win everything from now on
[Ben] 4:03 am: maybe josh
[Whippet Angel] 4:03 am: yeah i figured the same...
[James] 4:03 am: No it won't
[EricJ] 4:03 am: Nah,Randy already got his Susan Lucci award, and that was for the Pixar one we don't remember.
[James] 4:03 am: Not even nominated for foreign film!
[Ben] 4:03 am: i do MUCh prefer it when SONGS from MUSICALS are actually nominated
[Whippet Angel] 4:03 am: a shame really.... that film is SO FRIGGIN OVERATTED!!!
[Ben] 4:04 am: what's not nominated for foreign film? slumdog?
[EricJ] 4:04 am: Good movie, but his one Song win shoulda been for TS2
[James] 4:04 am: Amen
[James] 4:04 am: tes ben
[James] 4:04 am: yes ben
[Ben] 4:04 am: well it's not foreign! english language movie backed by Fox, what's foreign about that?
[EricJ] 4:05 am: Has to be Foreign Language. (And submitted to committee.)
[Whippet Angel] 4:05 am: nothing... it's hollywood's interpretation of bollywood
[James] 4:05 am: It was another (failed) joke! Someone said Slumdog would win the rest of the awards and i disagreed
[Ben] 4:06 am: Qui Gon Jinn!
[Ben] 4:06 am: Or Darkman!
[James] 4:06 am: CONTEST: 81% chose Waltz with Bashir
[GeorgeC] 4:06 am: I'm leaving. Got things to do! See y'all later. Oscars making me sleepy...
[Josh] 4:06 am: Or Aslan, Ben. :)
[Ben] 4:06 am: bye george!
[Whippet Angel] 4:07 am: cya!
[James] 4:07 am: Whoa!
[Sunday] 4:07 am: Oi
[James] 4:07 am: See ya W
[Ben] 4:07 am: :rolleyes:
[Zach] 4:07 am: Bye George!
[James] 4:07 am: See ya G
[Kaszubas] 4:07 am: waltz without its rightfully deserved oscar ?
[Kaszubas] 4:07 am: bye
[Kaszubas] 4:07 am: sleep well
[The Chat Lounge]: GeorgeC has left at 4:07 am
[Ben] 4:07 am: we needed a surprise shock...and that was just it
[James] 4:08 am: that stinks
[EricJ] 4:08 am: I knew it was going to be the two Japanese films for Foreign and Short...Why didn't I stick to my guns?
[James] 4:09 am: Just 4 lef
[James] 4:09 am: t
[James] 4:09 am: BEN: 11/18 61%
[Ben] 4:09 am: director is up next
[James] 4:09 am: ERICJ: 9/18 - 50%
[James] 4:10 am: JOSH: 15/18 - 83%
[Ben->James] 4:10 am: how are zach and josh doing?
[James] 4:10 am: SUNDAY: 14/18 - 78%
[Ben->James] 4:10 am: any chance of them grabbing our bundle!? ;)
[James->Ben] 4:10 am: keep reading
[Ben] 4:11 am: the Queen
[James] 4:11 am: WHIPPET ANGEL: 10/18 - 56%
[Ben] 4:11 am: this sounds like such a bad idea
[James] 4:11 am: ZACH: 13/18 - 72%
[EricJ] 4:11 am: Next year, they'll drop the song...:down:
[James] 4:12 am: JAMES: 8/18 - 44%
[Ben] 4:12 am: terrible sound
[James] 4:12 am: Ollie!
[Kaszubas] 4:12 am: Ollie
[Ben] 4:12 am: they can't even give us full screen recognition?
[Josh] 4:12 am: I think they should have went with Jimmy Durante's version of "I'll Be Seeing You". Best version of the song, in my opinion.
[James] 4:12 am: Can barely read some of those
[Ben] 4:12 am: seems a bit blase and uncommittal
[Zach] 4:13 am: I missed 5.
[Ben] 4:13 am: this is A.W.F.U.L.
[askmike1] 4:13 am: I really like the added element of the song (especially by queen latifa).... but i don't think I like as much how there showing it (visually)
[James] 4:13 am: KHAN!
[Ben] 4:14 am: chef!
[Kaszubas] 4:14 am: winston
[James] 4:14 am: STAN!
[James] 4:14 am: MOSES!
[Ben] 4:15 am: moses!
[Ben] 4:15 am: doc hudson!
[Kaszubas] 4:15 am: Doc Hudson
[Kaszubas] 4:15 am: ;)
[James] 4:15 am: Did they forget Heath?
[Ben] 4:15 am: nope, he was last year
[The Chat Lounge]: Sunday has left at 4:18 am
[Ben] 4:18 am: i'm starting to flag here
[The Chat Lounge]: Sunday has entered at 4:18 am
[Whippet Angel] 4:18 am: I so lost.... the tv is in the other room :p
[Ben] 4:18 am: 4:18am
[Ben] 4:18 am: ha! barack mention
[askmike1] 4:18 am: yay, no speech from the prez
[James] 4:19 am: CONTEST: 78% chose Slumdog
[Ben] 4:19 am: i like reese's pieces ;)
[Ben] 4:19 am: she looks rough
[James] 4:19 am: Blecch
[Whippet Angel] 4:19 am: me too
[Ben] 4:19 am: danny boyle
[Whippet Angel] 4:19 am: they're my favorite, actually
[Zach] 4:20 am: i've definitely lost the contest now.
[James] 4:20 am: WHy is she doing the direcot award?
[askmike1] 4:20 am: ron howard looks old :)
[Ben] 4:20 am: stick with us zach
[Ben] 4:20 am: yeah james...good point
[Ben] 4:20 am: usually it's last year's winner. they haven't done that at all this year
[Ben] 4:21 am: danny boyle
[Sunday] 4:21 am: hehehe
[Ben] 4:21 am: slumdog again
[Sunday] 4:21 am: Tiggere reference ftw
[Ben] 4:21 am: he's a great director though
[Whippet Angel] 4:21 am: surprise......
[James] 4:22 am: We still have a 2 way tie at 17/18!
[Ben] 4:22 am: including the tie breakers?
[James] 4:23 am: No, the second tie breaker could break it
[Ben] 4:23 am: phew
[Sunday] 4:23 am: :)
[EricJ] 4:23 am: :whistle:
[James] 4:23 am: We have three tie breakers so no worries
[James] 4:23 am: they did tie on the first tie breaker though
[EricJ] 4:24 am: What's the tie breaker?
[Ben] 4:24 am: three? live short, documentary and...?
[James] 4:24 am: Tie breaker #1: whoever gets the most right among animated feature, short, and VFX
[James] 4:24 am: they were both 3/3
[Ben] 4:25 am: actress next
[James] 4:25 am: Tie breaker #2: whoever gets the most right among live action short and doc short
[Ben] 4:25 am: ahh, five more peeps
[James] 4:25 am: Tie breaker #3 - coin flip!
[Whippet Angel] 4:25 am: seriously??
[Zach] 4:26 am: Tie breaker #4 - give prize to ME or BEN!
[James] 4:26 am: Nicole!!!!!
[Ben] 4:26 am: did you see the invasion? woah she looked nice in that
[Ben] 4:26 am: marion!
[Sunday] 4:27 am: Give it to Marion again
[James] 4:27 am: CONTEST: 81% chose Winslet
[Ben] 4:27 am: WHY gone with the wind!?!!!??!?!???!
[EricJ] 4:27 am: Sophia will ALWAYS be Sophia.... :awe:
[Ben] 4:28 am: i hope it's not kate, but it will be
[Ben] 4:28 am: i can't watch her without feeling like she's acting
[Ben] 4:29 am: she's even doing it now
[Ben] 4:29 am: halle!
[James] 4:29 am: I'm calling the upset - Hathaway pulls a Tomai
[James] 4:29 am: Tomei
[Ben] 4:29 am: i hope
[Ben] 4:29 am: and wish
[Josh] 4:30 am: I would like Streep to win the Oscar. But I agree with Ben that Winslet will probably win.
[Ben] 4:30 am: sofia's been under the sun hasn't she?
[Whippet Angel] 4:30 am: i go sleep now. See you all later ^__^
[Ben] 4:30 am: streep has won/nominated enough and should have Mamma Mia docked from her kudos this year!
[James] 4:31 am: Night!
[Ben] 4:31 am: byw whippet!
[James] 4:31 am: Streep hasn't won since 82!
[James] 4:31 am: I THINK
[Zach] 4:31 am: wait, i could tie if they didn't win one more category and i got all four. yeah right. :D
[James] 4:31 am: Jolie and Nicole.......
[Ben] 4:31 am: nah she won more recently
[Ben] 4:32 am: jolie and her plastic smug smile
[The Chat Lounge]: Whippet Angel has left at 4:32 am
[Ben] 4:32 am: bah!
[Josh] 4:32 am: The last Oscar Streep won was for Sophie's Choice, in 1983.
[Zach] 4:32 am: Ben is a sheep!
[Ben] 4:33 am: i thought she picked up one for Madison County, but i guess not
[EricJ] 4:33 am: I haven't seen The Reader either... :rolleyes:
[Ben] 4:33 am: oh gawd, here we go...
[James] 4:34 am: which came out in 82!!
[Ben] 4:34 am: brangelina goes home empty handed again
[Sunday] 4:34 am: Where did Peter Jackson come into this?
[James] 4:34 am: except they get to go home with each other
[EricJ] 4:34 am: Angie's already got one...
[Ben] 4:34 am: heavenly creatures
[Ben] 4:35 am: he directed her in that which was her big break
[Sunday] 4:35 am: ah
[James] 4:35 am: 45 seconds
[Ben] 4:35 am: very good film, BTW
[Ben] 4:36 am: she's got one already too hasn't she?
[Ben] 4:36 am: did she not win for something before?
[EricJ] 4:36 am: Who?
[Ben] 4:36 am: kate
[James] 4:36 am: CONTEST: 45% chose Rourke
[James] 4:36 am: No
[James] 4:37 am: GHANDI
[EricJ] 4:37 am: No, she didn't win for Titanic, if that's what you're thinking..
[Ben] 4:37 am: no, thought it was after that...must be thinking of a bafta win or something else
[Ben] 4:38 am: another five peeps james! yay! :(
[Sunday] 4:38 am: Speaking of, can you spot Daniel Day-Lewis in the film Gandhi? :)
[Ben] 4:39 am: best gag of the night!
[EricJ] 4:40 am: Uh, it's IMDb, not Google
[Josh] 4:42 am: I want Rourke to win.
[James] 4:43 am: 42% got that one right
[Zach] 4:44 am: my standings?
[Ben] 4:44 am: wow...shocker
[EricJ] 4:44 am: :faint:
[James] 4:45 am: I'll give results if they go to commercial
[Zach] 4:45 am: ok
[Josh] 4:45 am: I have a feeling Rourke's speech would have been amazing.
[Ben] 4:45 am: what's this...two for penn now?
[James] 4:45 am: A lot of people did very well
[Ben] 4:45 am: and expletive heavy!
[Josh] 4:46 am: Good point, Ben.
[James] 4:46 am: start the music!
[Josh] 4:46 am: By the way, this is Penn's second Oscar.
[Josh] 4:46 am: His first was for Mystic River.
[Ben] 4:46 am: as i just said josh ;)
[EricJ] 4:46 am: Oh, well, I'm out--Picture's no suspense, and I'm behind anyway.
[EricJ] 4:47 am: Back to my Wall-E disk...
[Ben] 4:47 am: are you off eric?
[James] 4:47 am: see ya E
[EricJ] 4:47 am: G'night.
[Josh] 4:47 am: Sorry, Ben. I thought you meant that as a question. I was trying to be helpful. :)
[Ben] 4:47 am: yep, see ya! :)
[Josh] 4:47 am: Bye. Eric.
[Ben] 4:47 am: oops, sorry…no worries josh! :)
[Zach] 4:47 am: Bye Eric!
[Ben] 4:47 am: ahhh, THAT's what Spielberg was there for
[Ben] 4:48 am: and they play THE LOST WORLD MUSIC!!?!?!?!?!?!???
[The Chat Lounge]: EricJ has left at 4:48 am
[James] 4:48 am: CONTEST: 92% chose Slumdog
[Ben] 4:49 am: wow...Kane looked good in 2.35:1 there
[Ben] 4:50 am: you know, i was watching benjamin boring the other night and although i haven't seen slumdog i just sat thinking gawd i hope slumdog wins over this
[Sunday] 4:51 am: lol, Milk/Braveheart in the same cut. Fun, fun...
[Ben] 4:52 am: they should have forrest gump here with benjamin bunny
[askmike1] 4:52 am: its almost over!!!!!!!
[Ben] 4:52 am: and the oscar goes to...
[Ben] 4:52 am: COULD it be Benjamin?
[Ben] 4:53 am: spielberg making the kennedy/marshall connection?
[Ben] 4:53 am: slumdog wins!
[Josh] 4:53 am: For a second, I thought Milk might win.
[askmike1] 4:53 am: can they all fit in the circle?
[Ben] 4:54 am: how many wins is that for slumdog?
[James] 4:54 am: FINAL
[Ben] 4:54 am: and how many for benjamin bunny?
[Kaszubas] 4:54 am: Ok, I'm done ;) Good night & good luck!
[Josh] 4:54 am: Good night, Kaszubas.
[James] 4:54 am: JAMES: 11/22 - 50%
[Zach] 4:54 am: good night
[Ben] 4:54 am: g'nite K :)
[Zach] 4:54 am: kaszubas
[James] 4:54 am: BEN: 14/22 - 64%
[Ben] 4:55 am: :(
[James] 4:55 am: SUNDAY: 17/22 - 77%
[Josh] 4:55 am: I wonder how long it will be before we see a Slumdog remake with Shia LaBeouf and Regis Philbin.
[James] 4:55 am: ZACH: 17/22 - 77%
[The Chat Lounge]: Kaszubas has left at 4:55 am
[Zach] 4:55 am: :cry: So close!
[Ben] 4:56 am: um...never?
[James] 4:56 am: JOSH: 18/22 - 82%
[Ben] 4:56 am: it's not a foriegn film!!
[James] 4:56 am: WINNER: WE HAVE A TIE
[askmike1] 4:56 am: liked that little end remark '...and keep going to them' (movies)
[askmike1] 4:57 am: overall, I thought it was a great ceremony (not the best nominees.... but still)
[James] 4:57 am: BobbleheadBuddha: 20/22 - 91%
[James] 4:57 am: MileHighCinephile: 20/22 - 91%
[Zach] 4:57 am: I ONLY LOST BY THREE!
[askmike1] 4:57 am: I hope to see Hugh Jackman do this again (though I really want to see Will Smith do it one year))
[askmike1] 4:57 am: 91%.... thats impressive
[James] 4:58 am: FIRST TIE-BREAKER: BobbleheadBuddha: 3/3 MileHighCinephile: 3/3
[Zach] 4:58 am: AND that's a record breaker: Nobody has ever gussed more than 18 right before!
[Ben] 4:58 am: will smith would be great
[askmike1] 4:58 am: I also like the 2009 preview during the credits
[James] 4:58 am: SECOND TIE-BREAKER: BobbleheadBuddha: 1/2
[James] 4:59 am: MileHighCinephile.....
[Ben] 4:59 am: we didn't get the '09 preview
[James] 4:59 am: 0/2
[James] 4:59 am: BobbleheadBuddha IS THE WINNER
[Ben] 4:59 am: they finished an hour early...the schedules here have blocked out the oscars until 6am, and it's only 5am
[Zach] 5:00 am: Last year I tied for last place, and this time I only lost by three! So big improvement this year!
[askmike1] 5:00 am: Well... until next year ;) , I bid you adieu
[Ben] 5:00 am: adieu mike
[Josh] 5:00 am: Bye, Mike.
[Ben] 5:00 am: see you in 2010!
[Zach] 5:00 am: see ya!
[James] 5:00 am: Congrats Z Byw mike
[Ben] 5:01 am: ahh, we're getting the 09 preview now
[Sunday] 5:01 am: So long
[Zach] 5:01 am: farewell
[askmike1] 5:01 am: hopefully I'll have time to post on the forums before then
[Zach] 5:01 am: ha ha
[Ben] 5:01 am: :)
[James] 5:01 am: aufiderzen
[The Chat Lounge]: askmike1 has left at 5:02 am
[Ben] 5:02 am: are you off james?
[The Chat Lounge]: Sunday has left at 5:02 am
[James] 5:02 am: Nope - was just finishing off the song
[Ben] 5:02 am: oops...adieu!
[James] 5:02 am: so long - farewell - aufiderzen
[Ben] 5:03 am: adieu!
[Zach] 5:03 am: lol
[Ben] 5:03 am: sorry...watching the 09 previews
[James] 5:03 am: to you and you and you
[Ben] 5:04 am: ooh, first look at G-Force
[James] 5:04 am: I've got it paused
[Ben] 5:05 am: i'll go back and look again later
[Ben] 5:05 am: okay guys...so what did we think?
[Josh] 5:05 am: I guess I'll sign off for tonight. Thanks for having the chat again, James and Ben. I've had a fun time.
[James] 5:05 am: See ya
[Ben] 5:05 am: great josh! nice to see you :)
[James] 5:06 am: I liked the idea of the show but it didn't work completely
[James] 5:06 am: plus some weird decisions
[Josh] 5:06 am: Nice to see you guys too. Bye. :)
[Zach] 5:06 am: okay, i'll see you both.
[James] 5:06 am: Congrats again Josh and zach
[Ben] 5:06 am: i guess that just about wraps up the night.
[The Chat Lounge]: has closed at 5:07 am
Thanks to everyone who dropped in, and we'll see you again next year! :)