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Re: Oscar Chat 2016 -- STARTS THIS SUNDAY AT 7:30pm ET

Post by Dacey » February 28th, 2016, 1:25 am

I can already tell that AskTheTicketGuy is going to be a very valuable member around here.

Maybe he's "Code Horror" making a long-awaited comeback?
"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift--that is why it's called the present."

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Re: Oscar Chat 2016 -- STARTS THIS SUNDAY AT 7:30pm ET

Post by Ben » February 28th, 2016, 4:32 am

I think most contests have a cut-off date before an announcement is made, so that the results can be correlated in time for a deadline, in this case, the Oscars.

Or...here's an idea...maybe we could just leave it open and let people makes their picks *durng* the ceremony or even after it!? That would at least ensure a few more winners and be "fair", right?

Seems to me, since TicketGuy hasn't entered, that someone *was* looking for an Oscar contest two days before the event...and left it too late to enter!

Besides, this isn't even the Oscar contest thread and for a first time poster to come in and criticize the way something is run when we just do this for fun and offer a generous prize out of our own pocket is just plain rude.

With just one post and comment, you certainly have your card marked already, TicketGuy. Welcome to our boards, I guess.

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Re: Oscar Chat 2016 -- STARTS THIS SUNDAY AT 7:30pm ET

Post by Bill1978 » February 28th, 2016, 5:04 am

Perhaps Ticket Guy is annoyed that the competition closed before the Sound Editing Guild (or was it the Sound Mixing Guild) announced their winner. That was the only Guild that didn't announce their pick. Either way, I always appreciated the effort of the competition and what I usually view as a fun activity. I appreciate that the prizes come from your hip pocket. And the couple of times I've been able to have enjoyed the chat room. Unfortunately, this year won't be one of those times I can participate. Perhaps I should complain to the Academy about its selfishness in not aligning their night with a more suitable time for Australian workers.

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Re: Oscar Chat 2016 -- STARTS THIS SUNDAY AT 7:30pm ET

Post by Ben » February 28th, 2016, 11:12 am

Or British ones - the ceremony will run from 1am through past 5am here!

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Oscar Chat 2017

Post by James » January 31st, 2017, 12:25 pm

Join members of the Animated Views team and your fellow forum members for a live chat during the Oscar telecast! Not only will we talk shop, we'll also keep a running live update of who is leading in our Oscar prediction contest throughout the night!

We'll officially kick off the chat at 7:30pm ET on Sunday, February 26th. Registered forum members can click the "Chat" link at the top of any forum page to enter the chat room.

- Let's keep the chat room rated PG please. Violators may be kicked out!
- The Flash plugin is NOT needed to access the room! Should work on tablets too.

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Re: Oscar Chat 2017

Post by Dacey » January 31st, 2017, 2:02 pm

"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift--that is why it's called the present."

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Re: Oscar Chat 2017

Post by johnny171 » February 1st, 2017, 5:55 pm

Here are my picks as to who will win at the 89th Academy Awards and they are-

1. Best picture-La La Land
2. Actor in a leading role-Denzel Washington, Fences
3. Actor in a supporting role-Mahershala Ali, Moonlight
4. Actress in a leading role-Emma Stone, La la Land
5. Actress in a supporting role-Viola Davis, Fences
6. Animated Feature Film-Zootopia
7. Cinematography-La La Land
8. Costume Design-La La Land
9. Directing-La La Land
10. Documentary (Feature)-13th
11. Documentary(Short Subject)-Joe's Violin
12. Film Editing-La La Land
13. Foreign Language Film-A Man called Ove
14. Makeup & Hairstyling-A Man called Ove
15. Music(Original Score)-La La Land
16. Music( Original Song)-"City of stars,"La La Land
17. Production design-La La land
18. Animated Short Film-Piper
19. Live action short film-Silent Nights
20. Sound Editing-Hacksaw Ridge
21.Sound Mixing-Hacksaw Ridge
22. Visual Effects-The Jungle Book
23. Writing(Adapted Screenplay)-Fences
& 24. Writing(Original Screenplay)-La La land.


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Re: Oscar Chat 2017

Post by Ben » February 2nd, 2017, 6:20 am

Hey Johnny, hope you have also entered these on our ballot page and not just here: we won't be able to accept unless you enter officially.

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Re: Oscar Chat 2017 - SUNDAY NIGHT!

Post by Dacey » February 25th, 2017, 4:09 pm

Looks like this is another year when I'll be missing out on the fun. No internet at home right now!

Something, something, something, Snakes on a Plane joke. ;)
"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift--that is why it's called the present."

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Re: Oscar Chat 2017 - SUNDAY NIGHT!

Post by James » February 27th, 2017, 3:09 pm

Here's the chat archive.
Otis8 (6:52pm) — hey Daniel!

Daniel (6:53pm) — Hey man, long time.

Otis8 (6:54pm) — here for the whole night?

Daniel (6:54pm) — Nah, just a for a little. As per usual. ;)

Otis8 (6:55pm) — same. besides it gets hard to keep track and watch. I don't like distraction :P

Daniel (6:57pm) — I feel ya. Easier if you have a laptop or a crafty way to watch the telly. Of course some of these guys watch live streams.

Otis8 (6:58pm) — that's an idea!

Otis8 (6:59pm) — Come one people come into the chat!

Daniel (6:59pm) — Well, I'm "technically" one. ;)

Otis8 (7:00pm) — I see what you did thar. haha.

Otis8 (7:01pm) — eric is online.

Daniel (7:02pm) — Oh goodie... I say with no hint of sarcasm. :p

Daniel (7:02pm) — :P

Otis8 (7:02pm) — hes not that bad.

Daniel (7:04pm) — I actually don't mind him much. I was just joshing. He certainly keeps the boards alive!

Otis8 (7:04pm) — I like reading the boards more.

Otis8 (7:05pm) — its been kinda boring around.

Daniel (7:06pm) — Did you enter the contest?

Otis8 (7:06pm) — no. totally forgot. :oops:

Daniel (7:08pm) — You're not the only one! Actually, I did remember - when it was to late to enter! C'est la vie. :lol:

Otis8 (7:09pm) — yeah

Daniel (7:10pm) — BRB

Otis8 (7:12pm) — all be myself...

Daniel (7:15pm) — I'm back but only for a little bit.

Otis8 (7:16pm) — yay!

Otis8 (7:17pm) — I miss live action dipper.

Daniel (7:17pm) — Ok? Don't follow.

Otis8 (7:18pm) — Your old avie.

Daniel (7:19pm) — Avatar? I never had that.

Otis8 (7:19pm) — yeah or am thinking of someone else?

Daniel (7:20pm) — I use to have Bill from Gravity but never Dipper.

Otis8 (7:20pm) — hmm

Daniel (7:21pm) — OMG. It just clicked. You're thinking of "Dan". Wrong Dan-o.

Otis8 (7:22pm) — Oh wow didn't know there were two of ya. u sound so much like him!

Otis8 (7:23pm) — all these months and im thinking he was you. :oops:

Daniel (7:24pm) — Wow.

Otis8 (7:25pm) — well you have similar taste and he's on staff. thought you just removed iel from your name.

Daniel (7:27pm) — I haven't been on the staff in forever. In a way I was just removed and essentially replaced. Kinda like Poke! Lol.

Otis8 (7:27pm) — Really? what happened? Also hope your not mad at me.

Daniel (7:30pm) — Nah, I was just surprised. I can see where you could get confused. I hope no one else thinks that! Not that it's bad but two separate people.

Daniel (7:31pm) — Maybe I should change name. "OriginalDaniel"??

Otis8 (7:32pm) — Ha! Like veronica.

Ben (7:32pm) — Hi guus

Otis8 (7:32pm) — Hi ben!

Daniel (7:33pm) — Uhh. You invisible?

Ben (7:33pm) — if we're being honest, I seem to remember that Daniel (not Dan!) wasn't really pulling his weight!

Ben (7:33pm) — We did ask him to contribute a little more but he kind of fell out of contact.

Daniel (7:34pm) — Yeah, I was going to say that earlier.

ibrmacf (7:34pm) — Hello everyone! Glad to be back for the yearly Oscars chat!

Ben (7:34pm) — After a few times trying to get hold of him, we needed to update the software and so "cut loose" several old staff members that weren't still active with us.

Otis8 (7:35pm) — hey

ibrmacf (7:35pm) — Anybody got any good links to watch the Oscars online for free?

Ben (7:36pm) — So he wasn't "fired", let go or replaced...just removed from the staff lineup after we didn't hear back after a long while, as were some others. Nothing personal! :)

Otis8 (7:36pm) — I was gonna ask the same.

Daniel (7:36pm) — Can't I be dramatic, Ben? ;)

Daniel (7:37pm) — I was gonna clear it up with Otis.

Dan (7:37pm) — O'lo

Ben (7:37pm) — and here's the other Dan!

ibrmacf (7:37pm) — Hey Dan

Otis8 (7:37pm) — Hey your twinnie Daniel! lol

Dan (7:38pm) — Howdy howdy howdy

Daniel (7:38pm) — Yeah.

Otis8 (7:39pm) — not fair staff can be invisible.

ibrmacf (7:39pm) — How's everybody doing?

Daniel (7:39pm) — Dan's name is right on top of me silly!

Dan (7:40pm) — I want all to see that I have arrived to make their lives better. XD

Otis8 (7:40pm) — Oh. Still with Ben. He could spy and no one would know :P

Ben (7:40pm) — Hey Droo!

droosan (7:41pm) — hallo

Ben (7:41pm) — ive been here since before the beginning... ;)

Dan (7:42pm) — :mrgreen:

Dan (7:42pm) — https://www.instagram.com/p/BQ_fsCAAZZs/

Ben (7:43pm) — That's cool.

droosan (7:44pm) — Tom's awesome. ^_^ I'm hoping for Kubo, but thinkin' it'll be Zootopia.

Dan (7:44pm) — Always fun to watch Tom and Tony's social media to see what neat sketch they post next. :D

ibrmacf (7:44pm) — I also think it'll be Zootopia although Moana was my fave of the 3.

Ben (7:45pm) — Loved Moana, but it was too typically Disney

Ben (7:45pm) — its probably the film with most replay value for me

ibrmacf (7:45pm) — @Ben: I agree.

Ben (7:45pm) — but Zootopia did what it did and deserves recognition

Ben (7:46pm) — whole kubo was obviously the more art house of the three and possibly the greatest animation achievement, hence the also VFX nod

ibrmacf (7:46pm) — Has anyone seen Your Name? I hear people were upset that didn't get nominated.

Ben (7:47pm) — its a rare year where all three are basically equally viable winners

Ben (7:47pm) — i didnt see Your Name yet

ibrmacf (7:47pm) — Reminds me of 2014's animation nominees

Ben (7:48pm) — brb

Dan (7:48pm) — brb called to place my order for chicken wings and apparently its already good to pick up. :lol:

ibrmacf (7:49pm) — It's days like today that I wish I still had TV service, lol. So hard to find somewhere streaming the Oscars online.

ibrmacf (7:49pm) — @Dan: Wings? Nice!

Otis8 (7:51pm) — huh the chat saves? Kinda glad I didn't say something bad...

ibrmacf (7:52pm) — @Otis: Lol, yep it saves

ibrmacf (7:52pm) — So how long has everyone been using AnimatedViews?

Daniel (7:53pm) — And it's usually posted on the boards for reference. So yeah...

Daniel (7:54pm) — Probably a decade, easy.

Daniel (7:54pm) — Where does the time go...

Otis8 (7:55pm) — u ok?

Daniel (7:55pm) — Yes. All good. :)

Otis8 (7:56pm) — 30 more min till is starts?

James (7:56pm) — About 14 years

ibrmacf (7:56pm) — @Daniel: Nice! Yeah, I don't remember exactly when, but I know I've been using AnimatedViews daily since at least 2006. It's the first website I check when I do my daily morning Internet browsing ritual.

James (7:57pm) — :D

Otis8 (7:58pm) — Hey James! Another hidden person.

James (8:00pm) — I guess the chat uses the forum preferences. Didn't know it hid people here.

Otis8 (8:01pm) — Makes sense.

ibrmacf (8:02pm) — Cool, found a site that streams the Oscars: http://www.livenewschat.eu/the-oscars-live-stream/ Not sure of the safety of it though

James (8:02pm) — How about now?

ibrmacf (8:03pm) — We see you now, James

Otis8 (8:03pm) — You didn't have to change.

James (8:04pm) — I just wanted to see how it worked

James (8:04pm) — Wish there was an option to make the chat window larger

Daniel (8:06pm) — Like the old one. With the Jetson theme when someone enters. Memories.

James (8:07pm) — Didn't work on phones or iPads.

Dan (8:07pm) — and i'm back 8)

Daniel (8:07pm) — Meh. ;)

Daniel (8:07pm) — That meh wasn't towards you, Dan.

Dan (8:08pm) — :wink:

Otis8 (8:08pm) — Funny timing tho!

Otis8 (8:08pm) — Admit it Daniel!

James (8:08pm) — think i'm going to make some popcorn before we start

EricJ (8:09pm) — I'm watching on IMDb's stream, where we have some happy talkshow pundits, and NOT the gay idiot asking "Who are you wearing?"

Dan (8:09pm) — I'm set with chicken wings and fried rice, my annual Oscars food 8)

EricJ (8:10pm) — (And I'm doubling on trying to finish an overdue blog post about "Who killed the Oscars?")

Otis8 (8:10pm) — That fat gay guy or just speaking general? Btw hey eric!

Otis8 (8:11pm) — Daniel will be happy to see you joined. ;)

Otis8 (8:13pm) — I think I really did tick him off :(

Daniel (8:14pm) — You didn't, really. Anyway, I have to get going. See you guys!

James (8:14pm) — g'day

Otis8 (8:14pm) — kk. Enjoy the show!

Dan (8:15pm) — later!

Daniel (8:15pm) — Will do. Lets see if I end posting this year. ha.

ibrmacf (8:15pm) — Bye Daniel

Otis8 (8:17pm) — Hope a regular wins the big prize.

Otis8 (8:17pm) — for the contest

James (8:17pm) — Did Ben leave? Thought I saw him earlier

James (8:18pm) — Be nice to see a regular win

Otis8 (8:18pm) — He said he would be back

Otis8 (8:18pm) — hey rand!

Dan (8:18pm) — he stepped out for a moment

ibrmacf (8:18pm) — Hey Randall

Dan (8:18pm) — Yo, Rand

Randall (8:18pm) — Hey!

Randall (8:19pm) — Didn't realize you all got started already.?

Otis8 (8:19pm) — How cool, if you tap the little person before a name it automatically type it. neat!

Otis8 (8:20pm) — types the name

Dan (8:20pm) — ooo, a commercial for the Avatar land

James (8:20pm) — Hola! I

Otis8 (8:21pm) — is that going to be open before the sequel?

Dan (8:21pm) — this year

EricJ (8:21pm) — Ah, watching the ABC site for the Avatar commercial?

Dan (8:22pm) — watching on TV

James (8:22pm) — Opens in May

EricJ (8:22pm) — Might as well go there, we're not getting the sequels...

EricJ (8:22pm) — Might as well go there, we're not getting the sequels...

Otis8 (8:22pm) — haha

James (8:24pm) — Didn't know about the tip Otis!

Randall (8:24pm) — @James

Randall (8:24pm) — @Otis8 @Otis8 @Otis8

Randall (8:24pm) — Huh.

James (8:25pm) — @Randall ?%*#&&$(

EricJ (8:25pm) — Yes, Q-Bert?

James (8:25pm) — Can everyone see the message when you do that or just the recipiant

Dan (8:25pm) — i can see it

Otis8 (8:26pm) — I see both

James (8:26pm) — cool cool cool

James (8:26pm) — few minutes away

Otis8 (8:27pm) — Hope they don't go overboard with trump.

James (8:27pm) — Me too. I watch movies to get away from politics. If I want politics I wouldn't be at the movies!

Randall (8:28pm) — Not a Trump fan, but I would be fine with no Trump mentions.

Otis8 (8:28pm) — yup yup

Ben (8:28pm) — Back baby!

Randall (8:28pm) — Ben!

Otis8 (8:28pm) — what timing!

Dan (8:28pm) — woot

ibrmacf (8:28pm) — Just in time!

Ben (8:28pm) — here we go!

Randall (8:28pm) — Tess says hi.

James (8:29pm) — I don't want to see stuff about politics I like or don't like at the movies. Trying to get away!

Ben (8:29pm) — and hi to her too!

James (8:29pm) — hola

Ben (8:29pm) — Im running late but I'll be there in a half hour! ;)

Ben (8:29pm) — hey James!

Ben (8:29pm) — Gangs all here!

Dan (8:30pm) — here we go

Dan (8:30pm) — and we open with "Can't Stop The Feeling"

Ben (8:30pm) — justin

Randall (8:30pm) — JT on the move.

Randall (8:31pm) — Nice energy to start with.

Ben (8:31pm) — i liked trolls

Randall (8:32pm) — Just watched the trailer, and thought.... Ugh.

Ben (8:32pm) — yeah

Ben (8:32pm) — it it was a fun surprise

James (8:32pm) — better than advertised

Ben (8:33pm) — this is a cool way to get a nominated song played too

Ben (8:33pm) — kinda makes the Oscars feel like a cheap music show tho!

EricJ (8:34pm) — Now I'm starting to wonder that it's NOT going to be the Moana song

ibrmacf (8:35pm) — I'm glad that song's out of the way

Ben (8:35pm) — its absolutely no indication

EricJ (8:36pm) — Any other good streaming sites, this one's running slow

ibrmacf (8:36pm) — First joke of this country already

Ben (8:36pm) — it to the quick

James (8:37pm) — that was quick

James (8:38pm) — glad they're doing a Damon joke

Dan (8:39pm) — I always think of the "I'm F'n Matt Damon" song everytime they do Kimmel/Damon feud XD

EricJ (8:41pm) — Well, that stinks--The Academy cracked down on showing it's own streaming coverage, and my area's blacked out.

ibrmacf (8:42pm) — Try this, Eric: http://www.livenewschat.eu/the-oscars-live-stream/

Dan (8:44pm) — I liked the Meryl Streep mini-roast XD

EricJ (8:44pm) — Now, if I can just get the site to load...

Ben (8:45pm) — .

James (8:45pm) — 78% of AV entries chose Mahershala Ali, Moonlight

Ben (8:45pm) — Think it was an anti-roast, Dan!

Dan (8:46pm) — heh heh, they played "You've Got a Friend in Me" for Alicia

Dan (8:46pm) — @Ben sound about right XD

EricJ (8:47pm) — Moonlight's not going to get Picture, so the actor will get it

Ben (8:47pm) — Yeah, tho I'd like Dev to get this.

James (8:48pm) — Meh. The kid in that movie should have been nominated

Ben (8:48pm) — hence a supporting nod

James (8:49pm) — The supporting actress category is a mess. Three of those nominees were barely in their films!

Ben (8:49pm) — Ali wins

Ben (8:49pm) — i think this year is a mess

Ben (8:49pm) — all over...just weird choices and wide open races

Ben (8:50pm) — Oscars so black? ;)

James (8:51pm) — Yep.

James (8:51pm) — I saw 7 of the Best pic nominees and I'm not sure more than 2-3 deserve it. Might be time to go back to 5 nominees

James (8:52pm) — Remember you can keep track of your score here: http://animatedviews.com/contest/oscar2017/results.php

ibrmacf (8:52pm) — Sorry, my browser crashed

James (8:53pm) — Randall, Tami is happy that you missed that one -- she missed it too

Ben (8:54pm) — Me too. Think I went for Dec.

Ben (8:54pm) — Dev.

James (8:54pm) — (My "yep" was too Ben's "all over...just weird choices and wide open races")

Randall (8:55pm) — I was just going to ask if you had done the scoring graph. It is a nice visual of myself going down in flames.

James (8:55pm) — Was that everything is awesome?

Dan (8:55pm) — yep

James (8:55pm) — Lots of animation references so far.

Ben (8:57pm) — I find her strange

James (8:58pm) — 76% of entries chose Star Trek Beyond

Dan (8:58pm) — whoa

Ben (8:58pm) — WTF!!!?!?!!?!!!

Dan (8:58pm) — shocked about that one

James (8:58pm) — "Academy Award winning film Suicide Squad"

James (8:58pm) — "Academy Award winning film Suicide Squad"

Ben (8:59pm) — "Oscar winning Suicide Squad"...? :?

Randall (8:59pm) — Nice. I think I got that one?

Dan (8:59pm) — there's something DCEU will have over Marvel at the moment

EricJ (8:59pm) — Makeup doesn't count--Besides I would've picked that one

Ben (9:00pm) — One was the less flashy, better makeup work

James (9:00pm) — 50% chose La La Land

Ben (9:00pm) — Ove. Dam spel czech.

EricJ (9:01pm) — When in doubt...

Dan (9:01pm) — Wow, another one

James (9:01pm) — Might be a weird night - the contest consensus is 1 for 3!

Ben (9:01pm) — oscars so weird!

James (9:02pm) — Oscars so whack

Ben (9:02pm) — Wow, quick commercials

Randall (9:03pm) — I am not yet on the board.

Dan (9:04pm) — Interesting Rolex commercial

Ben (9:05pm) — james and I will just rephrase each other' comments throughout the night! ;)

Dan (9:05pm) — woot

Ben (9:05pm) — is that the Cameron one? We've had that all evening

Ben (9:05pm) — and it's a bit odd

EricJ (9:05pm) — Gee, there's NEVER been a Rolex in a 007 one...

James (9:05pm) — Me and Ben are going to paraphrase the others' notes this evening

Dan (9:06pm) — more like various movie clips where the rolex gets flashed at some point

Ben (9:07pm) — oh, yeah, we had that too

Dan (9:07pm) — didn't think it would make me realize it was present in a tense scene in Che

Ben (9:07pm) — made more sense than the Cameron one!

James (9:07pm) — Trump joes every segment so far

James (9:07pm) — *jokes

ibrmacf (9:07pm) — Sorry back again

ibrmacf (9:08pm) — Do you have the link for the Results again please?

James (9:08pm) — 83% of AV entries chose O.J.: Made in America

Ben (9:08pm) — I missed that one

James (9:08pm) — http://animatedviews.com/contest/oscar2017/results.php

ibrmacf (9:08pm) — Thanks!

Ben (9:08pm) — SPARKLES!!!

Ben (9:09pm) — Taraji!

Ben (9:09pm) — Cookie!

Ben (9:09pm) — ;)

James (9:09pm) — Saw it. Interesting and not as long as it seemed. But you could skip the first two parts and still enjoy it

ibrmacf (9:10pm) — They got the NASA engineer herself!

James (9:10pm) — Saw it. Interesting and not doesn't feel as long as it was. But you could skip the first two parts and get the info most people are interested in.

James (9:10pm) — (OJ I mean)

Dan (9:11pm) — would be fun to see Life, Animated win

Dan (9:11pm) — though I picked OJ

EricJ (9:11pm) — "June 17, 1994" was an even more amazing ESPN OJ documentary

Ben (9:11pm) — ok wins

Ben (9:11pm) — OJ

ibrmacf (9:12pm) — I got that one!

Ben (9:12pm) — i went for 13, which seemed to get more buzz since OJ was too long

Ben (9:13pm) — and also because it is basically a TV series

EricJ (9:14pm) — It's not as tasteless as Seth MacFarlane..

James (9:14pm) — Moana song?

Ben (9:14pm) — Dwock!

ibrmacf (9:15pm) — How Far I'll Go time!

James (9:15pm) — Think there were better songs from Moana and La La Land that could have been nominated.

Ben (9:16pm) — uneeded

Randall (9:16pm) — I really wanted to see The Rock sing, too.

James (9:16pm) — try dat Ben

Dan (9:16pm) — totally, would've brought the house down (Rock singing)

James (9:16pm) — dang it - true dat

James (9:17pm) — Yikes - Tami is in first place!

Randall (9:18pm) — I am geting killed. Again.

Randall (9:18pm) — I am geting killed. Again.

Randall (9:18pm) — Good for Tam!

Dan (9:18pm) — even funnier if they had Jemaine perform "Shiny" XD

Ben (9:18pm) — Best live Oscar perf ever?

James (9:18pm) — I thought we had a chance at someone getting a perfect score this year, but after four awards that chance is already gone

James (9:18pm) — No. She was good, but a little pitchy

Ben (9:18pm) — great!!

Ben (9:19pm) — I put a fish in your basket

ibrmacf (9:19pm) — I'd have loved to see Shiny!

Randall (9:19pm) — What a moment for the kid.

James (9:19pm) — Thought we had a chance at someone getting everything right this year, but after just 4 awards that chance is gone

Dan (9:19pm) — with james. good performance, but hardly the best live oscar performance ever

Dan (9:20pm) — nevertheless, a great moment for her, absolutely

James (9:20pm) — Was very nice performance.

James (9:21pm) — Crowd could have showed a little more appreciation. Guess she wasn't famous enough for them to notice.

Ben (9:21pm) — well, in context of it being a very dynamic song, she's only 16, sang it in one take, live, and didn't flinch when she got hit by one of the fans...and made it feel effortless? Pretty darn good without being overblown. Yeah,

Dan (9:23pm) — gotta say, that's quite a hair style Halle Berry is wearing

ibrmacf (9:24pm) — I guess I missed the part where she got hit by a fan.

Randall (9:24pm) — Wig?

Ben (9:24pm) — As for this lady...must try harder

Dan (9:24pm) — *shrugs*

James (9:24pm) — Liked the performance. It was very good. But if you're setting the bar at "best ever" I have a nit to pick! :)

Ben (9:25pm) — oscars so bland right now

James (9:25pm) — Oscars so boring

James (9:25pm) — ;)

James (9:25pm) — Ummm

Dan (9:26pm) — well now, that was something

Randall (9:26pm) — Candy helps.

Ben (9:26pm) — something weird!

Randall (9:26pm) — Not quite Ellen ordering piza.

Dan (9:26pm) — Captain America!

James (9:26pm) — These sound awards almost always seem to go to the same movie. But our entries gave them to different movies by big margins

James (9:27pm) — 72% of entries chose Hacksaw Ridge

Randall (9:28pm) — Most of us don't know the difff--- except for Ben.

James (9:28pm) — Wow!

ibrmacf (9:28pm) — What won? My stream glitched?

Dan (9:28pm) — arrival

Ben (9:28pm) — Hacksaw was easily the better choice

James (9:28pm) — Arrival

Randall (9:28pm) — Arrival.

Ben (9:28pm) — this is a crazy year

ibrmacf (9:28pm) — Thanks

James (9:28pm) — Popular consensus has been very wrong tonight

James (9:28pm) — Guess the pollsters are still trying tog et things right! ;)

ibrmacf (9:29pm) — Yeah, it's a shocking year lol

Dan (9:29pm) — :wink:

James (9:29pm) — 72% of entires chose La La Land

Randall (9:29pm) — I got one!

Ben (9:29pm) — la la had terrible mixing

Dan (9:30pm) — i thought 13 hours got dqed

Ben (9:30pm) — cool

ibrmacf (9:30pm) — What won Sound Mixing?

Ben (9:30pm) — hacksaw's sound was awesome

Dan (9:31pm) — hacksaw ridge

Ben (9:31pm) — Hacksaw

James (9:31pm) — "Mixing" used to be called just "Sound", while "Editing" used to be called "Sound Effects Editing"

ibrmacf (9:31pm) — Thanks!

James (9:31pm) — AC consensus is now 2 for 6!

James (9:32pm) — AC=AV

Dan (9:33pm) — oh, a BatB commercial

James (9:34pm) — Oscars so cray cray

Dan (9:34pm) — heh heh, the United Healthcare commercial with Chuck Norris was pretty funny

James (9:35pm) — The second best scores in the contest only have 3 out of 6 right

ibrmacf (9:36pm) — I have 2/6 so far

Dan (9:37pm) — same here, 2/6

Ben (9:37pm) — can you post the list link again, Mr W?

James (9:38pm) — http://animatedviews.com/contest/oscar2017/results.php

EricJ (9:38pm) — Hey, they're showing Lifetime Achievements again! :)

Ben (9:38pm) — Danka!

EricJ (9:39pm) — (Short, but at least get their moment again)

James (9:39pm) — They get good seats at least

Randall (9:39pm) — Jackie! Cool.

James (9:39pm) — 84% of AV entries chose Viola Davis, Fences

James (9:40pm) — Who was probably in her movie more minutes than three of the other nominees combined

Ben (9:40pm) — Pleased for Anne Coats. And without Stalmaster we'd have never got Chris Reeve as Superman.

Ben (9:41pm) — mark Rylance and his silly hay

Ben (9:41pm) — hat

James (9:41pm) — chapeau

Dan (9:41pm) — man, tonight's been wacky, what with the surprise results and all the spelling errors XD

Ben (9:42pm) — can't remember who I picked for this but it doesn't matter...it's a crap shoot at this point

James (9:43pm) — You can view your picks here: http://animatedviews.com/contest/oscar2017/review.html

Ben (9:43pm) — I think this will be viola Davis, think I picked Miss moneypenny

Dan (9:44pm) — there we go, back in the game XD

Ben (9:45pm) — Cool. Should have got that one!

EricJ (9:45pm) — All my picks are retroactive "Oh, yeah, woulda picked that." Should have paid more attention to the list.

ibrmacf (9:45pm) — Nice, I'm glad we all got that one!

Ben (9:46pm) — does she get an oscar for this performance?

James (9:46pm) — :lol:

Dan (9:46pm) — :mrgreen:

James (9:47pm) — Love movies. Love acting. Hate how full of themselves they are. You have a great job. Be appreciative that you're not doing something harder.

Ben (9:47pm) — wheres the music?

James (9:48pm) — Was just thinking that to

James (9:48pm) — too

EricJ (9:48pm) — Oh, calm down, Viola, you're going to get six more unless you hang around the DCEU movies..

EricJ (9:49pm) — (Just published my blog entry--Whew, just in time.)

James (9:50pm) — Are there really 17 more awards?!

Dan (9:52pm) — man, first Twizzlers, now Junior Mints

James (9:53pm) — Ben called it!

Dan (9:53pm) — XD

Randall (9:54pm) — Kimmel stole Ben's joke.

Ben (9:55pm) — Worst Oscars in ages. No-no-nominations, weird choices from those nominations, not even any trump-trumping to liven things up. It's kind of just happening.

Dan (9:56pm) — it's certainly unmemorable compared to the last twenty years, I would imagine

EricJ (9:57pm) — If we don't care about new films, show the old ones--The Apartment moment is the best moment we've had so far

James (9:57pm) — 51% of entries chose The Salesman, Iran

Ben (9:58pm) — here we go...

James (9:58pm) — They went for politics with that one

Ben (9:58pm) — moana was the best moment, eric

Dan (9:58pm) — of course he's not there

ibrmacf (9:58pm) — The Salesman, awesome!

James (9:58pm) — Toni Erdmann was a lock until things got political

Dan (9:58pm) — yeah, the two musical performances have been the best thing so far

James (9:59pm) — "bans entry to the US"... for 90 days

Ben (9:59pm) — i picked Toni since it was getting a US remake

James (9:59pm) — how soon can I get into Iran I wonder

James (10:00pm) — Song?

Dan (10:00pm) — yep

James (10:01pm) — Knowing the academy, this will probably be the song that wins

James (10:01pm) — Obscure over popular

Ben (10:01pm) — this for the win

Dan (10:01pm) — didn't happen last year

EricJ (10:01pm) — Nope--Moana is the new Frozen

Ben (10:01pm) — ;)

Ben (10:01pm) — its city of stars or moana

James (10:01pm) — What's that make Zootopia?

James (10:02pm) — I'm betting City of Stars, though there were better songs in that movie

Ben (10:02pm) — and city has that annoying four note motif you can't get out of your head...

EricJ (10:02pm) — Best Animated

James (10:02pm) — Though I picked Trolls thinking La La might split their vote

Ben (10:02pm) — statler or Waldorf: well at least it was short!

EricJ (10:03pm) — Buh-huhuhuhuh!

ibrmacf (10:03pm) — I wonder if they'll have time to include Bill Paxton in the In Memoriam section this year?

James (10:03pm) — @EricJ I tried to type that but couldn't decide how to spell it!

Ben (10:04pm) — Nope to bill, but maybe a mention.

James (10:04pm) — Bill Pullman is dead?

James (10:04pm) — ;)

Ben (10:04pm) — Paxton

EricJ (10:05pm) — Paxton was "Game over man!", Pullman was the ID4 president

Ben (10:05pm) — pullman died some time ago

Ben (10:05pm) — BAF coming up

Dan (10:05pm) — XD

James (10:05pm) — (On Rifftrax there's a running joke that they're the same person.)

Ben (10:06pm) — Zootopia for the win, Kubo wouldn't be a surprise

James (10:06pm) — Hoping for Kubo, expecting Zootopia

EricJ (10:06pm) — The Frozen audience split into Zootopia and Moana, but there are more Z-heads

Ben (10:06pm) — thats clever, because they're both called Bill... :roll:

Ben (10:07pm) — The frozen audience are not voting for these awards

Randall (10:07pm) — Same as James.

Dan (10:07pm) — here we go

James (10:07pm) — I think the joke is more they take the same types of role

Ben (10:07pm) — awe, no animated presenters?

Randall (10:07pm) — My kids vote for Kubo, too.

Dan (10:08pm) — short first

James (10:08pm) — 74% chose Piper.

James (10:08pm) — I'm betting Pear Cider or Borrowed win

Dan (10:08pm) — this was tough, went with piper

James (10:08pm) — oops

EricJ (10:08pm) — Piper

Dan (10:08pm) — got it

Ben (10:08pm) — Piper was just so typical, tho

Dan (10:09pm) — Pixar's 15-year drought in the category ends

James (10:09pm) — When was the last time a studio won this one

EricJ (10:09pm) — But it was CUTE! ^_^

Ben (10:09pm) — classic voters voting on the name, didn't watch the others

Randall (10:09pm) — I didn't care for Piper. Meh.

ibrmacf (10:09pm) — I didn't care for Piper either, but knew they'd pick it.

EricJ (10:10pm) — Wouldn't give it to Inner Workings next year

James (10:10pm) — 88% of entries chose Zootopia

Ben (10:10pm) — studios have won recently. Didnt Get A Horse win?

Dan (10:10pm) — stepping on dresses tonight

EricJ (10:11pm) — Still think it's not Zootopia, after that?

Ben (10:11pm) — Yep

Ben (10:11pm) — Z wins

Ben (10:12pm) — bet it was close tho

ibrmacf (10:12pm) — Zootopia whoo!

James (10:13pm) — Horse didn't win but Feast did

Ben (10:13pm) — the film has obviously worked... :oops:

droosan (10:13pm) — all the BAF noms were good this year. congrats to Zootopia!

James (10:13pm) — 80% chose La La Land

Ben (10:14pm) — Bah!

ibrmacf (10:15pm) — First win for La La Land, lol!

Dan (10:15pm) — their first win of the night

James (10:15pm) — I went out on a limb with Hail Caesar there, thinking they might give it one since La La would get others.

Ben (10:15pm) — first and hopefully only...! ;)

Ben (10:16pm) — Can't believe how low my score is so far!

Ben (10:17pm) — This isn't set up at all, is it?

EricJ (10:17pm) — So, none of them were watching on their cellphones, then?

James (10:17pm) — They said it wasn't but there reaction was muted

James (10:18pm) — their

Ben (10:18pm) — hilarious if one had a gun...

James (10:18pm) — OK that woman looked surprised

Dan (10:18pm) — they're in disbelief XD

James (10:18pm) — We all don't have guns Ben!

James (10:18pm) — ;)

Ben (10:20pm) — i did say "one".

Ben (10:20pm) — getting pointless now

James (10:20pm) — OK, now you're going too far the other way!

James (10:21pm) — Is this supposed to be Kimmel's Ellen-selfie-moment?

Dan (10:21pm) — wow, a Teen Wolf 2 reference

ibrmacf (10:21pm) — This Jimmy Kimmel guests segment is going on kinda long!

Randall (10:22pm) — Well, still best part of the show, just about.

Ben (10:22pm) — famois car?

Ben (10:22pm) — herbie?

Ben (10:22pm) — deLorean?

James (10:22pm) — So what do we think is the most famous car in movie history?

Ben (10:23pm) — Chitty?

ibrmacf (10:23pm) — Herbie? Lightning McQueen?

Ben (10:23pm) — i just ran.

Ben (10:23pm) — i just ran.

ibrmacf (10:23pm) — Aston Martin? My Mother the Car?

Dan (10:23pm) — Sam Raimi's car?

ibrmacf (10:23pm) — My Mother the Car?

James (10:23pm) — MJ Fox is there so maybe delorian

Ben (10:23pm) — a quick list James

James (10:23pm) — Car 54 where are you?

Ben (10:23pm) — yeah, was thinking that

Ben (10:23pm) — on TV...

Dan (10:23pm) — there was a film version, though

James (10:24pm) — Tehy made a movie version believe it or not

Dan (10:24pm) — the Tumbler?

EricJ (10:24pm) — Yeah, DeLorean - Not the Aston Martin, or the Interceptor

James (10:24pm) — I'm going with Ben

Ben (10:24pm) — yeah, but no one remembers the car

Ben (10:24pm) — or the film!

James (10:24pm) — Maybe a time travel joke about clinton and trump

Ben (10:25pm) — theyre two years too late for the De Loreon tho!

EricJ (10:25pm) — Chitty would be better

droosan (10:25pm) — Herbie?

EricJ (10:25pm) — Christine?

Ben (10:26pm) — theyve been too specific to say THE most famous in movie history

EricJ (10:26pm) — Anyone who wants to read the blog post during the boring commercials:

EricJ (10:26pm) — http://movieactivist.blogspot.com/2017/ ... scars.html

EricJ (10:26pm) — http://movieactivist.blogspot.com/2017/ ... scars.html

Ben (10:26pm) — VFX coming up

James (10:27pm) — Already read it. Interesting points!

Ben (10:29pm) — point?

Ben (10:29pm) — of this, I mean?

James (10:30pm) — not sure? Might have made sense with Foreign film as a counterpoint

Dan (10:30pm) — editing, cinematography?

James (10:30pm) — to us talking about them

Ben (10:30pm) — VFX

James (10:30pm) — 81% chose The Jungle Book for VFX

Ben (10:30pm) — so many brits this year

James (10:30pm) — 84 actually

EricJ (10:30pm) — Rogue One, because we just got the Peter Cushing joke

James (10:30pm) — Darn Brits taking American jobs!

James (10:30pm) — ;)

Ben (10:31pm) — jungle book!

Dan (10:31pm) — woot

James (10:31pm) — Nice for Kubo artists to just get nominated I bet

ibrmacf (10:32pm) — Nice, Jungle Book!

Ben (10:33pm) — yeah, for sure...but it's still odd to nominate animation for VFX unless the effect is an. Image

Ben (10:33pm) — ...is an animated character.

ibrmacf (10:33pm) — It is the DeLorean!

Ben (10:33pm) — De Lorean...two years two late

Randall (10:33pm) — BTTF

Ben (10:33pm) — too late!

Dan (10:34pm) — and there it is

James (10:34pm) — Nice shoes

Dan (10:34pm) — Seth is wearing the shoes!

EricJ (10:34pm) — BTTF symbolized the 80's: Trying to understand our "parents'" 50's in the Reagan era

Randall (10:34pm) — 2 Vancouverites.

James (10:35pm) — 78% of AV entries chose La La Land

James (10:36pm) — Any film editors want to disagree?

James (10:36pm) — :)

Ben (10:36pm) — yeah

Ben (10:36pm) — Hacksaw for the win

EricJ (10:36pm) — When was the last time you saw a melting film reel?

Ben (10:36pm) — cool

James (10:37pm) — Apparently more than just Ben!

ibrmacf (10:37pm) — Hacksaw Ridge won that?

Ben (10:37pm) — yep, and deservedly so

James (10:37pm) — Only nine got that one -- including me

James (10:38pm) — That little kid did great

Randall (10:39pm) — That one got me into a tie with Ben.

Randall (10:40pm) — Gotta love the kid.

droosan (10:40pm) — kind of amazed I'm not in last place actually. But there's still a chance! :)

Dan (10:40pm) — Casey Affleck kinda looked stoned in that shot

EricJ (10:40pm) — As one tweet put it, "La La Land has now tied Suicide Squad for Oscar wins."

ibrmacf (10:41pm) — @Eric: Lol!

James (10:41pm) — :lol:

James (10:41pm) — Didn't like film editing on La La, but thought the cinematography was great

James (10:42pm) — (cue Ben...) :)

James (10:42pm) — Despite all the Mel Gibson jokes, Hacksaw Ridge has two wins

EricJ (10:43pm) — Like winning the Razzie Redeemed award this year?

Ben (10:43pm) — I thought it was great in a couple of instances, actually

James (10:43pm) — 45% of AV chose Joe's Violin

Dan (10:44pm) — another tough one to pick

Randall (10:44pm) — Oh, I like her. Salma.

Randall (10:44pm) — No idea what I picked

Ben (10:44pm) — I know what you like there, Randy

Randall (10:45pm) — Obviously.

ibrmacf (10:45pm) — I wanted White Helmets to win, but didn't think it would. Awesome!

Ben (10:45pm) — ooh, not Joe or Miles. Think this has won more for the subject than the filmmaking proficiency.

Ben (10:46pm) — Amazon *and* Netflix both have wins

James (10:46pm) — @Ben Thats often the case with Hollywood

James (10:46pm) — 46% of AV chose Ennemis Interieurs

Ben (10:47pm) — Great dress, Salma! ;)

Ben (10:48pm) — sing was good. That snail made me laugh... :roll:

ibrmacf (10:48pm) — Nice, I got Sing!

Ben (10:48pm) — Sounds like the odd couple theme

ibrmacf (10:49pm) — If only that category wasn't a tiebreaker, I'd be tied in the #1 spot with the others in the contest now :P !

James (10:51pm) — Leslie!

James (10:54pm) — Gotta say you can make the argument that Trump was wrong about Streep very easily. But don't use this year's nomination as proof!

EricJ (10:55pm) — Uh, why is Caesar quoting from Henry IV?

Ben (10:56pm) — how anout this one, James?

Ben (10:57pm) — Lol

James (10:57pm) — That's a better one

Ben (10:58pm) — loved Florence the film tho.

James (10:58pm) — Not putting down her acting in this years film. But no one else would have gotten a nomination for a film like that.

James (10:58pm) — 89% chose La La Land

Ben (10:59pm) — except for judi dench, Julie Walters, etc...

Ben (10:59pm) — think la la will take this

Ben (10:59pm) — think la la will take this

Ben (10:59pm) — think la la will take this

EricJ (10:59pm) — Editing, Cinematography and Screenplay...But somebody else got editing!

Dan (10:59pm) — and it did

Ben (10:59pm) — about the best thing about it

EricJ (10:59pm) — If it get Screenplay, we can call it

James (11:00pm) — Wont win screenplay

EricJ (11:00pm) — Score?

James (11:00pm) — I liked La La put had some big story issues

James (11:00pm) — put = but

Ben (11:00pm) — doubt score, but prob song

James (11:01pm) — Betting on both

Ben (11:01pm) — ...like being a rip off of New York, New York

James (11:03pm) — Casey Afflecks was funny

ibrmacf (11:03pm) — Mean Tweets time....oh boy

Randall (11:04pm) — Not bad.

Dan (11:04pm) — song time

James (11:05pm) — City of stars in this key is much better than the range Gossling sang it in

Ben (11:08pm) — you mean "sang" ;)

James (11:11pm) — Though I would have stuck another day of sun in there for one of the nomination, hoping La La wins song -- even though I picked Trolls thinking La La fans might split their vote.

Ben (11:11pm) — Song will be Moana or Stars

EricJ (11:11pm) — Moana has become the new Disney "Girl power anthem" (but at least it's heterosexual)

Ben (11:13pm) — erics desperate to make Moana the new Frozen

James (11:14pm) — 96% of AV entries chose La La Land

James (11:14pm) — Newman would be nice though

Ben (11:14pm) — gonna be la la

Ben (11:14pm) — because it's showy

Dan (11:15pm) — yep

James (11:15pm) — Showy aint bad in a musical

ibrmacf (11:15pm) — That was an easy one

Ben (11:15pm) — exactly

James (11:16pm) — Scarlett................

Dan (11:16pm) — From Nick Fury to Black Widow, I see XD

Ben (11:16pm) — wearing cotton candy!

James (11:16pm) — 81% chose City Of Stars, La La Land

James (11:17pm) — @Ben yummy

Dan (11:18pm) — XD

ibrmacf (11:18pm) — Nice, City of Stars!

Ben (11:18pm) — my love for la la is well known, but I would argue that Moana had the more authentic story song

James (11:19pm) — Moana was more hit/miss with its songs, but that was one of the good ones

James (11:20pm) — Who gets forgotten?

Ben (11:20pm) — i see dead people

ibrmacf (11:20pm) — In Memoriam Section

James (11:24pm) — Sara did a great job

Ben (11:24pm) — Nicely done!

Dan (11:24pm) — truly

Ben (11:24pm) — I did not know about Marni Nixon...kinda bummed about that

EricJ (11:24pm) — Judy Collins' version used to annoy the crap out of us, but that was pretty darn good

ibrmacf (11:24pm) — Glad Aniston mentioned Bill Paxton

Randall (11:25pm) — Well done on the song.

James (11:25pm) — Six awards left

ibrmacf (11:25pm) — @Ben: Oh yeah, it was sad when she died last year :(

Ben (11:26pm) — i see in July, completely missed that.

Ben (11:26pm) — Screenplay next

ibrmacf (11:26pm) — I wish they showed Charmian Carr. She'll always be our Liesl :( !

James (11:27pm) — Oh my gosh!

James (11:27pm) — Love this Damon joke!

Ben (11:28pm) — the theatre was completely empty!

James (11:29pm) — "and guest"!

James (11:29pm) — 65% of AV chose Manchester by the Sea for OSP

James (11:30pm) — 78% of AV chose Moonlight for ASP

James (11:30pm) — HATED Manchester by the Sea!

James (11:30pm) — OK, maybe didn't hate, but it was not good and I don't get the love

Ben (11:31pm) — Manchester and Moonlight for me

James (11:31pm) — Same for me

ibrmacf (11:31pm) — Got Manchester, whoo!

EricJ (11:32pm) — Moonlight for the compensation prize

Randall (11:32pm) — Tied with Tami!

James (11:33pm) — She went to bed but told me to wake her up if she beats you badly ;)

Ben (11:34pm) — I think James would very much like to be tied with Amy! ;)

Dan (11:34pm) — XD

Ben (11:34pm) — nice spread there

James (11:34pm) — :D

Ben (11:34pm) — pic just got more interesting

Dan (11:35pm) — Still in the big tie, which is in fourth. I need folks to drop like flies to win this

Ben (11:36pm) — So glad la la isn't sweeping

James (11:37pm) — Night isn't over

ibrmacf (11:37pm) — That last award put me down, lol. I thought Hidden Figures would win due to the political climate.

EricJ (11:37pm) — Now I'm glad I wasn't in it.

Ben (11:39pm) — It hasn't swept though

Ben (11:39pm) — May get three more

James (11:40pm) — Would like to see La La win some more just to may be get Hollywood's attention that musicals don't have to be edgy or dark, or snarky to be successful. Sincere works too.

James (11:40pm) — On th other hand, I only have La La winning 1 of the last 4 so it would help my score if they don't sweep the rest!

EricJ (11:40pm) — Broadway works too, but Les Miz was too depressing, and everyone hated Meryl in Into the Woods

James (11:41pm) — Eh, I like original over Broadway for movies

Ben (11:41pm) — yeah...that beauty and the beast looks like it's a real downer!

James (11:41pm) — 89% chose Damien Chazelle, La La Land

EricJ (11:42pm) — But the originals think they're inventing musicals for the VERY FIRST TIME...Every time

Ben (11:42pm) — Probably chazelle

Dan (11:42pm) — yep

Ben (11:42pm) — passion pic wins

ibrmacf (11:43pm) — He's the youngest Best Director winner at the Oscars?

James (11:43pm) — @EricJ I'd say La La felt for like an homage

Dan (11:43pm) — certainly looks like he's the youngest to win XD

James (11:44pm) — I'm in trouble if this win is a omen of things to come!

EricJ (11:45pm) — You expected it to be something else?

Dan (11:45pm) — Moonlight looks to be the film that could steal Picture from La La Land

Randall (11:46pm) — Droo, our "industry guy", is in last place. And I am not.

James (11:46pm) — I bragged I was one of only 9 to get film editing right. Might as well admit I was one of only 9 to miss director!

Dan (11:46pm) — Best Actor

James (11:46pm) — @Randall You're tied with my 13 year old son!

James (11:47pm) — 46% of AV chose Denzel Washington, Fences

James (11:47pm) — Captain Marvel

Dan (11:48pm) — Captain Marvel!

Ben (11:48pm) — Denzel or Brofleck

EricJ (11:50pm) — Denzel

Dan (11:51pm) — ah

Ben (11:51pm) — called it

ibrmacf (11:51pm) — Nice, got Casey!

James (11:51pm) — That one will help me but I think I am in trouble with the next one!

James (11:52pm) — Wow, Denzel looked upset

Dan (11:52pm) — that may have been the game changer, looking at the spread

Ben (11:52pm) — who did you pick?

James (11:52pm) — Huppert

Ben (11:52pm) — yeah...you're in trouble.

James (11:53pm) — Thought Academy might want to honor her the only chance they'll probably get

James (11:53pm) — 89% of AV chose Emma Stone, La La Land

ibrmacf (11:54pm) — I picked Portman...oh boy

James (11:55pm) — Negga was my #2 choice

EricJ (11:55pm) — Eh...Stone.

Randall (11:56pm) — I think I picked Negga.

Ben (11:56pm) — Stone all the way

James (11:57pm) — Overrated... this year

Ben (11:57pm) — yep

Dan (11:57pm) — XD

Randall (11:58pm) — Yep.

James (11:58pm) — (that was towards Streep BTW)

EricJ (11:58pm) — Meryl has to thank the Golden Globes for every nomination she's gotten for the last five years

ibrmacf (11:58pm) — Well, I've done worse than last year officially

James (11:59pm) — Unless La La loses it looks like dmccd777 will be our winner

Randall (11:59pm) — The Rand-Tam battle comes down to the last category!

Dan (12:00am) — XD

Randall (12:00am) — Judy, too.

James (12:00am) — You might be in luck -- Tami picked Fences for Best Pic

James (12:03am) — These two look really good

James (12:04am) — 85% chose La La Land

James (12:04am) — I saw 7 of these 9 nominees. Not sure that many deserved it!

Ben (12:04am) — She looks better than she has in a few years, that's for sure.

EricJ (12:04am) — I missed, who is it? (Besides Beatty, I mean)

James (12:04am) — Faye Dunaway

Randall (12:05am) — Faye looks good, Beatty less so.

James (12:05am) — This is the only scene they ever show from Fences

Ben (12:06am) — What an odd bunch of movies.

James (12:06am) — Really need to go back to five

James (12:07am) — Lon would have been so good with about 30 minutes cut

James (12:07am) — Lion

James (12:07am) — Hidden Figures shouldn't be here

James (12:07am) — Manchester by the Sea - ugh

EricJ (12:08am) — Why is it still eight, they only kept it open last year for Inside Out!

Ben (12:08am) — The one one reason I want to see Manchester win is so Damon can get one over on Kimmell!

James (12:08am) — ok, thats true

Ben (12:09am) — and.......we're done

Ben (12:09am) — la la lands

James (12:09am) — 7 wins

EricJ (12:09am) — Tying with Titanic for nominations should have an asterisk when it isn't a five-Picture yera

ibrmacf (12:09am) — And La La Land!

James (12:10am) — dmccd777 wins with 18 out of 22

ibrmacf (12:10am) — Well, thanks guys! I enjoyed doing this yearly chat with y'all! Gonna hit the sack now! Congrats to the contest winner!

Randall (12:11am) — Take that, Tami! Whoo-hoo!

EricJ (12:11am) — I'm just here for the chat, but think I'll bow out. Still haven't seen Spotlight on my Prime queue.

James (12:11am) — WHAT!!!!!

Randall (12:11am) — Doing this chat makes the Oscars better, for sure.

Dan (12:11am) — XD

James (12:11am) — Where is Steve Harvey

Ben (12:11am) — fuuuuuuuuuuuu...........

Dan (12:11am) — whoa, wait a minute

Randall (12:12am) — WHAT.

EricJ (12:12am) — We thought that happened with The Departed!

ibrmacf (12:12am) — Waitt!!!

ibrmacf (12:12am) — Moonlight

EricJ (12:12am) — (And Jack was just as crazy as Warren!)

James (12:13am) — And Randall and Tami tie!

ibrmacf (12:13am) — WOW, lol!

Randall (12:13am) — Whoa.

EricJ (12:13am) — And now I'm depressed--That was supposed to NOT win!

Ben (12:14am) — cool...la la didn't take it! Wow.

James (12:14am) — Sad for La La. Hate when a movie wins best picture without winning in other categories,

Ben (12:14am) — 6 wins, James. ;)

James (12:15am) — Only five people predicted this.

Randall (12:15am) — Okay, tied with Tami. Handshake.

James (12:15am) — dmccd777 still wins

EricJ (12:15am) — @James...Uh, Supporting Actor?

Ben (12:15am) — won screenplay...that was the pointer, and best supporting actor

James (12:15am) — More than that I mean

EricJ (12:16am) — Come back, Jimmy, you didn't screw it up!

James (12:16am) — not terrible, but like to see my pest pics win across board

James (12:16am) — best

James (12:16am) — Weird show!

Ben (12:16am) — F-me, that was shocking and tense!

Dan (12:17am) — what a weird and wacky Oscars

Dan (12:17am) — XD

Ben (12:17am) — at least we got a decent memorable moment!

EricJ (12:17am) — And Beatty has just officially finished crazying himself out of the industry...

James (12:17am) — Sounds like they screwed up the envelopes?

Randall (12:18am) — Yeah. Sounds like. What a goof,

Ben (12:18am) — Yeah, wrong envelope, dunaway improvised and said the name of the film

Ben (12:18am) — warren should have stopped it and said somethjng

Randall (12:21am) — Yeah, he was too slow on the uptake there.

Ben (12:21am) — Well, I'm off...5:30am here, so gonna catch some sleep!

Randall (12:22am) — G'night!

Dan (12:22am) — night ben! Night y'all!

Randall (12:23am) — Wow, that show went WAY over.

James (12:26am) — night guys!

James (12:26am) — gotta go do housekeeping

Ben (12:34am) — Wow, crazy show!

Ben (12:35am) — We had some company this year, so there was a nice bunch of us to catch that upset at the end! Silly how so many places are reporting is was Beatty who slipped up when it was Dunaway who read out the wrong name.

Ben (12:36am) — Thanks for being around again...see you next year! ;)

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Oscar Chat 2018

Post by James » February 10th, 2018, 1:53 pm

Join members of the Animated Views team and your fellow forum members for a live chat during the Oscar telecast! Not only will we talk shop, we'll also keep a running live update of who is leading in our Oscar prediction contest throughout the night!

We'll officially kick off the chat at 7:30pm ET on Sunday, March 4th. Registered forum members can click the "Chat" link at the top of any forum page to enter the chat room.

- Let's keep the chat room rated PG please. Violators may be kicked out!
- The Flash plugin is NOT needed to access the room! Should work on tablets too.

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Re: Oscar Chat 2018

Post by James » March 5th, 2018, 12:09 am

Thanks to all who participated! Here's an archive of the chat:
Ben (7:10pm) — Boo!

James (10:48am) — Boo Who?

Daniel (12:01pm) — Dr. Boo Who! ;)

Otis8 (12:24pm) — :lol:

Otis8 (12:24pm) — hey guys

Daniel (12:26pm) — Hi Otis.

Otis8 (12:27pm) — catching up on some threads..

Daniel (12:28pm) — Catching up on some news. ;)

Otis8 (12:33pm) — just had to bring up piglet huh?

Otis8 (12:34pm) — :P

Daniel (12:34pm) — You know it. ;)

Otis8 (12:38pm) — I had seen that doc episode and was wondering if it was yet another new person. piglet did ound a little forced??

Otis8 (12:38pm) — s

Daniel (12:40pm) — More like flat and slow. Emote!

Daniel (12:43pm) — I can remember the gist of a scene where piglet says "something has happen to Pooh" and it was just cringy.

Daniel (12:46pm) — Did I bore you away?

Otis8 (12:46pm) — lol no. answering some text.

Otis8 (12:47pm) — gotta love how passionate you are about voices ;)

Otis8 (12:48pm) — I'm scared about rabbit. dr who?? :shock:

Daniel (12:50pm) — I'm not really familiar with any of the new people. I can kinda picture who but as Rabbit? Uh...

Otis8 (12:51pm) — cant be any worse than spongebob.

Daniel (12:52pm) — I've learned the hard way it can get worse. Just look at Poke. (Kazie/Sarah)

Otis8 (12:53pm) — touche

Otis8 (12:53pm) — haven't seen any of sun and moon?

Daniel (12:54pm) — Saw the intro episode and that's about it.

Otis8 (12:57pm) — cool shaun teaser you posted but that kid was so annoying. is this a teaser. :roll:

Daniel (12:59pm) — Tell me about it. Maybe that's why Youtube hasn't removed it. :lol:

Otis8 (1:10pm) — omg did you read the front page?

Daniel (1:11pm) — Yes, poor Emoji movie. I actually liked it! ;)

Daniel (1:12pm) — Nah, I know which one you mean. Very sad. Second one this week. :(

Daniel (1:14pm) — I saw on my home page that a Mash actor had passed, but not being a fan I didn't bother clicking.

Otis8 (1:15pm) — wait who was the first?

Daniel (1:16pm) — Bud Luckey, the Pixar guy and Eeyore in the 2011 movie.

Daniel (1:17pm) — Now Cogsworth and Lumier are reunited.

Otis8 (1:18pm) — hadn't even thought of that. aw. :(

Otis8 (1:19pm) — Oh so Bud was Eeroye in that? not to sound rude but I thought he wrong for that role.

Daniel (1:26pm) — Try and image Brad in that role. Eww. "I miss Ray... I mean Rabbit" ;)

Otis8 (1:28pm) — lol

Otis8 (1:28pm) — gonna be around for the Oscars?

Daniel (1:29pm) — No, have plans.

Otis8 (1:29pm) — me too. watching them!

Daniel (1:30pm) — "me too"! Let's see how subtle that subject will be tonight. You just know someones really going to push that.

Otis8 (1:31pm) — Or Trump.

Daniel (1:34pm) — Yep. *flashes back to last years Golden Globes* or the recent that involved Hillary.

Daniel (1:34pm) — Didn't vote?

Otis8 (1:35pm) — No but I never win. :(

Daniel (1:36pm) — Hopefully a regular wins.

Otis8 (1:36pm) — like you? ;)

Daniel (1:36pm) — Shh. ;)

Daniel (1:36pm) — Shh. ;)

Otis8 (1:39pm) — any word on exclusive previews or something? Once?

Daniel (1:39pm) — Premier trailer for the Roseanne revival! Exited for that. :)

Daniel (1:40pm) — Haven't heard about Once... shame its getting the boot.

Daniel (1:41pm) — Even though I stopped watching myself, it's still sad.

Otis8 (1:43pm) — I stopped too and now trying to catch up. ive tried reading updates but I'm getting so confused.

Daniel (1:48pm) — It's funny, when previews were popping up I kept saying now with a new, improved Cinderella. New yes, but in a way she was worse. The first one wasn't anything special but in comparison... Ashley was better.

Otis8 (1:49pm) — Totally. same for Alice.

Daniel (1:50pm) — Eh, I'm not fond of either. :oops:

Otis8 (1:51pm) — be back...

Otis8 (3:02pm) — im back but now alone. lol

Daniel (3:22pm) — I'm back for a little.

Daniel (3:23pm) — On and off, y'know.

Otis8 (3:25pm) — its so quite.

Daniel (3:26pm) — Well, it is still early and I don't feel like writing essays about voices. :p

Daniel (3:26pm) — :P

Otis8 (3:27pm) — have you seen black panther?

Daniel (3:29pm) — Nah.

Otis8 (3:31pm) — I want to see peter rabbit. you know, just to see if it really is THAT bad.

Daniel (3:44pm) — Not ignoring btw, just doing something else.

Otis8 (3:45pm) — No prob, busy having a snack! waiting for more people to show up.

Daniel (7:10pm) — Still around, huh? ;)

Otis8 (7:10pm) — yes, so bored. everone must be waiting until it actually starts?

Daniel (7:11pm) — Usually picks up 30 minutes prior.

Otis8 (7:13pm) — I wonder who voted for boss baby.

Daniel (7:14pm) — Wasn't me.

Otis8 (7:15pm) — BRB

Otis8 (7:15pm) — Alone again, naturally...

Daniel (7:16pm) — I really like the song by the same name, actually!

Daniel (7:17pm) — Heard it on the Simpsons.

Daniel (7:18pm) — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_P-v1BVQn8

Otis8 (7:18pm) — I can't place it. what episode?

Daniel (7:20pm) — It was one of those 3 story eppys that involved the sea.

Otis8 (7:22pm) — the one that was a paroy of poseidon?

Daniel (7:24pm) — That's the one! It's very briefly heard when Comic Book Guy plays it on his radio before diving in. :)

Otis8 (7:25pm) — Gotcha. sorta remember the scene but not the song.

Otis8 (7:32pm) — boy that song is a little depressing.

Daniel (7:33pm) — Hey James.

Daniel (7:33pm) — Finally someone new. ;)

Otis8 (7:34pm) — yay!

Dan (7:35pm) — Bidet

Otis8 (7:36pm) — Hi other Dan. ;)

Otis8 (7:36pm) — bidet?

James (7:36pm) — Hola! Cooking some soup real quick so may be ask for a bit.

James (7:36pm) — ask=afk

Dan (7:36pm) — @Otis8 From Critical Role XD

Otis8 (7:37pm) — Oh. :oops:

Daniel (7:38pm) — What kind of soup, James?

Dan (7:38pm) — Don't worry, it takes time for even some Critters (Critical Role fans) to get it. ;)

Otis8 (7:38pm) — Top Ramon?

Daniel (7:40pm) — Yo Dan, do you watch that Kevin show?

Daniel (7:41pm) — Since you have Jason as your av and all. ;)

Dan (7:42pm) — not really. I still have thousands of hours of other shows to watch. XD But I am a big Gravity Falls fan and that was just a great scene. XD

Ben (7:42pm) — Hola!

Daniel (7:43pm) — Too true.

Dan (7:43pm) — Bidet, Ben XD

Daniel (7:43pm) — I keep reading that as Bridget.

Ben (7:43pm) — Hey! Just gulping down popcorn and waiting for the show to start. E's red carpet is hilarious this year.

Ben (7:44pm) — so glad the girls have moved on from the black frock thing. I mean...point made...glad they've moved on!

Daniel (7:45pm) — I'll wait until its all over.

Otis8 (7:46pm) — to late. someone brought it up earlier.

Ben (7:46pm) — what the heck is Nicole wearing!? Fabulously bizarre!

Otis8 (7:47pm) — :lol:

Ben (7:49pm) — So, fave movies this year?

Dan (7:50pm) — As in 2018 or from 2017?

Otis8 (7:50pm) — CoCo!

Ben (7:50pm) — well, yeah, '17.

Ben (7:51pm) — althogu we should start the best of 18 now!

Dan (7:51pm) — Shape of Water is right up there, honestly.

ibrmacf (7:51pm) — Hello all! Back for the annual Oscars chat!

Ben (7:51pm) — Should I blind buy the 4K disc?

James (7:51pm) — Nothing major stands out this year.

ibrmacf (7:51pm) — I might not be able to stay/watch the whole time due to some guests in town, but I'll try my best.

James (7:52pm) — Hi Ibrmacf

Ben (7:52pm) — Not even B&TB James? :D

Dan (7:52pm) — @Ben If yer a del Toro fan, perhaps.

James (7:52pm) — Lots of fun but nothing great.

James (7:52pm) — Lots of fun but nothing great.

James (7:53pm) — Or as we now call it "the film who must not be named"

Ben (7:53pm) — B&TB was lots of fun!.

Ben (7:53pm) — Neauty

Ben (7:53pm) — Beauty IS The Beast!

ibrmacf (7:54pm) — Anyone have any online links where one can watch the Oscars?

Dan (7:54pm) — Was so not expecting BatB to disappointment me. It's was fine, but got weighted by the hype for sure.

Ben (7:55pm) — It was the full turd, Dan.

Dan (7:56pm) — While I wouldn't call it a turd, I can't say it's a film I'd be able to defend against being called a turd. ;)

James (7:56pm) — TFWMNBN was torture

Ben (7:56pm) — ;)

ibrmacf (7:56pm) — Evermore was the only thing I liked from the BATB remake

Ben (7:57pm) — You're going to have to give me a hint *efe

Ben (7:57pm) — there James

Ben (7:57pm) — i actually enjoyed Evermore too

Ben (7:57pm) — not in the film but as a song

James (7:58pm) — everyone here in the contest?

ibrmacf (7:58pm) — Yeah I felt Evermore should have gotten an Oscar nom

ibrmacf (7:59pm) — Yep, I'm in the Oscars contest!

Dan (7:59pm) — It was the one good song in the whole film. As I wrote in my review, I was bothered by how all the other songs just didn't click.

James (7:59pm) — Never Enough is the Best Song of the year

Ben (7:59pm) — TFWM...what was that James?

James (7:59pm) — unfortunately the producers didn't even submit it

James (7:59pm) — the film who must not be named

ibrmacf (8:00pm) — @Dan: I totally agree. People were praising the other songs and I couldn't understand how they loved the others so much.

James (8:00pm) — live!

Ben (8:00pm) — Here we go!

Ben (8:00pm) — ah

Dan (8:00pm) — Awww, I wanted to see Celebrity Street Fights with Mario Lopez! ;)

ibrmacf (8:00pm) — If anyone has any online streaming links to the Oscars, please let me know. I haven't found any yet.

James (8:00pm) — Hooters joke THIS year?

Ben (8:02pm) — All the kids don't get the scratchy black and white newsreel

Ben (8:02pm) — Hey! There's Harvey! ;)

Ben (8:02pm) — flat opening

Dan (8:02pm) — Agreed

James (8:03pm) — link to discussion on streams: https://www.reddit.com/r/Oscars/comment ... y_in_720p/

ibrmacf (8:05pm) — Looking through the thread, but can't find any that work yet

Ben (8:05pm) — is this strangely lifeless?

Dan (8:06pm) — I'm not sure how you can make good jokes out of the subjects he's tackling.

James (8:06pm) — they're making jokes about themselves, not the rest of us, so they're pulling their punches!

ibrmacf (8:06pm) — Ah yes found one: http://www.livenewschat.eu/the-oscars-live-stream/

Ben (8:08pm) — home truths instead of jokes

James (8:08pm) — first good joke - agents always a safe target

Ben (8:09pm) — yeah...only AFTER he got found out!

Ben (8:09pm) — i thought Get Out was so dumb

Ben (8:09pm) — badly constructed

Ben (8:09pm) — and a no sense twist ending

James (8:09pm) — agreed, but fun though

Dan (8:10pm) — Awww, he's missing Paw Patrol for this.

James (8:10pm) — third trump joke, in a year they promised to tone down the politics

Ben (8:11pm) — missed any trump jokes so far

Ben (8:11pm) — no Spacey jibe?

ibrmacf (8:11pm) — Not yet lol

Dan (8:11pm) — I only caught the Trump joke for Get Out. I caught a Mike Pence joke

James (8:12pm) — trump tweeting from toilet, trump loved first 3/4s of Get out, Pence hates gay people

James (8:12pm) — in first 8 minutes

James (8:13pm) — not surprised, just why even promote a less political show if you're not going to do it

ibrmacf (8:13pm) — Jetski for shortest speech, lol!

Dan (8:13pm) — Okay, the Jetski bit was pretty good with Helen Miren

James (8:13pm) — we could get a shorter show if we end this monologue

ibrmacf (8:13pm) — First category!

Ben (8:14pm) — Pretty much straight into the awards

James (8:14pm) — Supporting Actor: 86% of our players chose Same Rockwell

James (8:14pm) — Love Rockwell, but this was not an Oscar worthy role

Ben (8:14pm) — is that like the other Rockwell?

Ben (8:15pm) — think the 90th anniversary montages for each category will be cool

James (8:15pm) — Austin Powers music as a woman walks out? Thought this was going to be a pro woman show! ;)

Ben (8:15pm) — but she's a total fox, baby!

Ben (8:17pm) — woild love Jenkins to win

James (8:17pm) — I chose him, but again, not sure it was an Oscar role

Dan (8:17pm) — Jenkins was pretty good in Shape of Water.

Ben (8:17pm) — plummer was such an obvious Oscar grab role

Dan (8:17pm) — Yeah, I agree James.

James (8:17pm) — Dafoe should get it

James (8:18pm) — but wont

Ben (8:18pm) — Same got it

Ben (8:18pm) — ;)

ibrmacf (8:18pm) — Whoo, got Rockwell!

Dan (8:18pm) — Whenever I see Sam, I think Galaxy Quest XD

James (8:18pm) — Love Sam but this was not the role for an Oscar

Ben (8:19pm) — Oscar role, or Oscar performance...there's a difference!

James (8:19pm) — both

Dan (8:19pm) — Not sure I can think of a performance that would've been Oscar worthy this year, regardless of if it had been nominated or not.

James (8:20pm) — lots of unlikable characters this year

Ben (8:20pm) — Lots of shots of Iger

Dan (8:20pm) — Oh, are we gonna get the Mary Popping trailer tonight?

Dan (8:21pm) — Op, we do

ibrmacf (8:21pm) — I think so. Can't wait to see it.

ShyViolet (8:22pm) — Hi, guys. :)

Ben (8:22pm) — No, they can't show Mary Popping since this is a family show

Dan (8:22pm) — True XD

ibrmacf (8:22pm) — I remember how last year Bill Paxton died a day before the Oscars, so they couldn't include him in the In Memoriam section. I figure same thing will happen this year with David Ogden Stiers.

Ben (8:22pm) — Hey Vi!

James (8:22pm) — Hi Shy!

ibrmacf (8:22pm) — Hey Violet

Dan (8:22pm) — Hey, Vi

James (8:22pm) — Whew, went to the bathroom and missed the poppins ad

ibrmacf (8:23pm) — Are they showing the Mary Poppins Returns trailer? My stream didn't show it.

Dan (8:23pm) — It was a tease, telling us to watch the whole thing online

ShyViolet (8:23pm) — Good to 'see' everyone. :)

Ben (8:23pm) — did they show a Popping as there? Bummer,

Ben (8:23pm) — make up and costume coming up

James (8:25pm) — MUH - 88% chose Darkest Hour

Ben (8:25pm) — direct from the 70s, it's armies hammer!

James (8:26pm) — apparently only montages for the actors

Dan (8:26pm) — Nice close up of Gal's chest...

ibrmacf (8:27pm) — @Dan: Yeah, threw me off for a second

ibrmacf (8:27pm) — Got Darkest Hour!

Ben (8:27pm) — great makeup job but all I could hear was Oldman!

James (8:27pm) — It was Oldman

James (8:27pm) — ;)

James (8:27pm) — 56 people still perfect in the contest!

Dan (8:28pm) — I didn't join the contest, but in my pool I'm 2/2 XD

ibrmacf (8:29pm) — Nice seeing Eva Marie Saint here!

James (8:29pm) — Costume Design - 83% chose Phantom Thread

Ben (8:30pm) — yeah but I mean that he didn't try and do any kind of voice that matched the makeup. Despite all that work it fell apart because he sounded nothing like him.

James (8:30pm) — Look at the size of the text on those envelopes!

Ben (8:30pm) — think I went for phantom

Dan (8:30pm) — I would imagine the size of the text might be even BIGGER inside for the winner. ;)


Dan (8:31pm) — 3/3

Ben (8:31pm) — yep

ibrmacf (8:32pm) — Darn, I went with BATB for that one.

Ben (8:32pm) — Paul Thomas Anderson, aka Luke Skywalker

James (8:33pm) — 1 down 1 to go for TFWMNBN.

James (8:33pm) — Hoping they don't win anything so Disney can't call that version an Academy Award winner

ibrmacf (8:33pm) — Oh...I now know what TFWMNBM means, lol!

James (8:33pm) — Randall!

Randall (8:35pm) — Hey, guys and gals. Just popped in to say hi. But I've been sick all

Randall (8:35pm) — Day.

ibrmacf (8:35pm) — Hello Monsieur Randall!

ShyViolet (8:35pm) — Sorry, hope you feel better Rand.

Randall (8:37pm) — Thanks. I may not stick around, but enjoy the show.

James (8:37pm) — Sorry to hear buddy

James (8:37pm) — Maybe the Oscars can lull you to sleep! ;)

Ben (8:37pm) — Hey Rand!

Ben (8:38pm) — Was off during the commercials

James (8:39pm) — Doc Feature - 59% of players chose Faces Places

EricJ (8:39pm) — Is anyone watching it on live-streaming, and where?

ibrmacf (8:40pm) — @Eric: http://www.livenewschat.eu/the-oscars-live-stream/

Ben (8:40pm) — i was a toss for that and Icarus

Ben (8:40pm) — Very close this year

Ben (8:40pm) — wow...Icarus

ibrmacf (8:41pm) — Whoo, got Icarus!

James (8:41pm) — Only 25% of the contest players got that one

Ben (8:41pm) — think I'm five for five so far

James (8:42pm) — We're down to 7 people still perfect, Ben included

ShyViolet (8:42pm) — Cool Ben! :)

Ben (8:42pm) — that won't last!

ShyViolet (8:42pm) — Lol you never know. :)

James (8:42pm) — They need a podium there. The winners keep putting their oscars on the floor while talking

Ben (8:42pm) — i know a couple that I voted as hopes rather than what I thought would really win

James (8:43pm) — Song time?

Ben (8:43pm) — mudbound

Ben (8:43pm) — keeo wanting to say mudblood!

Ben (8:44pm) — i didn't know they were related

James (8:44pm) — Sister from a different mister ;)

Ben (8:45pm) — ;)

Ben (8:45pm) — weird so g

Dan (8:45pm) — It's like Snoop Dogg callin' everyone his cousin or newphew/niece. XD

James (8:45pm) — totally g

James (8:45pm) — ;)

Ben (8:46pm) — I'm all for g ospel, but this is poor

James (8:47pm) — That was best song quality?

EricJ (8:47pm) — Okay, I repeat the question: The .EU feed can't play the Flash, and ABC.com is "blocked in your area".

EricJ (8:47pm) — (And just wait till you get to the Coco song...)

ibrmacf (8:47pm) — Oh I'm sorry Eric

James (8:48pm) — Coco's song is heavenly compared to that

Ben (8:48pm) — James...no, no it wasn't.

ibrmacf (8:48pm) — Good time for a bathroom break now for me, lol!

Ben (8:48pm) — Isnt this jusy on regular ABC in the states?

Ben (8:48pm) — Cant you guys not just watch on TV?

Dan (8:49pm) — Was there an "Oscar worthy" original song in 2017?

EricJ (8:49pm) — Assuming you haven't cut your cable cord, yes...

James (8:49pm) — https://goodgame.ru/channel/Macilvoy/

James (8:49pm) — Never Enough from Greatest Showman was incredible

Ben (8:49pm) — is that the one that's playing everywhere?

Ben (8:49pm) — i need to see that

EricJ (8:50pm) — I'd have picked "My Corazon" from Coco.

Ben (8:50pm) — But all the clips I saw have looked lacking

Ben (8:51pm) — sound coming up

ibrmacf (8:51pm) — I still stand by that Evermore was Oscar worthy

James (8:51pm) — Spoiler-y video of the song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQWZK5U233s

James (8:51pm) — Better to see it in context though

James (8:52pm) — VFX?

Ben (8:52pm) — which song, from coco? I'll wait for the disc to snow

Ben (8:52pm) — show!

Ben (8:52pm) — This is sound coming up

ibrmacf (8:52pm) — ABBOTT AND COSTELLO!!

James (8:53pm) — ah!

Dan (8:53pm) — My name is Iningo Montoya!

James (8:54pm) — Video was not the Coco song, but the one I mentioned

James (8:54pm) — What is this?

James (8:55pm) — Feels like abetter opening of the show than we got

James (8:55pm) — Ah, 90 Years

Ben (8:55pm) — yeah

Dan (8:55pm) — Yeah, really

ibrmacf (8:56pm) — Loved the animated film segments in that segment!

ibrmacf (8:56pm) — Ok that was a funny joke about giving two movies the Oscar

James (8:56pm) — great joke about two winners in 1929

James (8:57pm) — Sound Editing - 84% chose Dunkirk

Ben (8:58pm) — sound editing is fun

Ben (8:58pm) — one of my fave Jobs when j

Ben (8:58pm) — ...I can get on one

ibrmacf (8:58pm) — Great, Dunkirk!

James (8:58pm) — Sound Mixing - 80% chose Dunkirk

Ben (8:59pm) — that clinches it...Oscars this year will be spread around all over the place

James (9:00pm) — Ben still perfect!

Ben (9:00pm) — dunkirk again I guess

Ben (9:00pm) — no one ever knows the difference between editing and mixing so they pick the same!

James (9:00pm) — Seems to always go in pairs. Maybe because voters don't know the differencr

James (9:00pm) — Yikes! Great minds!

Ben (9:00pm) — yah

ibrmacf (9:01pm) — Yeah that's probably sadly true.

Ben (9:01pm) — well they are largely linked but then such different jobs!

ibrmacf (9:01pm) — Exactly!

EricJ (9:01pm) — Mixing is for use of sound, Editing is for creating new effects, and only those that do them for a living know the difference

James (9:02pm) — Yep. Maybe shouldn't have changed the names of the categories

EricJ (9:02pm) — (And I've now found my 25th site that says "Looking for the Oscars? Try ABC.com!"

ShyViolet (9:02pm) — Well actually need to go now...sorry I didn't contribute too much. Just wanted to say hi. :) Good luck everyone!

ibrmacf (9:02pm) — Is it incorrect to say Sound Editing is recording of sound and Sound Mixing is playing with the volumes of all the sounds put together?

James (9:02pm) — Heads up Randall - you and Tami are tied a quarter the way through

ibrmacf (9:02pm) — Bye Violet

James (9:02pm) — Bye Shy!

ShyViolet (9:03pm) — Bye! :)

ibrmacf (9:03pm) — And aw Eric, that sucks! I hope you find a good site soon!

ibrmacf (9:03pm) — Coco performance coming up!

James (9:03pm) — Ugh

Dan (9:03pm) — Bye Shy!

James (9:03pm) — Might be better live, though

Ben (9:03pm) — Editing is the placement of sounds, not just the creation

EricJ (9:03pm) — IB - A movie punch isn't a punch, it's actually five sound effects edited together

EricJ (9:04pm) — When you have explosions or sci-fi sounds, that's even more work

Dan (9:04pm) — We had the benefit of a full blown mariachi band and performance at D23, so I dunno if that be replicated at the Oscars.

Ben (9:04pm) — mixing is the taking them out again so you have space to add in dialogue and music!

Ben (9:05pm) — a movie punch usually is just one effect

ibrmacf (9:05pm) — Ah ok, thanks Eric and Ben!

Ben (9:05pm) — more and more sounds are the same thesedays

Ben (9:06pm) — ive lost count how many times I've heard the same alarm sound in various films

EricJ (9:06pm) — Ben - No, it can be a punch, a crash, AND a gunshot, soundboard-mixed together

ibrmacf (9:07pm) — Hope they haven't forgotten to include Bill Paxton in the In Memoriam this time since they didn't have time last year.

Ben (9:08pm) — okay Eric.

James (9:08pm) — Production Design - 84% say The Shape Of Water

Ben (9:09pm) — As someone who has sound edited quite a few times...um...it's uaually just one spot effect

James (9:09pm) — Great joke about Pakisan and Iowa

EricJ (9:09pm) — Well, I'm out--The would be "Streaming TV Industry" just got too greedy this year. :(

Ben (9:09pm) — this one was a guess...think I went for Shape

EricJ (9:10pm) — (Have they given Best Animated Short yet? Even though Revolting Rhymes doesn't have a chance...)

James (9:10pm) — Anything but TFWMNBN

Ben (9:10pm) — yep!

James (9:10pm) — not yet Eric

Dan (9:10pm) — 4/4 in my pool :)

Dan (9:10pm) — del Toro films tend to be beautifully designed, this one was no exception

ibrmacf (9:11pm) — Eric, no they haven't.

Ben (9:11pm) — think I'm on a hot streak!

James (9:11pm) — Just had a crash on the scoreboard! Have to re-enter winners!

Ben (9:12pm) — Crazy outfit!

EricJ (9:12pm) — Oops, wait, I'm in--The slow Russian pirate site came through! :)

ibrmacf (9:12pm) — Yeah I noticed the website crash

James (9:12pm) — back up if I didn't make a mistake1

EricJ (9:12pm) — So, is Shape of Water really that good? Looked like Del Toro just throwing YET MORE Creatures of the Black Lagoon at us.

EricJ (9:13pm) — (Which, if you count Monsters v. Aliens...look, we get it, already Guillermo, film something else!)

ibrmacf (9:13pm) — @James: Yes, I see it up. Thanks!

Ben (9:13pm) — so interested to hear this song, both in and out of context from the movie

James (9:13pm) — Pretty good. A few too many trivialities. Could have been cut 15 minutes and been perfect

James (9:13pm) — (That was about Shape)

James (9:13pm) — Wall joke fell flat

Ben (9:14pm) — im hoping the film performance is better than this

ibrmacf (9:14pm) — I honestly don't think Remember Me is that good.

Dan (9:14pm) — @Eric del Toro didn't work on Monsters vs Aliens...

Ben (9:14pm) — nice melody

Ben (9:15pm) — if Eric says then Eric is right, Dan, you know that.

EricJ (9:15pm) — Dan - Thought it was one of his "developments" before Rise of the Guardians

EricJ (9:16pm) — And yeah, the movie performance is better, but...not by much.

Ben (9:16pm) — this performance is terrible!

EricJ (9:16pm) — It's meant to be "sentimental", not droning.

Ben (9:16pm) — what a mild song

James (9:16pm) — Hard to keep track of all the movies he has fingers in!

Ben (9:17pm) — that was no "How Far I'll Go"...!

James (9:17pm) — Not just the performance. Both these songs have been fairly simple

EricJ (9:18pm) — Think I'm a minute behind the jokes, on Russian delay. Please excuse any delayed punchlines

Ben (9:18pm) — it had a sweet, fragile little melody

Ben (9:18pm) — loo break!

James (9:21pm) — One of my favorite two musicalS!

ibrmacf (9:22pm) — What's the 2nd one, James?

James (9:23pm) — Foreign Language Film - 67% chose "A Fantastic Woman", Chile

EricJ (9:23pm) — I miss game shows with prizes and announcers. :(

Ben (9:23pm) — West Side and Poppins, I'm guessing

Dan (9:24pm) — Wizard of Oz is mine

ibrmacf (9:24pm) — Ah got that wrong. I guessed The Square.

James (9:24pm) — West Side Story and Evita

ibrmacf (9:24pm) — Ah cool!

Ben (9:24pm) — i just read about this this morning and had a feeling this might win

James (9:25pm) — Poppins musical was as bad as TFWMNBN!

ibrmacf (9:25pm) — My fave non Disney musicals are Les Miserables and Little SHop of Horrors

Ben (9:25pm) — evita, really? The movie or the actual musical?

Ben (9:25pm) — ueah, I hated the Poppins stage version

James (9:25pm) — Musical. But I was actually mostly happy with the film

Dan (9:25pm) — Supporting Actress now

EricJ (9:25pm) — What is TFWMNBN, already??

James (9:25pm) — Only 3 people still perect

James (9:26pm) — The film who must not be named

Ben (9:26pm) — B&TB

Ben (9:26pm) — AliJan for the win

EricJ (9:26pm) — Oh, thought he meant Fr*z*n.

James (9:26pm) — Sup Actress - 83% chose Allison Janney, "I, Tonya"

EricJ (9:27pm) — No, they're crazy for Laurie Metcalfe

Ben (9:28pm) — you just know they'll do a Fro2en thing with that title! :(

James (9:28pm) — Eric - live action version, just to be clear! Adore the original!

EricJ (9:28pm) — I know, I know...

Ben (9:29pm) — no contest

Dan (9:29pm) — 5/5 in my pool

Dan (9:30pm) — I think the acting awards became the easiest to pick as the guilds rolled through

ibrmacf (9:30pm) — Sorry, seems to have been cut off

ibrmacf (9:30pm) — I got that wrong: I thought Metcalf would win

Ben (9:31pm) — the oscars can always throw a curveball tho

James (9:31pm) — quick break!

Dan (9:31pm) — true

Ben (9:31pm) — and it's all political and to do with timing

Dan (9:31pm) — was hoping Mark would show up in his PJs like he considered on Twitter XD

Ben (9:32pm) — Janney is a long term actress who has paid her dues. Metcalfe is still viewed as a TV name.

Ben (9:32pm) — And Lady Bird didn't get the Tonya exposure unfortunately.

ibrmacf (9:33pm) — That's true.

EricJ (9:33pm) — Not for lack of TRYING, though...

Ben (9:33pm) — BAF coming up

Ben (9:35pm) — Coco for the win

Ben (9:35pm) — natch

EricJ (9:36pm) — Boss Baby is this year's Suicide Squad--Anytime anyone wants to joke about "Why wasn't [...] nominated?", guess which joke we get.

James (9:37pm) — Animated Short - 68% say Dear Basketball

Ben (9:37pm) — random gag

Ben (9:37pm) — hoping for Glen

Ben (9:38pm) — yay!

Dan (9:38pm) — Yay!

James (9:38pm) — Yay Glen! Though Kobe will get the attention

Ben (9:38pm) — cool!

Dan (9:38pm) — I really liked the short

Ben (9:38pm) — Best oscar of the night!

ibrmacf (9:38pm) — "DOn't say La La Land", lol!

Ben (9:39pm) — e

EricJ (9:40pm) — Revolting Rhymes is on Netflix atm, if you're curious

Ben (9:40pm) — excellent win

James (9:40pm) — Animated Feature - 98% choose Coco

Ben (9:40pm) — no Captain Underpants?

Ben (9:41pm) — must say I was humming Remember Me in the loo!

James (9:41pm) — Lego Batman was robbed!

EricJ (9:41pm) — Good place for it.

ibrmacf (9:42pm) — Captain Underpants was snubbed a nom!

James (9:42pm) — Datum Ching!

James (9:42pm) — ???

James (9:42pm) — Ba-dum ching!

Ben (9:42pm) — no name mention for Lasseter...

EricJ (9:43pm) — We COULD have had a Pixar Best Picture in '15...

ibrmacf (9:43pm) — I didn't know both Darla K. Anderson and Adrian Molina were lesbian/gay.

James (9:43pm) — umm

Ben (9:44pm) — this intro is longer than the song!

James (9:44pm) — :D

ibrmacf (9:44pm) — Lol!

Dan (9:46pm) — That's quite the jacket he's wearing

Ben (9:46pm) — well that was nothing

James (9:46pm) — Not a great group of songs so far

Ben (9:46pm) — has anything memorable happened yet?

ibrmacf (9:47pm) — Eva Marie Saint telling old stories was memorable probably.

James (9:47pm) — bo. maybe the point after last year1

Ben (9:47pm) — Id forgotten it already, so that's not a good sign!

James (9:47pm) — eating and typing don't mix!

Ben (9:48pm) — where'd that keyboard go!?

Ben (9:48pm) — VFX coming up

Ben (9:49pm) — really hoping for Apes. Awesome.

James (9:49pm) — VFX - 49% say War for the Planet of the Apes

James (9:49pm) — Hasn't won yet so they gotta award it this year

Ben (9:50pm) — I was blown away by that film this year. Just really awesome on many levels. Would have loved to have seen Giacchino up for score as well.

Dan (9:51pm) — Heh heh, Honey Lemon and Spider-man

Ben (9:52pm) — that dress screams TRYING TOO HARD!!

Ben (9:53pm) — this was one hope vote, though it might not win

Ben (9:53pm) — yep, knew it would be 2049

James (9:53pm) — woah

Ben (9:53pm) — itll also get cinematography

ibrmacf (9:53pm) — Yep, also got 2049!

Dan (9:54pm) — Ooo, I guessed wrong on this one. Was a toss up between Blade Runner and Planet of the Apes and went with Apes because of the guild.

Ben (9:54pm) — didnt think the fx were that cool in this

Dan (9:54pm) — 5/6 so far in my pool

ibrmacf (9:55pm) — @Dan: How many categories does your pool consist of?

Dan (9:55pm) — I liked the VFX in Blade Runner 2049. Don't know if it was the best of the year, but I really liked it.

Ben (9:55pm) — Apes was so much better. Rachel at the end was very wobbly and the virtual girlfriend idea wasn't played out very well.

Dan (9:56pm) — @ib 14

Ben (9:56pm) — editing is interesting this year. I think Dunkirk will get it for jumbling the timelines, but that's not actual editing.

James (9:56pm) — Editing - 73% say Dunkirk

Ben (9:56pm) — Baby Driver was likewise not really clever cutting...one of the easiest jobs is to cut to music

Ben (9:56pm) — yeah, dunkirk

ibrmacf (9:57pm) — Huh went with Driver here.

James (9:57pm) — I Tanya has some good editing too

Dan (9:57pm) — 6/7

Ben (9:57pm) — Not a great edit job

James (9:57pm) — Only two still perfect

Dan (9:58pm) — Sam Riegel was rooting for his sis on Twitter, she's the editor on I, Tonya

Ben (9:59pm) — it just jumbled the timelines in an albeit smart if confusing way, it's a showy, flashy effort that, within it, didn't actuaily have great *cutting*.

Ben (10:00pm) — This is kind of a reversal of last year's bit

ibrmacf (10:01pm) — Yeah I don't like this shtick

Ben (10:01pm) — i do t really see the point

Dan (10:01pm) — Just posted the Mary Poppins teaser trailer on the site, Ben

EricJ (10:02pm) — Wrinkle in Time and it's a full theater?

James (10:02pm) — why not give the film editing guy and the other non actors another minute to speak rather than do this?

James (10:02pm) — Eric: he did say they "lured them in"! ;)

EricJ (10:03pm) — Oscar rule: All those stars' seats will be filled by the time they get back. :)

Dan (10:03pm) — Well, getting Advanced Screening tickets for Winkle in Time has been hard to get a hold of from what I've seen. And I've tried XD

Ben (10:03pm) — I'll watch Poppins during the next song performance!

James (10:04pm) — Im hoping for This Is Me for song

Ben (10:07pm) — Are they going to get mobbed!?

Ben (10:08pm) — Amd what are they doing not watching the Oscars!?

EricJ (10:08pm) — Does Mark Hamill REALLY want to thank audiences for seeing Last Jedi?--Even he doesn't like it. (But Disney won't let him say so.)

James (10:09pm) — Going a little long here...

Ben (10:09pm) — And now the shooting starts...

EricJ (10:09pm) — Yeah, think some idiots ARE going to try and watch Wrinkle while stoned, because they never read the book.

Ben (10:12pm) — i went for 405

James (10:12pm) — Doc Short 52% say Edith+Eddie

Ben (10:12pm) — got it,

James (10:12pm) — Probably going to be 405 tho

Dan (10:12pm) — Dammit, Ben! :D

Ben (10:13pm) — i think some voted for this simply because they've heard or been on the 405 freeway!

ibrmacf (10:13pm) — I didn't expect 405 to win, lol!

James (10:13pm) — Live Action Short - 70% say DeKalb Elementary

Ben (10:14pm) — Cant remember what I went for here

Ben (10:15pm) — oh, I set for 11

James (10:16pm) — Only 12% said The Silent Child

Ben (10:16pm) — totally didn't see this one

ibrmacf (10:16pm) — I got this one fortunately!

Ben (10:16pm) — it didn't seem to have too much steam behind it

ibrmacf (10:17pm) — I picked it mostly on the story as it seems that shorts with those kind of storylines have won in the past.

James (10:18pm) — She was stunning

Ben (10:21pm) — Just watched Poppins...was hoping for a bit of classic music but I liked Blunt more than I have in the pics so far

James (10:22pm) — Hmm. Line about Trump being racist in this song. There's your winner! ;)

Ben (10:23pm) — fun fact: the bridge that's shown in a few shots in the second half is the same Pinewood Studios backlot bridge as seen in countless films, not least Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, so there's a kind of nice old school connection there.

Dan (10:24pm) — Yep. Rob Marshall talked about how they wanted to bring over as many of the original pieces as they could.

Dan (10:24pm) — He said at D23, that is.

Ben (10:24pm) — Still waiting for this show to have some of its own classic moments! I usually archive these ceremonies on disc but not sure I'll bother with this one!

ibrmacf (10:25pm) — Does hot dog gun shooting count as classic, lol?

Ben (10:25pm) — The Harvey Girls!

James (10:31pm) — Adapted screenplay - 86% say Call Me By Your Name

James (10:32pm) — Would love to see Logan win this

EricJ (10:32pm) — Do people REALLY think Wrinkle, Black Panther and Get Out are the same movie?

ibrmacf (10:33pm) — My stream is buffering. Which won Adapted Screenplay?

Dan (10:33pm) — Call Me By Your Name

James (10:33pm) — Call me by your name

James (10:33pm) — Only two people Perfect

ibrmacf (10:33pm) — Thank you!

EricJ (10:34pm) — It's the "James Ivory is Still Alive"

EricJ (10:34pm) — award

Ben (10:35pm) — Got this one.

EricJ (10:35pm) — (Seriously, I'd wondered why we hadn't had any Merchant-Ivorys after Miramax started getting obnoxious in the 90's)

Ben (10:35pm) — not really much about this being the 90th year

Ben (10:35pm) — kind of a hodgepodge

James (10:35pm) — Original Screenplay - 57% say Get Out

EricJ (10:36pm) — It'll be the only award Get Out gets tonight

Ben (10:36pm) — Billboards for the win...!

Ben (10:36pm) — ugh

Dan (10:36pm) — 7/8

Ben (10:37pm) — idiotic film

James (10:37pm) — Then there was one!

ibrmacf (10:37pm) — AH got that wrong. Thought Billboards would win

James (10:37pm) — Glad to see this one. Would have been happy with any of them other than Three Billboards

Ben (10:37pm) — so now shape of water isn't a dead cert for picture, which could go to billboards

EricJ (10:38pm) — Well, we KNOW it's going to Billboards...

James (10:39pm) — Please no!

James (10:39pm) — How many of the Best Pic nominees has everyone seen

Dan (10:39pm) — Only saw Shape of Water

Ben (10:39pm) — get Out was such crap tho. Totally blew its twist in the opening scene!

Ben (10:39pm) — Obits coming up I think.

ibrmacf (10:40pm) — ANyone else thinks Lady Bird has a shot?

ibrmacf (10:40pm) — The In Memoriam segment is always my fave. Just so nice to pay tribute to those who have gone!

James (10:40pm) — I picked it

James (10:40pm) — Lady Bird

Dan (10:40pm) — The favorites are Billboards and Shape of Water. Get Out is apparently the top dark horse

ibrmacf (10:41pm) — Cool, glad I'm not alone.

James (10:41pm) — I saw six of the nine. Didn't see Post, Name, or Thread.

Ben (10:41pm) — you can't call Get Out a dark horse, Dan!

Ben (10:41pm) — cinematograhy coming uo

Dan (10:41pm) — I didn't call it a dark horse. ;)

Ben (10:42pm) — think it will be 2049 because Deakins deserves it AND because it got VFX

James (10:42pm) — Cinematography - 70% say DEAKINS! Blade Runner 2049

Ben (10:43pm) — random!

James (10:43pm) — Nice dig there

Dan (10:43pm) — Dude! It's Sagat! XD

Ben (10:43pm) — ah, now we get to the point...

EricJ (10:44pm) — What happened to Iron Fist? He retired, and became Studi.

ibrmacf (10:44pm) — What is this? A military tribute? Sorry, still buffering stream

EricJ (10:45pm) — Yep, looks like tribute.

EricJ (10:45pm) — (Buffering too--I'm getting the winners as the hosts are introduced.)

EricJ (10:46pm) — Think someone expected Dunkirk to win.

James (10:47pm) — Sandy B

James (10:48pm) — Nice

Ben (10:48pm) — ha, they just expanded the wrong picture!

Ben (10:49pm) — Roger!

Ben (10:49pm) — Finally!

Dan (10:49pm) — 8/9

James (10:50pm) — My pick for song, though not even the best from the show

EricJ (10:51pm) — Totally buffed, who got it?

Ben (10:51pm) — Uh, yeah, this is the one I've heard all over. Probably the best song of this bunch.

ibrmacf (10:51pm) — Blade Runner 2049 won Cinematography

ibrmacf (10:51pm) — @Eric: Blade Runner 2049 won Cinematography

Ben (10:51pm) — And another awful performance!

ibrmacf (10:52pm) — I'm not a fan of any Greatest Showman songs, tbh.

James (10:52pm) — Love the film. Not groundbreaking, but a lot of fun

EricJ (10:52pm) — "How to make a gay Baz Luhrmann musical without Baz Luhrmann"

EricJ (10:53pm) — (Step 1: Be Australian.)

Ben (10:53pm) — The director is no Baz tho.

James (10:53pm) — Not sure what is "gay" about it, unless you're implying musicals in general are "gay"

EricJ (10:54pm) — No, but PT did a lot more than just "empower" sideshow freaks.

Ben (10:54pm) — They are, though, James. Mel Brooks taught us that. ;)

Dan (10:55pm) — XD

EricJ (10:55pm) — Once they had the "Normal people hate us!" aspect in the script, they threw Barnum's real life out the ol' windowroo.

Ben (10:56pm) — yes, Eric...he ripped them off, manipulated them and made great profits from those he never properly rewarded!

Ben (10:56pm) — Score coming up

Ben (10:57pm) — Walken!

Dan (10:58pm) — Walken!

James (10:58pm) — Score 86% say The Shape Of Water

ibrmacf (10:58pm) — I didn't know Walken won an Oscar?

Ben (10:58pm) — on air!

EricJ (10:58pm) — Deer Hunter?

Ben (10:59pm) — yeah, for the jungle book.

ibrmacf (10:59pm) — @Ben: XD

Ben (10:59pm) — woild be nice for Williams to get it but it'll go to...

Ben (10:59pm) — Shape Of Water

ibrmacf (10:59pm) — What won Original Score?

Ben (10:59pm) — Shaoe

Dan (10:59pm) — Nice score, well used in the film

Ben (11:00pm) — Sape

Ben (11:00pm) — Shape!

ibrmacf (11:00pm) — Ah cool thanks!

Dan (11:00pm) — XD

James (11:00pm) — Shape of Water was good but could have used more cowbell

James (11:01pm) — Song - 70% say Remember Me, Coco

EricJ (11:01pm) — Coco or the gay-pride circus one...EIther way, we lose.

Ben (11:02pm) — all these sound better in their film versions

Ben (11:02pm) — coco wins

Dan (11:02pm) — 9/10

ibrmacf (11:03pm) — Whoo, got that one! Was scared for a bit!

Ben (11:03pm) — he looks so much like thr ticket guy down our local theater

James (11:03pm) — There wasn't even a gay character in Greatest Showman! Odd for an Oscar film, so not sure what you're going on about.

Ben (11:04pm) — ha...they cut off the cut off music when he mentioned his mom

Dan (11:04pm) — heh heh, I like how the play out music just straight up stopped when Robert mentioned his mum passed

Ben (11:04pm) — and now a well timed memorial bit

ibrmacf (11:04pm) — In Memoriam time looks like

James (11:05pm) — "woods baker" is our leader with 18 out of 18! But several people are right at their heels with 17

James (11:05pm) — woodsbaker

ibrmacf (11:06pm) — I'm gonna havta watch this tomorrow when someone uploads it as it's too buffery for me right now

EricJ (11:08pm) — Every year, we say, "SHOW THE CLIPS with the obits!"

Ben (11:09pm) — Well that was...light?

James (11:09pm) — ywah

James (11:09pm) — yeah

ibrmacf (11:09pm) — I'm actually really touched they showed the Bollywood actors, Sridevi and Shashi Kapoor, in this! I didn't think they would be included in an American film tribute.

Ben (11:09pm) — no John Hurt? Did he get in last year?

ibrmacf (11:10pm) — @Ben: Yeah, he did since he died in January 2017.

ibrmacf (11:10pm) — MTM also got in last year.

ibrmacf (11:10pm) — Could anyone tell me if they put in Bill Paxton and Don Rickles this year?

Dan (11:10pm) — Rickles, yes. Paxton, no

Ben (11:11pm) — No, they did Don, but Bill got caught in limbo

EricJ (11:11pm) — Rickles got in (no clip)

ibrmacf (11:11pm) — That's odd. I thought they'd put Paxton in now since he died right before last year's Oscars. That's sad.

Ben (11:11pm) — looks like director is coming up

Ben (11:12pm) — just starting to get tired here...at just gone 4am!

EricJ (11:12pm) — Trivia point for anyone who knows who Haruo Nakajima was

James (11:12pm) — Only 4 left, so about an hour I guess. ;)

ibrmacf (11:12pm) — Was he a Nintendo guy?

James (11:13pm) — Director - 87% say Guillermo del Toro, "The Shape of Water"

woodsbaker (11:13pm) — getting nervous...i'm in first place with four to go!

EricJ (11:13pm) — make it 88

James (11:13pm) — Hey, you joined us!

Dan (11:13pm) — Welcome, woodsbaker!

woodsbaker (11:14pm) — hi. thanks.

Ben (11:14pm) — going by the cheers it's Del Toro

Ben (11:14pm) — and it is!

woodsbaker (11:14pm) — yes!

Dan (11:14pm) — 10/11 in my Oscar pool

ibrmacf (11:15pm) — Congrats woodsbaker!

woodsbaker (11:15pm) — shape of water over three billboards is the only thing that can mess me up

Ben (11:15pm) — let him make Hellboy 3 already!!

Ben (11:15pm) — think Shape Of Water just won... ;)

EricJ (11:15pm) — "These men, and Greta Gerwig who lost..."

James (11:15pm) — Really hoping you miss that last one then! ;)

Dan (11:15pm) — If only. Too bad it's getting rebooted, Ben.

woodsbaker (11:16pm) — mean! ;-)

Dan (11:16pm) — XD

James (11:16pm) — Not a fan of Three Billboards, sorry!

Ben (11:17pm) — Lovely Yankee Doodle Dandy quote, Del Toro!

woodsbaker (11:17pm) — I haven't seen it yet

woodsbaker (11:17pm) — i love movies but hate going to the theater

woodsbaker (11:18pm) — people ruin the experience

EricJ (11:18pm) — Why?

EricJ (11:18pm) — Ever go to a theater that's not a cineplex?

Ben (11:18pm) — Actor next

Ben (11:19pm) — we have given up going to the cinema and just built our own! ;)

woodsbaker (11:19pm) — people talking...on their phones...chomping popcorn and ice...

James (11:19pm) — Actor - 87% say Gary Oldman, "Darkest Hour"

woodsbaker (11:19pm) — ugh

woodsbaker (11:19pm) — no way it isn't gary oldman

James (11:19pm) — People are terrible, but that huge screen is glorious!

EricJ (11:20pm) — A generation thinks going to the movie is about "Getting your movie"

woodsbaker (11:20pm) — doesn't make up for it

EricJ (11:20pm) — (All those people INTERRUPT it!)

Ben (11:20pm) — but pointless when people talk all the way through a film

James (11:20pm) — Casey replaced

James (11:21pm) — (oops next one!)

woodsbaker (11:22pm) — casey Affleck was fantastic last year

woodsbaker (11:22pm) — in that movie

Ben (11:23pm) — Worst was Mission 4 where I got a running foreign translation from the row behind me.

James (11:23pm) — Had people next to us threaten my 15 year old daughter for shushing them!

EricJ (11:23pm) — I grew up with an annual 24-hour movie marathon at our local college-town theater..It's ABOUT the audience. :)

Ben (11:24pm) — i can only hear Gary Oldman in that role

Ben (11:24pm) — yes, he got it

woodsbaker (11:24pm) — yes!

woodsbaker (11:24pm) — yes!

Dan (11:24pm) — 11/12

Ben (11:24pm) — ive been scowled at for shushing people

woodsbaker (11:24pm) — two more

James (11:24pm) — About time

James (11:24pm) — about time

ibrmacf (11:25pm) — Yep Gary Oldman!

ibrmacf (11:25pm) — Yeah he doesn't sound like Churchill at all, lol

Dan (11:25pm) — XD

James (11:25pm) — 5 people nipping at your heels though Woodsbaker!

James (11:26pm) — Actually looks like you have the tie-breaker advantage over all of them though

woodsbaker (11:26pm) — unless we all chose the same two final winners!

Ben (11:27pm) — Gonna be Frances and Shape, me thinks.

woodsbaker (11:28pm) — i need frances and three

James (11:28pm) — Hopefully not Francis. Not for that movie

James (11:29pm) — Actress - 86% say Frances McDormand, "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri"

Ben (11:29pm) — gonna be, James.

Ben (11:29pm) — JLaw!

James (11:30pm) — JFos

Ben (11:30pm) — she looks huge! How weird is this look!

woodsbaker (11:30pm) — glamazon

woodsbaker (11:30pm) — versus the midget

James (11:31pm) — Sally, Satires, and Margo were all great. My hope is Saoirse

James (11:31pm) — Saoirse spellchecked up there

Ben (11:32pm) — lol

Ben (11:33pm) — do t know why Streep was nommed

Ben (11:33pm) — it anything we Havant seen from her before

Ben (11:33pm) — and Francis gets it James

woodsbaker (11:33pm) — yes!

Dan (11:34pm) — 12 for 13 in my pool.

James (11:34pm) — Agreed. And Love Francis, but she was not that great here

James (11:35pm) — Don't want to ruin the suspense, but I think woodsbaker will win now no matter what.

woodsbaker (11:35pm) — i think all of the people behind me have shape of water :-/

woodsbaker (11:36pm) — at least four of them do

James (11:36pm) — Even if you miss it looks like you'll win on the tiebreaker.

EricJ (11:36pm) — If Frances got it, now there IS suspense about whether it'll be the Abe Sapien movie

Ben (11:36pm) — its not always about the film, it's the timing

James (11:36pm) — Are we going to end before midnight?

Ben (11:37pm) — Marty shouldn't have won For Departed, but it was his time

woodsbaker (11:37pm) — yes

woodsbaker (11:37pm) — maybe 7 more minutes

Ben (11:37pm) — Haha...big close up of Best Picture envelope

James (11:37pm) — Guess that jets was a great incentive!

EricJ (11:37pm) — Randy Newman shouldn't have won for Monsters Inc., but it was his time

James (11:37pm) — jetski

woodsbaker (11:38pm) — i do think i am ahead in the second tie-breaker though

James (11:38pm) — Spirited Away shouldn't have won but the voters got it wrong. (Is that how this works?)

James (11:38pm) — ;)

Dan (11:38pm) — Maybe the inclusion of the Lake Havasu trip helped. XD

EricJ (11:38pm) — "It's womens' moment in film!"....And then Brenda Chapman will direct something else. ;)

Ben (11:38pm) — And get fired off it.

ibrmacf (11:39pm) — Sorry got logged off again

EricJ (11:39pm) — Because the producers ruined "her" film with a more coherent story.

James (11:39pm) — You're back just in time

Ben (11:39pm) — Shape?

woodsbaker (11:40pm) — cmon...three billboards

Ben (11:40pm) — Fade Runaway can screw it up again.

woodsbaker (11:40pm) — it was really his fault

woodsbaker (11:40pm) — he set her up

James (11:40pm) — Picture - 41% say Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

woodsbaker (11:41pm) — you shouldn't have 80 year olds doing this

James (11:41pm) — 38% say The Shape Of Water

Ben (11:41pm) — Yes, Woods...he threw her under the bus

woodsbaker (11:42pm) — he hemmed and hawed and then just flashed it in front of her

woodsbaker (11:42pm) — for the love of god, old man, if it reads "emma stone" then check the envelope!

Ben (11:42pm) — yep...but she did blurt it out...both as bad as each itjrf

woodsbaker (11:43pm) — but the card did also read "La La Land" because it was emma stone

Ben (11:43pm) — amd to think he's trying to get a Dick Tracy 2 off the ground!

woodsbaker (11:44pm) — yeah, because dick tracy is so relevent

Ben (11:44pm) — please not get out or dunkirk

woodsbaker (11:44pm) — agreed

James (11:44pm) — Sooner or later he always gets his sequel

woodsbaker (11:44pm) — Dunkirk was overrated

woodsbaker (11:45pm) — buh dump bump

Ben (11:45pm) — yep

EricJ (11:45pm) — One voter said Darkest Hour was "Like being shouted at for two hours"

James (11:45pm) — Of these choices I'd pick - Lady Bird, Shape, Get Out in that order (of the six I've seen)

woodsbaker (11:45pm) — darkest hour was better than dunkirk

Ben (11:45pm) — and get out was so poorly constructed

Ben (11:45pm) — Shape!

woodsbaker (11:45pm) — damn

woodsbaker (11:46pm) — boo

ibrmacf (11:46pm) — What won Best Picture?

James (11:46pm) — Shape

Dan (11:46pm) — Though it's at the expense of my potential pool victory, I'm happy Shape won.

woodsbaker (11:46pm) — guess i'm having to depend on the tie breaker

ibrmacf (11:46pm) — Ah thanks

Ben (11:46pm) — i just announced it!

ibrmacf (11:47pm) — Well I'm tied for my best score ever: 17/24

James (11:47pm) — oops

James (11:47pm) — We have a winner - woodsbaker & jwvaughn007

James (11:47pm) — with 21 out of 22. That ties our all time record for most right.

woodsbaker (11:47pm) — :-)

EricJ (11:48pm) — Does this mean Del Toro will finally finish making his twelve other movies?

Ben (11:49pm) — weird ending there

ibrmacf (11:49pm) — Well that was fun! Heading to bed now. Sleep well, everyone!

Ben (11:49pm) — kind of all fell aparr

woodsbaker (11:49pm) — did helen Mirren really need to change dresses to get on the jet ski??

James (11:49pm) — yep. Not even midnight, no reason to cut off best pic speeches

Ben (11:49pm) — yep...5am here...off to snooze.

Dan (11:49pm) — It's like they wanted to screw things up even when they don't. XD

EricJ (11:50pm) — Well, I can give up these bad buffing streams now--Next year, there'll probably be less of a TV streaming industry to be greedy about it

James (11:50pm) — RESULTS of those here...

Dan (11:50pm) — Almost 9pm here, so gonna grab a late dinner. Night, y'all!

James (11:50pm) — WOODSBAKER - 1st place 21/22

Ben (11:50pm) — yeah...strange cut off and then Kimmel didn't save it, and then they made the jetski a bigger deal? Big foul up in the final seconds!

Dan (11:50pm) — Congratulations to woodsbaker!!!

Ben (11:51pm) — cool, dude!

woodsbaker (11:51pm) — thanks! :-)

James (11:51pm) — BEN - 12th place 19/22

James (11:51pm) — ibrmacf - 45th place 16/22

James (11:52pm) — JAMES - 60th place 11/22

Ben (11:52pm) — 19 out of 22 is prob my best score ever.

James (11:52pm) — i think so. Just two off our record

James (11:53pm) — My problem is when I create the contest I do the first ballot so I'm not accused of cheating by seeing everyone else's picks. No I'm picking a month before the show while everyone else waits until the last second!

James (11:53pm) — :)

Ben (11:53pm) — pretty impressed with myself, especially since I knew two of those were "hope votes" that I knew would go to what did win, so it'd have been 21 too. Very cool!

woodsbaker (11:54pm) — that does make it trickier

Ben (11:54pm) — See ya later guys!

woodsbaker (11:54pm) — bye

Dan (11:54pm) — NIGHT!!!

Ben (11:55pm) — Morning! Wifey'll be getting UP in a few minutes!

woodsbaker (11:55pm) — only 11 here :-)

James (11:56pm) — got disconnected!

James (11:56pm) — see ya!

Ben (11:57pm) — :)

James (11:59pm) — I'll be sending you details on the prize after I double check things wood!

woodsbaker (12:03am) — thanks, james

woodsbaker (12:05am) — okay, taking off

woodsbaker (12:05am) — thanks for the chat, all

James (12:06am) — See ya again hopefully!

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Oscar Chat 2019

Post by James » February 14th, 2019, 7:12 pm

Join members of the Animated Views team and your fellow forum members for a live chat during the Oscar telecast! Not only will we talk shop, we'll also keep a running live update of who is leading in our Oscar prediction contest throughout the night!

We'll officially kick off the chat at 7:30pm ET on Sunday, March 4th February 24th. Registered forum members can click the "Chat" link at the top of any forum page to enter the chat room.

- Let's keep the chat room rated PG please. Violators may be kicked out!
- The Flash plugin is NOT needed to access the room! Should work on tablets too.

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Re: Oscar Chat 2019

Post by Dacey » February 18th, 2019, 2:14 pm

March 4th?

James, you might want to check your Oscar calendar. ;) :)
"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift--that is why it's called the present."

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Re: Oscar Chat 2019

Post by James » February 18th, 2019, 3:11 pm

Bad copy and paste job!