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Re: Disney Parks

Post by EricJ » May 23rd, 2017, 12:37 pm

Ben wrote:The other plan is that we finally make it to Disney World in 2018 instead, having been to California twice but - gasp! - never Florida (some in the family have done that twice, I've been waiting until I can really do it right and well), so that might be on the cards instead. But right now I'm putting together the mother of all home theaters and that's sucking up major holiday moolah at the moment, so maybe even 2018 is optimistic!
My longest absence was six-year gap from '08-'14, and speaking from experience, the new Magic Band technology (and reserving all your Fastpasses online six weeks ahead) will take a lot of getting used to....GOOD, but takes getting used to. :D
Oh, and for those who used to be able to walk Fantasyland blindfolded, even just on California geography, Florida's changed the geography around a bit, four years ago.

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